World of Tanks || Light Tank, Big Result #2

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Santhab going to show us how to play the T7 Soviet light tank the LTTB and that sometimes light tanks can have big results.

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World of Tanks is a 2 Play which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. This n00b is my classmate and he’s a dumass

  2. Good ammo management, very good decision and a tiny amount of RNG with the
    RHM bounce. I think that if this was posted earlier it would have been the
    winner of the 300k competition, its one of the best replays that I have

  3. He bounced the sp ics shot at the end

  4. Hey QB, thanks for this awesome video, great action and great commentary as
    always 🙂
    I’ve got one question though, could you probably add some historical info
    to your tank reviews / tank info talks as well?
    Sometimes I have just got the feeling, that you give partly wrong / partly
    not new information on the tanks, it would be great if you could just add
    some stuff to the in game info box.
    Please don’t feel offended, love your stream and your videos 🙂

    Greetings from Germany, Benedict (eneb40)

  5. The only reason he won is because the SP I C was an idiot. All he had to do
    was stay on the base and he would have won.


  7. The 300 HE-damage that that 85mm gun gets is its “secret” weapon. I always
    carry a good 8-10 HE rounds in my T-34/85 and I routinely take out Hellcats
    and other lightly armored tanks (tier 6 or lower) with 2 shots. The beauty
    against Hellcats specifically, is that the Hellcat reloads slower, so you
    can trade really well in a brawl. I have never seen any review on any tank
    with that 85mm gun that emphasizes the damage potential with HE, which is a
    mistake in my opinion.

  8. Yo QB,

    How do you deal with the amount of useless foreigners in this game??

    I try to overlook them, but I can’t they seriously wind me the fuck up.

    Had 4 games in a row this morning ruined by these stupid cunts, and they
    are the reason I Stopped playing for a few months. wasting a lot of prem’

    Please help.

  9. thanks for so many uploads recently… long time subscriber but my first
    comment.. hope u keep up with so many uploads because your content is

  10. I have a little giveaway for you:
    First one who will write “ok” under my comment (with tagging me) wins
    one garage slot and tier 2 premium tank tetrarch.
    Offer ends on 31 of December 2015.
    I will contact the winner soon.

  11. because russian side amor so rhm ll do zero damage to the lttb and died

  12. Lttb is good ligth tank but The M41 Walker Bulldog is THE BEST LIGTH TANK
    in this game

  13. I’m rubbish in the lttb I always die

  14. gg wp dude…….

  15. Speed tops everything.

  16. LTTB is good but the lack of gun depression and relatively slow turning
    speed can be frustrating. It’s also quite tall for a light, not ideal for
    passive spotting. In random Bulldog is better, but I’ve met clan teams
    using LTTBs in tier 8 skirmishes and even CW battles with decent results.
    By the way, I met your QSF clan in battle on the global map, strong team,
    it was a memorable fight :)

  17. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Haha. Light tank? More like medium and an OP one as well. Russian bias
    much… Maybe WG will be sent to Siberia by Putin if they don’t maintain
    the bias?

  18. I loved my lttb then I got my t-54 lwt and that thing is nothing short of

  19. Great replay but that borsig shot was a fucking outrage.

  20. QuickyBaby i fell like alot of the player with bilions of games have
    forgoten what is to play with stock tanks or crew on 50% 😛 why dont you
    make a new show with new accout and play some lower tier games to see what
    it was like that :)

  21. Quickly baby how about a review for Škoda T-25 brother?

  22. I’ve finished my MT-25 grind a long time ago and I missed the opportunity
    to buy LTTB when it was 30% off ’cause I’m broke on ingm credits damnit!!
    Not sure about whether I’ll like the LTTB thou, only 3 dogd might be a
    killer for me…

  23. SP I C noob that guy had 3 shots…

  24. also QB i thought you knew but russian and chinese 85mm’s get godly alpha
    on their HE rounds, i run my wz-131 with quite a few of them

  25. i really REALLY want this tank as i have started collecting competive LT’s
    recently, i have the 13 57, 13 90, T71, Bulldog, Type 64, Type 62,
    Wz-131/132 and SP1C but i’m put off by having to grind the t-34 (again) and
    mt-25 for this tank.

