World of Tanks || KV-4 Kreslavsky – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – KV-4 Kreslavsky. Today I’m previewing the T8 premium heavy clan wars reward the KV-4 Kreslavsky.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. In a nutshell, it’s a vehicle for left-handed player :P

  2. camera…almost puked cause of it

  3. QB! Please just…. Stop.. Trying.. to. do.. accents.. <3

  4. Yay for balance

  5. I finished 42 places outside of getting the tank, 25 fame points so a third
    of a win

  6. ha loser quick baby

  7. Hey Quickybaby,

    I really appreciate this channel!

    Here’s something I’d like to suggest/ask:

    So, I’m currently having a really hard time with a stock British Tier 9
    Conqueror. It is weakly armored and the stock gun can’t pen a lot in
    standard situations on Tier 10.
    Also there’s tanks that, for the love of god, are slow, weakly armored, and
    have terrible guns i.e. the Tier 4 Czech St.v39. (Please be aware that my
    viewpoint is biased as I, personally, struggle with these tanks)

    If you could make a video that covers a few general tips and tricks in such
    situations (grinding out the good equipment or having to grind through
    horrible tanks) that would be great.
    Trying to stay in the second row and sneaking some shots through doesn’t
    get me past the 500 Exp mark per game.

  8. ok u are getting funnier i am resubing u dont need to be scared any more i
    love ur thumbnails ok u my best youtuber again keep on funnier work

  9. 11:31 when quickychild is unsure of something

  10. I like your sword behind you at the sofa. :)

  11. What a “reward”…

  12. why does he need to put so much emphasis on the “r” when he pronounces
    foreign names??? it’s anoying to be honest…

  13. 2:22 depression is exactly how I feel about this so far

  14. WOW really putting down a tank that is very limited in numbers and had to
    be worked for. So players dont have a choice in which tanks to pick. Then
    you come out with lines like I like to be in a hell of lot other tier 8
    premium tanks. Well, go buy them, again this is a reward tank for playing
    not a wallet warrior tank. Do you get to keep this tank thenQuickybaby ?
    Thanks for making it easy for all the bad players to know how to pen the
    tank? They should have to learn this themselves for these type of tanks.
    Lol @15:28 it clear that guys shooting at you was using the in game or aim
    bot as the shots are all in the same area.

  15. Premium tank.
    They must pay you a mint.

  16. QB, I have a question about the 20% xp-bonus for platooning with the same
    Do you have to assign the platoon, and then enter battle to receive it ?
    (so 1000 xp becomes 1200?)
    Or can you just enter solo, and invites all tanks of the same tier, hope
    someone joines, and 1000 becomes 1200 too ?
    Usefull for making a tank elite, that”s why I ask!

    Greetings from Belgium/ Peace out.

  17. Slow.. Of course it’s slow.. It’s a bigass tank and not a fucking race car

  18. great… another tank over 90% of players will never be able to get

  19. Another new tank that does the same role as 50 tanks before it. Snooze

  20. Dmitry “OnlyWithU” Gorokhov

    Quicky очень классно произносит Креславский

  21. ralroost einsnulldrei

    I like shooting them with the Rhm Skorpion!

  22. Qb replays down?

  23. A good IS-3 can get 2131 damage per minute, do you think this is OP? My
    IS-3 has BiA and they are training other skills, I have made it elite, and
    have gun rammer, vents and gun laying drive. 10.98 second reload time, 390
    damage a shot

  24. How I play World of Tanks

    oh great another tank for the super unicums to spam gold from…. thanks

  25. guys if u like this tank et kv-4 not good taret but better armor better dpm

  26. i saw it yesterday !

  27. Hey Quickybaby did you do a review on M6A2E1 or the Mutant 6 ? IF don’t
    have the M6A2E1 review please make one

  28. can side scrape around right hand corner, but not effectively around left
    hand corners… (Would it be better to reverse side scrape on the other
    side???!?! ))

  29. AT 7 is the best at sidescraping a left-hand corner ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  30. wow the sideskraping didnt work for me at all, all ppl just shot it in the
    weak turrent, the gunmantlet is rly weak even if you are in a t8 game :/

  31. Someone actually argued with me in Reddit by saying that “It is general
    consensus that KV4-K is better than IS-5 in pub battles.” I am really not
    sure how crazy the guy was.

  32. Elliott “Lost One” Gaal

    I think we witnessed a failed tank mating at the start of the video

  33. Stronk Russian armar

  34. If I was to come across this in my tier 6 or 7 ranks I would definitely
    load gold and spam it at that mid plate. In tier 8 match ups I might just
    that it as I would any heavily armored tank hunt for weak spots but I guess
    that front mid plate really is too tempting

  35. i hate matchmaking in this game. t3 vs t5. or t4 vs t6. cant pen anything.
    are you gonna upload stuff from other games?

  36. Faced a team of these on team battles.. We got spanked pretty hard. Didn’t
    know where to shoot em

  37. Does anybody know more about Swedish Tanks? I want to know if they are
    worth going down before I waste a week or 2 to get to teir 5.

  38. KV-4 Krustofsky

  39. Basically a T34 with 249 mm penetration will make quick work of the KV4K

  40. QB, I recommend you get a GeForce GTX 1070 or a 1080, they’re performance
    will make you satisfied and most likely get more than 60 frames per second.
    -Just a recommendation.

  41. You should have compared it to the KV-5 but great video!

  42. just call it KV-4 K.

  43. so many soviet T8 heavy tanks. yet none of them replacing the IS-6……

  44. when will the next clan war again?

  45. Anything with the Soviet M-68 gun will eat this thing alive even if it
    sidescrapes perfectly. Thin sliver of weakness to the right of the gun? May
    as well be the thickness of the skull of whoever balances Swamp.

  46. You damn socialist QB. Screwing over the top 1 percent at the end of video

  47. so just heard that the chiefton mk 6 is coming to console world of tanks

  48. I think only the Foch 155 firing gold with 395mm pen could pen the

  49. Hit them twice with arty to take them out and have the driver rage in chat
    at you.

  50. But…. will it beat a KV-5……

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