World of Tanks || Light Tank, Big Result #3

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks || Light Tank, Big Result #3 – Today I’m going show you how to the American light tank the 1 Walker Bulldog and that sometimes light tanks can have big results.

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World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Humble Boss. Thanks for the vid.

  2. The view range seems very far in this replay. So, obviously there’s optics
    involved. But does anyone know if QB’s crew also has Recon + Situational
    Awareness or not ?

  3. My name is Noel Letca Subscribe to your channel Czirmay

  4. I like the Bulldog but I’m too old to have reflexes “like a rattlesnake on
    crack” to quote Jingles, so I only have one mark on it. I can manage a fast
    medium, but light tanks are not really my cup of tea.

  5. Your King QuickyBaby

  6. how do you avoid getting caught out while getting into the spotting
    location at the beginning? i often got caught by rushing into that location

  7. “Look at me I can count, I’m so good” -QuickyBaby 2016

  8. 3 different barrels is OP, m3 lee says hi

  9. I this new Prokorovka?For me it looks like desert.The grass is nearly
    yellow,But i play on low graphics.Could it be because of that?

  10. Why you dont make arty rewiew or repley??

  11. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    6:57 two tanks actually drown…also, broken biased Russian armor on the

  12. Top 3 best ligth tanks.
    1- M41 Walker Bulldog
    3-T49 ( because is fun to play with this thing )

  13. QB, what free cam mod do you use?

  14. Beast video as per usual!

  15. A little unfair for those new light tanks that are stock epically at tier
    6-8. Matchmaking goes to three tiers higher for tier 6 and 7. But when it
    is fully researched,it is good and with good crew it improves it’s
    capabilities. I personally think Wargaming should consider making the
    matchmaking fair enough depending on what modules you install on tanks

  16. What again was that WG guy saying in Cyprus? Light tanks are no thing in
    the game currently? Guess he was wrong.

  17. can any one tell me how to make bushes transparent?

  18. ############ ####
    *_* *_*
    o o


  19. your friend in the amx cdc was probably on a mission to destroy an enemy
    light tank :)

  20. QB,pls make video review Pz IV hydr….

  21. QB can you make a LTTB video?

  22. Keep going like this QB.

  23. QuickyBaby 2016 ”this bush is very vey competitive” ESPORT bush confirmed

  24. Don’t feel to bad you still did very well, this was a great game. you cant
    win them all!

  25. Hey Will I noticed that I always forget to like all your videos (I
    genuinely love all of them). Greetings from Canada mate!

  26. 13 75 should get buffed or something. It’s so weak. I really hate using it,
    it’s slow, inaccurate, it’s gun is the same as the 12t with nothing too
    special increased about it’s stats on the 13 75, and well the guns on
    almost all light tanks from tier 4-6 and the 13 75 are so weak. like a
    normal light tank. Then there are tanks like the RU 251, LTTB, WZ-132, T-54
    lightweight, M41 walker bulldog, etc. that are pretty much like medium
    tanks with the perks of a light tank.

  27. I blocked a wt auf pz shot in my bulldog

  28. Quinton Dombrowski

    Challenge for QuickyBaby: show us a good light tank replay where:

    a – the tank is NOT a newly added vehicle (no Bulldog, T49, T54ltwt
    b – the xp is earned through SPOTTING, instead of damage dealing

    So, in other words, show us a nice scouting replay.

  29. Indranil Muikherjee

    600 videos for qb…… yay☺??????.CongratsI want those supplementary
    videos everyday please.

  30. Yeah careful of the 90 mm on the Luchs.

  31. Johnny Smith (GamersBlock)

    I love the Chaffee my favorite light can’t wait to get to the bulldog with
    that auto loader

  32. 4:42 15 metres QB, not 10 metres ;)

  33. i saw those games live GOOD JOB QB!!

  34. This tank is pretty damn OP.

    The capability to do that amount of damage and be able to zip around and
    avoid damage at that level is absolutely awesome.

