World of Tanks – L’Exterminateur

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In Carmondain finds his Lorraine 40t in an increasingly tricky situation in an all tier 8 match on the Mannerheim Line.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  2. Allegheny is a county in Pennsylvania in which Pittsburgh is the central governing city.

  3. I’ve got an explanation:- Summer Holidays!
    The time of year that I play Wargaming products the least!

  4. Jingles, that VK is prem tank, anyone can buy it from the store with tier 1 tank and just jump in and do that type of stuff and i think his 2 year old daughter would have been better then wallet warrior

  5. Allegheny is the county seat of Pittsburgh PA USA and the vk player most likely was a little kid on his daddy’s account or even his own.

  6. I want enemies like Carmondain got in this match.

  7. Anybody else understood “Carmondave”?

  8. allegheny – Al-ah-gay-knee

  9. Wow Jingles, very brutal! lol. Love it.

  10. Obviously the tomato in the VK hasn’t gone into the settings to turn on the direction if fire indicator.

  11. FYI the VK100 driver was ‘Allegheny’. His current stats are: 2,800 battles; 40% win rate; Avg Dmg 196; Avg Xp 316 – This just goes to show just how shitty the quality of the in-game eductacation WG is giving new players. No way this guy should be at tier 8. He has no idea how to play. Fail on WG part….

  12. I want the tier 7 walker bulldog back the way it was.

  13. Did anyone ever find that missing Leopard P from a few weeks back? You know, the one that just fucking vanished mid way through the game?

  14. Hey there is one more possible explaination! I belive that the VK player gave away the win for our hero. Maybe he was raging at his team, or just noticed that the Lorry well deserves to win this battle, and he is just such a nice guy.
    This is what I would think at the first place.

    • You just don’t want to accept that another human can be that stupid……shake that optimism before it kills you walking across the street at a stop sign.

    • @Prove Me Wrong Trust me its not about my optimism. I exactly know how retard a human being can be.
      I only think he is a nice guy, because I have done it myself.

    • @MrMurphyum His stats tell us that he’s objectively bad in virtually all of his matches. It’s not about being nice, he’s actually just that bad. Maybe a bot?

  15. A bot wouldn’t have been that bad (VK100.01). LOL

  16. Just curious, is the Amx 50 100 gameplay similar to the Lorr 40t? Still trying to get the hang of mine.

  17. Look at his payout!!! 119,753 minus the ammo and fixes of ~60,000 and still nets 119,118. How is that even remotely correct ?????

  18. VK has 2800 battles and 33 WN8…

  19. Jingles sometimes is talking like there the majority of players are wn8 or lower.still love him btw

  20. I’m pretty sure the WK saw that Carmondain is about to get a colobanov, a radley so he just threw the game

  21. That’s a lot of aimless driving

  22. The VK at the end was tasting the various flavors of windows.

    pronounced Al-a-gay-ne

  23. Al a Gain ee

  24. well,thinking and breathing at the same time rules out about 80% of the playerbase..

  25. What was that sound in the background at 12:05 till 12:11 ? Sounded like a female singing ? Listened twice to make sure it wasn’t a figment of imagination … Anyone else hear it ? Please say yes !!!

  26. Another video with a premium tank………….YAWN

  27. Don’t know if you have been keeping up with or even care, But Star Citizen is looking interesting. Have you been back since your last video of it?? Just Curious..

  28. James Bigglesworth

    The Lorraine 40T marks the end of getting premium tanks for me.
    When WG took the T-30 and made a premium gave it to the players and expand the line (Or something like that) they gave the replacement tank and the premium.
    I had bought so many premiums before that It kind of left a foul taste in my mouth taking the Tier 9 Lorraine 40T away and not giving it to the players who had it as a tier 8 premium I never bought another premium again.

  29. now that’s how tier 8’s supposed to be all 8. Also wot’s does not credit a winning Tank Enough, plus at times you lose more then what you Win, and that does not make sense, as too why War Thunder is just way batter HooRah….

  30. Jingles, you remember when the ELC was a premium tank? I remember it showing up in my garage one day.

    Also, why didn’t our hero repair his ammo rack early on? This puzzles me.

  31. Al-a-gain-e

  32. Al-eh-gain-ee, it’s a mountain range, part of the Appalachians in western Pennsylvania.

  33. What do you expect from a player with a WN8 of 32.55????

  34. checked that 100.1’s player stats, he’s just god awful is all, or he does run a bot, one or the other, highest k/d in a tank with battles is 0.40.

  35. players like that vk are on my team almost everybattle

  36. Everyone needs a Muppet to kill.

  37. Allehgaynee Could be Pennsylvania.

  38. I think this VK player is super slick….play your first 3000 games like a complete (fill in blank) then enjoy the next 3000 games with the matchmaker placing more good players on your team. Brilliant!!!

  39. I actually did let my two year old daughter use my War Thunder account once. She didn’t do badly.

    “Plane! Plane! Neeeeooooowwww”

  40. A 32.55 WN8 forAllegheny after 2K games. Jingles is right, a BOT would have played better

  41. Allegheny is pronounced All-uh-gain-ee, I think.
    Maybe it’s their little daughter’s name? I don’t think it’s her playing though.
    Little girls are smarter than that. She’d’ve fixed that stupid turret ring…

  42. Considering how many T8 Premiums WG is spitting out…I think it’s becoming more normal to see full T8 games then not.

  43. every battle should be tanks from the same tier.

  44. the vk was giving the lorr the Radley Walters

  45. well, shit. a game like this, no MOE? 🙂

  46. a question…Why didnt he loaded gold ammunition for the VK?

  47. Jingles, will you play No Mans Sky VR?

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