World of Tanks || Light Tank, Big Result

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

I’m always being asked for light tank gameplay so today I’ve got a of the T8 Chinese -132 showing why sometimes even Light Tanks can have Big Results.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Great video so far, loved the recap after the first game, haven’t seen that
    before from you.

  2. Protips for light tanks that helped me: 1, use more passive scouting in
    bushes as you can often easily get away with it. 2, when popping out for
    shots always bait them into thinking other things.

  3. this beautiful vidéo made me want to buy wz 132, please whitch are the best
    équipment for this type of tank (sry for my english, i’m french..)

  4. Hi QB very nice to see you playing lights so well, but I think that the amx
    13 90 have a different style play. Could you make a video to show how to
    play it well. Thanks :)

  5. Nice master class gameplay with the light tanks, QB!

  6. All nice QB, but one question though: How much you need to pay to WG to
    have a team (enemy team) full of tomato players all the time or is it a
    specific time of the day you play? I’ve been watching every video of yours
    and never had teams like that. Usually end up with a super duo platoon of
    mission rigging top clans as enemy, or if it seems balanced, we always have
    at least 3-5 afk bot camping at A1

  7. Your recent habit of recapping the “entire” battle again at the end, really
    isn’t necessary.

  8. Actually QB, the Type 64 is a Taiwanese tank, so I guess he shooting a
    communist tank is rather reasonable…

  9. “you can’t harness the dpm of 85mm gun” he says and than he goes out to
    single-out and circle-strafe the Lowe and SP, get some free shots on t25/2
    and T28 prot. sides, auto-aim Lorr while getting into aggressive position,
    putting only one shot into Cearnavon while scooting and finally finding the
    AT15s juicy butt to shoot forever!!

    …85 mm was undoubtedly the better choice but I guess the current
    shoot&scoot/peek-a-boo meta forced QB to use 100mm… but since the 100mm
    dpm is not competitive, WG has decided to give it some loooveee…

  10. I loved the replay. I recently bought the wz-131 and its fantastic.! Sure
    it has very bad Gun Depression but its ROF with the 85mm is great. Longing
    for the 132 now.

  11. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    “Well, you ruined that already buddy! I’m gonna be coming for you later in
    this replay!” Good stuff. :)

  12. Rom360 auraplace0189

    Quickybaby it’s a fantastic player !! respect !! I’m french and i like see
    your video even if I’m bad in English :D

  13. Thanks for the excellent video. It makes my happy to have almost unlocked
    the WZ-132.

  14. can someone tell me how the 132 compares with the t-54lwt please. they seem
    quite similar in many areas

  15. I like this format

  16. World of tanks - funny moments

    i was in D5 position and i survived 3 people that attack me but the 4
    killed me…. still we lose even if i get scout medal

  17. how do you get the barrel marks on your barrel??

  18. One time I was playing on pokorovka, it was nearly the end of the match, I
    was in my KV-85 and I played it like a light tank and circled the enemy
    KV-2 and I killed him =D

  19. Am I mistaken, or is Quicky putting up quite some more videos? I like that!

  20. QB you mentioned Comet again. How do you think VK 30.02 D compares to it?
    If Armed with L/70 gun they are quite similar.

  21. The WZ132 is a truly amazing tank. One of my personal favorites.

  22. These are very smooth replays, no major struggles to achieve those results
    even though strategy/tactics were used, and they dont work against blues
    and purples unless they make a mistake, you’re in an impervious tank. I’m
    more impressed by someone posting an epic game in the forums of NA
    (specifically them because there is no end to unicum platoons and players
    at tier 9-10 which is more annoying than cancer itself because loopsided
    games) as they have to deal with enemies who actually have a clue what
    they’re and you’re trying to do and try to stop you at once. Yet they still
    come on top :^) This is entertaining to watch none the less and my 2 cents
    on most videos should not be taken seriously. ??

  23. that WT go full AA mode.

  24. I just realised that I watched THIS on stream ?

  25. which tank do you prefer to use the ru 251 or the wz132? i love ur channel
    and thank you in advance if u answer

  26. Phuripat Choktiyakorakul

    Do some Chi-Ri gameplay pls…

  27. i loved the info +QB and one tip i would give is: a light tank NEVER fights
    another tank face to face!
    I’ve seen a lot of players staying still while engaging enemy tanks and the
    enemy just turn the armored side towards the light and kills him, if you
    want to survive, try to get the side or rear of the enemy tanks, never the
    front, and move constantly so they don’t blind shot you….

  28. Liking the WZ-132 more and more! :)

  29. My tip for light tank players wanting to improve? Watch Quickybaby.

  30. Does it come with a smog cannon with extra particulates and mercury.

  31. Could you please do a video of all of your stats and what vehicles you
    own/what ones are your favorite?????

  32. After I watched this video I went to go play in my T37 and I got a Ace
    Tanker,Top Gun and a High Caliber. Light tanks 101 ;)

  33. Jonathan van Leeuwen

    watching this might just lure me into turning assault mode back on.