    And it just laughs at other light tanks.

    Though I will say, I will always have a soft spot for the T71.

  35. hey QB do you think the autoloader performs way better than the

  36. dude I love your videos so much. but I am sure I am not alone here who
    would like to see some armored warfare videos here, your opinions about the
    tanks and the gameplay is really important to us. and you would take part
    at making that game develop quite well.

  37. Nice videos… Now, when can we see u play against good players and not
    tomatoes ?

  38. i feel french tanks are lagging behind

  39. Bulldog seems fun but I can’t stand that Alien turret. I’ll be getting the
    LTTB first

  40. i thought you preferred to use the single shot gun

  41. I’ve got 2 marks on my M41 and havent reallly ever watched a “How to video”
    on how to play it…hope this teaches me something :D

  42. I quit playing this tank. I love it but nine out of ten matches I get stuck
    facing tier 10’s. I never get matches this good.

  43. This rental period on NA is getting to be sooooo annoying… I’m grinding
    the SU-100, and all of the matches I’m getting are tier 8 games with about
    10 mutz on each team.

  44. The Bulldog is so OP…

  45. Hey quicky do you think you can do another video on the SU-100Y? I love
    that tank I know you did one before actually two but I would like you to
    show its armor on camera in detail and such

  46. hey QB can u do a M103 tank review plz

  47. I love that bush on prokhorovka! I beat my light tanks there in my CDC and
    get like 2500 potting dmage from all the camper TDs on their team. Oncer i
    got spotting dmg for a whole Te3 and a WTe100!

  48. Great video. Love giant clip on bulldog

  49. Hey I just wants to say that you’re the reason I’m as good as I am (1856
    wn8 rating :D) and I really love your game play and advice. Keep up the
    awesomeness and may we meet as allies one day!

  50. when you post, can you lets us know crew skills…tanks

  51. I love my m41, but i barely play it recently because it’s so powerful. I
    rather doing well in balanced tanks than op tanks

  52. *light tank, heavy result

  53. Good video, more light tanks plz.

  54. dapoppels doerksen

    Hey QB you should do a tank review on the Chi Ri or at least some gameplay

  55. I remember watching this game live…I was clutching for you QB

  56. Qb gets nice matchmaking.. XP

  57. I feel like light tank match making is bull. At low tiers especially tier
    four (tier four lights get worst mm in game in my opinion) the light tanks
    simply are not effective scouts. not until tier 6 that you really start o
    excel at scouting, but by tier 7 most medium tanks that you will be facing
    (Tier 8s) are just as effective at scouting as you are. In fact some of the
    high tier light tanks are basically lighter mediums. (cough T 54 light
    weight cough) So if you can play a light tank’s roll in a medium why should
    the light tanks be punished with their MM spread. They aren’t even that
    much better than mediums at scouting. Just the other day i had 2.5k
    assistance damage in my Easy eight on Prokhorovka. The light tanks don’t
    really have a roll right now and they get crappy MM. Doesn’t really add up
    if you ask me.

  58. QuickyBaby un video de los 3 tier 8 premium tanks fv 4202, Panzer 58 Mutz
    or M46 Patton KR

  59. TheRancidMarshmallow

    Congratz on 600 videos!

  60. Light tanks are totally balanced, just wish the T-71 didnt look like a IS3
    baby with no nose and it was as good as the bulldog….

  61. gg quicky :)

  62. Ok, for anybody that sees this: I don’t understand the base xp concept. Is
    there a multiplier for winning a game, and a multiplier for losing it, too?
    I don’t understand how he got 1600 base xp for a loss in the second game.
    Thanks guys. Again, Will, great vid, great games – I’ll catch them on
    twitch in a few days.

