World of Tanks || Last Man Standing – 300k

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Slugtime is going to show you why quite often in the T10 American Tank Destroyer the T110E3 you are left as the last man standing. Prize winner in the 300k competition.

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  1. Need ze XVM-update! please :)

  2. I thought these vids were supposed to not be the tanks that were the
    standard big alpha/ high defense tanks that can have great games without
    even trying.

  3. great game :)

  4. “The real first place, second place because he has the prize” sporting.

  5. That M40/43 did a good job at the end. He got around to get shots in, and
    when he needed to he set up a very good trap. He deserved the kill. Great
    game, using the armor on the E3 like a pro.

  6. This replay just show’s how broken is this map. It rewards base camping,
    and the team that camps harder usually wins. Anyway, very good marksmanship
    and good use of the strong points of the tank, gg

  7. Let’s be honest, this is the situation where you are supposed to loose like
    99% of your games. Slow tank, heavily outnumbered, enemy on full health. He
    made a most of it. A bit more competent opposition and he would be dead in
    no time…. Getting killed by arty (who played it well and re-positioned)
    might be painful, but he was living on borrowed time… Well played, made
    the enemy paid, but did one mistake… used small consumables… In tank
    which is expected to be peppered by the HE most of the time, the large
    medpack is a must have.. it not only heals all crew, but also lower the
    chance they get taken out and same for large toolbox – increase your track
    repair speed.

  8. Triple TroubleMaker

    Please do something else because now you’re just looking at replays do
    something like your clanbattles or something.

  9. Wow WG… i love theese maps, where the mst OP position of whole map is
    about ZERO meters away from spwan…

  10. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    So much rage 🙂 “I h8te arty….”, “i love arty – this guy is a nub…”
    “camping in base….” See if I care. GJ Slugtime.

    Good video QB. Informative as always. Now to all the ragers in this topic
    “who didn’t win a prize”: – Buhu. He was protecting the flank in town with
    several great shots. Then they broke through in the Valley and he turned
    around to protect the other side, when that was done, he turned back to his
    main goal (which seemed to be the middle road), however meanwhile his team
    melted away in the town and he’s in an impossible situation. Tell me what
    he could have done differently (counting out the med-kit usage on his
    driver early on.)? It is not his **** fault that his team played like a
    sack of potatoes – including “Mr. Super Unicorn” who decide to throw away
    his life early on.

  11. Sorry, but I dont see anything amazing on this replay. Yes, huge dmg. But
    the way to deal it… Nothing interesting.

  12. Great game and NOT ruined by ending. The Art did the right thing moving
    forwards and thinking clearly which got him the result he deserved while
    ‘Slugtime’ played a great game, got great results using his TD properly and
    he should be proud of his game!

  13. TankingShots WOT Blitz

    Hey on Blitz the jadgpanzer e100 has an average damage per shot is 700 lol

  14. why couldn’t the scum bags just go and suicide

  15. What a shame, 11 539 damage and a loss.WOT can be so full of shit at
    times,no wonder I stopped playing it.Commiserations to Slugtime,what a
    damned injustice.

  16. Nice work by Slugtime and arty did exactly what most would not expect and
    won the match.

  17. Alright, I’m convinced. I didn’t have any interest in going down the T110E3
    line because I didn’t think I’d have the patience for the T95, but I always
    wanted an E3. I’m going to have to suck it up and go down the line because
    I really do think the E3 is a great machine. It’s the only one that gives
    me trouble from the front

  18. I use Quickybaby’s XVM mod still i don’t get the stats of damage taken and
    type of shells the enemy using. can any one tell me how to get it? Thank

  19. Haha Wow With games like this Why did I even put my crap up for the 300k Oh
    Lawl =(

  20. Only way to have a monster game in WOT is Enemy team playing like fucking
    retards and you just farm them….

  21. T95 have better armor overall T110E3

  22. Pigs, Shiiiiit

  23. Not that impressive of a game. Yes, he did a lot of damage but let’s agree
    that every single enemy tried to attack the front of his armor which is
    ridiculous. Not once did the enemy team try to flank him, they could easily
    have used the arty to sneak down the valley on the West side pressure the
    back of his tank and maybe force him to expose his side as he tries to kill
    the arty. The enemy team were idiots and even a terrible player can do 11k
    damage in that tank when every enemy is foolishly trying to get through the
    frontal armor. No skill here, would have been skill if the enemies had been
    smart enough to flank him from the back and rather than feed him kills from
    the front.

