World of Tanks || KV-4 KTTS – Sneak Peek

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – KV-4 KTTS. A mythical vehicle was recently spotted on the EU server the T8 Soviet premium tank the KV-4 KTTS – what’s it all about?

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  1. Similar weakspot position to the HTC

  2. Amx 13 F3 AM has a funny arc like that

  3. love this tanks because of the thick frontal armour, good traverse speed,
    nice DPM and mostly the gun ark

  4. there the amx French tier 6 arty that has crazy gun arc

  5. T28 actually has better penetration tier-for-tier than this one, and the
    AMX 13 F3 also has an awkward gun arc, 45 degrees to one side and 5 (I
    think) to the other.

  6. WTF KV-4 TD

  7. s35 ca (bathtub) has -15/29 degrees… not as asymmetric as ktts, but
    T40 has -22/35 degrees… again, not so onesided, but still…

  8. Plebasaurus Rekt

    I want an american premium td and a french premium td and why are there no
    premium arty? Eventhough arty isnt my main style it would be good to train

  9. Damn, that super test player was playing worse than me 😀 did he not learn
    how to play TDs or tanks with limited gun arc? GET THE TARGET IN THE MIDDLE

  10. Thanks WG for focus in making trash tanks and winning money how about to
    fix premium tanks like Lowe,Kv-5 and SuperPershing and others.

  11. the hetzer is like the for at least the gun

  12. I will probably going to get a lot of hate for this but I like the way it

  13. I did spot that 360 radio range, so getting in contact with the allies on
    the rest of the battlefield will be a challenge

  14. KV-4 KiTTenS -there, I said it.

  15. A-44 that doesn’t get ebola gun handling, engine damage and ACTUALLY HAS

  16. Anyone know how he uses a free moving camera in the replays?

  17. When i play with a super tester i shoot him to dead to annoy him :)

  18. the french t6 arty also has a gunarch like that

  19. do you like lush the grenke cat

  20. ASTRO BOY william

    can’t wait to see that one in action :)

  21. I want to know what the chat Look liked. Probably explode :D

  22. Ccvvvv

  23. Steven silva de sa

    the T40 basicaly has the same issue with his gun arc

  24. It’s not worth it….too ugly.

  25. Saw someone from WG driving one in NA server a while ago, everyone was
    freaking out like they just saw an alien lol

  26. James Sunny Crockett

    pöay to win tank, awesome job wg


  28. Good job making fairly uninteresting game play entertaining to watch.

  29. 10:13 – ISU-1552 next op russian tank confirmed

  30. Gun traverse could be due to where the ammo is stored or possibly the
    gunner sits on the 15 degree side. On US tanks the gunner sits in front of
    the TC on the right with the gun on his left.

  31. Meh, I saw one of these on NA about 7 months ago.

  32. The hell is KTTS?

  33. They should add the obj 901 seeing as they are adding this

  34. I was VERY excited to see this, the first tree I leveled through was the
    soviet super heavy line and I loved the KV-4. But after watching the
    video…. meh. Definitely has some high points but too many low points. If
    the gun traversed 45 degrees both ways then my interest would go back up.

  35. 10:17
    MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!!

  36. QB do think you would ever do game play through’s by any chance

  37. Dude, QB, whats with the odd camera angles..?

  38. The french tier VI spg has the same weird gun angle. AMX f3 13 I think?
    It’s my fav and I can’t remember it’s name xD

  39. Damn Brits and their gimp designs of a massive weak point cupola on top of
    their TDs >:D


    Are you kidding me, I didn’t even look at the dpm values for the T8 TD’s
    but you’re telling me that a T8 TD with one of the highest penetrating guns
    in the game deserves to have a higher DPM than the Super Toilet MK II LOL
    that’s a laugh!

    Also the smaller gun on the 101 is pretty bad to use. The DPM is good but
    the cases that you can use it are slim to none. You’re better off going for
    alpha damage over DPM in the 101 to get your shots off while you can.

    Back on topic the tank looks good but it should get 30 degrees of gun arc
    to each side. Other than that the tank looks good.

  41. ive seen this thing in action action on the NA server very long ago and
    lately its a POS

  42. Alexandre Rocheleau

    the hetzer have the same style of arc

  43. When do he livestream?

  44. I saw one being used about 4 months ago on the NA server. It was being
    played by someone who pretty much rushed up on his own and died.

