World of Tanks || leKpz M41 90 mm – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

of -leKpz M41 90 mm. Today I’m looking at the first T8 light in the the bulldog!

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a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Deja vu? I swear this was put up two days ago.

  2. Hi QB can you do a vid or post some help with what to have in ‘settings’ as
    you mentioned the optical effects etc – that would be really helpful –
    thanks :)

  3. is this an aprils fools joke ?

  4. Why in the god damn premium shop :C Why not just as a regular premium tank
    in-game :/

  5. Thanks for the preview, great video as always.

  6. why they dosnt make tier 8 arty

  7. this tank looks amazing but I probably won’t be able to get it because I
    play wot on Xbox and they already released the M41 Brazil on consoles so I
    don’t think they would add another M41 premium to consoles. for example,
    they released the Cromwell B on PC and consoles got the Knight and never
    got the Cromwell B

  8. “Low level tank destroyers such as a GW Panther” k

  9. Reward or Premium Tank?

  10. Does moving you turret lower your camo rating ?

  11. German premium light tank that is much better then other German premium
    tanks (in comparison to their class)? Crew same as on RU 251? Time to
    unleash wallet power :)

  12. What equipment do you recommend on the M41 90?

  13. SweetAlex 274 Gaming

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    and maybe write down in the comments what things should i improve, im not
    asking you to subscribe or like the vids, thats your own choise, but it
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    videos.. this is like my little dream to become a bigger youtuber, it
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  14. I wonder. Is QB gonna comment on Tier 7-8 light tanks power-creeping on the
    Tier 7-8 medium tanks?

  15. this tank is available in asia server and i’m clueless about this tank…
    thanks for the info…

  16. and amx cdc is the best tank in the game

  17. QB HEP is High Explosive Plastic (simply HEP is US name for HESH), not
    explosive high penetration …

  18. but its a premium tank it will not help to go to the tier10 t57HT so i have
    to drive the t49 i like the buldog and im going to that and than the t49
    how do i play that if i find 3 spg’s i won’t kill all of them only one i
    can only derp one

  19. hey QB, since the is 8-ball fro 1 april your modpack doesn’t work anymore,
    some advice? or will it be normal when the remove april’s fools?

  20. Huh, this is pretty much the M41 Brazil we got on the WoT Console.

  21. Just bought it today. AMAZING

  22. Noticed that with the new version of XVM v0.9.14.1 extended zooming out is
    not possible anymore. Also tanks signatures in battle are not following the
    chosen settings. Anyone with the same problems?

  23. What modpack you use? :)

  24. PlayWorldofTanks

    when is it gonna be released?

  25. you guys heard it G.W. Panther is not a td^^

  26. i so want to get this tank even tho i hate playing wot this could cheer me

  27. Raphael Bellanova

    Seems like a good tank. And good shirt too :-)

  28. How I play World of Tanks

    looks like a monster tank and I so want it! But why do we have to wait on
    EU server when NA already have it????

  29. my winrate :(

  30. What else..More money from people..Mongols from war gaming don’t care about
    MM, over powered arty..nothing..Just more money..OMG.
    And after 2 years rumors and waiting, they decide chieftain will be clan
    reward…I will not buy this.Nevertheless how good tank is.

  31. So… Why did they make an American tank into a German premium? What’s
    next, a British Type-34?

  32. ??????? im on IOS ???

  33. sabaton ghostdivision

    they just lich cash f wg sss

  34. le forestier damien

    april prank? german? oh wait, mobile advertisement plateform, it migth be
    true -_-

  35. something exciting: more money for wargaming :P

  36. Todor Gibson-Ralevic

    QB, I believe that the LeKpz M41 w/ 90mm will cost £21, I also reckon that
    they are doing it in two patches. It’s already on sale on NA Premium shop
    so take a look. :)

  37. Its an april fool right? ?

  38. Already have AMX 13 57 GF and I love it!
    Definitely buy this one too!

  39. If I understood properly, it’s the CDC with better speed, gun, and as much
    armor am I wrong?

  40. Just a question: How does the CDC compete? No advantage left for him. :(

  41. how do you this free camera angle?

  42. Will this ever be available on console? And if so when?

  43. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    That shirt is looking fabulous.

  44. Nemanja Batanjski

    Hey guys!I have a big problem and i hope u can help me.When i log in the
    “Refreshing garage” screen stays and little bit of the garage shows on the
    sides of the screen.So the problem is that my WoT is not loading the garage

  45. Quickybaby, Maybe its a time for a new intro?

  46. T54 LW. will be always in my opinion the best lt on tier 8

  47. I miss the days where lights were scouts and not alternative mediums :/

  48. Im A Box Growtopia

    its going to be 17 pounds in na is around 22 pounds nad on na everything is

  49. Im A Box Growtopia

    i want to make this tank look more german i want to remove that things with
    wargaming and put the iron cross is this possible?

