World of Tanks – KV-Dave 2.0

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Source: The Jingles

Dave’s back, a lot sooner than expected and in more than way! I had nothing to do while sitting around waiting for my PC to arrive anyway.

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  1. So, the terrible audio wasn’t a joke?

  2. The Amazing Goldfish

    Thanks Jingles, WOW (not world if warships)🤣, “wow” …. The graphics on just my phone is amazing.

  3. Oh Jingles – I know you make these ‘mistakes’ deliberately to prompt comments and not because you’re crap – but you cannot get an Invader medal with just 80 capture points – you actually have to get 80 points AND cap out to win. The only way that ‘Dave’ would have received the Invader is if he delayed shooting the Grille until he reached 100 and capture was confirmed, but the Grille would have shot-gunned him long before that and achieved a Defender – resetting the cap in the process.

    Invader – Capture the maximum number of points from the enemy base, but not less than 80.
    The achievement is granted on SUCCESSFUL BASE CAPTURE, including only the points that were part of the base capture. If the battle ends in a draw, the achievement is granted to the first player to receive 80 or more capture points.

    The best chance for the Grille to pick up his Defender, was to wait at the edge of the cap area, out of sight of Dave, but close enough to Proximity detect, then fire at the ground next to Dave as he got close and splash him with a 15cm shell with 7 metres splash radius. That would reset the cap and give him the ‘Achievements Award’ for getting a Battle Hero medal in a lost game.

  4. Chrektm8 - Hat Fancier



  6. I will say, as a player of M6 and T-29, i loathe KV-2’s…..

  7. “KV-2s make their own luck.” THAT’s your t-shirt!

  8. The original was better.

  9. Dylan van der Velden

    Dave needs a nerf

  10. The “Great Wall of China” is also known as the “Ramparts of Magog.” It seems to me your TOG wall could be called the “Ramparts of Togog”

  11. Personally I would have done better but I will give 4 out of 5 stars.

  12. I feel like you constantly show KV2 replays

  13. 🎹 🎤🎶
    Just when we thought
    enough time hasn’t passed
    you go and DAVE
    The Best for blast
    🎵 🎼

    God Dave The Queen!

  14. From Dave to another Dave, job well dome comrade! Jingles, great video, superb commentary to match your much appreciated humour. Waiting for you to get the new PC up and running!!!

  15. Wipe out the fascist states of murica

    The game today is really ugly…I thought the end of marathon and BP 2 would reduce the amounts of morons, but its even worse. Not even KV2 is fun when your team dies away within 2 minutes on every side.

  16. many respects jingles thank you for all youre content and efforts

  17. Jingle once I played ferdinand i saw a platoon of maus make a wall on that side its a hell materialise for a tank that slow af great wall of togs are sight to be see but wall of maus is hell

  18. Ice picks you say..

  19. thats a strange looking kv-2 :S

  20. The ‘Wall of TOGs’ video was funny. Watching the opposition trying to push the smoldering wrecks aside was like watching people banging their heads on brick walls.

  21. I remember that Tog vid I loved it 🙂

  22. Dave is aiming in KV2. Heresy!

  23. Wonderful! Yeah that first video was nasty. When I signed up for surprise buttsex, that was not the surprise I was looking for. But at least 30 seconds of it was eligible at the beginning and at the end.

  24. Dont play WOT much cause it’s just gone really weird with fast Armoured cars and double barrelled Russian tanks but I sure enjoy Jingles videos. Thanks

  25. Tᴏʙɪᴀs Rɪᴇᴘᴇʀ

    ‘Some say Dave has become so famous, that he keeps changing his display name to unpronounceable nicknames.’

  26. Jingles is as Jingles does.

  27. What happened to Elite Dangerous ?

  28. Why do I hear the theme song to Sanford and Son when watching this tank move around? I’M COMIN’ ‘LIZABETH!!
    (You may need to be American and >50 to get that)

  29. gs
    that elc tho lol

  30. 1:45 uhhh I’m pretty sure the SU-122-44, not the KV-2, is Stalin’s Hammer

  31. Michael Hildebrandt

    GG Dave!
    BTW: I found that KV2 tier 10 match Jingles spoke about here on YouTube – it’s EPIC 🙂

  32. Dave don’t aiming is for capitialist pigs.

  33. Why is that KV-2 so well decorated?

  34. Shingles, you do a good impression of Granville from Open All Hours.

  35. This was an amazing match. I really want that KV2 camo too.

  36. No try. Only do. I once heard.


  38. I suddenly realized how awesome it would be if the anonymizer just changed everyone’s name to Dave. I would start playing again for that reason alone

  39. this was much better this is the qulity that i love frome jingels.

    Forgiven new tech and trobel shooting.

    Im glad you fixed it.

    Hope you have a grate day.



  40. Ah… the KV2… The reason I refuse to play WOT anymore, damn derp gun xD

  41. Can we see that replay if you still have it?

  42. Playin War Thunder feel like: 4:35. I play the Chaffee often in RB.

  43. Sorry… that KV2 looks like shit!

  44. Ah, hope springs eternal! “No more Jingles moments”, I believe that the heat death of the universe is likely to occur sooner than that becoming a common ocurrence 😛

  45. Where do you get this Camo?

  46. Ah, some normalcy. Thanks Jingles for being Jingles.

  47. I vote that AMX ELC for MVP cheer leader in chat

  48. hasn’t Wednesday been elite:dangerous day? 🙁

  49. A video about Dave presented by Dave!

  50. The referenced Tog vid was one of the many Tog vids that got me hooked on Jingles… Those were the days! Still here years later! 🙂

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