World of Tanks – Lightweight

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Source: Mighty Jingles

In todays' video 're going to join two guys who like playing World of Tanks in Hard Mode. Yes, they're Light Tank players. I even get the names of at least of the tanks right.

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  1. Michiel Voetberg


  2. “If you can’t take a joke, don’t play Dredge!”

  3. All hail Gnome Overlord !!!

  4. Çağlar Kalaycıoğlu

    I missed the meows.

  5. every time i see an ELC Even 90 i hope its a replay from 06wallst/honest gaming his way of playing that tank is golden

    • There’s one battle that he “hide” inside a little-little-tiny bush in an enconter battle at Ruinberg, and the adversaries couldn’t find him, and at the end, when was just him and Yan alive and capping (and TK still exists), he waited ’till 100% cap and then killed Yan… “Kolovanov’s medal, baby!!!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @Vavá das SPGs i knew it wasn’t Yan but had to look it up. It’s Iain, or sometimes called Iaiaiain

  6. Quick question, did that T95 just got a ram kill with that last kill?

  7. The tank in the second battle is the tier 8 ELC Even 90 (Even Steven anyone? Shout out to 06WallSt), not the tier 6 (not 7) AMX ELC bis.

  8. ToughAncientSpark

    How’s Eddie holding up?

  9. actually jingle s its tire IIIV tank

  10. Selective RNG, a manipulating matchmaker with pay to win outcomes.

  11. The gym nut in me hears ronny coleman yelling this, regardless of the context…. God help me😂

  12. I’m getting more and more sure Jingles is deliberately making these misstakes on purpose… I mean HOW can anyone narrate a tank and missname it? ELC even 90=ELC AMX. Soon we’ll see Jingles narrate these Maus gameplay… where the tank is actually a Manticore…

  13. Having intro in a video is still a thing?

  14. Akizuki with her wonderful meows again.

  15. The Mighty Jingles

    So here’s the story. I did this entire video knowing it was an ELC EVEN 90 but calling it an ELC AMX and didn’t realise I’d been doing it until I went to look for a thumbnail image and still had “ELC AMX” in my head. When I saw the image results I realised what I’d been doing. Yes, I really am that crap.

  16. 13/57 is my fav tank and I lovingly call it “The Lil’Basterd”

    Yes we know it’s a 57 mm gun and it doesn’t do a lot of damage per shot….the trick is to wait until the mid way point of the battle to really start shooting. That way stuff has 200 300 health left and you can easily chew them up fast

  17. Isn’t it time we saw the might of the Tog in action?

  18. 13-57 is hilarious, great for causing fires. Also you can pull alongside Japanese heavies and blast them in the side, they dont have the gun depression to hit you.

  19. ‘Actually Jingles The ELC is tier…’. No I’m not falling for it again.

  20. Jingles is old and becoming senile. Or he really does it on purpose now.

  21. Bazil Grimstride

    tier 7 jingles? *eyes the ELC*

  22. I love how Aurorik has that entire squad of medium tanks trailing along behind him around the entire bottom-right half of the map, just happily blasting away at whatever he spots.

    • Wouldn’t surprise me if people know him by now and go ‘that guy does good spotting, lets support him’

    • I had the honour to have him in the team once and i must say, it was by far the fastest turkey shoot i had ever witnessed. Never had any chance to do any damage though. I was in the AT15 at the time.. 😉

  23. Been a while since I bothered with WoT. But for some reason, Jingles WoT videos are still entertaining.

  24. Jingles doing his Jingles best!

  25. Yeahhhhhh buddy

  26. Biggest Killer in ww2 was the cold well at sea

  27. World of Rofflestomps it is these days. The game has been going too long and the gap between the new player and those with purple kit and 6-skill crews is so great that the matchmaker can pick identical tanks in each team but still create a massive imbalance

  28. ELC EVEN 90 not ELC AMX a tier VIII not VII light tank 😉

  29. Geoffrey Richardson

    Cheers Jingles

  30. TD driver here.. hate those elc’s

  31. Good to hear your Japanese destroyer once again chiming in with her insightful commentary. It had been a while, so I was worried that she’d moved on to a different career.

  32. LOL!
    – ELC EVEN 90 tier 7? Oh no, tier 8!
    – ELC AMX = ELC EVEN 90? Nope, ELC AMX is the old name for the AMX ELC Bis. 😀

  33. I love the AMX 13-57. It’s very competent at both scouting and damaging, depending on equipment. The greatest weakness is that the maximum ammo count is a bit too low for a rapid-firing 57mm gun like it has. I’ve literally lost battles I could’ve otherwise won by running out of ammo, despite trying my best to only shoot when I’m fairly sure of hitting and penning.

  34. Julian Thrussell

    I’m still waiting for the twin 30mm version of this tank. The ‘ELC EVEN 30’ That will be so much fun.

  35. The even 90 is a tier 7 tank with only two crew? Someone contact wargamming immediately! They’ve got it all wrong, Jingles said so!

  36. Come for the game play, stay for the misidentification.

  37. Liked this one because of Akizuki’s appearance.😁

  38. jokerspet karlsson

    T95 not a scout?… ask bobadog abouth that one…

  39. calling it a tier 7 light tank at 16:02, classic jingles

  40. aaaaaaaaaaaaa jng its fu…..king ter 7 ist?

  41. Jingles, I’m sure you realize this, just like many others who play light tanks: Scouting in an ELC EVEN 90 takes about as much skill as turning on a computer.

  42. Both of those little bastards are OP as hell in the right hands. Few stalks of grass and nothing spots the even 90. And the 1357 is an evil late game assassin!

  43. Aurorik is so good at Light Tanks that he takes a one tier handicap….

  44. Speaks about how it’s impossible to drive and load the tank at the same time … while looking directly at probably the only tank that was able to do it: the S-tank 😀

  45. Floppy_waffle69 “Floppy_waffle”

    “Light weight”!!!

    Ronnie Colman will be proud.

  46. Christer Eriksen

    13 57 has more health than the Jagdpanther. That makes sense I guess…

  47. Great way to start the day, YouTube messing it’s pants so hard I have to reset my phone. Try to full screen 12 times before I give up, video randomly jumps to the end, YouTube doesn’t let me rewind because their shitty scrub cut thing just pops up and won’t let me go back at all, YouTube “full screens” and deletes my back and deletes my android pull down bar and my buttons from existence. Forcing me to power off my phone just to get out of YouTube. Like and comment for the awful YouTube algorithm 🤬

  48. Pădurarul Critic și Cinic

    Getting myself drunk. My cat, Lisa, had her for about 6 or 7 years, was suffering from cancer. It spread to her lungs, liver from her intestine. Me, my brother and mother, we agreed she did not have to suffer so much, so we put her to sleep. Buried her in the backcourt, between 2 walnut trees. Gods, it broke my heart. Thanks for the distraction, i wish you the best. I sure hope Eddy gives cancer the greatest of hells and makes a full recovery.

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