  50. Welp. There goes some more of my money

  51. so this month (if they release this tank that is) is gonna cost me a lot of
    time and money then ^^
    Have to grind through to the JgdPz e100 though out the special this month
    to…starting with getting the ferdi.

    Nice video as usual, thanks.

  52. Pay to win tank!

  53. martynas samsonas

    Well it seems ill need to get ready some German girl crew. As long as its
    under 50 Euros ill buy it purely because its the first tier 8 premium light
    tank and the fact that i loved my Walker bulldog but was really
    disappointed in T49

  54. they should not put this tank in the game. allowing people to jump into the
    top tier of light tanks for me is like jumping into a tier 10 heavy. unfair
    it should be earned getting a top tier anything including Lights

  55. QB using the aim assist mod, so pro, much skill kappa (kappa = sarcasm) :D

  56. cab it be bought ingame or only in prem shop like amx 13 57f (i ask cuz i
    see on bulldog wargaming stickers)

  57. >that shirt
    A bet?

  58. are u going to buy like bundle or not ?

  59. been waiting for a tier 8 light tank to train american crew…. bulldog
    premium gets out… and it’s german. xd

  60. I am buying this tank. I like the American M41. It’s good. A premium
    version would be better.

  61. Hah, looks like they buffed the stats secretly. At first they bumped it up
    to tier 8 and only adjusted the reload and HP, so it still had 170 pen and
    0.4 accuracy. Possibly also worse dispersion stats, I’d need to check.

  62. I need this! Please let this not be expensive. It’s perfect! I have a good
    Ru 251 crew, I love light tanks and I want to make decent credits… :D

  63. I saw this match on ur stream yerserday QB :D

  64. low tier tank destroyers like the G.W. panther?

  65. I have bin in tier 8 battles where there was a tier 8 scout. How is that

  66. its actually not true that tier8 lights get matched up like tier9 meds…
    with my 13 90 i get into tier8 matches from time to time… about once in a
    hundred games

  67. Firm_YorkshireBuzzard

    Is the gun single shot or magazine? Thanks for your help :)

  68. Quicky are you going to do crew skills and the best iyo equipment

  69. what will the costs be of the tank or package ?

  70. I this an april fools joke cuz that’s when it was uploaded. and its just an
    amx cdc with worse matchmaking and penetration

  71. Look at that…another light rank to kick the living shit out if the AMX 13

  72. CDC with better camo.. (and that viewrange) I’ll get it one day.

  73. THIS explains why the M41 W.B. American Tank GOT A NERF. it is now SLOWER ,
    SLOW traverse and the Camo Rating is Garbage now. really upset at the Nerf
    of that tank, considering having to fight Russian Bias tanks who got
    BUFFED. now can’t compete with the tanks i will encounter unless they are
    lower tier than me.

    I have 4 skill women crew with camo training, paint and net and i get
    spotted so easy. MANY players are upset at this stupid update.

  74. Petrus Sillanpää

    Meh. Don’t get your hopes up. That thing is gonna get nerfed because it is
    too good for non-russian tank. Thats the way Wargaming rolls.

  75. Dick butt Nick butt

    I want it I want it I want it but I can’t afford it God damnit

  76. I thing he is good how much cost the tank?

  77. where is the link for the mod pack?

  78. i this was a april 1 gag i will hunt you down

  79. April fools??? I’m very…cautious today… lol

  80. Eftychios Papadopoulos

    I have to buy this bad boy ;)

  81. This might be April fools, fellas.

  82. Can you compare it to the CDC because that seems to be its closest
    competitor at tier 8 for premiums

  83. Since they get the US tier 7 does this mean the US is getting a SP1C with a
    90? :P

  84. So how much is this going to cost above a 100 euro package or a 60 euro
    package? Lol

  85. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    Holy Schitt! I am already in love with it!

  86. Errerdicatorul World of Tanks

    If you shoot the low tier tank destroyers,such as the G.W. Panther,you can
    1-shot it-Quickybaby,2016

  87. its $60……

  88. The best part of this replay was the dynamic tip. THANKS!!!! Oh my God
    never turning that off. I just started bullying and it upped my hit %

  89. GD Class_Crafter

    Quickybaby; like tier 7 tank destroey like the GW phanther

  90. What???????? I will literally get back into this game for this tank, that’s
    how much I want it.

    Oh, earning for other grinds… eh, never mind.

  91. Very interesting, somehow I managed to get this guy fully loaded for free
    from a “wargaming na employee.”… Got it fully loaded and everything. And
    it’s not even on sale!

