World of Tanks – Lightweight

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Introducing the French medium tank that’s got more in common with an Armoured Car than anything else on a pair of tracks and has armour so bad it could be penetrated by a feather in a stiff breeze.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX100 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. That was a really well played game. Okay, some luck was also involved, but it’s true what they say about skill: It’s when luck becomes common.

  2. Where can we send replays?

  3. Such… skill. 110,000 credits worth. Impressive 😝

  4. I hope I’m not to late for the video. I don’t like the salt mines.

  5. this new tanks name is far to close to burlesque and baguette

  6. Jingles. It’s one in the morning. Damn

  7. I really hate those little bastards. Call it what you will. Rodents I say. Rodents. Be well. D.

  8. Is he firing purely premium rounds at the start?

  9. Take a shot every time he says “armoured car” in the first two minutes

  10. Jingles do you accept replays from world of tanks: console?

  11. Video Title: Armored Car

  12. Thursday evening, I’m 5k xp into stage 9… Will easily clear it before event is over. “could” grind stage 10 over the weekend, but not really up for just that much tanking. So $7.50 us. dollars will be spent…

  13. The hero of this battle was whomever reset the cap with 10 seconds left to go…

  14. I’ve yet to play Tanks (I’ve only played Warships since December), and can’t help but feel bad for the residents of the locations of the maps. Their fences get knocked down, shells pierce their house and the cat can’t cross the road! When will this end?!?

  15. No, the real hero of this battle was the armored wood front porch column…

  16. People who load only gold and after getting good run go beg for streamers to feature them are last people who should get the spotlight. Then again points to wg again, label superfast clowncars to mediums by giving them tracks and cash in.

  17. If my time playing the game has taught me anything at all it’s that “don’t cap kill all” is pretty much never worth it.

  18. Hey Jingles,

    Have you any plans in regard to Elite?
    It’s been some time and the game has grown a bit.
    I figured since you said you’re running out of ideas for casual Saturday, maybeeeee look into this?

  19. Did you see how close the counter got before the reset. 1 sec. 😮

  20. (0:53) ACTUALLY JINGLES is a hull from a BC 12 t

  21. So Anyways I Started Blasting

    This guy fired enough gold rounds to attract every gold digger from a 500 mile radius

  22. The main difference between a light tank and a medium is that Light tanks get on the move cammo whereas mediums do not.

  23. Getting 3rd mark on this thing without gold ammo is pretty hard when you get in tier 10 mm so yea gotta spam those gold bars.

  24. 7:40 My favorite laugh …

  25. Im glad to see you have been do more tank videos lately I remember first watching you doing your tanks videos way back in 2014 when I first started playing the PC version I had already played the Console version and mobile before hand but the the school gave me the opportunity with the old 2011 mac book air and ever since ive been playing tanks since im now and adult and have my own rig that I used to play tanks everyday its still the number one game that I play to this day. I also got into World of Warships because of you I also bought into World of Warships closed beta just because you had and figured I would enjoy it and I wasn’t disappointed! I have been watching you for over six years and had so many laughs. Thanks for being the greatest!

  26. Wait wtf 190 mil pen is fuckin amazing

  27. 2:23 Wait when did they give the EBR 105 a two shot auto loader? Lol Jingles where did you pull that “fact” out of? XD

  28. Oh yay, another Gold spammer. Not hard to look good running this ammo loadout.

  29. I am just glad it only has two shots. I am sick of every new tank getting more and more OP. And at least it’s got no armour. I just wish they would fix that French medium tech tree. It’s just stupidly put together

  30. This has been the best jingles video week since summer of 17 when jingles decided not to do only wargaming after the flamu incident. Four wargaming vids, no subnautica and no terribly boring paint drying vids. Keep it up.

  31. All we need is “cold waters” Saturday and this week is hall of fame worthy.

  32. Its a bc 12 t hull

  33. Jingles… it’s the hull of the BC 12 t… close enough 😀

  34. The Austrian Avenger

    How is it possible to have two gun marks so quikly?

  35. Is it just me or did he fire nothing else than premium ?

  36. I’m just glad the player isn’t annoying

  37. the ebr105 doesnt have a 2 shot autoloader tho

  38. Bad plays.he was just lucky…kinda stressed seeing al his mistakes..hes wn8 its between 1500 and 2000 from how he plays

  39. Well you know it has the bc12t hull not the and hull.

  40. Nicely played sir

  41. Jingles, if your EBR 105 has an auto loader, then I want a refund for mine. Apparently somebody forgot to give mine an auto loader…

  42. I was literally jumping up and down in my seat when he was cornered by the T34 and SU130PM… Nicely played and congrats to him^^

  43. Quoting Canada’s Biggest Asshole, “he is spamming APCR like aaaa mother….”

  44. Sensational! Great game, great player … Really enjoyed it!

  45. 2 things
    1: its a batchat 12t hull
    2: its got 2nd worse dpm out of the premium french meds

  46. even more power creep?

  47. Actually Jingles, even though it is hard to believe it, I think this was not really a case of “no cap kill all”. The cappers got spotted and were being reset, and it is next to impossible to cap on this map if there are defenders… Oh yeah, going back to salt mines now.

  48. When I saw him kill the enemy Indien Panzer, it dawned on me: These things are supposed to be equals.

    This speedmachine with a 360 two-shot alpha gun and still good DPM
    A tank that’s kinda mobile, I guess? With a sortof damaging gun, not really having anything that makes it good.
    ye, thanks wg

  49. I’m surprised Jingles didn’t mention just how close this video was to not being uploaded. The cap counter was at 1 second left before someone on Gianism’s team reset the counter.

  50. The Majestic Phoenix

    Jeez, this guy was maneuvering around those buildings like he was buttered toast! … wait a minute.

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