World of Tanks || Lambs to the Slaughter!

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. Today Krashnack going on a rampage in his T10 turreted the T110E4!

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  1. 20 shots fired, 2 were above avg dmg….

  2. Just another lucky noob

  3. i love E4 and i hope WG buff gun handling of this tank :v :V :V

  4. considering his rating, the game is really for him, congrats!

  5. I wish WG would buff the Turret cheeks armor to 300 because or give the tank to go 40 kph I was getting constantly punched in the face because of the turret armor being weaker than a tier 8 heavy tanks turret.

  6. Sad.. loading more Prem rounds than AP.

  7. I like the reply… I don’t mind premium shells coz most players nowadays spam premium ammo aswell if not using premium op tanks.

  8. ill pick E4 over E3 anyday for those traversable turret,


    it’s a mixed bag with the tank. It can’t carry a game so it often depends on how well your team does. of course there are exceptions like in this video.

  10. almost 500K subs

  11. it was a good game.. but once again.. so many premium ammo spam…
    he even spammed gold at a borsig and arty of all vehicles….

  12. “Hey guys, it’s QuickyBaby” OH NO WAY I DIDN’T KNOW 😛

  13. wtf 1:08 !?
    5-6 ? and late 1-1 !

  14. where can i upload replays for qb?

  15. Antonín Knížek

    can’t wait to get my T110E4 (though I am the hellcat now and play only sparsely :D)

  16. Jan-willem Wilbrink

    Any one knows how to get max view range on t37 without cola Pack and without binocs? please someone help! thanks…

  17. love my e4, played over 900 battles in it so far. My loadout for it though is a bit unusual with 24 HE rounds XD

  18. The Hacker Known as 4Chan

    QB your really entertaining to listen to, why don’t you start up a series that we can put in the background like Mingles with Jingles. You could talk about your current life situation, World of Tanks improvements and your recommendations for tier 10s for specific classes e.g russian meds, german heavys etc.

  19. All T10 tds are op 🙁

  20. this was my first td tier 10 I have and I like it but I played this tank as heavy tank more than td because it’s really heavy tank better than td a lot

  21. i have only 5 heat in My t34 3 rest is ap lol ill go now

  22. Salah Sayemuddahr


  23. Having a turret is more than enough to compensate for every other thing the turretless TDs have.

  24. Kolobånovs??? Lol. Qb at the end

  25. Battle of his life

  26. Where the hell were the arty?? He was standing still for over a minute battling the Jg Pz E100 and the borsig. If that had been me I would have died so quick to arty.

  27. The worst tier 10 TD is jpze 100,the one which he killed in the last is a clear example.

  28. I’m a T114E4 Lover ?☺

  29. I don’t understand why there’s such laziness towards aiming in this game. Honestly, he had 10 AP and 15 APCR; tier 10 TDs already have crazy pen on their standard rounds. You don’t need to rely on APCR.

  30. Wotko s Vokurkou

    I always heard E4 being referenced as a worse version of E-100, but as it was few months ago top of tree and having unlocked almost all modules of the tree i decided to give it a shot and went for the grind, and honestly i was quite surprised, that tank is not bad at all….
    Having the turret makes it much more flexible specially at close-quarters fights. Plus the dmg stacks up really nicely – it is 155mm after all.

  31. dat spot looks like my favorite spot from 4-5 years ago ?

    -ohh.. im so old

  32. “One of the hardest missions”

    ~ Second try with the very balanced T110E3

  33. yellow bot

  34. Laughed when you photo bombed Jingles vid. ???

  35. This is a blatant paid-to-grind replay. The owner of the account did not play this game. Even a cursory check of his stats reveals that the T110E4 stands out like a sore thumb (meaning completely purple, even in its 60%+ winrate), while the reward Object 260 played next on this account has magically reverted back to a 48% WR.

  36. Realy lovely game i injoyed it and it was hard for me to decide do i like t110e4 over t110e3 but i think the t110e3 is better for its gun.

  37. an HE shell from that big gun of the obj.261 should have killed him, but nah it has worse statts then a kv-2.

  38. Did the grind to the E4, hated it, sold it. Completely no fun to play. Slooow tank, looong reload, looong aiming time, weak armor. The T28 prot at least had character.

  39. 6:42 no…e100 has about 2300dpm t110E4 has 2400

  40. I hate this tank because I dont have it

  41. IS-7 has “good rate of fire”. I hope you ment “better”, because IS-7 has the 3rd worst rate of fire of single fire non-premium tier x heavy tanks.

  42. i wonder if you should go for the e3 or the e4?

  43. Michael von Hirschmann

    I would say the T110E4 is now better than the T110E5 with the nerfs the E5 received.

  44. LichKing300ification

    Tbh my dream was and is always to have a tiger1 tank in world of tanks… and i have never achieved it so instead going for tiger i got myself IS tank but my heart is still for tiger :/ i will never get my favourite tiger 1 not even in any tank game… uhh


  46. Another example of why you should never pass up a cap…  If the TD’s had stayed in the circle and forced him out…arty would’ve had him dead before he could’ve killed both.

  47. LegibleEar06 PL pl

    do you buy Panter aus g Pudel

  48. This guy is so bad. If there was at least one good player in the enemy this guy wouldn’t be alive for more then 1 minute. BTW quickybaby your videos were full of good gameplay and they are full of retards like this.

  49. Why don’t you feature more lower tier game play, top tier is fun to watch but i find lower tiers more interesting.

  50. Christian Hostetler

    You forget, the T110 E4’s strength is that you don’t play it like a TD, 375mm pen with a 750 alpha gun on a turreted platform is actually amazing for countering the superheavy meta and playing like a HT. E4s are still very strong in clanwars.

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