  92. “SnoopaVision is in beta and will be enabled on World of Tanks || leKpz M41
    90 mm – Tank Preview by 2037-06-25.” damn its so far into the future to get
    the best feel of this video….

  93. there is a tier 8 premium light tank. called the m41b brazillian bulldog
    and its standard ammo is hep ammo which is horrid and you cant make any
    money at all

  94. what commander crew skill that inform about module damage?

  95. hey QB how does your xvm work while mine doesn’t iam using your last new
    revised xvm?

  96. got to have one of these

  97. got to have one of these

  98. Honestly? I hate playing light tanks. However, I gave it a try as a rental
    on the NA server. I put a free 50% crew in it. I kid you not, my first game
    in it, I got 3.3k damage and my crew skills jumped up from 50% to 70% (I
    had a crew xp boost from getting 10 wins in the moon game mode). ONE
    battle, it was my ace tanker right away. This thing is great. lol.

  99. “( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Sexy black paint job.” -Quickybaby, 2016.

  100. but why is it German!!! really!!

  101. I wouldnt buy this tank cause my Ru 251 is almost better ALL around I dont
    know why QB says “I just suck in it I dont know”-QBRU251replay when the RU
    is better than the bulldog [tier 8] and claims the tier 8 is better than
    the RU which I think is complete bs.

  102. ON the NA server its 31.00 USD pretty dangerous tank too

  103. Shmexy.

  104. qb i have already got the tank and it is so fun ps im from the asia sever

  105. Thank God it does not have autoloader. I’m so scared of that.

  106. This tank is out now on the NA server at $31 for the tank only. There is a
    bundle for those who need some extra goodies. Enjoy!

  107. GEIF NAO

  108. So no one cares that once again, like the KR this is another tank with a
    paint job? No effort at all just give Wargaming our money, that’s the plan?

  109. new bulldog wow!

  110. It looks sexy as hell!!

  111. This tank is such a low blow. T49 should have normal AP ammo on its 90 mm.
    Making a premium tank of what T49 should have been in the first place is
    really scummy.

  112. Sweet, Keep them coming.

  113. The American channel

    Can your remove the shity logo?

  114. …there are reasons why war gaming made premium tanks premium so that they
    could balance the game. this reach tier 10 tank. good handling,
    competitive, but i think the key point here is the penetration most likely
    it targets the soft tank. so inclusion i got my jagdtiger 8.8 tank it gives
    me 100k+ credits on some games so therefor i don’t like to buy another
    premium tanks

  115. Ethan Mudannayaka

    Quickybaby u called the GW panther a tank destroyer At 11:03

  116. nice shirt XD and love the vid

  117. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    WG is power creeping light tanks faster than they drive.

  118. I’m buying this

  119. If this isn’t going to be a reward tank then they turned full pay 2 win as
    this as is, will be the best tier 8 light.

  120. Sweeeet!!

  121. Reyn Honbo Studios


    Nice shirt by the way, Will!

  122. 11:02 G.W.Panther = Tank Destroyer rework confirmed? Replacement for the
    St.Emil? ‘^^

  123. Why did WG decide that it will be German and not USA? Thoughts anyone?

  124. and, once again, no premium arty.

  125. if it’s a WG league tank how can a pleb like myself get my hands on it?

  126. well it looks really awesome tank! I like to play LTs! but I am not
    thinking to buy it. I bought over 8 premium tanks…

  127. 9:50 you could easily pen HEP into the king tigers, side, ive done it a lot
    with the 71s cheap hesh and they have just about the same penetration

  128. The tank is a blast to play, can honestly say it’s the best premium tank
    that I have!!

  129. Nice shirt.

  130. I’ll be so salty now if they don’t add a RU251 with a 90mm 10 shot
    autoloader to the American tech tree. Dang germans stealing the good LT’s

  131. played about 30 games in mine on the NA server today. Tank is a monster and
    I love it. Has the speed and gun depression I want and probably just
    replaced my wz132 as my fav tank in game. But tank won’t be for everyone. I
    am hoping the newer players keep away from this

  132. I think it is not actually batter than tier 7 American M41 From what I have
    seen, the only advantage of tier 8 M41 is its sightly shorter aim time and
    a little more hit points. While the top speed stays the same, it gets the
    worse engine power ratio and the incompatible ground resistance. Therefore,
    so far I could not see why people choose to play it since both of them
    could meet tier 10 tanks and ironically, tier 7 one has the less chance to
    meet those beasts.