  24. too bad i didnt have a worthy replay to send in. and i dont have a teir 10
    or 9.

  25. Proof that stats don’t count for shit 😉

    Good players can have shit games just like bad players can have good games

  26. Congratulations to slugtime but I feel that any decent player could have
    recreated that.

  27. i have you send my Games // 15000wn8 3k dmg //tank : Chaffee


  29. i love that i think tha qb daid super unicorn

  30. I’d love to go for a T110E3 but I’ve only been playing a few months. My
    best non premiums are a tier 8 and a tier 7 :/

  31. This is why I dont play this game anymore. 10 kills, 11 k damage when most
    of the time the cumulative health on the enemy team in a T10 game is 22k,
    and he still loses.

  32. When i see someone is having a monster game (and i’m in arty) i try to miss
    my shots a bit so that i won’t ruin his day with a bullshit arty shot.

  33. The reason I gave the arty suggestion is because I uploaded a video to your
    site for the 300k subs competition that was very intense and hilarious in
    the later stages of the battle. The name of the account I used to put it up
    is “tivis9” in case you ever what to check it out. I just feel that most
    people you will chose for the competition will be tier 10 sluggers in heavy
    or medium tanks and wanted to offer some comedic relief. But anyway it’s is
    just a suggestion…

  34. No1 Quicky the only suggestion I have is could you please say which server
    these guys are on? And holy hell I thought I had a chance too at lest be
    considered. But dam with games like this. I need to step it up that’s for
    dam sure. Thank you for holding this contest so I can be challenged too do
    better in my own game play.

  35. You can say what you like about artillery players, but that one played well
    and did everything right, props to him :)

  36. Heart break!!! that was painful.

  37. I get the feeling the next winner will be a tier 8-10

  38. not sure this is the replay worth to watch

  39. hmm…
    with the benefit of hindsight
    enemy team couldve shut him down a lot quicker if they sent even just a spg
    through the mountain path and attack him from both directions.
    and he couldve won the game in the end if he pulled back and lured the E100
    to push forward. but that’s just hindsight talking

  40. Camped all match vs full idiots, then rushed and died like a retard. That
    is the match in a nutshell.

  41. QuickyBaby Why did you do this to me :(

  42. cool replay, not to get off topic but in your opinion whats a better tier 8
    the Is3 or the 110

  43. you say tier 10 dont count

  44. what kind of head set QB use

  45. Artillery are the best tanks of the game

  46. no comments? what my youtube must be mucking up

  47. love to see enemy chat right now

  48. quicky I appreciate these tournaments massively, and the opportunity they
    give to the viewers to participate in the channel content. However, I
    really which when judging the tournament you would put more emphasis on the
    player skill rather than the end result. Judging purely on the end result
    will always result in these TD games where everything happens just at the
    right time and everyone drives into your gun 1 by 1 that happen once every
    thousand games winning the comp, despite very low player skill being
    required (I mean he had 3 terrible misses and charging that arty at the end
    with a dead commander is stupid, as well as healing the driver in a static
    situation). The only properly good play I saw this game was him being
    aggressive against the FV215b to avoid being outnumbered. I think I speak
    for the majority of viewers when I say we’d rather see games that were
    dominated by good positioning, map awareness and strategy ranking highly,
    and it would give you an opportunity to commentate on the games and help to
    improve viewers gameplay rather than this camp fest.

  49. holy hell. He did more damage in that one battle than most players I see in
    battle do in a week.