  45. I don’t need it. I don’t need it. I don’t need it…

    I NEED IT!!!

  46. Better to sidescraping I think.

  47. Vinicius Baumel Macedo

    i think i 3 years ago i see someone playing whit it

  48. Ultimative Gamer

    i think the french tier 5 td has a weird gun arc as well

  49. Jorge Ian Gaytan

    That thing look awesome

  50. Wat

    KV4 KTTS was actually a prototype for a superheavy tank…

    Wargaming dese daeys… XD

  51. The power creep continues…

  52. WG really are scraping the barrel now. A shit TD based on an even shitter
    HT, just what this game needs.

  53. It Looks like the T28 Concept

  54. Curious addition to the story with the KTTS – two days ago, I was
    retraining my KV-5 commander for an entirely different branch of the Soviet
    tech tree. Then I noticed that the game was offering me in the options to
    retrain him as a commander of KV-4 KTTS…If WG do not intend (yet) to
    include the tank in the game, or if it is still in earlier stages of
    development, why bother to include it as an option to retrain your crew

  55. Ahm QB? The “ISU-1552”?. That sounds… a bit like a weapon of mass
    destruction. Do we need to send the united nations after victor kisly?

  56. Might just be me, but looks like the russian version of that crappy JgT

  57. I also have seen the KV-4 KTTS and killed it in my Walker bulldog

  58. Also all this is is the many concepts of the actual kv4. Russian bias much

  59. Well nice look at a new TD but typical fail platoon action

  60. Is it just me or other viewers saw it also? When the KTTS is turning
    towards the Walker Bulldog the gun is correctly facing towards it, but the
    shot goes towards the forest, I mean… wtf? (around 12:30-12:35)

  61. it reminds me of the m3 Lee because of the uneven gun arc.

  62. They said my account will be activated in 48 hours

  63. You don’t have a vid on the KV-3!! A tank that I need to learn now.

  64. yet more Russian tanks give it a rest wargamming we know you like the
    Russians more so just give it a rest will you

  65. i’ved seen it before in my garage with a mod, i don’t know which one but i
    had a lot of premium tanks that were not available …
    it was something that allowed me to see every tank in the game!
    so look for that mod and you will see some new possible future tanks ;)

  66. your a year behind sahm Lockhart buddy ;)

  67. Omg they dont need another russian tank!!!

  68. aleksandras subotinas

    quickybaby didn’t you know it was on shop for 24h on the first christmas

  69. Mister Torgue Flexington

    but did it ever exist? even as a blueprint,or is this another wg creations
    like the wft e100?

  70. I don’t think the amount of underscores in that super tester’s name
    underscores the need for more underscores ._.

  71. Hey Quickybaby. You realize that the SU-101 gets the top gun of the
    SU-122-54 right? Your comparison between the two TDs is flawed.

  72. well there is 1 more tank with the same ark like this one and thats the
    Tier 6 French arty AMX 13 F3 AM

  73. brilliant it encourages Sidescraping

  74. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Nice!! Another flat thingy to derp with my O HO yaaay

  75. Another piece of shit…

  76. He is ok, his gun is litl wird.If he goes in primiun shop I vil buy him.:-)

  77. what a bad review. sorry but that ktts played not that good.

  78. I saw one of these on NA a month back.

  79. Hetzer Gun Arc mate

  80. Camperoftehintrowebz

    The hetzer is the closest gun arc to this I find.
    one end can only go 10 degrees
    whilst the other can go 20 degrees but its been awhile so I have no idea
    what the arc is now

  81. Please do a review on the Panzer III/IV

  82. Like we need another Russian premium tank!!!!

  83. Sebashbag Miller

    So it’s basically a KV-4 with its gun pointed the wrong way. Meh still
    looks ok though.

  84. Zsar's Wot and KSP

    Thank god we are getting a new Soviet tank destroyer, we are lacking in
    that category…

  85. HOLY JESUS TITS That thing is fucking scary. ;_;

  86. Yeah It will go up in flames like KV-4,Keep it I don’t want that waste of

  87. i have the at 15 right now and i love it ^^

  88. At-7 > KTTS

  89. International snackbar

    Remember S35CA and AMX13FAM

  90. So the ussr now has like 10 prem heavy tanks.

  91. As for the gun traverse and anything like it in the game…Hetzer, m3 Lee?

  92. And another (third?) premium td for russians but frenchies still lack of
    crew trainer… I know Foch is not that great anymore but come on… Crew
    trainer should be available.

