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*. Today funnynuts63 of the NA server going to have one of the greatest games of all time in the British premium the TOG II*!

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  1. Dear QB, that was most famous transport plane of WW II. Its C-47 Skytrain (or Dakota as it was known in England)

  2. Grade A Doughnut

    TOGS BACK!!!!!

  3. British sausage!

  4. Plane is a C47 Dakota

  5. Dc3 probably (aeroplane type)

  6. The funniest tank to play is the ISU-152 when you are top tier and you one shot every tier 6 ?

  7. And don’t forget, he completed his mission!

  8. 4:43 4:20 blaze it

  9. it’s a Douglas Dakota C-47

  10. TOG is love, TOG is life

  11. hmm…this looks like a nice cruise ship

  12. It is a C-47 or DC-3 or known as Dakotas. The blue and black stripes on the plane symbolises the plane participates in the D-Day campaign. Used commonly to carry supplies and paratroopers. Later in 1944, it was used to tow gliders. P. S. there are no transport aircraft in War Thunder. Dakotas are classified under transport aircraft 😉

  13. Qb it’s a C47 the military version of the DC3 Dakota.

  14. Mundanetick56 hi

    Tog time

  15. mikael huhtakangas

    if you watch replay mind leave a mark or tell somehow you’ve noticed it? (michell2020)

  16. QB, The aircraft is a C47 transport. Military version of the Douglas DC3.

  17. I belive the plane Is a C-47

  18. When TOG comes to play, even the opponents feel the need to party, GERONIMO!

  19. you have to love HMS TOG, best ship ever made

  20. hi quickybaby, i know it is funny to put an interesting title like this, but it gets difficult to search for videos who is looking for specific videos like searching for tog 2 it won’t show up 🙂

  21. 10:07 That was F-22 Craptor

  22. star of that show is that IKV hahahahaha!

  23. That is a dc2 or dc3 (Dakota)

  24. sturmpanzerwagen ATV

    plane’s a C-47 Skytrain cargo and paratroop carrier

  25. T127 replays?

  26. old swamp map I was playing t-34-1 and was left 1 vs 6 while i was fightning vs 5 tanks and killed them tog from enemy team drove all the way from their base to mine and capped the base

  27. The plane seen (I forgot the actual name) was used for american paratroopers to land behind enemy lines before Operation Overlord actually commenced

  28. This is what shrimps get when they try to fuxk with the whale

  29. Am i really the only one, who hasn’t used gold rounds? I mean, i remember using it ONCE with a Tiger 1. ONCE. I mean, they’re fucking expensive.

  30. Christine Konstatzky

    the plane looks like a dc3

  31. This is what happens when the only good tanker in a good tank on the enemy team pushes too hard and gets swarmed. Poor Su-122-44

  32. that was a c47 transport plane flying over. they carried us paratroopers.

  33. TommyThousandFaces

    The pace of a World of Warship game

  34. is it only me that dislikes the fact that 80-90% of replays qb featured on his channel are when one player with 2000-2500 wn8 gets good matchmaking and all statistically red enemies and teammates? ( or should i say TOMATOES 😀 )

  35. Instructions not clear, joined the Royal Navy.

  36. the plane was a Douglas c-47 Dakota which was used by the airborne troops

  37. That Ikv’s jump was pure comedy gold! XD

  38. That Ikv grew up thinking it was a Saab 35 Draken.

  39. he was using destruction mod

  40. Aidin Masoumi Nia

    Hi, guys. May I ask a question here? I have updated my graphic card driver and immediately I started to have a weird glitch in my game. Tank icons (allies and enemy) vanish or appear partially, in the game itself and on the minimap. Tried installing QB mod and XVM to no effect. Problem remained. Today the update 9.19.1 have been installed. I have cleared the mod and res_mod folders and still faced the same problem. Does anyone know why? And what should I do?
    Thank you in advance.

  41. Hehe nut….. hehe

  42. Γιωργος Χαβελες

    the funniest vehicles to play in my opinion the KV-2 of as well as the Tog II and the Panzer II J .You can just go yolo driving them and have a good battle result !!!

  43. Someone send link to this replay to Jingles.

  44. Koneko/Kuroka Toujou

    actually I believe the Archer, T5 British TD with a forward top speed of 12 kph

  45. TOG is armored school bus.

  46. yeah quickybaby go play war thunder

  47. When did the TOG have an exhaust like that on the back?

  48. The plane is a C-47

  49. quiky wtf theres a reason you edit his auto aim through walls… this guys using illegal mods. YOU ARE SHIT

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