World of Tanks || LEVIATHAN TANK!

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World of Tanks has a new gamemode! Let’s check out the biggest yet the !

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  1. British Heavy Tech Tree Showcase: Live Now :)!!

  2. Stein is a Char 2c Bis and Franken is FCM F1

  3. Pyro Team From Srbija

    That tier 3 premium tank MTLS something have 2 working guns not turrets

  4. I hope they use the double turret system with the lee tank.

  5. My main problem with the Leviathan is that it has 12 guns, WE WERE SO FUCKING CLOSE TO MAKING 11 BARRELS OF HELL JOKES DAMNIT!

  6. Leviathan is like m4 sherman

  7. Double turret for the Lee and double gun for the Maus.

  8. Quicky I dont know if you noticed but your secondary gun has a much quicker reload than your main, a lot of times you can fire it twice before your main reloads

  9. why is the console one not as cool as this one lol

  10. 10X kill leviathan…1day premium day 🙁

  11. m3 lee has 2 guns

  12. can you play as l………..?

  13. RetardedOrange Boi

    The stein is worse than the franken

  14. Think that would be a good idea, finally get to use that second gun on the Lee.

  15. This Leviathan-Tank looks really similar to the Warhammer 40k baneblades doesnt it ?

  16. lol two guns, not two turrets

  17. Another coqurer go vid again

  18. i feel the m3 lee/grant would have this feature, maybe 🙂

  19. big tip if you wanna sit behind lev dont touch it or you will die by ramming

  20. Trick to kill Bots without receiving damage: only stick your secondary gun around a corner. The bots use autoaim so they always aim for the middle of the tank. As long as you hide that part you won’t receife damage. Not sure if it works against the Leviathan too, need to try it out.

  21. Qb why are you focusing on multi turrets? In my opinion this is really all about Co-op mode

  22. There’s actually something you missed. It’s -really- small, but there are some spots around the gun that are weak and pennable, but they’re a bastard to actually hit.

  23. The loot boxes are VERY confusing, as is now it looks like it’s impossible to get the tier 4 crate, and also in this video you opened a tier 1 crate and got about a million credits worth??? why?

  24. m3 lee need this!!

  25. If the double turrets mechanic actually makes it to the regular game client, do you realize that the M3 Lee/Grant would suddenly become the hype of the party as they are probably the only accessible from everybody tanks that sport this setup? On a second thought – the French B1 and the early Churchill model sport additional gun mounted on the hull. Who knows?…

  26. Make the M3 Lee use double turrets…could make one of the worst tanks one of the fun tanks

  27. sorry to say WOT is dead…old and boring grinding..

  28. Im getting my M3-Lee and Grant right away if this multi-turret gets implemented. and boi I wanna try that with the Churchill I cuz that gun infront is fairly big. also Jap heavies~!

  29. on console we have a premium tier 3 tank called the blitzen that has dual autoloading barrels in its turret

  30. World of Tanks: OGRE special event please! 🙂

  31. the only bad thing is the second turret doesnt work for me..tried rebinding the key, playing wihtout mods. nothing, just dont shoot. And the “only fire secondary” key shoots the main turret

  32. for those who still are figuring it out, the ay to stop Leviathan is to finish off all minions to stock up on medkits
    AND THEN gang up on him… (ab)using the binocs on the Franken and sniping is complelely viable.

  33. Multi turets ?
    Clearly WG is preparing to launch the KV-6 in game


  35. I HATE PvP but I love pve I hate PvP because out of all of the match’s I’ve never one a single battle 93 battles lost not happy?????

  36. They should have implemented dual fire from the beginning, just like WarThunder. Coaxial machine gun/cannon firing. I hope World of Warships is also gonna receive per turret aiming. You can always focus 2 or more ships at the same time. Now it’s very often that the turrets have to turn around to kill that destroyer that pops up behind you.

  37. Being able to fire the main machine gun
    in your tank would be cool, even if it didn’t do damage
    unless your a low tier, it would just be a cool addition. same with if they added
    tank head-lights with hd maps

  38. Now M3 LEE might be OP?! 🙂

  39. I think ST-2 had 2 guns on the same turret and about ramming bots … dont do that i rammed bot on less than 200 HP he took me off 700+ HP and I died and at that moment i had 9kills and 15k dmg

  40. bleach foryoursuicideproblems

    WG should implement the secondary gun thing on the kv 5 or q does MG activation so it serves a perposd

  41. Unfortunately QB, Due to WG fkn up the game again with this patch, they have effected the main games option. Currently you CAN’T PLAY “Personal missions” And any missions you complete you don’t get the rewards!!!!! Just a point of view mate.
    Respect to ALL, Cheers 🙂

  42. On the Stein, the rear gun is the main gun. The main guns are the blue ones.

  43. Also I bet YOUR mod is like all other currently available mods “UNPLAYABLE”………. WG, Have released a memo informing players about there current problems 🙁

  44. In one of the weekly loot boxes i got a superheavy spall liner and a day of premium. Im not complaining!

  45. Emagine OI with all turrets working.

  46. I’d assume they are speaking French because both tanks are French. One is a FCM variant, and the other I can’t remember off the top of my head, but both are rather old models

  47. Leviathan seems like a pretty good tier 8 premium

  48. Well, I got the 10k Price

  49. nice video 🙂 but I simply cannot reccomend your tactic with getting close to the leviathan, it can quite easily counter you ( and it does)

  50. i mean, the m3 lee and grant kinda need this game mechanic

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