  50. lol, 11,500+ damage.
    Your team *cant even match that, all 14 of your teammates*

  51. lol…11,000 damage and your team is still a bunch of idiots

  52. playing on a map with lots of arty cover/shadow(arty is pretty much useless
    on lakeville), rng jesus was purely on this guy’s side, hardly any
    misses/bounces and very high damage rolls. plus in a e3 which is a bit OP.

    nothing spectacular imo

  53. no real skill just camping and you not sticking to your word. looks like
    I’m not watching your videos anymore.

  54. the only reason he dominated soo much on that map is because that map is
    bad for arty
    lots of hard cover and arty shadow on it.

    also using an e3 which is a super easy tank to play

  55. what a battle

  56. what a battle

  57. Arty… It’s always arty isn’t it…?

  58. Corentin63490 Corentin123

    and until when can I try to win à type 59

  59. Just a suggestion Quickybaby, but would you mind showing at least one
    artillery video? I would think that at least one person had an entertaining
    game. Anyway, its something to think about. Can’t wait to see the other
    replays! :D

  60. Slugtime did great but that arty wrecked him like hell always woe that
    conqeror gc almost killed him he got lucky for surviving that

  61. Just curious are we going to see any mid tiers in this contest

  62. did i see that right? only high rolls with the exception of killing shots?
    ^^ stronk

  63. I thought these videos about someone playing well, not about idiots
    suiciding on a E3 from front

  64. In my experience the FAME clan players usually either die in 1-2 minutes or
    rock the entire match XD

  65. Super *unicorn*? I didn’t know that’s their new name now :P

  66. FFS….damned arty…ruining everybodies day.

  67. really wonder where did he get the Type 59 i think the wargaming reward
    thing that happened in EU NA AND RU

  68. i might have to say i pen that T110E3’s top bar and i pened it on my FV215b

  69. In my E3, i’m never shot in my little turret :/

  70. Jacob Tan Jing Hong

    E3 fair and balanced. You need another balanced vehicle to take it out

  71. Why would anyone dislike this video? Or any video that QuickyBaby uploads?
    I don’t get it, go be an asshole else where.

  72. No sympathy to campers!

  73. He camped too much in the end and got killed by arty. Good thing we have
    those nice artillerypieces preventing camping 🙂

  74. Бојичић Серб!

    полупа им пичку :)!


    watching these replays i think i have no chance here 🙁
    But im happy to done HT15 mission with honor for T55A using my VK45.02(p)
    with my average skill.

  76. I have a pool’s medal in my M44, and it took 10 times the skill of this E3.

    Just admit it, you watched 10 vids, got bored and picked one with big

  77. lmao at the end so hard

  78. t110e3 is very good and has very good armor and gun but at tier 10 you’re
    gonna have to go up against by the one the only Bat chat and other mediums
    like the leopard 1. It very hard to look at a poor american getting totally

  79. another great game ruined by a scumbag arty…

  80. Calling it now, worst heart break in history

  81. I can’t get even close to that dmg done. But I usualy block about 20k or
    more in my KV-4 when I’m top tier ;)

  82. fuck arty

  83. R.I.P
    rest in peperonis

  84. Just goes to show you… top tier tank doing 750 alpha/shot, impenetrable
    armor at 200+ m and 2 teams of donkeys. Yeah, that’s how you pull off 10k
    damage games

  85. There truly is no justice. I almost cried. Poor guy.

  86. Arty isn’t broken man

  87. Arty=very balanced,not OP…

  88. you fucking retard, you blind or brain dead, you never say that they got a
    top gun

  89. fucking sky pigs

  90. Surprise madafaka!

  91. so is it just going to be heavily armoured tanks with big gun that are top
    tier type of contest?

  92. you pull your entire teams weight in damage and kills and yet its never
    enough, that is why i cant stand artillery, it just ruins games for players
    that actually play correctly and that don’t sit in the back of the map

  93. ares354 ares354 (Ares)

    And where is ballance in this game. I have E4, E3, JPe100, 183, foch 155.
    E3 is broken if hulldown. Why JP e100, slow TD, have way less armor, and 3
    big weakspots, same goes for 183. To use gold to pen him if hulldown, and u
    can pen JPe100 all day long with 295 pen. If enemy team dont have good
    meds, or arty, E3 will in hulldown fuck all tank, and this is joke. But
    made up tanks…

  94. in my T110E3, managed to get 3kdmg once with one shot, guess how? ammo
    racked maus xD

  95. All I See is a TD killing Big Idiots, who dont know how to play this game

  96. that’s so sad D: and what’s sad is also the fact that i thought i had a
    chance of winning something…but then you see 11 k damage games and you
    just get rekt so hard :(

  97. i think wg should make the commanders copula a weakspot. even with this
    weakspot the e3 would have still very good armor.