  93. this is a kv2 gone wrong

  94. QB, I’ve heard rumors that WG has placed a NDA on the Sandbox server. Is
    there any truth to this statement?

  95. Su-101 gets an 122mm gun, same like the one on the T-10 and the

  96. yeah well the Krupp Steyr waffentrager was at this point over a year ago,
    so I’m not holding my breath for what basically seems to be a russian clone
    of the T28 HTC.

  97. DrakantoSpellbinder

    KV-4 KTTS… as if O-Ho was not enough of a pain in the ass for lower tiers
    to pen. Hhmmmm, let’s bring one more “SHOOT ONLY PREMIUM AMMO AT ME”
    vehicle in the game! Nice work wargaming…

  98. The bathtub (s35 ca) is like the kv 4 ktts

  99. It looks so weird

  100. this is Russian T28 concent

  101. SU 101 can mount the 122mm, why are you comparing it with the 100mm?

    also as to the gun arc similarity, the tier 6 french arty AMX 13 F3 AM has
    more gun arc on one side than the other

  102. БΞΛТ ТłMΞ

    I only know one tank with this gun arc (is it called so?), and it is the
    AMX 13F3

  103. I ones saw a KV-4 kras or krats something like that in battle anyone know
    something about it? it looked like a KV-4 with a smaller turret

  104. Loyd GC has same gun arc but it is arty.

  105. I admire your feeble attempt at perfecting German annunciations..but damn
    first try to perfect your native language. The English language in all of
    its glory does not have a word that comes close to “idear” !!!! God damn!!

  106. there is some shit on your upper lip bro

  107. William Phillips

    That is hideous

  108. Very strange tank and its russian most of them are strange byt im sure love
    my kv1 line :P

  109. kv4 is shit for me, this tank is the garbage ver of kv4. i will pas it and
    wait to crush it in match

  110. Oliver Bjørkekvist

    IT is ugly

  111. Oh I remember this. Gives me Su-101 and Su-100M1 vibes.

  112. Quickybaby….why are you posting this like this is all new? There are lots
    of posts and videos of this tank from more than a year ago

  113. SmoRay [World Of Tanks]

    у нас на этои танке уже и играли

  114. its ugly as Fuck! quick, kill it kill it

  115. looks cool to get one, but obvious it is an arty’s favourite target…

    one thing i would change is the model of the tank with something like the
    SU-14-2 having something to the side that makes that gun arc of 15 degrees
    to one side… otherwise it should be a well balanced 40/40 or something
    like that…

    hoep to see one on the NA server soon, as i now know the weakpoints hehe
    thanks to EvilBaby >:D

  116. that camera angle is aids

  117. TwAknOniJn _Gaming95

    Get a new intro

  118. Poor PC gamers missing out on the Novel Motherland. Poor poor people.

  119. Only in Russia would you get a tank like tjis

  120. I saw two of these in one day about 3 or 4 months ago on the NA server. Did
    they just become known to the EU server?

  121. this will be a beast at sidescraping !

  122. The Ktts was also given to some people that won a little YouTube event

  123. “Testing the most radical changes ever in WoT” …. Seriously, QB? They’re
    not adjusting RNG for AP, they aren’t trying anything with +1/-1 MM, they
    aren’t even addressing the MONUMENTAL CHASM that is the T3/T4 player drop
    off first. I’m skeptical that the Sandbox server is going to be any more
    than a shallow placation of disgruntled WoT players. Who knows. Maybe I’m
    wrong, but WG has done nothing to instill confidence since actually pulling

  124. Anyone else think the KTTS looks a little bit like the T28 HTC?

  125. No thx I will stick to the T28 concept at tier 7…cheaper and has a great
    gun arc and only sees tier 9

  126. the legend is true!