  133. the leKpz M41 90 mm isn’t the only tier eight premium light tank, at least
    on Xbox there is the Brazilian bulldog and it was the first premium tier
    eight light tank

  134. get ready for swarms of M41 90 once it’s available in the cash shop

  135. The fact that this tank is better than tier 7 lights but worse than tier 8
    lights (for the most part) makes this a perfect premium vehicle and shows
    exactly what a premium tank is supposed to be. Yes I’m looking at you

  136. Liam Foisy-Lentz

    QB can you do a review on the Canadian Ram II?

  137. G.W. Panther is easily the worst tier 7 TANK DESTROYER.

  138. Sebastian Richter

    Man, I want one too, and I want to be in Warsaw

  139. Horizon Gaming007

    It’s not the first premium tier 8 light tank. Some time ago WOT console
    brought in the M41B Brazilian Bulldog, which had a 90mm HE gun. It was a
    lot of fun but the gun was unreliable. Just thought I’d let you know.

  140. hhnnnggggg

  141. Why is it German? I’m real life it’s was created by the Americans as an
    improvement for bulldog which led to the T49’s production.

  142. Just got mine…played four or five games…..was top two or three tanks
    each game…..seems a real joy to drive.

  143. I hope this isn’t a joke… I don’t trust any announcements on April Fools’

  144. shut up and take my money!

  145. my only problem with this tank is the ugly muzzle break! cx

  146. In the post game stats, why there aren’t any ammunition/consumable costs?

  147. Does the Ru251 crew fit in this?

  148. long time watcher first time poster ( i may be lieing but i dont know)

    where you get that shirt? its killer fresh yo

  149. can’t wait…. to shoot these in my T49.

  150. HEP stands for High Explosive Plastic, which is just the american
    designation for High Explosive Squash Head.

  151. When I play my chaffee, I use it as a radio signal for my team, I use speed
    as armour, and my team as my gun.

  152. Hi Quickybaby, I really love every video that you put on YouTube, they are
    all nice and helpful indeed:) I’m actually wondering is it possible that
    you give a tank review to the tier 10 IS-4? It’s not really popular and
    there is not much video about it. I would really love to see one!! Again
    thanks a it for all the good videos you put out and all the best!

  153. I wish we got a tank like this for the tier 8 American light… T49 is just
    fast high hp arty

  154. Maybe its an april-joke? oO

  155. Quickly baby do you know if the object 268 version 5 is going to replace
    the current object 268?

  156. Oh i like, i like a lot, do miss my bulldog…

  157. High Explosive Plastic Tracer for those who wondering what HEP T Stands for

  158. Why you heff to be mad its only game

    OUT NOW the first tier 8 light tank! buy the package with 20k gold now!

  159. This is the tank I have been waiting for!

  160. saw this live nw quick

  161. I’m really not a fan of those advertisement stickers on some of the premium
    tanks. And why on earth is this a german premium tank? Will WG implement a
    t8 version of an awful panther as a murican premium t8 light tank? So many
    questions… But other than that the tank looks great. Looking forward to

  162. Nice ad

  163. Shut up and take my money!

  164. totally impress can’t wait for it to come available. WoT just did an
    update can I still use 9.14v4 mod pack?

  165. Im just more interested are they going to sell the tank permanently or is
    this those ”special tanks” that they are going to sell for a week or less
    and thats it
    And knowing Wg it will mostlikely be in some shitty bundle with big price
    tag :P

  166. “low teir Tank Destroyer such as the GW panther” we all know what you meant
    but still.. your slipping :P

  167. Definentaly buying this

  168. How about some gameplay on Kharkov, Windstorm or Ensk?

  169. Why can’t we get a higher tier premium LT without WG logos on it??

  170. WoT is the 5th most popular game in USA and EU. Over 100 million players!

  171. 11:00 low Tier Tank destroyer, like the G.W Panther … *jingles moment* :D

  172. Feeeeeeel like this is an April Fools Joke… Bad day to upload this in my

  173. If this is anything like the M41B Brazil on Console WoT you’re ammo rack
    will be hit ALOT

  174. Endyrym | Games and more

    ummm… E25 redo?

  175. QuickBaby, what are you three equipment slots? I am just asking because WoT
    NA is selling it with coated optics, vertical stabilizer, and vents, but I
    think you like gun rammer instead of vents. Just would like to confirm. :)

  176. Phuripat Choktiyakorakul

    Well I’m surprised they didn’t put the North Korean Ch’onma-Ho in the game
    yet. That thing was like a T-62A with lower armor and a 115mm gun.

  177. If I use a gift card with $25 on it to pay for the tank, it’s $30 in the
    shop, will it take off the 25 dollars and let me pay the remainder?