  98. Arty: The Uninstall.exe of World of Tanks.

  99. That M40 player is in my clan :D

  100. hi quicky i would like to know whitch mod do you use for have this damage
    panel received?

  101. awesome replay!!! all those bounces from 15cm to 17cm guns were really
    cool!! :)

  102. report arty

  103. m48 patton or the centurion mark X??

  104. Great game but if Slugtime’s comander wasn’t injured i dought he would die

  105. if QuickyBaby responds i will do a 24 hour jack off livestream non stop and
    no lube….

  106. it would be nice if u wouldn’t show Heartbreakers. still it was an amazing

  107. Why you chose this video? there is nothing special to see beside the high
    damage. And he get that not with good playing, the tank let him deal so
    much, he just sit in the base, sniped and moved a few meteres around in the
    base. there was no real skill only a high number of damage. And when he
    needed skill he played like a donkey in the end against the arty.

    Can i ask u QB why u didnt watch my two replays on your replay side? They
    had the 300k title, they had minute discription, they were in the
    competition time limit, they were high damage and high kills games with T9
    and T10 tanks including skill movments and not only sitting in a good spot
    with a well armoured tank and let retards shoot you.
    I asked you in the last video but you didnt reply.

  108. This didn’t feel so bad, really just felt good seeing him get shotguned by

  109. Not that impressive considering it was in yet another OP tier 10 TD,
    nonetheless though it was a good game overall

  110. 10:38 beep beep *heart stops*

  111. when you thought you had good replays and then you see the two contest
    winners and you know there is no way you are winning

  112. Camps whole game in base, arty does nothing, THE MOMENT he moves from his
    camping position he gets rekt!!! There are infinite universes and in some
    arty stops camping, but the one where we are living that is not the case.
    Than again we were gifted with Serb, so we are screwed ether way!

  113. Wow. *claps*

  114. I always find it disgusting that the southern team can shoot inside town
    all around the church from their base.

  115. ahaha Arty balanced sure ,I just want to fuck Serb anal and rape us wife
    and sister :*

  116. quicky doubt you’ll see this but if you do I have a clip where I’m in a elc
    amx and shoot an m6 that’s almost dead kill it but the game does count it
    as a hit its was about 500 meters out on widepark and I had a tiny gap to
    shoot from how do I let you see it if its on xbox? could you help me its a
    pretty crazy thing

  117. there is no justice

  118. I want the E3 but I just can’t get past the T25 AT. I played the Wolverine
    and Jackson like mediums and managed almost a 60% winrate in each, but I
    try that in the T25 AT and it just doesn’t work AT ALL. I rage-sold it
    before I got the 105…Pen is okay, but the armor is even worse than the
    Wolverine and it’s placed two tiers higher. Literally everything can pen a
    T25 AT if they don’t hit the mantlet, but every other TD I’ve seen can
    bounce low-tiers pretty reliably except the T49-T25/2 on the other line.

  119. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    and im gonna go to the E3 fuck yeah i was right i thought it was a death

  120. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    I hate arty it doenst need skill just do a click to the tank u want and If
    ur noob doesnt matter u can kill A pro

  121. you are good player

  122. Slugtime camped too much. Lol. Arty punished him for doing so. Lol. Sad
    hero there.

  123. Man that TD is awesome !! if i were a TD’s fan i would have started
    grinding from that second to reach it

  124. VideosFuerDich WoT u. LS15

    Are you playing World of Tanks Blitz QuickyBaby?

