World of Tanks || Leo – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – Leo. Today we’re looking at the T7 Swedish medium tank, the Leo, a fast well rounded medium tank with a choice of two competitive guns!

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  1. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one that thinks they’ve already seen

  2. Love when unicums play against tomato noobs

  3. QB Review obj260 pls

  4. Thiên Phúc Advenced

    Hi QB, can you make AMX 13 90 review please? And nice video by the way, and
    Happy Newyear :D

  5. I played the comet and quite frankly did not like it! The gun just seemed
    really inaccurate and had long aim time for its ROF. The gd was nice but I
    also couldn’t deal with its low pen and alpha. So I’m pretty sure ill use
    100 mm gun on the Leo with the slightly better pen and better trading
    Also qb you always suggest using tank gun rammer for any single shot tank,
    but I think the Leo when using the 100mm gun might benefit more with
    improved vents, CO, and GLD. it can’t really brawl anyway with that bad Dpm
    and it would likely do better with the all around gun handling and mobility
    performance boost that the improved vents provide.

  6. Hello quickybaby, how are you?

  7. probably 75mm, because it is a medium with no armour so being aggresive
    with the 105mm is not such a good idea

  8. How Do you see the winrate?

  9. ya id like the 100mm does just since 99% of the time u fire and take cover
    anyways. so for that i feel the 100mm has higher dpm since ur almost never
    able to hold the fire button down with the slight lower pen.

  10. Leo with big gun is like VK2801 with 105 derp, except it has “awesome” 0.42
    accuracy and very good AP and APCR along with powerful HE.

  11. Same with the T-44: It can fit a 100mm and a 122mm… The 100mm has an
    awesome DPM and a slightly better penetration on AP but the 122mm has a
    better impact and you don’t have to stay ecposed/don’t have to expose so
    long to get damage in. I can easily outtrade a Tiger II if we both have a
    corner and come out after we are reloaded. And that is the situation I have
    very often and I dominate nearly any match with the 122mm D25-44

  12. amazing video qb!!! i really like your amazing videos ! good job you are
    pro in wot!

  13. i play wot 5 years and i have all the tanks like you qb!

  14. kinda love the accuracy …:)

  15. logan Random last name this is the Internet

    Che-wee Gj qb

  16. love comet

  17. I have played all of the tanks he comared, and I think I would like the
    105mm more. it’s just my preference.

  18. Nice video 😀 Love that the “more than one footage” Tankreviews are back. I
    know it takes a lot of effort to make them but they’ll pay off;)

  19. Hey QB, So I hear you are no longer using Quickybaby Replays, and that the
    website is no longer there. Is there anyway I can get my replays from it so
    that I can put them on WotReplays?
    Otherwise I’ve lost all my good games, thanks.

  20. hey quicky i was just looking through your videos and noticed something..
    you have a review out for the comet, and two reviews for the centurion 7/1
    and one for the ax 10. but you do not have a tank review out our the tier 8
    British centurion 1 medium tank. is that something you plan to release or
    can i suggest you make one. i just personally got mine myself and i would
    like to know what you have to say about the vehicle.

  21. QB, tanks that I like is a tank that could mount 2 different guns, like
    Leo. With Leo, you can play with 75mm or 100mm with no additional effort,
    and it will feels like playing 2 different tank. With that, whenever you
    want to play derpy derpy, you just mount 100mm. And vice versa. Like mw
    WZ120, my most favorite tank in the game :))

    Sad that Comet’s derpy gun is not competitive at all.

  22. the whole enemy team are red tomatoes. am i supposed to be impressed. im

  23. I prefer the big gun

  24. i think the higher dpm gun is more effective because most people don’t
    consider that it is more likely to destroy enemies modules with higher rate
    of fire. I love driving the Panther with its fast rate of fire and often
    won 1 vs 1 battles because i either damaged enemy ammunition dump or their
    engine, tracks and so on which led to worse mobility.This strategy for
    highly experienced crews particularly comes into effect when using the
    deadeye and eagle eye perk.

  25. when do Swedish tanks come to consoles?

  26. Quicky,
    The Leo has a TEN centimeter gun, a ONE HUNDRED millimeter,
    Not a 10,5/105.

  27. That was a panther not a leo

  28. I play the Chinese Med’s so the alpha gun is definitely the go for me,
    especially on a tank with good gun depression

  29. On each tank have full crew is so easy to play!

  30. MrImmortalityPrince

    I’m in a rut. After unlocking my first 3 female crew i immediately put them
    towards the Batchat 25 t or my closest un-bought one the Lorr(now Batchat
    AP). The next 2 female crew i unlocked i stuck in my unplayed but unlocked
    Comet. Then the Swed’s came in. I don’t even know where to put the free
    female crew for that nation as i want the Leo and the Tier 10 HT and TD. I
    wish i could easily rewind and re spec the female crew correctly. Oh

  31. Hey quacky baby, your Youtube videos keep lagging for me. Not sure WTF is
    up with that but I’ve noticed that it only happens with your videos. I just
    watched a video at 2160p with no lag and no buffer then when I switch to
    yours it lags and buffers.

    I can’t even play (your videos) them at 360p! This happens on my PC,
    laptop, tablet or phone. Doesn’t matter which device I use. Not sure if
    this is one of those Youtube shenanigans but honestly it is getting near
    impossible to watch any of your videos. Even 240p buffers!!!

  32. it seems plays a lot like the american t20

  33. chi-ri teir 7 jap medium.
    gosh dont you mean tier 11 heavy tank.


  35. Im currently getting exp for the M4 and Pz. IV auf. H. All my other tanks
    arent mediums, KV-2 slow in many regards, luchs not effective at range, so
    on. I realize if i want to get my main account up to 58% wr like on some of
    my other accounts, i need medium tanks, competitive tanks, not just fun
    tanks.. leo looks like a good choice at that..

  36. Now, to get you into the UDES-03 :)

  37. anyone else annoyed by sub-see-quent?

  38. This will probably be my fav tier 7 med next to T20

  39. can you do a review of the udes 03

  40. Can Some one explain how to get marks of excellence? i just cant figure it

  41. That sound you hear is every A-44 driver crying

  42. Hello QB can you make A-44 review?

  43. Great video! Will You do a review about Emil I?

  44. Gameplay starts at 7:22

  45. My gun only has a 7.5 cm gun how do I get the 75 mm gun ?

  46. Main armament.. Just say gun ffs

  47. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    leo is quite good. I prefer the 105mm gun. Its more in my playstyle

  48. Why is QB speaking about overmatch mechanics in a second video recently,
    weren’t they removed?

  49. I still feel that the vk 30.02 d is more compatible than both the comet and
    the Leo with short 88 which does nice rolls (200+) not to mention that if
    angle correctly most of the time you can bounce even tier 8 heavies….when
    battling medium of tier 6 and 7 it chews them up!!!

  50. Yo QB, any particular reason you chose to compare with the A44 and not the

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