  26. What is that creeping behind QB on his christmas tree? a giant condom?

    T1 cunnigham comfirmed. If you know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .

  27. 4:26 Such refined game mechanics.

  28. владимир мелешко

    хорошее видео

  29. Vid on Amx 12t please

  30. i rather trade 50% of my armor for some gun depression!
    that why i sold this tank
    and this guy! lady of luck reward him an insane result by shooting a 15mm
    armor Sp1c with APCR

  31. LTTB is a tremendous vehicle. If it had any gun depression at all it would
    potentially be the best Tier VII. I’ve played Tier X battles where I was
    top scorer in experience on the winning team.

    I know QB didn’t get on with the T-34-3 in it’s original configuration. I
    wonder what he’d make of the buffed version.

  32. Hello all,

    What kind of PC would you recommend for WOT and Armored Warfare? I want a
    good quality one that’ll be good and reliable, but I don’t want to break
    the bank. Haha. Any help from you guys is greatly appreciated!

  33. Good to know what an LTTB can do ’cause M25 has an underpowered gun and
    kinda sluggish acceleration .Good video , thx StickyBaby .

  34. Great game, but….. almost more luck than skill

  35. Light tanks rule… sometimes, i’ll dust off my chaffee. Some lucky looking
    snap shots there though must be a secret snap shot mod

  36. that was tense :)

  37. Ridiculously favorable match-making….
    How often will a tier 7 light face only 5 tier 8 tanks? Almost never.
    Not only that, but there are no tier 8 heavies.
    Light tanks – still pointless.

  38. do a tank review on the bat chat tank not arty plz make the vid for me I
    tell all my friends to watch you

  39. I love this tank. I never used HE, but maybe i should load a few rounds.

  40. I love this tank. I never used HE, but maybe i should load a few rounds.

  41. 170 pen is really nice when the type 62 and the amx 13 57 only get 145-142
    pen and can still meet tier 10

  42. rly asolme game

  43. LTTB is really good, but I think it’s just me, but I don’t like the t-54
    lightweight as much.

  44. great vid QB for the LTTB and great gameplay for Santhab. the LTTB is a
    great light tank, with great DPM but meh gun DP and good armor for a light
    tank… plus the speed its OP hahaha. i have this one and love it!!!

  45. The LTTB has to be one of my fave tanks in the game, it’s just so darn
    good. Feel like the T-54 Ltwt was a downgrade.

  46. hey QB, would love to see you review the foch 155 sometime. I think
    wargaming should give it a huge buff..for e.g jagtiger tier 9 has now even
    more health.

  47. i would be that borsig having my shells being eaten by tracks, even if im
    aiming at a turret . . .

  48. Considering he’s only had ~5.5k games, he’s actually one of the best and
    fastest learning players.His recent WN8 is unicorn level.

  49. 😀 you read my comment on your Medium or Heavy video

  50. How did you get The free Camera while watching the replay

  51. Im really interested more in your videos now Quicky than i was interested
    when you posted 2-3 days a video.Keep up the good work really helpful!

  52. “What do you think about the LTTB?” I think it looks like Pinocchio became
    a pathological liar… besides the ridiculously long barrel, it’s a great
    tank. the gun is great for a light tank, and it’s pen is more than
    sufficient for t10. if you’re trying to get through the front of a maus,
    e-100 or 110e5, you’re doing it wrong. I would prefer it to have a 72 km/h
    top speed, and 10 more hp/ton, but it’s already one of the fastest in the
    game. light vs light it’s a little lacking…bulldog, 13-75…much less a
    t49 or 13-90. I’m fairly confident I could take one in a Chaffee… It does
    fit well in the harassment niche.