  178. Still waiting that premium scout panther 🙂
    oh goooooood i want it back so baad :/

  179. Your mod pack isn’t working for 9.14.1. Please update with another tutorial

  180. Your shirt is dope <3

  181. Looks like a great tank for good players but your average player will suck
    with it. I’d suck in this tank, not one for me.

  182. Another good video, thanks QB. As a new (and frankly not very good) player
    to WoT, I appreciate how informative your videos are.

    Assuming they’re on YouTube, what videos do those clips at the end come

  183. I am 7 minutes in and I can’t tell if this is April Fools or not. If not
    this tank looks a bit OP :-)

  184. 8:35 The object 416 has better dpm

  185. Wargaming with these made up tanks again…

  186. not sure if real or fake

  187. WG is pushing out those premiums so fast i can hardly find the time to play
    them all. This made me realise that iam spending too much money on WoT,
    some 300€ in the last 6 months… this is getting out of hand.

  188. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Wait. I might actually give WG some money and not regret it? I’m not sure
    I’m ready for this concept.

  189. Spencer Konelsky

    “if you’re shooting low-tier tank destroyers like the G.W. Panther”

    Good god what is WoT coming to…

  190. Why do i feel like this is April Fools, you cant post anything on April
    fools and expect us to take it seriously heh

  191. ??❤️

  192. Arthur van dulmen

    its awesome!

  193. you talked about the new modpack for the new folder WG put out=?

  194. They have had this tank out for half a year now on the console. It was
    released as the m41 Brazilian bulldog. same stats im assuming altho it
    might have been american. not sure tho

  195. Love the idea of a light premium. But to bad they didn’t put an auto loader
    on it.

  196. Quick say something stupid…

    I love the gun depression Russian tanks get

  197. Quickybaby, do you think it is worth it to pick up the M41-90GF to solely
    make credits with or do you think it would be better to buy the CDC? (Btw,
    this would be my first premium tank.)

  198. 186 pen? no thanks. Light tanks are already almost useless in this game of
    corridor choke points.

  199. Wargaming made alot of american tanks like that. you have to spend gold to
    be effective. its a pretty biased game.

  200. Still trying to get the regular walker bulldog

  201. Wow, I really want this

  202. As much as I like your videos I have to say that the Previews/Reviews you
    do with the press account aren’t really a good base for the average player
    as myself to judge whether or not to buy the tank. This is because of all
    the skills you use on the crew, which make a huge difference. So assigning
    9 skills per crewmember isn’t usually something most players can do.

    Aside from that I don’t really know if WoT really needs even more of these
    “racing-cars” with huge guns and paper armor. I think this would be viable
    if the maps would be bigger but as it currently is, I feel more and more
    like in a racing game rather than a tank game. In fact this is the same
    problem Armored Warfare suffers from, which I had initially hopes they
    would do it better than WG.

    Finally, I thank you for all your efforts – I am viewing your videos since
    the beginning and they helped me a lot – be it getting better in WoT or
    deciding on which tank to play or buy.

  203. imthemistermaster

    so uhhh… what does horizontal stabilization do?

  204. over quarter of an hour, lots of effort put in, well played

  205. Quantum Imperfections

    Finally – a premium tank I really look forward to buying. This actually has
    great potential in Tier 8 TC, stronghold, clanwars, WG League. Nice one WG
    🙂 Hopefully its no more than $25. Otherwise it’s gonna limit my ability to
    purchase :(

  206. when does april fools joke become fail?

  207. Definitely gonna buy it

  208. Seems like a fun tank. I’m horrid with lights though.

  209. The Pilot Penguin

    im looking for a light tank to do missions in and a moneymaker and you sir
    just made my day. i was so close to getting the type 64 but now im going to
    hold off until this is out
    edit: just subbed aswell

  210. Wonder if Xbox one will get it to

  211. 9:04 The seconds right after this show, why I love Quickybaby so much, he
    is a 100% Skill-Unicum-Veteran, who sees Gold only as an option not as a
    solution for fucking everything!-.-
    Best Examples: -Top Tier Premiums (except the Super Pershing maybe). Yes
    you have low penetration most of the time ,but as Top Tier there are more
    than enough chances to still penetrate nearly everything, with a little bit
    of weakspot aiming!
    -Guns with low pen, low damage, but fast rate of fire (MT-25,
    T-34,Cromwell). Yes I know your low pen sucks and for most of the targets
    you shoot I can understand it, when you can afford it..but at a fucking
    59-16?! Without even switching the ammo?! Why?!
    Artillery: no more Words needed,right? Arty can already be Sky Cancer, but
    Gold-Artillery is Cancer-Aids! Scumbag* 2, the lowest of the low!

    I don’t hate Gold users, I hate gold spammer, who use it as a solution for
    everything up to situations where it was just completely pointless!

