World of Tanks || LHMTV – Tank Review

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World of Tanks – LHMTV. The first British with workable alpha and mobility but something is still not right…


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Perhaps WG made the British light line intentionally weak, knowing the best players will be the ones playing them first, so as to balance the game a bit.
    I agree with you about the counter productive nature of the improved equipment; good players don’t need help.
    That said, I loaded up a tier 8 tank for use in Frontline. Watayaganado.

  2. Ok… Honestly, the state of UK lights kind of confirms that WG hates Brits.

    The advertised high alpha guns are a lie, plain and simple.

    There is also something I do not get. Remember the French wheeled vehicles?
    The prime explanation for their low DPM was that they have superb gun handling and they should not be able to directly compete with light tanks in a fire fight.
    And now… Enter the UK light tanks that will get wrecked by armoured cars in pretty much every possible scenario.

    They are worse that French armoured cars in every aspect that matters except penetration and viewrange.
    Let’s compare LHMTV to Lynx, shall we?

    Lynx has superior DPM (by over 300), better alpha, more ammo, better shell velocity, far superior gun handling.
    Accuracy is a bit worse, gun depression is 2 deg worse, but still usable. The only aspect where LHMTV shines is penetration.
    Lynx also has far faster turret traverse.

    Lynx is far more mobile. Even default mode is only 5 km/h slower than max speed of LHMTV and it become far faster in rapid mode. British light also turns quite slowly for a light tank.

    Does not matter, really, but LHMTV has marginally better health.

    LHMTV is better, plain and simple.

    Now the final insult – both vehicles have comparable camo rating… Yeah.

    So yeah. LHMTV is a better passive scout, and only because of a better base viewrange and ability to mount binos. BUT it loses in that regard against other light tanks that often pack comparable camo without sacrificing firepower…

    So, UK lights are basically good only as passive scouts BUT you can find vehicles that STILL perform comparably well in that role without sacrificing flexibility. Good penetration of UK lights matter little with abysmal ammo count and gun handling characteristics.

  3. looks like hot fresh garbage straight from the dumpster fire

  4. The whole line is nonsense, why couldn’t they have introduced any of these actual tanks that existed.
    FV101: Scorpion 
    FV107: Scimitar 
    FV601: Saladin 
    FV701: Ferret 
    FV721 Fox

  5. WG ruin the game.stopped play th sh1t

  6. After i have upgraded optics, and ventilation with bonds, put on my 4 skill crew, i have 525 view range. and that is real strength of this tank. i love it!

  7. British Lights. When mediocrity is an aspirational goal.

  8. Did you get paid to say a few good things about it

    Edit: nvm he didnt say anything good

  9. Joke tank… Meh view range and absolutely trash ammo capacity along with DPM. People who play British LTs in game are either bored and need to find another game or really hate themselves.

  10. The nation that’s famous for it’s light tanks, gets cucked, no clue why these rusian companies wargaming and gajin have such hatred against having decent british tanks

  11. I (don’t) want my MTV….

  12. QB CLOSE UP.

  13. i have that happen on ridge lines with the medium swedish tanks tier 6/7 you back of and they can still see you when they shouldn’t, them being a lower elevation.

  14. 24:45 – is that the DEFINITION OF P2W SOMEHOW??
    just wondering….-,-

  15. James Sunny Crockett

    11 min of talking things every one should be able to read. alone…too much

  16. Why would anyone play this? Maybe a new medal “Determined Sadism” should be put in just for this line.

  17. Why are you so BIG?

  18. QuickyBaby, damn your analysis sometimes is brilliant!

  19. I have just finish to play it on FL and now Im on the GSOR. LHMTV has a good pen, so easy to pen LT432 or Heavy but Its slow to turn and you can have big difficulty to circle a medium.

    My ace was an 10 000 spotting on proko with this !