  53. Hmmm load the apcr for the sp 1c, 15mm armor is just to much right? Next to
    that very good replay tho

  54. I saw this replay when I was driving my type 64 where I got blind fired in
    a bush next game I drove my Pershing and got shot by the t92at the
    beginning then suicide rushed by at Death Star then drove my type 64 again
    and killed by a sucide rush of 3 light tanks. So world of tanks is being
    really nice to me today

  55. Those 300+ alpha HE rounds are the best kept secret of many tanks with 85mm
    guns, including Rudy and the WZ 131 and 132. Two-shotting Type 64s in tier
    6 stronks FTW. They also let the Wizzies make a Bulldog think twice.

  56. Jonathan van Leeuwen

    I am in a personal debate between the LTTB and Type 62, even though the
    LTTB has better pen and mobility as well as armour, the Type 62 is more
    flexible with 5 degrees of gun depression as well as having a smaller

  57. I miss the T-50-2 :(

  58. Nice vid QB, but just a point of info, the top 85mm gun on the LTTB is
    unique to the tank and not mounted on the T-34-85 (for example). That
    particular weapon is the mid weapon for the LTTB.

  59. just early wargaming has show guide about lttb..

  60. I would never play this over the WZ-131

  61. Another OP russian tank….

  62. Nice game

  63. hi qb have you a nice day. have you a good name on wot.

  64. Víctor Ilogical Person

    Each time i watch the incredible videos you upload i want to playe that
    I started playing only heavies and tank destroyers and since i watch your
    channel i love mediums 🙂 Thanks
    And a little question, just in case you could know, is wargaming going to
    make a discount on T-43 soon?

  65. Elliott “Lost One” Gaal

    I uploaded an LTTB video a while back to your replays. Its a good tank.
    I guess the video didn’t make the cut. Guess I’ll try harder.

  66. can u put a video of IS6 or jg tiger 8,8 cm because im confused of getting
    which one

  67. Santhab was sweating 85mm shells towards the end of this game, jeez. Well

  68. Beniamin Budzyński

    Anyone else here that spent most of today waiting for Mingels with Jingles
    before realising that our Lord is taking time off. But look what I found a
    new QB video. Means I can take my ‘smoking break’ in the salt mines to
    watch YT. Hope that the mighty Gnome will not find out about this.

  69. Hate the ISU152.. Probably the most broken T/D in the game. I can
    understand having the BL-10 on the 704, but you can oneshot most t6 T/Ds
    sometimes and the RoF is just.. Ugh that tank is so overpowered.

  70. A few things about the LTTB for anyone who cares… The gun depression is
    probably more like 2.5 degrees. The A-44 and LTTB on paper have the same
    gun depression, and it just feels like the LTTB has less. I’ll also point
    out that the person in the replay was NOT using coated optics or had a 75%
    crew. The LTTB gets to the max spotting range with coated, so it is
    somewhat interesting to wonder what the crew/equipment he is using. The
    fact that scouts get a MM handicap of +1 tier makes it that the LTTB gets a
    fair amount of tier 8 games, since the servers seem to balance towards more
    tier 8 than 9 games. The MT-25 or the T-54 lwt. just don’t seem to get as
    good match making. The worst part about the LTTB? It is extremely hard to
    get a mastery badge. I quite often get 8000-10000 WN8 games in my LTTB, but
    I still don’t have a mastery.

  71. As an LTTB driver who did 4k dmg a few times I feel he played wel yes but
    he got lucky a few times for example the rhm or the sp.. I lost a game in
    my LTTB cuz I ran out of ammo while still having lots of hp left for

  72. Well played; the snapshots were really good.

  73. 5:30 -Hit SP tracks and kill him…

  74. I love that light thank
    I think I still have it in my hangar waiting to see if the t54ltw is better
    when fully upgraded…

  75. Had I had this game, I’d have a stug 4…
    I suck. wp

  76. hello qb i got a huge round in my amx 30 i did 8500 dmg i would be very
    happy if you could check my replay out my name tobbe02 ☺

  77. I keep thinking I’m going to pick up an LTTB

  78. QB, dont you think its time to change Your intro? Bwt love your videos
    (even after I stoped playing WoT I still watch Your videos). Keep up the
    amazibg work.

