World of Tanks – Lady Luck

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Dave's back, and he's running out of credit at the Luck Bank.

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  1. Bad players vs bad players 😛

  2. This Dave right there might be one of the worst player I’ve ever seen, it’s a miracle he managed to achieve anything in this battle, truly Lady Luck blessed him for this game..

  3. that S tank was in mobility mode the whole time. bruh

  4. The thing i like about Dave is that hes an all rounder when it comes to gaming. WOWS or WOT Dave does well! Well done Dave!

  5. Dave is such a rockstar!

  6. How did Jingles miss the chance to make a joke about French tanks firing croissants and Baguettes in the first minute of the video?
    ‘Bakery products’ are too generic for the French.

    As for the rest of the video, I think it can best be summed up as ‘ Angry idiot charges into enemy fire, nearly gets instakilled and is given pity by every diety of luck ever known and somehow survives.’ Someone needs to have a word with the cosmos, people that shout in the chat ‘should’ be instakilled at the start of the battle if they charge into the enemy like an angry idiot.

  7. Lol you missed the chat: “Lap 2/3” “Throw the blue shell!”

  8. Well it’s French jingles so I guess we can say the joke is here to stay

  9. Interesting to see that the Hellcat, who first thing into the game complains about his teams, ends up taking all the bad decisions and being useless.
    This game doesn’t change.

  10. Wow the first 9 minutes… what a noob… but luckily for every potato there is an equal and opposite potato. Flamu’s third law.

  11. S-103: misses

  12. well actually jingles, that s-tank never entered siege mode. if he did, he probably would have won that game. great game by the Char though!

  13. That’s an astonishing number of battle awards between the two teams – 27!

  14. RNGJesus was strong with Dave.

  15. Oh Dave, always in for some Adrenalin!

  16. rita is in background ?

  17. Given the French skill at baking I could imagine they pioneered hit-and-bun tactics.

  18. I just watched an entire replay of some dude getting lucky over and over and over. A bold choice, this replay…

  19. Jingles did you realize you found with that replay a real hidden gem?, the majority of bourrasque and char futur players are sitting even behind the allied artys only trying to snipe, and once they are then alone because they couldnt do anything the implode before they can actually see then the 3rd sense icon popping up. So Congratulation to Dave for that game, and for you to find that hidden gem.

  20. Wth is the Pepsi challenge?

  21. You really love to see shitlords like this win these kinds of games!

  22. How can you win with such an idiotic play? Im not good and not even decent player, but I was getting sick from the shit this Dave presents us.

  23. Dear Gnome overlord,

    I have sent in a replay and I hope you find it but I’m sure the shenanigans are sure to please you if you scroll upon them

  24. Is that a wild Rita that I hear in the background – streaming World of Warships!
    She told a rather funny joke on her facebook page…

    • Was the joke about how she’s no longer interested in “casting out on her own” like she was last year and has suddenly moved back in with jingles after he seems to have come into some money?

  25. The irony of the super hellcat complaining in chat about crap team mates at the begging of the match and then leaving the tanks in the cap to the tender ministrations of the s-tank while committing suicide via jagdtiger is beautiful.

  26. char vs futur 4 fight
    me: *circus music* Da….da duh da..da…da, da….da duh da..da..da, da duh da da duh da da da, duh da dadadadadada.

  27. Ngl this guy was garbage, won the game by sheer luck.

  28. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    So, Dave, are you feeling lucky?

  29. The mighty dave is back

  30. Christ this was a tough watch wasn’t it. Stupid player YOLOing around the map ends up with 2hp and survives mainly due to enemy stupidity and sheer luck. No skill in this one.

  31. That chat comment: Lap 2/3 😀

  32. A bit unrelated to the video, is hearing Rita’s echo on the audio track going to be the new “meta” for your videos Jingles? Or have you started recording Your videos in a bus-terminal? 😛

  33. what a Lucky Bastard ^^

  34. 2:47 He’s dead Dave. Everybody’s dead. Everybody is dead, Dave!

  35. Well the way he was driving ( he tried to tip himself up at least 3 times ) and his thought processes at the beginning of the game makes me think that he had one too many shandies ….

  36. just…omg…. 😀

  37. 5:40

    Only thing I can think about that Comet player it seems like Dave manage to damage his turret ring that’s why he couldn’t swing the turret because his repair kit on cool down

    Yes I play the Comet before I get ammo racked quite often …

  38. i love how you can just slightly hear rita yelling in the background every once in a while xD

  39. “murder them all. And their Mothers”…its those kind of players who would make it instand to my ignore list

  40. You can hear Rita in the background talking in the video LOL

  41. I’m sorry to say it but this game was hard to watch. Everyone was a complete and utter muppet.

  42. I was not aware the both World of Warships and World of Tanks shared the Not my Problem Field Generator consumable.

  43. GG – now that’s a carry, with a healthy dose of luck!

  44. Not a premium tank, reward tank

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