  20. Are you serious … playing scout without optics and better radio?! Shame !

  21. Please do an expose on the ‘hidden stats’ tyvm. /cheers

  22. So i dont think its fair to put a Tech Tree tank versus a premium tank. i think this every time you do a comparison. And it only makes sense that premium tanks are better than Tech Tree tanks considering the fact you have to pay real money for them. And to be completely honest I don’t really find your reviews when you break down stats all that useful granite I’ve been playing this game for many years however I do enjoy your videos. Why not just compare them to All Tech Tree tanks of equal tier. Food for thought

  23. Eleven. Aggression up to eleven. That’s what you wanted to refer to.

  24. Richard MacDonald

    The cars are stealthier because WoT wants to sell them and keep them OP’d

  25. My guess is that somebody in management at wg got their kid a job creating the new line and nobody can tell him no.

  26. The level of the Setter adjusted you so you liked the LHMTV a wee bit.

  27. The ELC Even 90 weighs 1900 kilo more than the FHMTV!!! ITS ACTUALLY 2 TONNES LIGHTER THAN EVEN90
    WTF were they thinking at WG when they came up with the stats for this one?!?

  28. These tanks speciality seems to be to frustrate the player 🙂 Normally new British tanks can get me back to WOT but had no interest in these and while at a friends house tried them out and wow they are terrible (he is up to 9) except for arty I would prefer to play just about every other tank of the tier.

  29. You have T8 heavy tank levels of penetration with 226, if you want to save money, just don’t bring any gold rounds. It’s really unnecessary.

  30. What is the point of these vehicles if they don’t do any one thing well while simultaneously doing everything badly?

  31. I don’t understand why people don’t prefire that fuckin bush still

  32. Nice review, currently playing the tank and enjoying it with all its faults

  33. Of course it is passable with a zillion skill crew and full upgrades and food in the hands of a great player if the enemy team are all muppets. I wonder how many matches he had to do to get these two decent results.

    The thing simply sucks. DPM is horrendous. The alpha is still a joke compared to an enormous number of other tanks and TDs.

  34. Wargaming’s statics make no sense, especially their camo values for tanks.

  35. Definitely not gonna reinstall WOT after seeing the new brit lights ?


  37. When are WG going to release a new British light premium? Perhaps an Austin A35 with the gunner leaning out of the passenger window with an air rifle?

  38. Why did your tank explode before the round from the T30 hit it?

  39. British light tanks making German light tanks adequate again brought to you by wargaming

  40. Next tech tree you play on your free to play account ???

  41. Instead of adding more tech lines they should realy focus on the ones they have . Maybe allow the player to customize the tanks more , like more drmg , armour , penetration and ofc visual effects for those .Not like WOT is historicly acurate anymore … i mean lets be honest , russians taks are exageratetly powerfull for theyr real statistics .

  42. How To Defeat ISIS 101

    Honestly you could’ve pulled off the Jingles M3 Lee review with this tank, it’s a pile of shit with no redeeming features compared to any other light tank at its tier and bam you’re done. It traverses like a fucking boat, it doesn’t even have the “well at least it gets to etc tank” the next tank is shit and you wanna guess what the last tank is, I bet you can guess. The only reason it even seems good compared to the setter is because the tier 7 was one of the worst tier 7’s in the game if not The Worst.

  43. can u make a episode of lowe because i want to learn how to play it well

  44. It’s sucks end of story

  45. Nothing better than a tank exploding before it was hit. Lol

  46. i think im about to sack wot and return to war thunder, i decided to go down the japanese heavy tank route and got to the type95, constantly ‘matched’ against the KV1 and vk30.
    life is too short for that shit, this game is fucked up. the AMX40 ‘light’ has twice as much armour, this thing is a glass cannon, paper thin glass though.
    2 reasons why i left WT, 1, it was a bit too heavy for my laptop processor to handle and still struggled on minimum settings and 2, getting a ban for swearing in chat that has a profanity filter for snowflakes just took the piss

  47. Why does the tank explode before the shell impacts?

  48. Wait how the fuck would they even Get that gun in that little of a turret, on that small of a hull?

  49. Why would anyone want to play this useless, poor excuse of a light tank line? GG WG

  50. The whole line is just pointless, and no fun in it’s current deplorable state.

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