  34. QB watching you play, makes me want to go back to play the game, but then i
    remember that im playing on the Ameritard server…….

  35. Quicky, did you know the reason you aren’t seeing outlines over targets you
    are aiming at (in replay mode) is that you have to put your mouse cursor in
    the very center of the screen, and like magic, your outline of what you are
    shooting at will light up showing where you were aiming!
    I just randomly discovered this the other day, and it certainly is hard to
    line up because you can’t see your mouse arrow, but play around with it and
    figure it out, as much is lost as we aren’t seeing where you are aiming at
    on a lot of the vehicles you are sniping at.
    (going to continue to watch)

  36. Le Sparkplug (TheElectricGamer)

    So proud. Saw this live and was not disappointed.

  37. credits problems made me sold this tank 2 times

  38. hey quickybaby i need to ask you a question really bad about world of tanks
    when you get a chance can me and you tanlk about it please

  39. Thank you so much for helping new players learn to use light tanks.
    However, your previous reviews go over equipment and crew skills that you
    use before you show the game play. I know that you have videos explaining
    the various crew skills and which ones to use for light tanks, medium, and
    heavy, but just very quickly going over equipment and consumable choices
    before showing the game play may also help new players who do not search
    the channel for your other light tank advice videos.

  40. LUKY mm all time i play 10 and 11 battles…3600 dmg with my t54l

  41. T49 guide maybe? lol

  42. Pro tip to improve your light tank gameplay: be very very SNEAKY :)

  43. Type 64 was used to (kind of)protect Taiwan from China’s invasion…
    If you don’t understand why, you can search it on Google or watch the
    “Taiwan No.1” video.

  44. Nice video, these ‘how to improve x’ videos are actually very handy!

  45. You mean 2 degrees of normalization for APCR. 2 vs 3 is a huuuge

  46. to bad there arend any tier 9-10 light tanks

  47. where would you go on karelia defend on amx 12t? i hate karelia with slow
    LT like 12t. Probably get killed before i even get to position and passive
    scout.:( Any tips?

  48. lol i thought i was the only one
    i salute you Wt-Pz 4 o7

  49. i just got the A-44 but i just keep dying and doing nothing usefull at all,
    any suggestions?

  50. I feel like when YOU tell people where you’re going, they follow you. Not
    because It’s a good Idea, but because It’s just you.

  51. Quickybaby, can you show us some french LT videos like 12t, 1375, or 1390?
    And where would u go if u spawn at the other side of the map in LT?

  52. gunslinger_lucky tanki junky

    try a panzer 2D next??

  53. Granger Prunier (G-Ranger)

    QB, how do you get the color coded results screen (the xvm colors beside
    the player name). I wondered if that was game performance or overall

  54. So I play wot on XBOX and I have this tank called the amx chaffee(basically
    the 1375 at tier6 that also sees tier 10) and I had a great game in it. 5k
    xp no double, 3.4k damage and 3 kills. But still lost cause I wasn’t able
    to get arty quick enough and arty kinda fked up my team.

  55. QB, with new maps featuring smaller and smaller engagement ranges (and
    often much less concealment), do you think that LTs will still be a
    playable class that have a meaningful impact on a game? Or would it better
    to just have a heavy tank more in a team than a LT?

  56. QB what would you say the best all round Tier 6 medium is?

  57. QB what would you say the best all round Tier 6 medium is?

  58. when your first get your light tank. do not be tempted by getting the guns
    first. mobility is keys so get your engines and suspensions upgraded. also
    take something to extend your view range e•g binoculars and learn the best
    bush locations

  59. Hey quicky, I believe I’ve heard you say Löwe incorrectly to give a slight
    pointer. Instead of pronouncing it “Ler-ve”, it would be better if you
    said, “Ler-va”. Otherwise, like always, great video!

  60. Quickly I can’t take another double helping I’m already a 670 pound

  61. just asking am i the only who hates karelia?

  62. Plz play with the ru 251

  63. A great tutorial on Light tanking QB. Class as usual!

  64. Austin Feather (SpiralTarantula)

    I use my WZ-132 as a passive scout with binocs, camo net, and vents with
    the 100mm gun. I prefer the Spähpanzer as an active scout. Suggestions?