  127. look like a reverse driving kv4

  128. Tank interests me as I’m primarily a turretless British TD / KV-5 driver.
    Will keep an eye on this monster.

  129. im excited for it

  130. M3 Lee has a weird gun arc, except that is due to the gun being on the

  131. Tom Boue (Boue06)

    QB S35CA has an equivalent “turret”

  132. thanks for the upload dad

  133. is this going to be a reward tank, or is it going to be in the store???

  134. The S35 CA has a similar gun arc setup.

  135. Russian Technology at it’s finest.

  136. 444444444444444444444444444444444 is the new QB meme.

  137. 0:52 the Su-101 Dom is 2,200

  138. Hetzer also has those weird gun arcs. Yet not to that degree.

  139. The Hetzer has the same sort of gun arc QB due to the gun being more to one
    side of the tank

  140. Now WG is just making up tanks….not even blueprints.

  141. I’m glad my replay was of service 🙂
    Shame I couldn’t carry the KTTS to victory.

    The WG tester had very good english he congratulated me on a game well
    played after the match.


  142. That is one UGLY tank!


    Not good-looking. Aesthetically unappealing..

    This vehicle? No thank you. I need a bucketful of eyewash now.

  143. Christopher Vanoster

    The gun arc reminds me of the t40 tier IV American td

  144. And they give the US the M56.


    Still want that T78 at tier 7.

  145. So tired of new premiums. WG needs to invest the time and energy into
    fixing problems that have been in the game for years.

  146. Luka Žnidaršič

    It looks like a KV-4 with personal problems and I couldnt hate the gun arc
    thing more. I found out not playing slow TDs without turrets is better for
    my health anyway and the armor doesnt even seem that great, to be worth the
    slow speed and no turret.

  147. de csúnya! :D

  148. Hey QB, how do i get the 9.15.1 modpack?

  149. I just looked this tank up on the internet, and there’s too much WoT hype
    about it for war gaming not to put it in.

  150. I think the Hetzer has different gun arc left and right. 15 degrees left
    and 25 degrees right iirc.

  151. Is The VK.100.01 P coming too ? Cuz it would be really strong !!!!

  152. this tank almost the same as the hetzer

  153. Kresimir Drofenik

    but KV-4 KTTS is in the game already….

  154. Eftychios Papadopoulos

    I find that tank very akward and it is totally something different

  155. how does the KV-4 KTTS have worse turret traverse than the ISU-152 and
    SU-101? Those two don’t have turrets.

  156. Review an S35 CA

  157. Lets talk about camo and arty:)

  158. So it’s kind of like a T28 HTC. Well except, beefed up stats.

  159. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    hetzer is similar for the gun arc. same direction too


    this tank is op when sidescraping and aiming the right side

  161. captainexplosivz

    Holy crap that thing is double the size of a super pershing, and the SP is

  162. Well… its *** ugly.

  163. A-44 + T28 HTC + KV-4 + AMX 13 F3 = KV-4 KTTS

  164. Well, the odd gun-arc looks like the S35CA, A tank that has a special place
    in my garage…

  165. Quickybaby,how do you control camera like that,it shakes when tank moves
    and etc,its different than normal replay camera?

  166. a russian HTC?

  167. Qiang Wang (Double U)

    1010 credit for a single shot, it will not be a good money maker as other
    tier8 prem right?

  168. Thibault Legrand

    you don’t have it in your garage QB??

  169. Jaquarius Kirton

    I love the videos but I hated the camera angle during the game play

  170. Kill it with fire before it fucking breeds!

  171. Panzer_ Punisher


  172. Seeing more of the good stats that the Su101 has makes me play it more.

  173. “gold rounds” – not if the current sandbox iteration goes through

  174. Matias Paavilainen

    i have qbs modpack but i cant use default health indicators. why is that

  175. JackRBLX “Jack”

    I Have This Tank. Its A Reward For Being One Of The First 100 Players
    Joining World Of Tanks (RU)
    But Becuse This Is The EU Server I Have No Idea How He Got This.

  176. brady pillsworth

    Am 13 f3 has a similar gun ark

  177. Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Looks to me like a russian T28 HTC.. No thanks.