  63. Please don’t promote the most OP line of them all and that is Chaffee, T37,
    Bulldog and T49!

  64. Should I buy back my bulldog?

  65. bulldog OP GG love it

  66. if Quick went to get the Leopard then the Cent would not have pushed. The
    Cent would have (hopefully) stayed concealed and got the T28 out. then
    with the Leo out. there still wouldn’t have been time to get the T34.
    Lose-lose situation. Maybe Quicky getting off the hill sooner the Leo
    would be gone sooner, that could’ve helped. I’m just thinking out loud, I
    am definitely not an expert

  67. I thing the scout mm for most tier 7 and 8 lighttanks is ok(13 75 feels
    just a littel bad) but tier 4 scout and some tier5 scouts(not the elc 🙂 )
    feel not that great beause of very few maps for effective scouting . and
    also in low tier games scouting can be useless because many player dont
    know where to be for effectife shots even if u scout good.

    ps. love your videos and keep it up. sorry for my bad english, greetings
    from switzerland

  68. They plan a german Walker Bulldog Premiumtank (like a captured one).
    Do you have any information on it?

  69. man, I need a lot of practice. the light tank video’s are helping.
    unfortunately you don’t realize a decision is a mistake until after.
    seems like how/where a light tank starts a match makes all the difference

  70. I thought APCR didn’t lose pen over distance? Or is that HEAT?

  71. Violet stet pedder you kemp bush

  72. That first replay had to be my favourite from you QB and that’s saying a
    lot. Almost flawless play.

  73. quickbaby how did u get three stars on ur gun

  74. TankingShots WOT Blitz

    Quicky baby u can now play wot blitz on PC it would be awesome if u could
    do a review on the game

  75. Nice gameplay,but i allways end up in tier 9/10 wish i got tier 8 inthis

  76. i once witnessed a bulldog do 11k spotting damage on this map in a teir 10

  77. Tank is beyond OP. Still a very nice game QB.

  78. QB the problema is not the Lts and their performance, but the mao rotation,
    the corridors, the maps that favour Tds, Heavies and arty,…Nowadays Lts
    have no part in the game as Lts,.. they are just normal tanks, execept in
    malinovka and prokharovka,…

  79. This is from Live Stream.

  80. I remember this on stream he was very sad but did very good indeed.
    enzo99kill from twitch :)

  81. Thanks QuickyBaby. Im Currently on my LT15 for the T28HTC. Driving me crazy
    and im using my M41 Walker Buldog and a AMX 13 75. But i mostly get a city
    map, so the grind continues.

  82. Thx for destroying me at 13:17

  83. QB, at 18:01, how did you get those info screens? Is there a way to open
    them from replay files, or is it another mod that you run?

  84. QB, at 18:01, how did you get those info screens? Is there a way to open
    them from replay files, or is it another mod that you run?

  85. A LOT of light tanks need a penetration buff on their guns, as the maps are
    getting less and less profitable to light tanks, especially new maps,
    giving them the possibility to engage more targets frontally without
    spamming premium ammunition would be a good thing.

  86. have you ever played the vk2801 that thing is an monster, mabye you could
    make an review of it

  87. How about a T-10/IS-8 review? Never seen one of those on this channel

  88. show us how to play airfield in a light please

  89. Christian Armbruster

    How could you load that video up if your internet connection is broken?

  90. Make a video about AMX ELC bis pleeeeaasse!!!

  91. I don’t have issues with the matchmaking for light tanks. ALL of the light
    tanks tier 6 and up are more than capable of dealing with the tiers they
    come across. The problem I have is that the maps aren’t built for them

  92. Christopher Vanoster

    Can you make the next one with the awful Panther or ru251? Plz? Thanks

  93. Quicky , its called Derpenberg, not Erlenberg!

  94. magic bush. lol

  95. I”m not sure which T7 light I enjoy more. The Bulldog is very fun but I
    seem to do better in the T71 more consistently. Although when things go
    right for the Bulldog as in the second video, it does more damage than the
    71. The 1375? I have a female crew in that and still it does nowhere near
    as good as the Muricans.