  79. Better title, (suggestion)
    “Light Tank, *Heavy* Result”

  80. The LTTB. I hate that damn thing, ha. I have lost count of how many rounds
    I have bounced off that thing. Hard to ensure a weak spot shot when driving
    at 70kph.

  81. A_Jl_E_H_T.00 Gaming

    QB you should play a light tank which in my opinion is definitely
    underrated and never been on this channel…13 75

  82. Had a 3200 damage SP1C match yesterday, 22k WN8

  83. FINALLY some lttb content on qbs channel…. What do you guys think about
    this tank? I say it definetly need to be nerfed, i mean it has good pen,
    amazing mobility, great dpm and that armour is so troll. You cant pen the
    turret of that tank in the 13 90 for example…… And btw, that guy doesnt
    carry a fire exting….(idk how to write that word :)

  84. nice , SP 1C has 10 mm of armore , yes 10 mm and our hero shooting hit with
    APCR good job

  85. the pz2 j is the most heavily srnored light tank for its tier!

  86. Awesome replay QB,the lttb is a very good tank(besides the horrible
    despersion).I love watching light tank replays cause they are much more
    exciting to see.

  87. How many seconds to reload?

  88. This is an amazing tank, one of my favourites. Gj to this guy

  89. British doesnt have high tier ligth tanks 🙁 Iam sad :(

  90. Really, that tank is so underrated. Imo, it’s better that the T-54 ltwt.

  91. I actually wanted to see that Comet and Dicker Max situation from the
    stream ?

  92. How do change the camera to 3rd person, I’m noob and I don’t know what to
    do. Please help:)

  93. Map Tactics for new Map’s?

  94. QB, i want to start a light tank line in wot. where should i start??

  95. What an outstanding video! It has it all … edge-of-your-seat gameplay,
    epic outcome, with well-informed, almost encyclopedic commentary on
    strategy, tactics, shell selection, the pros and cons of the featured tank
    and much more. I’ve watched 30-40 others, but QB is undoubtedly the Gold
    Standard among WOT commentators. Bravo!

  96. Now I wanna get it so bad….

  97. awesome replay

  98. QB can you do a video on the British Tier X TD (not the 183) as it gets no
    love and feels very lonely.


  100. I remember the time when QB had like 1000 subscribers and I was like damn
    this kid is good at both playing the game and making interesting videos
    about it, shame has so low viewer numbers… and here we are years later 😀
    Nostalgia is killing me

  101. Perfect lunchtime entertainment ?

  102. Great vid QB i just have to say it’s not the gun from the tier6 med. this
    gun is just on this tank. thank for showing one of my most loved tank in
    game. sorry for bad english

  103. I think its time to take a more serious look at the LTTB, wow. That gun
    pops off shots amazingly.

  104. Kaiju Zilla (Kaijuzilla2000)

    The LTTB is better armoured than the Aufkl. Panther

  105. BRING BACK THE SCOUT PANTHER !!!! QB ask wargaming please to bring back the
    a.panther tier 7 light tank , it was one of my favorites.

  106. Tier Eight French Premium Medium Tank …. Say that 20 times in a row :P

  107. Heavy! Heavy is opposite of light (or dark, which would be bad, I guess)

    Light tank, Heavy Carry… Light tank, Heavy impact…

    Here to help :)

  108. this tank has better armour and gun than most t7 mediums

  109. after playing light tanks for 2 months – I cant play heavy tanks anymore –
    I feel so limited by its bunker like mobility I feel like in prison.

