World of Tanks || Lansen C – Tank Review

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World of Tanks – Lansen C. If the Vikings had tanks this is what they would look like… Here they come in the Lansen C!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Friendly Fire Gaming

    Hardly anything to apologise for. It is a really silly move on WGs part though, as if they just included the skin for free with the base price, I’d bet it’d drive the volume of sales to make them more of a profit anyways.

  2. talk about the history going wrong on this skin

  3. I second that FFG, its WG…
    Also all the ones ive faced so far are gold slinging like no tomorow.

  4. so, does anyone know what the runes mean?

  5. why not a tier 10

  6. In other words the tank is garbage just like the stg. Suckers will buy it gj wot keep selling trash because it sells to dumb people.

  7. I was excited until I saw the stupid skin.

  8. its no obj-416

  9. What is decent level of view range?
    I find everyting over 400 enough

  10. Love the skin!! First game out in this tank had over 4k combined.

  11. That skin is really cool and I’d love to have it but I am not spending $30 more to be able to get it. On another note, this thing reminds me a bit of a Mutz with a 105 mm gun.

  12. Wallet tank……

  13. On the turret says:GERIA(unknown)WRE(unknown)I GAR MIO FILLI,
    on the front:G(unknown)IthUIthUR.
    What that means,only WG knows 🙂

  14. this just looks retarded, keep the weird skin stuff to console players –

  15. Looks like a better AMX CDC to be honest.

    Edit: I really don’t think it will sell that well when people already have the Primo.

  16. WG: we don’t care about the broken textures that eats shells, we don’t care about the jumping aim issue, weird camera angles and etc. We just need mo dollaz Boyz! Let’s make more premiums, wheeled toxic tanks and new op vehicles. Damn right direction

    • Do you think the whole company works on 1 thing at a time?

    • +Stubbari surely not. But that issue could’ve been solved long time back even with such progress in case if they care about it. I’m not even saying that there is tons of problems with standard tech tree vehicles.

    • +Serzhan Adayev I don’t know any of those problems yiu described. Well, maybe sometimes you can see the outline of an enemy tank trough rock.

      Tech tree has a lot of issues but you can’t balance it without balancing the whole game. Tech tree is made like that so people use free xp and WG gets money.

  17. it is just a tier 8 leo tbh

  18. Ummmm….Its that thing supposed to be Fenrir?!Because to be that does look like a dacian Draco, wich is a bit, you know, south of Sweden?

    • ?? Nordisk Nationalist ??

      EYECRED Could also represent Geri and Freki, considering the name of the skin id also “Wolves of Odin” so it would fit in the theme aswell.

    • +?? Nordisk Nationalist ?? I see.
      Googled it, as I was unaware of the two.It would definetly fit.But for me it’s still a bit too similar to how the draco(dacian one) is represented everywhere.
      Anyways, thanks for the info bud

  19. that kv 2 XD good guy dah

  20. 100% another mission marathon

  21. This is why I stoped to play. Fake tanks, non historical childish skins, premium, and soviet bias.

  22. It is like loe in tier 7 with big gum

  23. sananmuunnokset munansaannokset

    Do tank review of lt 432

  24. Viking themed wallet too. Because it got raided by vikings

  25. it looks like LEO with longer barrel.

  26. IMO it is indeed actually is a more balanced tier 8 premium than a lot of the powercreeping premium content that was released over the past few years…if those would not exist and their in lies WG problem in regards to premium content.

  27. Ugh, it looks downright mediocre stat wise. What on earth was WG thinking?

  28. Don’t care about price. Shut up and take my moneys.

  29. sadly it doesnt use the new chassy like the swedish meds will have. therefor it looks more or less like a Tier 8 Leo 🙁

  30. EpicHunter117 Gaming

    The amount of premium tanks WG been spitting out they had enough time and resources to fill the time era gap from 1970-2015 modern tanks

  31. God I love watching these at 4 in the morning.

  32. “He can rush with his weapons, but could hardly throw them accurately” – Wargaming

  33. rubbish tank….totally not worth it

  34. Asian (SEA) server still left behind, QB, the HWK 30 does not sold yet in Asian (SEA) server portal, the Lansen C would be the same fate too, may be a month or two or more, would be sale in the Asian (SEA) server portal.

  35. 5:03 I cringed bad, thanks for that

  36. On the side: Geri ak Freki gar mina filli (Geri and Freki are the names of Odins two wolves). The rest is beyond me, but my guess is that the two wolves “fills me” with something. “Mina” in modern swedish is “mine” and “filli” isn’t that far off from “fylla” wich means “to fill”. Another interpretation would be that they’ve cut the 4th word in the wrong place because GARM is another wolf in norse mythology.

    The runes in the front is, as far as I can tell: “RAITHUITHUR”. What that means is beyond me aswell…

  37. just selling a skin.

  38. 208 pen is not impressive at all…
    ‘member times, when tier 8 mediums often had 175 pen and that really was enough? ‘member?

  39. So it’s basically Leo with cool skin one tier up?

  40. I’m surprised it doesn’t include the new mechanic for Swedish Meds.

  41. wg selling more junk.

  42. As a Swedish player, those Viking runes say: “Hello, shoot HE at us. We have zero armor that even tier 1 can pen”. I mean sure meta is speed and 320 alpha is nice compared to the standard 240-ish from most other mediums but having zero armor as high up as tier 8 that can face tier 10, with that gun handling and pen…don’t think so. I have bounched Jgdpanzer E-100 on the Primo Victoria turret. Ask yourself this, you’re coming to a ridge, what turret/tank do you want to have, paper or 254? You can’t even play hull down with it so every single time you expose yourself, even those peek-a-boo ridge shots, you’re at high risk. SPG’s, derp T49, Type Heavys and more are going to love shooting you. It’s basicly a swedish CDC but with a little more alpha.

    • Adding that during the supertest it had 100 hull armor but WG didn’t want us to deflect anything and brought it down to 60. That’s almost half of that armor. Sure PV only has 76 hull armor but it has the reliable turret to compensate. Considering games in random battles usually ends after 5mins, meaning you will be flanked and shot from all over the place and no armor? Hmm. Ok you can have good games with this tank due to the good mobility and gun, but so can you with PV and many other tanks as well.

  43. play it in a teir x match qb.

  44. OMG the commander is wearing shades!!! What???

  45. the front runes says “RKITHUITHUR”. Atleast if you translate it from older Futhark. havent gotten a good look at the wolves head yet. I assume they just googled runes and stuck some on there.

  46. OCaptainMyCaptain

    I wonder if Wargaming really know what they did with naming that camo “Wolves of Odin”, considering it’s the name of an extreme right anti-immigrant group.

  47. People, of course it’s balanced and not OP…because you forgot the most important variable here….


  48. Interesting analysis. Hope wargaming will in due soon time clear all ours wondering!

  49. Four adverts in one video…

  50. oh god……….we got a furry tank we have been attacked in the world of tanks universe

  51. When you decide to merge Skyrim and WoT.

  52. The tooltip for the Odin’s Wolves skin has a quote from the Henry Adams Bellows translation of the Grimnismal (an Old Norse poem in the Poetic Edda):

    “Freki and Geri | does Heerfather feed,
    The far-famed fighter of old:
    But on wine alone | does the weapon-decked god,
    Othin, forever live.”

    Odin’s wolves are spoken of as “greedy for the corpses of those who have fallen in battle” in First Lay of Helgi Hundingsbane (another Old Norse poem in the Poetic Edda), so maybe it relates to that? They have had their fill of corpses of the tanks you’ve killed?

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