World of Tanks || Light Tank Scouting Game Play Tutorial Relocation,Relocation,Relocation

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks || Scouting Game Play Tutorial Relocation, Relocation, Relocation VK2801 Hints Tips Advice

The one where Sir Havoc talks about relocation and the benefits of staying alive when you have low hit points from early on in the game
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  1. then i can not speak

  2. You could mute TS while recording naybe

  3. +Matthew Monaghan lol i know its hard sometimes because i like to engage
    with my community and sometimes i miss it 🙂

  4. +iamhatefield possibly but that bloody e25 derp shot was epic!!!

  5. +Kenliero I think the same principles should be applied to any tank.
    Sensible advice. Don’t pop up in the same place repeatedly. I see so many
    people (including myself often) going up and down like a wack-a-mole.
    Eventually, the reds will get a connection.
    nicely played Mr +SirHavoc

  6. +Sir Havoc Yeah, there was a risk, and I was thinking about the camo thing
    as well. With my French or American lights, it would been a nobrainer.

  7. +Kenliero possiblly, however i do not think i could of gotten to the
    passive spots on the west the vk is not known for its camo value, and if i
    had gone wide west and then the east needed me i could have found myself

  8. +Roust Fps thanks mate

  9. Another great tutorial. Ta for posting mate.

  10. +the51project hi

  11. thanks sir havoc

  12. +ismail issifou i do not have a good crew for that tnak, how ever it used
    to be my favbourite tank!!! i love it and have had many many epic games in
    it, perhaps i will dust it off just for you 🙂

  13. +J Corbett odd hey

  14. the spotting system is part of the reason i hate prokhorovka / fiery
    salient so much because the bushes on that map are so random and that just
    makes people camp in the bushes that they have used before that map lacks
    any fluidity as any kind of aggression by a team usually gets them rekt by
    the camping enemies.

  15. +Sir Havoc I’ve heard that it is something to do with how often the game
    refreshes the scan from your viewports. If I remember correctly, if you
    can’t see the tank the game refreshes the scan less frequently. So if
    something moves through a gap, if it’s between scans, the tank is through
    before the next refresh picks it up especially if it is a quick tank. I
    think Jingles mentioned it in one of his videos, where he was watching a
    tank approach, lost sight of it just before it moved into a position for
    him to shoot it and by the time he spotted it again it was across the open
    zone and back into cover.

  16. +DEANOGTO this actually happens alot!!

  17. Yeah arty had spotted you going into that area. The E25 came around to get
    It seems you both spotted each other late and he just dove around the dead
    arty and didnt even look at you. Just a problem with the spotting mechanic
    in this game. Only updates every so often so…

  18. +Sir Havoc Yer, looks like a delay in the render update caught you out with
    the speed of that sneaky bugger. as for knowing where you are, like you say
    the arty might have heard you (is sound dependent on being spotted), or I
    think more likely be running camo + net + high camo crew + fave bush, so
    possibly spotted you either where you were or at some point moving through
    a gap in bushes and spotted you then

  19. +Sir Havoc It could maybe be that the enemy arty player had spotted you
    although you hadn’t spotted him and the E 25 tried to rush you… I say
    that because you spotted him at 50m but he seemed pretty determined right
    from the moment you saw him and he was obviously going straight for you. I
    guess he could just have good reflexes but it seems very unlikely that they
    are *THAT* good.

  20. Michael J. Moses (Sir Punky)

    +Sir Havoc E-25 was spotted at exactly 50m. You have the 50m circle on
    Picture here >>>

  21. +Sir Havoc there wasnt background music , thx i realy did not like

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