    I once met a very strong Cromwell-Platoon in my O-I. They waited until I
    shot at another Target, went full wolfpack on me and killed me..without a
    single Gold-Round. That are unicums I can respect, because they have shown
    they are unicums because they have skill and not because they have money.

  212. +QuickyBaby The console version of the this tank (M41B Brazilian Bulldog)
    doesn’t get AP as standard. It only gets HEP, HEAT, and HE; for 102, 250,
    and 45 penetration respectively. It so like you said it can’t pen without
    gold and even then the tank has not chance against spaced and track armor.
    Gj Wargaming

  213. QB we need an updated modpack please =)

  214. The t-15 is a german light

  215. cant wait,, but why german?? I would be happy to use t49 or m41 (American)
    crew in it,, ohh well,, but still happy to see that, I love bulldog and
    this is like second xmas 😀 but still, why is it german??

  216. I just saw this tank in game right before you released this video

  217. It would suck if you can not buy it for gold…

  218. Linx CastleClash

    Low tier tank destroyer GW Panther! Jingles effect around 11:25

  219. ….why does it have 0 camo…

  220. +QuickyBaby You can be our main man,keep on highlighting those who choose
    to download cheats,and let us noobs enjoy the game and having fun.might be
    hard job but you are the choosen one,,or else il ask ritagamer :)

  221. Sorry but why is it not in the us tech true

  222. who else watched this in snoopavision?

  223. QB, will you ever make a video/some videos on rare/reward tanks? I´m
    thinking T23E3, Т95Е2, M6A2E1 at least!

  224. I think it’s overpowered haha. It’s already way better than the CDC.

    That DPM is way too good. Being able to kill mediums tier for tier isn’t
    balanced IMO especially in a light.

  225. World of tanks on the Xbox has a similar tank called the m41B ( B is for
    Brazil) so it’s already been around just taken a while to get to pc

  226. Nuka Cola Quantum

    When QB said the M41 90mm was German; I almost dropped my soda in

  227. You make it seem like getting 3k damage in a LT is easy… :(

  228. That shirt is awesome

  229. Yeah not gonna lie, this tank will sell like Hotcakes. Has the M41 slick
    appearance, exceptional gun and overall pretty damn good stats (tho 0% camo
    seems way way off…)

    The Black came also will make the Edgelords cream their pants.

  230. 10:22 Accuracy is beb?

  231. QB do you know about the Turan III?

  232. Quicky baby how doesn’t anyone like td derp gun on the t49.

  233. thanks alot for the video QB. :)

  234. Ru 251 pounds?

  235. This tank is available on the NA server

  236. its really irritating how the replays are always so buggy. it would be nice
    if wargaming was able to fix that.

  237. Oh lord, please don’t punish me so! Just because I have an inhuman hatred
    for all that is good Walker Bulldog players doesn’t mean that you need to
    add a better one!
    Side note: Looks like a great tank and will be looking forward to seeing
    how it performs in the general populous’ hands

  238. Oh yes WG, keep adding OP light and medium tanks. World of “fuck you

  239. QB maybe is7 rewiev? Didn’t notice one on your channel.

  240. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  241. so why does the FV4202 have to be so terrible???

  242. MeKanism Lastname

    Great, now I need to decide between this and the Saipan. Thanks WG

  243. sweet, definately gonna buy this beauty. provided WG dont fall back into
    their 60+ € bundle madness

    btw: if this is an april´s fool joke i´m gonna kill you lol

  244. Time to drop some more cash into wot… This tank looks fucking beastly

  245. Stiggiekaptain WoT

    Really exited about this one, lets just pray to god that it won’t be

  246. i am not a light tank driver, do u think i can have god rounds in it too?

  247. Misha “Misha3K” Arciszewski

    Why you play always against tards in your videos?

  248. Alex C (Bahha24)

    It’s the same gun that the stock T49 gets just with an AP shell. Jesus, I
    wish we could get those AP shells on the T49

  249. its already in the store on the website at least for NA

  250. WG league? nice try with forced advertising of pointless competition

  251. Sergeant Victoria

    I hope they can release this tank into blitz

  252. When did this thing ever exist? I thought in real life the bulldog carried
    a 76.

  253. Valentino Neralic

    I got more ammorack dmg/destroyed on my buldog more then battle played so
    no ty wg I will pass …..

  254. Da Camo Looks Ugly No Afence :-)

  255. pls fix your lag when watching 1080P. nevre hapens to other vids

  256. I bet most people hate it when they go around a corner and find a
    jagdpanzer G.W. E 100 loaded with 19247809215701275091725 penetration APCR
    with 21049701247 normalization 217859182659812695816958892659125 module
    damage 57215789127598 splash radius and 3,000 minimum damage and it has
    6969mm armor too with 69 degrees of sloping?