  110. Actually the ä in Spähpanzer is pronounced like the a in “bad”

  111. the Cheat-TTB is absolutely OP… Russian tank

  112. Which Tank Destroyer would you recommend me to get? (every Tier)

  113. light tanks probably have the worst armour and possibly the worst gun but
    are the fastest

  114. Can show his but mine in m24
    Chaffee pre nerf got like 5k dmg but it’s ok QB

  115. what happened to the tank at 1:27 to 1:30??!!

  116. I love the LTTB, i have 2 marks of excellence on it and a steelwall medal.
    My best round was 3600DMG.

  117. Stian Vedelden Robberstad

    I was in the battle! and did Crap!!! 😀 (CDC on his team (StianVR))

  118. great video

  119. LTTB is strong especially against tanks like a Sp1c which is slow as fck
    and Amx 13-75 but the T71 and the Walker Bulldog are alot stronger while
    its on a level with the Wz 131

  120. Very nicely played but 3 degrees of GD makes it useless on quite a few maps

  121. Your reply stutters and shits. and no it’s not my conection. QuickyBaby
    himself and his voice is flawless.

  122. He should have defended rather than gone for the isu, all the sp1c had to
    do was cap. Otherwise gg.

  123. Please, what reticle is Quickybaby using?

  124. The HE damage is 300 on the T-35-85 too.Used to be the bane of hellcat spam

  125. No respect to the SPIC for leaving the cap circle???

  126. that sp1c threw away the game, if he charged in and shot the lttb the game
    would of been over.

  127. Whauw that tank is awesome, never heard of it i only play blitz…don’t ask

  128. That last shot :0

  129. If that spic had used the bushes on the ridge, he could have shot at him
    without being seen.

  130. lucifer cerverus krianka

    Noooooo im never first .. You lot are fast asf

  131. Always with the higher teirs…

  132. wow qb my son sent you a replay in a lttb were he done over 5k and hes 11
    flannelman on na server

  133. SP I C was stupid as hell.. but gj though

  134. I wondering what your neighbours are thinking when you talk to a monitor xD

  135. Lightweight is the most armored light tank. I love it, LTTB was fun and the
    Lightweight even more so

  136. Quickly is it almost time for a new intro?

  137. Géza DoktorNemtudomki

    Hi QB! Is there a winner for the 300k logo competition?

  138. the only downside for me are the 3 degree of gundepression. for me that
    kills this great tank. i love the gun and the mobility but with 3 degree
    you cant play great in i think 7 out of 10 games and the bulldog will
    perform betterin this

  139. tipical russian tank that deflects almost all the german shells with the

  140. Guys, could you please confirm the bonus code for me? Thanks very much!

  141. i hate russians lights so op

  142. Nice replay,very good game by Santhab

  143. Eduard van den Berg

    I was seriously impressed by this guy! Thanks QB.

  144. What is going on with that Black Prince @1:45?

  145. And also, 216 mm can’t penetrate T110E5 frontally? Oh no, what a surprise.
    999 mm of penetration can’t penetrate that OP tank…

  146. 9 minutes out, 11 minutes long, 496 views???? WUT

  147. hi QB. Will u add more vids for the 300k competition?

  148. What? A balanced vehicle that isn’t a tier 8-10 vehicle on your channel?
    This is strange…

  149. GG under 100 nobody cares lmao

  150. hello qb!!!!

  151. can you do plzzzzz a video about the kv-1. im so bad in this tank! i never
    get a kill and i always get killed in the first minutes

  152. Artiom Iacob (SuitedLOL)

    Happy holidays!!!!!!?????

  153. cool tenk veri xD

  154. Lol so early

  155. 1st!

  156. Could you play live some times? Because it is a different aspect of
    watching. Great video either way :p

  157. Is it worth grinding to the T-54 ltwt.? I dont like playing the MT-25,never
    played the LTTB tho.

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