  96. so this is what being early is like

  97. Yay love these

  98. the first tank is the m18 walker bulldog

  99. I just picked up WoT. I was wondering how can I get those spotting range
    circles on minimap. Mods?

  100. I think wargaming is really kicking around the light tanks lately and that
    in certain situations light tanks are competitive but in most situations
    you arent effective because medium tanks can do everything light tanks can
    do ( hint light tanks need buff)

  101. When do you play to get so many red teams like this? When i play there are
    usually 4-5 green and blue players per team, sometimes even down to T5 ^^

  102. Kresimir Jenjic (Panzergranadier)

    what grapchics you play with

  103. The bulldog is so op… -.- *

  104. MattTheRainbowUnicorn :D

    I sure this already on your LiveStream

  105. more Bulldog please!!

  106. Zaebisb tahih krutoi

  107. You this in the australia and lloves wort!Good game

  108. hi quickybaby do you know when the amx m4 1949 will be released?

  109. Deepen burg claims 2 more victims! Is3 and 59-16! DURP

  110. I saw that second one on your stream 😀

    Who else did??

  111. Ve done a vid of this tank within a year, I think or else time flys, the
    one were you had to take no damage…or was that the T37…I’m confused

  112. QB’s internet isn’t working…Hmmm…He must be using BT internet.

  113. And here we have the reason I always turn off Assault :’)

  114. I bounced LTTB with my G.W.Tiger (p) with AP shell(303 mm pen)

  115. Holy hell get rid of all this crap on the screen so we can see the game.

  116. can you do a gameplay over cromwell or comet quickybaby?

  117. took me five minutes to realize i watched this on twitch

  118. twl ty si kkt

  119. Dang 3 marks that’s ridiculous

  120. In planning to buy a tier 3 premium, which one Shall i buy 

  121. QB can you do a : on a mission for MT-15 (4k dmg on TD)

  122. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    its Not real interesting Seeungeheuer one game 2 times…

  123. Great video, QuickyBaby! I love the M41, but I use the top non-auto loading
    gun. Running the Bulldog in that configuration still has some advantages
    (gun depression, better speed and maneuverability) despite the reload nerf
    the tank received several patches ago.

    Do you ever run the Bulldog with the other gun? If so, could you share some
    of your matches. Thanks for all of your outstanding work!

  124. Now I really want to play my Bulldog ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

  125. i love the bulldog its my most played tank in de game almost 1400 battles
    in it with ofc 3 marks :)

  126. need to get back at it

  127. To the question on 19:44: what I think about tier VII light tanks match
    making, is that they are too overpowered for tier VIII battles. Tier VII LT
    is basically a Tier IX tank and Tier VIII LT is a Tier X tank. They should
    not be present there. Of course, this could be an intentional move by
    Wargaming to introduce some “easy” games to the usually hard life of a
    light tank.

  128. Forgive me, please!

  129. You didn’t notice that an is3 on your team also derped into the river xD

  130. Sigh, I wish the 1375 wasn’t so SHIT compared to other T7 lights.

  131. MM has been hit and miss, and it depends on the map. Some maps are just
    awful for lights, like the small city maps. In those cases ordinary vision
    is fine since the map is so small, like Himmelsdorf. The two maps you
    highlighted are among the best maps for lights. Go and play your tier 7
    light in a tier 10 match on Himmelsdorf.
    Almost always I get matches where I am at the bottom and the top tier is
    minimum of 2 tiers above. Is that good or bad, I dont know I just try to
    deal with it. Sometimes you get over 1k or 2k damage, and sometime you get
    obliterated with 0 damage.
    Some maps should have tier limits on them, other maps are okay.

  132. QB can you give some tips how to grind the T37, what crew skills to use,
    equipment, etc. it would help my grind a lot!!

