World of Tanks || LET DOWN!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Have you ever felt let down in World of Tanks?


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

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  1. Honestly the Russians don’t have the same armor protection as the German, American, and Japanese do so it’s not surprising that the Russian tank players wouldn’t just want to trade with other heavies straight up, unless they were spamming gold. As QB has said before: “play to your strengths” the strength of the Russian heavies is their mobility, and slightly improved concealment.

  2. i got PZ VIII recenlty, sold vk 45.02b, moved crew to PZ 7, played about 20 or less games, bough vk 45.02b again, returned crew to VK. fuk PZ VIII. day earlier i got Maus at same time. Same story, bough back lower tier tank, fuk Maus. those are completly useless in todays meta, nothing can save u anymore from gold shells, not even perfect angling. i wont even mention steady stream of braindead players u have to stick along every 3 of 4 games

  3. I changed the name of my WoT shortcut to “Let Down”.

  4. Blaming the K91 is not fair. Yeah he could played better but sometimes you make bad decisions and so you through a Game. Every Player do this. And not listening to the chat is in 99% of the times a good idea. I think you did not lose this game cause of the k91, you did not win it cause 6 Players are not able to deal even 1000 Damage in their T10 Tanks. Thats why lose Games like this! Players who are not able to finde their own nose are playing T10 Tanks and throughing Game after Game but hey lets flame one of the only guys who even delt damage, cause he made a bad decision…

  5. Ban that idiot K-91

  6. Why is this shity ass game my suggestions I don’t play wot I play warthunder

  7. The Panzer VII is coming to Blitz soon! ? Enjoyable video ??

  8. Welcome to Weekend warriors. I’ve noticed, unconditionally, numpties come out in droves on the weekends. Basic map knowledge, basic tactical moves, basic vehicle knowledge, basic team play is gone completely. They all remind me of those damned Dodo birds in that Animated movie (was it Ice Age?) ” Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine!”

  9. his noob missed everything.. ding ding. noob 😀

  10. Zoutsteen from Holland

    A few days ago I told someone that between kid and adult lies madness. This clip was madness. Grow! Break that egg-shell. Metamorph out of the cocoon. Wake up! ….

    Remember, human’s are supposed to be reclassified to homo sapiens mnemonicus. That is why people get through school for 10-20 years. The better the memory, the shorter the years with still the better base of knowledge (prodigies).

  11. It would be helpful if the E 50 Ausf. M, Object 277 and IS-7 did some damage (they did 0 damage). The K-91 probably tried to do his best and the burden to carry the game to victory was too much for him. By the way, what is wrong with a draw in this game? At least it is better than a defeat right?

  12. QB I personally hate the “Draw is better than a loss” Mentality a draw is a loss for both teams why be a little cuntlord if you know you can’t win and can’t find 2 tanks as the last tank then be honorable and give them a win or a chance to win instead of hiding to protect a useless WN8 rating. I started playing on RU on the Beta Test just like you did, and the mentality of some of the people that started with me made me quit playing for close to a year. I came back to WoT and now am about ready to say “Screw this” again from all the gold use from tanks that if you learn how to aim you can do a lot of damage with HE in, T-62A does not need HEAT only load outs same with the Maus APCR the AP is perfectly fine and with HE you can rack up damage. I stand with the K-91 on that last second charge because he at least had the balls to give them a fighting chance at a win instead of a draw.

  13. That guy is what I like to call a stat padder.

  14. People make bad decisions.
    Nothing to get angry about.

  15. QB just let us watch a noob K-91 play for 5 min, waste of time

  16. with that push you win some you lose some in the steam with that push you absolute donkey. ?

  17. common occurrence for me

  18. I think QB should start doint quicktank reviews again for all the tanks he hasn’t done reviews for.
    Not all at once, but 2 or 3 a month. Not preme but tech tree tanks

  19. Shit team!


  21. 99% of the matches on the Asia server … team let down

  22. Welcome to your everyday battle in WoT where ocassionally you have to rely on another player to win the game for you.If you are lucky you get a decent player who knows how to win, but more often than not you get a noob who’s been camping watching others die then decudes it’s time to jin the battle when it’s usually too late.

  23. These idiots play for their own not for team

  24. That k91 was a terrible player. You can get good wn8 damage farming at the end of game, doesnt mean you are good at the game.

  25. Stop crying. Its just game..

  26. Первый раз вижу как у Квики горит.

  27. Totally typical situation in the game nowadays. There is always a dimwit sitting at the back, alive in the end and failing because of their passive start to begin with.

  28. This is the bigest garbage tank i ever see in this game 4 weak spots in front 3 if you angle

  29. This video is when te people not know the weack spots 🙂

  30. Serto TheNoobDaddy

    We, the remaining 99% players who are not WoT broadcasters, suffer the same problem in every single match… “Left alone”, “Let Down”……

  31. No skill just gold spamming

  32. He just went for the FV to get the kill for the WN8

  33. this map is so bad

  34. Armored warfare is better !!!!!

  35. Diappointing that OM is a quite nice Clan from Azum…

  36. The whine is strong with this one..

  37. Umm… this seems like a typical WoT game. With the possible exception that you did not send him an angry “, you made me lose, boo hoo” instant message after the game.

  38. quicky is pissed.

  39. Should I get wz-111-5a or this Pz VII ?

  40. Does QB have a T100 lt tech showcase VOD?

  41. Love to watch streamers playing not-so-popular tanks, thanks, QB.

  42. Most player doesn’t understand that time is a factor in the game.

  43. Chips or crisps

  44. It’s really disappointing when you do so well and try to win for your team and then some person goes ahead and doesn’t see how hard you try

  45. this is just a daily occurrence in WoT. People not playing as a team and only playing for themselves for “Wn8” to get supposed good stats

  46. Lol those mediums punked out to the max.

  47. Shoutout to the donkey

  48. This match is driving evidence that win rating does NOT matter or reflect someone’s skill

  49. アナベル・ガトー

    This tank has too many weak spots and that fucking 560 gun always shoot 4xx~5xx damages

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