  257. Thanks 4 preview

  258. Give us the M41 Brazilian… I want it in the pc version, its amazing fun
    on console but I want it on the pc. Either that or the Amx Chaffee with its
    4 tiers higher matchmaking.

  259. curious about what I need to do to make you mod pack work with new update.

  260. Can you paint camo on to this tank? Not that I’d want to spoil the nice
    sleek black look, but camo is easily one of the most important stats on any
    light tank.

  261. This rubbish makes my physically sick. Can someone please explain to me
    what is the point in playing Tier VIII medium tanks with shit like this
    Go ahead Wargaming, just churn out the pwnmobiles for the players with the
    fast reflexes and watch the frustrated masses go away… Noone likes to be
    farmed by arrogant fps-kids that demand faster and faster and faster tanks
    with bigger and bigger guns because the game is not “dynamic” enough for
    Average battle last 4 to five minutes now thanks to autoloaders and pieces
    of shit like this and they are basically justa rushfest or a lemmingtrain.
    Tactics? pff, who has time for tactics inb an average 4-minuter landslide
    game. Just bomb it around in your machinegun jeep like a crazy bastard,
    owning because your “machinegun” is a 90 mm that obliterates any Heavy at
    its leisure with its prem ammo. Fucking crap.

  262. On Sale on SEA…just under AU$40

  263. fixing to spend mah money on a premium tank for the first time in over a

  264. is there a reason to buy kanonenjagdpanzer over this beauty?

  265. What do you think

    I like. Especially because it is German. Still pissed they took away awful
    panther away but it is a fitting substitute.

  266. Quicky, after the update your xvm does not work anymore, any reason why?
    Did it happen to someone else ?

  267. Did he say what crew this tank has? Is it the same as an RU 251?

  268. Tier 7 tank destroyer – Gw Panther?………….

  269. I love how 3209 damage and 968 spotting damage is “not that impressive”
    according to QB.

    I get more spotting damage in arty than I get in light tanks.

    I do love that muzzle break though…it looks so nefarious.

  270. also 14.1 came out and i need to get some other xvm mod

  271. April fools day? Why do you hurt us so bad? It looks so freaking cool, I
    would have bought it too.

  272. I think i encountered you in my TVP VTU, totally rekt you

  273. Echo squad gaming

    Great a walker bulldog with a 90m great as if it wasn’t dangerous enough

  274. hay how do i get your mod pack since there is all theas new updates like
    the space thing
    so how do i get it?

  275. how much gold?

  276. i get that tank, just cant wait for it and than can i finally finish my
    stug IV mission xD. but i also really like that tank, just how it looks and
    it will fit my play style

  277. By being in fullscreen type awesome

  278. 5:24 If you want so skip to gameplay :D

  279. 4:55 min: 0% camo on a LT? WG must be kidding. Why did you not mention it?
    Is it a bug in the program?

  280. GW Panther confirmed to be a tank destroyer by QB.

  281. Toma Radenkovic (webhead89)

    This will have to be nerfed..its too good.

  282. April fools?

  283. Matthew Thompson

    I feel a little left out with all the new premium tanks that i can’t
    afford. Plus it’s harder to make credits without the premium tanks since I
    run a regular account. I feel that WoT is slowly forcing more and more
    people into buying gold or premium accounts if you want to be successful
    with almost all then new tanks being better than their non premium
    counterparts. When you went to Cyprus, did you ask or acknowledge this
    because i feel I’m not alone among the non premium community? Could you
    please at least reply; this has bugged me for awhile and it is really
    frustrating not feeling like i matter to Wargaming.


  285. can’t wait for this tier 8 LT!

  286. useless light shit

  287. This looks like a really good light tanks… borderline negating the need
    to ever grind your way to tier 8 lights since it just.. seems better..
    isn’t it’s pen only second to the WZ and the spähpanzer? it’s dpm is
    basicly only second to spähpanzer.. best aim time hands down, by far!
    really good dispersion values.. mobility just like any tier 8 light tank..
    view range like any other light tank.. I’m failing to see the downside of
    this premium? it’s just as good, if not better than regular light tanks AND
    makes extra credits! am I missing something here?

  288. Stefan Nicolaescu

    Hey qb, how about making some more of those tips & tricks for maps like you
    did in the past? Or update some of the old clips as the maps changed? is
    that an option?

  289. Buyed.

  290. Where can I send a replay link to QB?

  291. I’ll stick with my ru 251… Its HE ammo has over 100 pen, just like the
    m41 90. The m41 90 looks a lot crisper with that black paint job :)

  292. hey qb am I dumb or have you not released the now modpack?