  65. Is that camera mode where you mean Ve around freely only in wot replys?

  66. The Anonymous Patriot

    suuuuuuuuuuuuurrrreee you didn’t realize it QB uh huh LOL

  67. good helpful vid qb, id like to see more instructional light tank vids from
    you as i am trying to improve my gameplay in them… cheers

  68. Assault shouldn’t exist on Siegfried Line… Nothing better than getting
    spotted before you can do anything then getting bombed by arty in the

  69. oh I baited the Carnarvon and called him a scrub while playin this match

  70. Nice gameplay QB 🙂 !! I’ve seen this video live on twitch.

  71. my fav light tank in the game is SPIC i finished all my LT15 for 3 sets in
    it … my best result in it 5.5k dmg and 8 kills

  72. the thing with the light tanks is good. but what about some tank destroyers
    and where to take position in them?

  73. My tip is for more beginning light tank drivers. Experienced drivers don’t
    really need to follow this as much, but the tip is be patient. Wait for the
    perfect shot, wait for the perfect moment to move. This is the tip I
    received when I first started to use light tanks.

  74. my personal light tank tipp: get urself the ELC and have incredibly much
    fun :)

  75. mor spg replays plzzzzz

  76. QB is unsaine at WoT! Do you guys have any recomended tanks to me?

  77. Type64 is from Taiwan and wz121 is from main land China. So they do shoot
    each other.

  78. hey quick baby its me i am frends with your brotheron wot me maxoftheworld
    and i am a boy

  79. By the way, does anyone has some tips and tricks for me to play the AMX 12
    t… ? I just can’t play it… my friends already have AMX 13 90’s… but I
    just hate the AMX 12 t because it’s just not that fast… Anybody that have
    some tips for me?

  80. 132 is a beaut

  81. I’m still busy with the low tier light tanks, but I suck at playing them. I
    just go stand in a bush and let my team shoot them, but just when I think
    it’s time to go out… I get shot, the enemy blow my tracks of… I repair
    them… and then my engine gets knocked out pretty often…

  82. lol that wtpz4 is like fuck these noobs I’m done

  83. Great video, Keep it up!

  84. you jave encuraged me to get the WZ 132, Im on my way.
    I almost have the WZ131!!

  85. Should i keep the WZ-131? I have the 132 But i’m not sure if i should sell
    my 131 because i’m quite good in it.

  86. Should i keep the WZ-131? I have the 132 But i’m not sure if i should sell
    my 131 because i’m quite good in it.

  87. Bring back the t-50-2!

  88. I really enjoy your videos they just make my day.

  89. quickybaby the siegfried line is so bad for arty because many decent lt
    players spot it right at the start and gets destroyed which is so
    frustrating. It happened to me so many times i dont even count anymore.
    Please acknowledge of this problem. Nice videos keep it up ;).

  90. You have to know that Type 64 is not a “Chinese” tank- it`s from Taiwan,
    definetely not the same side as China. Taiwanian government sees all the
    inland China as their land temporarily occupied by the communist rebels.
    That`s why you don`t have any kind of “pact” with him :P

  91. good tips for lights tanks:
    talk with your team-mates;
    know where they are;
    have a idea where the opponents are;
    don’t risk your life for nothing;
    try to spot more than shot, essentially when you want to be hiding;
    track your opponents for you and your team-mates kill its more easily.

  92. Hey QuickyBaby, I have a small request to you. Could you please turn on
    tour colorblind mode because I am colorblind and I can’t really see the
    differance between red and green. I’m probaly not the only one with this
    problem. sorry for my English, It’s not my native language;)

  93. MORE light tanks!!

  94. Ligth tanks will be always the best class of tanks

  95. 14:57 If that Wt. Pz.IV had his underwear on the gun, if would’ve been
    against the rules of war to kill him… assuming his his underwear would be
    white and not yellow…

  96. Hi all!
    Im looking for a british clan :D, i dont need good players, im not
    interested in clan wars (of course i love to have a good battle with the
    clan but i dont need it) i just want a friendly team where i can talk in
    english (maybe learn a bit xD) my first team was a polish team full of
    friendly players (polak węgier dwa bratanki) than a hungarian where… a
    clan of a**holes… that was it… and now the 2nd hungarian clan but the
    fact that they are cheating makes me feel “my team/platoon is cheating so
    well… we are the bad guys…” and secondly i dont wanna be banned because
    they are… “not role model players” so this time i’d like to have a
    friendly british team where i can learn some english too.

    About me, im not a good player, i have usually around 900-1500 wn8 /
    battles (if i dont do something rly stupid) if you can invite me to your
    clan, would be rly nice. [my latest battle
    with a huge misstake at the end]

  97. I feel like the Ru 251 is so much stronger than the wz especially because
    of the speed, gun depression and overall coolness :D

  98. Tip: don’t be scared to be aggressive in your light tank and even if
    sometimes it could get you killed or wounded,you’re one of the fastest
    vehicles in the game so stop being a pussy,get out of cover and crush
    enemies testicles dodging shots like a PRO.