  125. God damn it QB! Why do you do this to me?!?!

  126. +quickybaby tv has anyone had this problem since google plus was forced
    onto use all it no longer tells me of any new post

  127. I love playing arty. This comment section is music to my ears.

  128. QuickyBaby: T110E3 or T110E4

  129. F-ing clickers, scum of the game.

  130. Those high rolls, lucky guy, and great play by him :)

  131. When you’re stationary in a massive firefight, don’t use your medkit on
    your driver. In fact, almost never use your medkit on your driver. As can
    be seen here, the poor usage of his medkit lost him the game. At tier X,
    you can take a lot of shots, so you’re likely to lose more than one crew
    member throughout the game. At the very least, wait until the fighting has
    settled down so you can assess your situation.

    I know it’s easy to pick on a replay, but this really is the difference
    between an average player and a so called “super-unicorn” in that kind of

  132. Well played but.. T110E3 is just…these games are nothing special with
    E3… i mean this E3 tank is featured everywhere just because it has a good
    gun combined with the best armor is the game, so pretty much everyone can
    have great games with E3.

  133. I think the Object 260 who died at the beginning is one of several things:
    one, he’s a stat-padder or re-roll; two, he just got the 260 and doesn’t
    know how to play it yet, meaning he probably hasn’t dipped into Russian
    heavies much; three, he was a sibling or friend of the unicum player who
    hopped on the unicum’s account and absolutely sucked.

  134. +Quickybaby TV has anyone eles had the problem of when a new post and since
    youtube or who ever force google+ on use it stopped updating on my phone
    any ideas

  135. worst and most boring game ever, i could expect that when i saw E3 in the

  136. good job slug time. Keep it up QB

  137. Niklas Ferreira Marques

    Hey QB, i’ve got an important question!
    If i should somehow win (which will not happen I guess, 9 kills and 6k
    dmg), and i should win the Type 59, which is not on my account anymore, do
    I still get it?
    One of my mates made a joke and sold many tanks on my account, including
    the Type…so i dont really have it, but i think it is still shown in my
    tank list! What will happen?

  138. Fuck all arty in the game…

  139. he wasn t a golder,he wasn t a camper,he was great,unicum,one of the best
    replays evah,usually in this kind of replays people use gold,cMp behind
    bishes,using dirty tactics……he was unlucky with the arty to focusing
    him all the time,but he czn t complain about his luck..he had some very
    high penetration and dmg rows,for the rest very good skilled super unicum
    player in a quite good tank. I liked that the replay wasn t of a WT e 100
    or an op is7 or an e100 or a t62a…i like watching replays of strange
    balanced tanks

  140. first

  141. you`re only featureing heartbreaks nowdays…..

  142. WOW!!! I don’t think that i will ever get a game like this. My best ever
    game damage wise was with my Tiger II doing 4537 damage. And i thought that
    was a lot until i saw this…
    I still believe i have a chance in this competition nevertheless.

  143. im so sad he died ;(

  144. Im telling Z3NA he needs to kick that guy from FAME. Shamfu dispray

  145. Average game, he’s in a game with monster armour and a monster gun and it’s
    easy to bounce so many rounds in this tank, its like giving an award to a
    pz 2 J because he couldn’t be killed in a teir 3 game

  146. In my opinion, T110E4 is so worst than the T110E3, cause his gun and armour
    are worst for a better mobility and a turret. And…. Because we NEVER see
    T110E4 big replay… 

  147. Arty: The anti-campers that will mess you up no matter where you are ruined
    the day as usual!

  148. Hahahaha super unicorn :)

  149. Quicklybaby, would you accept World of Tanks Blitz replays?

  150. Now I see that my IS-8 replay wasn’t good enough. 3.700 dmg and 4 kills. My
    best game that i’ve could do.

  151. Wich mod are you using???

  152. Congrats !!!

  153. what mod do you need for that hit log

  154. such an horrible heartbreak
    defineatly deserves a Type 59 but he had him……

  155. congratz :)

