World of Tanks || Leopard 1 – 13,000+ DMG…

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World of Tanks – . Today Skeyone2080 going to have one of the greatest games in World of Tanks history in the T10 medium, the Leopard 1.

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  1. Hey everyone – a lot of comments are regarding that this replay has already been featured on other WoT related youtube channels; please keep the following in mind.

    1) I do not spend my every waking hour constantly watching WoT related youtube channels. I have no idea what they feature and do not base what I create around what they do.

    2) I have a schedule: Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday and this video was uploaded to the wotreplays website on Monday. Today was the first chance I had to feature it.

    3) Skeyone2080, the hero of this replay, was in QSF (my community clan) for nearly a year and it’s always a pleasure to watch and commentate on QSF members/ex-members game play.

    4) I have 470k+ subscribers, I’m sure that the vast majority of those are watching this replay are doing so for the first time – I owe it to them to feature what I consider to be the most entertaining and incredible replays I can find.

    5) Youtubers do not suddenly own games uploaded to wotreplays when they commentate on them. They are public for a reason. Players who upload to wotreplays want to show off their amazing game play to the WoT community and content creators, like myself, facilitate this process.

    6) Even if PewDiePie started creating WoT content and had already commentated on this replay I would still feature it because this is my channel and I produce content I would want to watch. I thought this was an incredible game and I love commentating on such awesome rounds.

    Therefore I will continue to feature my favourite replays on my channel irrelevant of who else has used them to make content and hope that you lovely ladies and gentlemen will have as much fun watching them as I do making them 🙂

  2. German? You mean Swedish.

  3. Those were The only ones

    Qb. Don’t be discouraged by criticism. I love your commentary on these replays

  4. does anybody noticed that his recticle is bechind his target ???

  5. Argh, since when is the UDES 03 a tier VIII German tank destroyer… Lol

  6. his using weekspots cheat ftw 🙂 but nobody noticed that ? :))

  7. definitely the use of aimbot here.. especially when he fired at the T28 prot… probably he supports aimbot now

  8. This replay is nothing, what a scrub

  9. monster game. wish I have one game like this

  10. thats the best RNG i have ever seen

  11. Sacrifice your team to farm damage much?

  12. e 50m is weak

    yeah i admit worse than leopard1..

  13. a unicum fighting tomatoes and oranges…

  14. Hello, Mr. Quickybaby. I think that it’s not the best comparison to compare Leopard 1with E50 Ausf.M as you made in the video. Since E50M is a vehicle that can occasionally appear on battlefields set for heavies. Players playing this tank are sometimes expected to engage in close range combats. Using its thick frontal armour to share damage, to distract enemies’ focus on allies in order to decrease the pressure on ally heavies’ shoulders fighting on the frontline, and sometimes even to ram enemy light-armoured vehicles if you got the opportunity to do so. While Leopard 1 is only set as a long distance support vehicle, using its extraordinary view range and excellent gun handling to wear out enemies. Therefore, the best comparison should be Leopard 1 vs. AMX 30B (Centurion AX could be included despite it has decent turret armour) for they are both tanks of that type. It will be much better if you compare these two vehicles’ properties and give some recommendations.

  15. UDES german tank destroyer?

  16. HighGeneral Blitz

    UDES??!! GERMAN??!!

  17. unicom→legend

  18. A simple YouTube search is all that was required ffs

  19. I think i watched this somewhere else

  20. Dezgamez already showed this replay sorry quiky

  21. The German Bias 😀 Leopard 1 is one of the best medium tanks in the game with amazing DPM, mobility, view range, dispersion, and power.

  22. Matias Paavilainen

    I saw this on Dezgames channel

  23. @QuickyBaby – You think you’ve seen it all? Watch the BC in this replay:

  24. Saw this on Dez’s Channel and it was a pleasure to watch again, and get another persons view on it! Thanks for making great content QB

  25. This is the only tanks channel I watch, massively awesome match, thanks for sharing on your channel.

  26. what’s the best tiar 10 tank is the best to grind for anyone

  27. Marcelo Gutiérrez

    Superb replay simply flawless

  28. saw this on a Dez video…

  29. this person’s movement is so nice, i don’t even mind watching it twice

  30. beautiful game

  31. so because he low rolled he doesnt get 10 kills. rip

  32. the amount of LOW ROLLS…. well you need to drive russian meds to get high rolls

  33. great video answer to the “carry harder” jingles video. lol

  34. Dezgaming already did a review on this replay

  35. I think it’d be interesting if you examined how you’ve changed from the first reviews to how you do them now.

  36. Great job QB, keep em coming mate

  37. This is Dezgamez’s replay.

  38. great video . i think you prefer leopard than E50 m but e50m has the best side scraping in the meds and more than some heavies too please check the wot video and also from the best ramming tanks in the wot and the best penteration 270 but you awesome thanks QB

  39. i know it germany and sweden work toghter =)

  40. 113 replays please

  41. Leopard1MasterRace

  42. It’s apparently applaudable to bail out your team and letting them die so you can have a great game and send in a replay showing a typical unsympathetic unicum play. Distusting really.

  43. Very good Leopard 1 play although the positions at the start were a bit exposed/risky. Other than that pretty flawless 🙂

  44. marquitoescort2011

    amx 30b anyone??? comparing these 2 vehicles seems much more reasonable, than comparing leo with e50m.

  45. It looks so easy and I must admit that during this fight `i found myself wondering why I don’t get this kind of matches/opponents. Nontheless..excellent game!

  46. DezGamez upload this replay before you m8

  47. does the side of Maus Turret also have spaced armor for anti HEAT?

  48. Tokii no Nichijō Seikatsu

    i cant redeem the code

  49. how is Leopard 1 compare to AMX 30B ?

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