  99. i got the ace in my WZ by doing 9k spotting and 2k damage. On malinovka

  100. Well those are the rounds i subscribed for. No gold. Just skill and a lot
    of tactical insight.

  101. Was that second clip from your stream yesterday? Because I’ve seen that
    battle before…

  102. Aww yusss my daily fix of QB.

  103. Moar lt tanks please. Most exciting gameplay!

  104. And this is why I always say that a good light tank driver is worth his
    weight in gold to his team.

  105. Pls do more of these

  106. I don’t get it is the video very shocky, or is it just me? o.0’

  107. Inspired, I got in my 132 and first game got top of a tier X game. 5k xp
    with a times 2! Good work QB!

  108. Spotting for red tomatos so your team can make plans? Haha, nice joke, red
    tomatos dont have any plans or they gonna make it. They have only 3 options
    when game start! YOLO, lemming train or useless camp!

  109. does anybody have some tips on playing the M41 Bulldog?( which gun should I
    use, skills, consumables, upgrades) Just bought it for LT 15

  110. srsly quickybaby. As much as we all love the WZ.132. But you dont need to
    feature it 3 times a month. Do some variety and show tanks that are rarely
    shown. Mr. Borsig’o for example

  111. Thanx a lot QB! Always learn a lot from videos like this. Keep up the good

  112. Dr. QuickyBaby

  113. Like always, another great video showing awesome game play.

  114. how he do that fly camera mode?

  115. pls play AMX 1390

  116. pls play AMX 1390

  117. Drunk Wolf Productions

    i remember QB only upload videos in Tuesday, thursday and sunday. but why
    he started upload monday and today :)

  118. nah t49 derp is true love !!!

  119. thanks for all the videos lately, its nice to have something positive and
    fun to use as a distraction when studying for finals. (it also helps that
    they are short so i dont wast too much time.)

  120. QB, it better to fire HEAT Rather than APCR at long ranges?

  121. I just can’t get any spotting done with this tank. It’s gun is so great, I
    always start to play it like a fast medium. Well, and teammates refusing to
    shoot the enemies I spot is another reason.

  122. vedeos like this are gr8 , u can teach ppl how to play the game and improve
    our comunity in general

  123. E50 turret is shit so…yeah tell me hows that going to work

  124. Great vid as always QB! Keep up the good work! :D

  125. yeah QB….but when your team sucks as hell in aiming and shooting
    targets….then as a scout you are useless….like I was in my
    RU251….spots 11 enemy tanks and had only, only 958 spotting damage…and
    in my team there was 3 arty as well…AMX50B wasn’t even able to kill
    approaching T49 who was going in the straight line to him and that I
    spotted…then you ask yourself why the hell they even playing wot and why
    I’m driving scout tank…

  126. Hi qb, I really like your style of gameplay in your wz132. I prefer the
    wz131 because the 100mm cannon makes it special at tier 7. I didn’t like
    the wz132 stock so I sold it but after these gameplays I might get it back
    to my garage!

  127. Hey QB. I’m curious as to you playing on the Xbox version. Think you could
    upload some footage of you playing it to YouTube? Really want to see you
    play on YouTube knowing twitch is a pain to watch. Also. Think you could
    show some more E4 action? I feel like it’s really in the shadow of the E3.
    I play it on Xbox and love it yet so think it needs a nerf to view range to
    385 and alpha to 800 also have a 2 degree increase to turret speed. What do
    you think?

  128. yoann “ZeBra66” llareus

    I saw this on Twitch it was amazing the way that you outraded the WT Auf.
    Pz IV

  129. min 10:50 -> It’s a TRAP!!!!!

  130. Have you used this same WZ-132 gameplay in any other video recently? I feel
    like I’ve already seen this match.
    Edit: Oh wait, I was in the streaming. Nevermind :P

  131. I use 85mm love 4,45 secs reload… :)

  132. How can you see the WN8 after the battle?

  133. My problem with the D5 position is, that here arent always good supporting
    teammates ( even if u write) And if you are in your light tank and 2 heavy
    tanks decide that they dont like you … say goodbye .. but dont blame it
    on your “not helping” teammates, they are probably learning the game or
    just didnt recognized your play ;)

  134. Curry Cooking Vlog Coming Soon???? Maybe??? Possibly???

  135. I was watch qbs new vids and got sad they ran out.. then I saw this go up

  136. I’ve seen this on stream, great match

  137. hi QB I watched your stream yesterday loved it!

  138. love this tank

  139. hi qb 囧

  140. Thanks for the great content as always QB, keep it up!

  141. Jason Liang (一兵一卒)

    Nice video!

  142. Géza DoktorNemtudomki


  143. Nice Video!
    and i just sucsribed you 🙂
    Keep Going BRO!

  144. QB would you mind if i where to steal some of you subs to start my wot
    blitz channel.

  145. Third

  146. Nice! Another awesome video quicky!;)

  147. fiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst!!!

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