  178. finaly a video about that tank i see it anly on my moded techtree of all

  179. remember playing this during the PC gamer weekend in london in march. The
    staff forgot to remove it from the accounts they had set up. Was such fun
    confusing players as they shot gold at it


  181. Jesus von Nazaret

    I’d buy it just for the looks of the td, even if it’s crap

  182. Mmmmh sexy

  183. the Hetzer has a offset gun arc

  184. Robert “Creeperbrine” Brine

    funny thing is because of a certain mod i knew of this tank since December

  185. so they took the s35ca gun arc and put it on a soviet TD, it could be a
    surprise for many players

  186. this tank is very ugly it looks like somthing that came out of dog’s ass

  187. batteries incuded

    10:15 ISU-1552

  188. Looks like this tank is left handed Kappa

  189. i thought that was KV-4 doing a butt XD


  191. Holy shit…

  192. m3 lee has differing gun arc

  193. So they’re taking beast tanks and making them shittier and then calling
    them a premium vehicle?

  194. No turret weakspots, gg sidescraping

  195. Luiz Felipe Rodrigues

    one more OP Russian Tank .very nice WG. good way to Balance the game

  196. 1 Sentence: Fuck off Wargaming.

  197. About time…

  198. this looks like a potato tank

  199. The Bathtub has a weird gun arc like that, but not as extreme.

  200. Chaffee will have to load gold for a decent chance to pen this thing at
    all. I’d rather spot it and the arty blow its top out anyway.

  201. “Supertesters using it on a live server”

    Thanks Wargaming. Because we all enjoy fighting experimental tanks on a
    LIVE server.

  202. that gun arc is very suspicious. I cant see a 107mm cannon breach being
    able to move that much without knocking out a crew member or bumping into
    the interior armor.

  203. Looks like a russian t28 htc

  204. basically a Soviet T28 Concept but with a functional gun.

  205. Ehi look who we have…The Fat brother of Su-101

  206. Is it just me, or dose the KV-4 KTTS look like it is driving backwards when
    it’s going forward?

  207. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    I love Td’s


  208. saw it a while ago in

  209. in soviet russia tank pens you.

  210. amx13 f3 arty has that sort of strange gun arch

  211. BaSaGProductions

    Stupid looking tank. A kv4 being crushed by a hydraulic press. Why wg!!
    Focus on releasing other tech tree.

  212. Ein wildes Tails

    JumpScare at 0:09!

  213. soviet t28 htc anyone?

  214. MasterDisaster101 Gaming

    Kv 4s down syndrome brother

  215. MasterDisaster101 Gaming

    Kv 4s down syndrome brother

  216. So its basically a russian T28 HTC at tier 8 :p

  217. AXE_TroutFaceUS -

    how do i send my opinions to wargaming?

  218. Jobdecoolegozer hazendonk

    I found it in the game files a while back, never knew it was an actual tank

  219. Yeah, because we really need another high tier premium ussr tank destroyer,
    its not like theres two already…

  220. tomato supertester.

  221. I fought against a platoon of these (2) on NA west server maybe 2 months
    ago, and they whipped the floor with our team. They seemed pretty OP, but
    then again no one knew the armor profile of them.

  222. wtf!?

  223. Its sneak “peek”, not peak.

  224. Wargaming new creation and what after ? A pz iv with the maus turret ?

  225. Im not cookie monster

    Totally not OP, not OP whatsoever man… not at all…

  226. Wow nice


  228. This is what happens when a KV4 had sex with another KV4 and it came out
    with birth defects

  229. Professional gamer

    Russain bias? Theres a tier ten russian td with a turret! Fucking bias

  230. QB, whats with all these surprising videos. Thank you for your effort, im
    certainly grateful^

  231. (・_・)っ im gonna
    (っ /

    ⊂(・_・ ) touch
    ヽ ⊂二/
    (⌒) /

    / \
    | ● ● | ur penis
    \ __ /

  232. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  233. For all allowd to post things from Sandbox server

  234. Looks like an autistic kv-4

  235. *I saw one off those in a Private match before like 1 year ago.*

    *I asked the guy what it was and he said nothing…*

  236. Leader Of KaRu gaming

    old tank

  237. Harrison Rawlinson

    11th comment 🙂 I’m early :)

  238. Seriously, QB. You need a new intro!

  239. new intro pls nice video tho

  240. Totally Not A Duck

    I saw one of these, but I failed completely to take it down. But now after
    I finish this video I think I’ll know how to destroy em’ :D

  241. This thing is ugly

  242. first

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