  293. Stealthy Icytail

    my poor wz-132 can’t compare to this tank

  294. how to get mod pack on 9.14.1

  295. i promised myself i wouldnt spend any money n wot this month, oh well :/

  296. if you can use only that ugly, i am noit convinced

  297. Loving that black paint scheme… would be awesome to be able to have that
    “camo” as a regular purchase…

  298. Magnus Fosstveit (MFSoccer)

    Wow! What a tank

  299. finally at tier 8 light premium! ;-)

  300. 8:18 – You forgot the Object 416 🙂 It’s a great tank. Couldn’t play the
    same way as the M41 in this part of the video though.

  301. UltimateGamer101

    i agree

  302. Cédric Möhlmann

    Oh look! Finally a german premium tank! Oh wait…

  303. I hope that this tank isnt too expensive :(

  304. Dominik Frühauf

    You’re saying next week it will be in the premium shop? I think for my VK
    28.01 crew, it will be a good “gift” :D

  305. Thanks for the preview QB. This one’s definitely on my shopping list!

  306. I love how the first premium german light is American

  307. Nice shirt

  308. dmnit why a german i got 1400 games in my bulldog love it but yheaa ofc
    cant train my crew in it -_- but still i gonna buy it

  309. Remove the disgusting WGL advert otherwise not a single eurocent from me…

  310. 11:04 G.W panther new epic TD.

  311. Alexander Stoyanov

    The tank seems rather balanced but for me as a mostly TD player its only
    bad news :)Anyway, I hope it is going to be fun for all light tank players

  312. 看完一遍沙发没了……

  313. Joe Raw Cockerill

    when will WG start putting new Premium in the tech tree so we can actually
    gett some use from our gold?

  314. would be really annoying if they sell this with a VIP Ticket for the grand

  315. this is what i need a LT for missions but if its more than 20-25 euros its
    not worth it

  316. Yum! Can hardly wait to try it out.

  317. awesome tank. i waited so long to have a tank which i can train my crew of
    the RU

  318. You Posted This Vid 19 Mins Ago lol

  319. April’s fools?

  320. bodan karcakovski

    Hey quickybaby when you going to do a video on kirovets tank

  321. I sense a purchase in my future! This one looks really good.

  322. I will have to buy that tank asap.

  323. 10:23 lol wut ?

  324. Benjamin Bastings

    I whant it!!!!

  325. 11:04 . . . i didint know that that G.W Panther was a low tier TD

  326. need to get this, wg if you’re listening i will buy all tier 8 premium
    lights, now you heard all varieties, no i said all of them, ALL OF THEM!
    unless you plan on being retarded and making bad ones, great start though

  327. I just wish that they would add tier 9 light tanks.
    Every other class has vehicles with tier 10 matchmaking, but not light
    tanks and I’d really like to see that change.

  328. Coming out at this day im not 100% if this is gonna be a real thing XD

  329. he hates my 2 most favorite tanks: t49 and amx 13 57 🙁

    but pls some more information: how many crew members, and what equipment?
    ventilation class 1 / 2 / 3?
    and what do you think of the price? its the first light prem tank. will it
    cost less than the prem. meds or more?

  330. wow, the AP shells have just 8mm less penetration then the RU but after i
    saw the replay it feels like 50mm less pen ^^

  331. On NA is out already

  332. You hit him on the moves?

  333. Is this an april fools joke? Because wargaming never made such a good
    premium tank.

  334. This looks borderline op…

  335. Please d9nt be April fools this tank looks amazing

  336. I wish us on the Xbox One had this thing, the one we had a chance of buying
    was just a T49 with the bulldog’s turret and T49 90mm gun.

  337. hey quickbaby ur vids have help me become a better tanker thx and keep the
    good work up

  338. Premium walker bulldog…. SOLD

  339. Quickybaby sure does love that Sexy Black Paint-job.

  340. Tier VIII premium light tank? WG wants to see the game burning for sure….

  341. here early :D

  342. lol, im playing wot since 2012 and i never heared from the “HEP” ammo ^^

  343. I guess I’m early

  344. Ace Tanker gameplay isn’t really true if only a handful of test/press
    accounts have the tank…..

  345. hello quick. I love your videos!


  347. Tbh, i have never heard you being so enthusiastic over a premium before as
    you are about this one. Makes me want to get one as well. Thx

  348. First comment !! Can’t wait to play this !

  349. Hi QB

  350. Nice tank

  351. Qb u know when this tank is comming to the game?

  352. One of the first! Thx for this review Will.

  353. Damn it Quickybaby
    Sigh* second

  354. this tank looks epic

  355. first

  356. I can’t wait for this tank, best premium Wargaming have released in ages!

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