  133. 600 video

  134. Pragerovy Příběhy [NYNÍ NA WATTPADU]

    And do you know what happens, when I spot in these bushes at the start? Oh
    yeah. ,,Let´s go all-in on hill,” says my team.

  135. A light tank with an autoloader in a +1 match, not that impressive, more
    like “normal”. Better uppload a few videos about non-autoloading lights
    like wz 132 that always gets into tier 10 and 9, unable to penetrate
    anything, even with gold, unless fighting against paper armor like itself
    with no autoloaders. Pain…grind…suffering…

  136. I really like light tank match making. I prefer to be as low a tier as
    possible. If I could do tier 10 matches in my Chaffee like the old days,
    I’d do it. My only problem is that unlike any other class of tank in the
    game, light tank view range does not improve as you get higher tier. A tier
    5 medium or heavy might have 330-350 view range, but by tier 8, they go up
    to 380, whereas a tier 8 light still has the same 390 that the Chaffee

  137. really nice video QB ! always good to see some light tanks in action

  138. Epic game on Erlenberg. Quickybaby makes mistakes that most of us would
    never be in a position to consider. I have found that light tanks can be
    extremely unforgiving when you need to carry. I can have a great game and
    the smallest mistakes can cost my team the win.

  139. We already saw this replay!

  140. Q/b your friend is always Windows RESTORE Saved me bunches of times ! :)

  141. lttb stalin armor

  142. Yay quicky baby time


  144. No internet? you must be with BT then haha.

  145. Considering that on a light tank a lot and I mean A LOT depends on your
    crew and modules… I think that Light tanks need a bit of reballancing.
    Either that or German light tanks are just the crapest crap of them all.

  146. I’m not realy xsure but you have said that there is comming a new intro,

  147. LTTB or Centurion 1 ?

  148. should I use this with the autoloader or with the single shot

  149. its fun when you do 7K spotting damage in a t-54 x)

  150. Fabian “Stowney” van den Bussche

    i had a game where i was top tier with my 1390 like a week ago lol 😛 i
    even have a screenshot/replay f it xd i still have to check the screenshot
    to be sure i was not dreaming xd random battle MM O/

  151. It s tricky to say the least for light tanks. Obviously they can get good
    results BUT to do so reliably they need at MINIMUM 50% crew on their 2nd
    skill. whereas heavies, tds, spgs and even some of the better meds don ‘t
    nessesarily need a multiskilled crew to perform well.

  152. 30th comment!

  153. Im honestly surprised at how passive QB is in this video, the bulldog
    performs so well when your aggressive

  154. Saw this on Sunday!

  155. “GW tiger pig”? lol love it :D

  156. replaymod’s name?

  157. Martien van Hengel

    just because his stream is lagging. you must start wearing your Russian t
    shirt again. it brings luck. remember gw panther killing ?

  158. Awesome game QB, congrats 😀

    Its funny how some unicums says playing lights is stat padding, but i feel
    kinda hard to perform consistently with a light… im enjoying playing
    lights now just for the chalange of carrying the standart shitlord teams
    with lights :D

  159. Ahh! I’m early! QB, teach me to not suck :P

  160. Hello QB can you make a video about Panther 8.8 you didnt do one of those..

  161. Nice video again qb

  162. So this is what being early is like :P

  163. Who needs Internet anyways Kappa

  164. new intro soon? 😛 hah nice vid ;)

  165. TheSoulOfTheSith YT

    Got my Ace Tanker in my Type 61 last night in a Radley’s game. So happy
    about it

  166. Yea I wached this Game on Stream

  167. Time to watch this while I wait for stream to get fixed ;)

  168. 8th not really important but u know

  169. light tank why I am not the guy in the video I am the quickybaby of lights

  170. Hello stream!!!!

  171. Hello stream !

  172. dat stream.

    i’m #3!!!!

  173. HuntsWithWolves II


  174. lol stream!!!!

  175. fast say something so people dont say first

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