World of Tanks || LAST TANK STANDING

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today Lulubell2 going to do everything they can to be the last tank standing!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.

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  1. how can i send my video to QB ?

  2. I personally hate every soviet tank in this game including KV2

  3. Yet again, quacky baby has a hole in his chest.

  4. it was pretty amazing .

  5. Basil Abeysekera

    Yap, hated my is-m, it’s just bad, I’m doing everything right but this tank just seems to fail me or my team, I’m no means a bad player but my is-m sits at a 45% while my other vehicles are a 55 to 70%

  6. enough with the whining about MM already. Do you not remember when you would be the only T 8 in a T 10 battle? or when your side would have 5 T 10’s and the other 9? even at worst MM, there are at least 7 opponents to engage at same tier. The irony is that now that it’s been formally quantified, though better, then whining is 10 times worse.

  7. Wouldn’t surprise me if some players (eg. celebrity streamers) get given preferential RNG. Some of the shots in these replays are just bullshit and would never land if I attempted it.

  8. jap heavies are dam powerful and it sucks

  9. IS-M or AMX 65t?

  10. KV-2 is fine because it’s only t6 and if it ticks you off a lot (like it did me when I first got wacked by one in one shot, then many times after lul) it’s not too hard to grind out so that you too can bask in it’s derpy gloryness 😀

  11. sick of replays that are happened because of luck.
    Get CW replays. Much more interesting!

  12. The type 4-5 to me are rolling pill boxes that almost always require gold rounds to be fired at them to effectively to take them out. Even when derping them they dont take much HE dmg i really think its unfair what wg did with em.

  13. lucky for him those OHOs are scrubs

  14. That was a great game to watch. Well done Lulubell!

  15. Didn’t you hear about the new Tier 8 Japanese Super Heavy the Oh-No? It has a unique upper plate emblem of QB with a screaming face on it! 🙂

  16. I cant stand arty it was fine before the stun thing

  17. 10:41 *nice Black Prince QB*

  18. We already have too much russian heavies yet we still dont have the chieftain which is a real tank

  19. Wow, an actually good game in which someone doesn’t spam gold

  20. QB please tell me can I bought is-m

  21. Am I the only one that played through the Japanese heavy tanks using the AP-firing guns?

  22. Raphael I Forgot The Rest

    Wow… only 5 prem rounds… is this actually world of tanks?

  23. Cameron Renwick

    I like the IS-M, but as QB says, it’s really sluggish to play

  24. ISM-is to good tank but hard playing tank.

  25. ponrouch alessio

    damn it I was looking forward to making my way to the IS M butI guess its not worth it lol

  26. QuickyBaby, come on man, feature the M6. Such a fun tank.

  27. Stop blaming the terrible MM that WG has on the IS-M, it’s a wonderful brawler and sidescrapper.

  28. Can u please review the t-34-88

  29. Armand's pagina

    gg indeed. Congrats on the result. Well played👍

  30. I am not a pro at any stretch! just average 51% er, but once I had mission, with Leo I do not remember properly, Where I had to hit arty 3 times (damage arty), as I had 300 alpha, I did not risked with near HE shots to the ground and bumped him twice before hitting 😀 That was so exciting for me (as I am not a pro) that I was able to “play” with my “food” :D.

  31. Valod Kreslobochi

    Gotta use those gender neutral pronouns; don’t want to offend anyone…

  32. Hey qb I just want to say I think the rarest medals are actually the Billote’s medal, Bruno’s medal, and Tarczay’s medal.

  33. Lol, QB, it’s 3 AP and 5 APCR you were saying 3 AP and 3 APCR😂

  34. Nah akkor bojler eladó


    …. He is lucky, all what he has left is 1 Shot target

  36. Sehol egy bojler eladó?
    No akkor: bojler eladó!

  37. QB, I think the main problem with the Japanese tier 9 and 10 heavies is the armor, they can fire and then bounce heat and other gold being fired by other tanks. the KV-2, bu contrast, is easy pickings, at least for the 20-25 seconds after firing, and combined with comparatively thin armor, 75mm frontal hull armor isn’t gonna do much when there are things like Cromwells with 145mm of average pen on standard rounds. By Contrast, the Type 5 heavy will shrug off everything with less than 300 mm of pen with ease.

  38. Rng at its best…my ism Hits nothin, this Gun is so bad

  39. Jack Daw — MEMSY

    West (NA or EU) random is so virgin now. Tank players of enemy team show truck side and rolls. In RU random even 47%-players can ‘tank’ by armor of their tanks. Not always, but basically. Well… may be this fight is just luck, I don’t know. Please, tell me about it.

  40. In our server those two last spgs wouldve ran away and make it a draw

  41. Jakub Jakubovic

    Have you guys noticed they deleted Harkov map ? Probably a few more but i just noticed Harkov

  42. The grind was a pain to be honest, that tier 6,5 gun the russians get is not suited for tier 9-10 battles in any way. Once you upgrade the tank though, it’s actually pretty fun, unless you’re getting fired at with HE, for some reason it takes a lot of splash damage. Sidescrapping against tier 9s and 10s is fun, even if you can’t do dmg yourself, you get nice amounts of bounced shells if you’re careful and don’t expose those flat corners in the front or over angle the tank.

  43. KV2 is still my most played tank with over 1500 battles, double marked and creeping to 3 mark now. Love it. It don’t matter what tier you are in, you always do damage. Back in the day we had 2 Mice and me in platoon against t10 tanks 😀 Was fun lol
    Keep up the good work buddy! 😉

  44. Kv2 is fine. Even my Su85B can penetrate its armour. Japanese heavy tanks are stupidly armoured for the benefit of idiot players. they should be removed or harshly nerfed

  45. yaDidntCallmeThatHurts

    550k sub still lol

  46. KV-2 doesnt have armor, doesnt have pay2win rounds and its not tier X/IX, the supposed most competetive tier.

  47. I think the KV-2 has much more weaknesses than it has strengths (its slow, long reload, big turret, kv1 armor) and it was also pretty unique. The Jap Heavies are all that, but with ridiculous armor. I had a game with a AT-8 with the stock gun, and a O-Ho just walked up and I couldn’t even pen him from the side or rear, and you know how slow the AT-8 is, so I couldn’t run away either.

  48. I think the difference in armor is the reason why people don’t care much for the KV-2 and despises the Japanese heavys

  49. KV-2 has the big DERP gun but does not have the protection to shrug off most shots fired back at it.

    Type 4 and Type 5 have the strong DERP capability and both possess armour that makes most other vehicles struggle to make an impact.

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