  156. booo arty

  157. bit disappointed honestly, I don’t want to be “that guy” but quicky
    explicitly said the comp would be judged on skill and not t10 td damage
    farming and this is exactly what this is. don’t get me wrong it’s a good
    game but nothing spectacular, doesn’t take much skill to sit in cap and
    keep your armor pointed at the enemies.i’m sure there are better replays
    coming up but 1400 base xp isn’t anything special. he didn’t even win. if
    you look at the WG’s Own tourneys you need 1800-1900 even for the last

  158. Perfect example of the games retarded spotting mechanics in the end

  159. Ouch…that was a tough loss. Carried his team like a boss & at tier 10
    that was no easy task. Tip my hat to you best E3 match I’ve ever seen. I
    know QB has a few other E3 games but you squeezed everything out of you
    tank to try and win the match.

  160. blocking 12k in a tier 10 game isnt special at all, well for me anyway. i
    drive maus ALOT and i find it so easy to get over 15 k dmgblock…hell i
    even completed a mission just by going afk in my maus and blocked over 8000

  161. what an amazing game i can only get 6k blocked in my sp :(

  162. nice game Slugtime, congrats

  163. Awesome round for Slug despite the loss. The T110E3 is a beast, I love
    mine too. My highest damage done and highest blocked has been in the E3
    with 8k damage and 13k blocked in the same game. Congrats Slug. —

  164. Qb that 260 was an ESl player…

  165. shoot the bar jst below the view ports, hard shot but in close range
    easy..But thts on the xbox dont knw bout the pc

  166. the only tank i ever fire HEAT in my jpze100 at is the t110e3. to stop them
    from being in insane positions just like the replay….

  167. This replay is about some retards shooting him with high caliber guns..
    “congratz” though.

  168. Even when you don’t win, you still gotta feel pretty good about games like
    these. c:

  169. The “coupe de grah”. As a french, that made my day.

  170. Well that obj 260 has to feel a bit stupid :p

  171. The cupola on the e3 can be penned but it’s a super chancy shot. What you
    basically have to do is hit it on the bottom part of the mini turret. I was
    able to do this once in my Maus a around 200 meters which I found funny as
    it was with regular AP as well.RNGESUS WINS AGAIN! That battle was a lost
    though, I was just desperate to get some more damage before I went down and
    it just happened.

  172. Hes lucky i was not in this game i would of had a BBQ on his flank.

  173. that was a fantastic round by him it was heartbrake for him at the end tho

  174. Don’t know what to type when you’re ealry XD

  175. Dalibor Radosavljevic

    i bounced 13k damage with my super pershing ^^

  176. If the damn arty had any brain they would backstab him back when he was
    turtling in the middle

  177. Wow! I really thought he was going to pull it off!

  178. I love your videos :D

  179. Its always arty that ruins epic games. The best players can be shot gunned
    by poor arty if they are unlucky.

  180. I like being early, it makes me feel special!

  181. I’m early, what should I say? well, you can’t win them all

  182. 2:00 dat fail

  183. 10:40 that always happens to me and if i was the arty in that case i would
    be missing my shot for sure! Painfull times :'( 🙁 anyway awessome game
    buddy, you deserved it. :)

  184. 1v6 and no one flanks… (even artillery could get behind him…)
    and also as we can see in the end artillery is in the game to stop campers
    right? its not like he camped in base all game and died the only position
    he was driving the tank.
    this is so retarded

  185. …… heart is melting….

  186. Is the symbol of the NOS Clan in the enemy Team not illegal… i thought
    its like the SS-Symbol !

  187. +QickeyBabyTV LOVE YOU UNLIKE YOUTUBERS LIKE RadBrad and Tetra Ninja YOU

  188. heloo children xd

  189. finally the E3 shines bright !

  190. Quickybaby ur the bigest wot pro i have ever seen 😀 I need 30 000 more
    credits to get leopard,R.I.P. luchs :(

  191. Is that a reference to Hammerfall QB? ^^

  192. you posted it on the right time ;))

  193. Artiom Iacob (SuitedLOL)

    It’s my birthday!!!!

  194. never been this early :)

  195. LoL. First

  196. What do you guys think of Slugtime’s round?

    I’m liveStreaming right now!

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