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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – KV-5. Today BOSSpl is going to play like… well… A BOSS in the T8 heavy the KV-5!

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  1. That mod showing round type and what tank is not illegal? Or is it only the
    ones showing the reload time of the tank you got shot?

  2. the last enemy didnt reload because he is a 45% bot

  3. Lol. I was a bit lost at first, I don’t think I have ever really been down
    South on this map… I always have a medium/light/TD and go North

  4. when that swede got off cap, i had to buy more bleach lol

  5. first comment of 12/12!(this is a joke idc about being first)

  6. dip into the heat supply
    unsurprisingly, a steel wall medal
    dab that 2 key
    oh my word
    shutting down
    picking up a kill
    finish him off
    the kolobanov’s medal—the one that everybody wants

  7. That tiger 2 was shit

  8. I need to upload my todays kv5 replay, win was delayed by cromwell nd last
    kill was out of blue!

  9. Oh come on!!! A very good player he is, but he was facing all those
    tomatos. No doubt he would do that.

  10. That strv42/57…

  11. Judging by that guy’s win rate, it would be perfectly predictable for him
    to do such a thing


  13. gotta love the “no cap kill all” moron mentality lol

  14. i wish i had a kv-5 look awesome

  15. Stupid bastard strv42/57

  16. The guy at the end probably felt bad and threw the win for BOSS

  17. Money The Redstone Man

    it is the 4th in tier 8 gun depression then because the T26E5 has 10

  18. The KV-5 is the most idiot-proof tank in the game. Since its recent buffs
    it has got the highest win ratio among all premium tanks.

  19. I have over 15k battles, I’ve never had a battle like this just handed to
    me like this one was… so jealous…

  20. this strv is sooo retarded…

  21. So I like to think that the enemy did what I have done once before. It was
    5v1, my team hadn’t done great but the enemy did worse. So the amazing
    enemy player took down my 4 team mates by weaving around dead tanks and
    kicked their asses. But I had done nothing and been a compleat potato but I
    was caping and would have won that way. So I told the enemy I was going to
    fight him because it wasent fair for him to luse after pulling that off. If
    I killed him then we win but he would have a chance to win. No one on my
    team did great and the 3 that were still watching said that’s ok. So I left
    the cap, went to fight him, put him in 20hp because of a low roll, and he
    finished me off with 8 kills and a win and I felt just fine about how that
    played out.

  22. Listen new players : KV5 is ONLY for experianced players who knows how to
    use all of the pros and try to neglect it’s weakness. This tank is a beast
    when in good hands. I’m not talking about me since im only 1,5k battles
    59%win with it but trust me , one of the best premiums if you know how to
    play and use 167 pen.

  23. MysticBlazeOfficial

    uploaded on my birthday ! !

  24. I remember one…

    Rammed a poor indien panzer for 997 damage in this…

  25. I wonder if the Strv was just doing it out of respect for such an amazing

  26. no cap , kill all!

  27. again cheater. from my point of view. at 12:16 min KV-5 took Strv in
    autoaim lock behind rock. as long as i know. u cant do that without mods
    that is not allowed! only explanation if he was able to take him in autoaim
    lock in that 0.5 sec when strv contour was highlited when u turn his camera
    a bit from top.

  28. this game is dying

  29. why do all replays on kv5 look like this?

  30. Hi Quickybaby, love your replays and content. your reviews and replays make
    me want to buy some of these tanks that are no longer available. but every
    now and again WG might promote the tanks i really want, which would be cool.
    Panzer B2
    T28 HTC, now i know i can unlock it via campagin on PC but they also did a
    promotion of it at one point on console and i missed it.
    and so much more.

  31. Wasnt good play only tomatos in the enemy team

  32. lmao tomato

  33. Yay! Wargaming doing the exact same thing every day of the calendar!!
    Getting a certain tier of tank, which should cost a certain price alone,
    then bundling it with a ton of stuff that you don’t want such as personal
    missions and gold and then ramping up the price tag for something you don’t
    want. Yesterday the kv5 was £33.60, and included about 3600 gold, and
    today, it’s the scorpion and they stick it with over 5000 gold and some
    personal missions to make it really expensive and to make it the same price
    as the kv5, even though it’s one tier below. It’s the same thing with
    wargaming. All they want is money and that’s it.

  34. 60% player giving the win: Oh such a gentleman, that’s how sportsmanship
    40% player giving the win: Oh wtf noob u idiot u could’ve capped go back to
    tetris uninstall go kys

  35. Small annoyance, but boy do I hate when players who have sixth sense move
    in the cap circle, especially in tanks that arent light tanks. All you do
    is make yourself more visible and make your gun less prepared for a
    surprise. It makes far more sense to stay still, keep your camo values, up
    and your gun aimed so you can:

    1. Keep hidden, and therefore keep capping for as long as possible.

    2. Be aimed more swiftly in the event of a surprise

    3. Better monitor your surroundings for trees falling or arty fire.

    The only real advantage of moving in the cap circle is either without sixth
    sense, or to keep your momentum up in a light tank in case you want to
    abort the capping effort.

  36. same old same old purples top tier smacking tomatoes.. more skill based
    replays please

  37. KV-5 Nice gold tank

  38. mark lewis (cowsgom00)

    Thank god for tomatoes

  39. magic strv xD

  40. Maybe Strv was a moron or maybe he was a nice guy. I can see myself
    throwing a game and not winning through cap if the last enemy tank is on 10

  41. typical fucking SHILLYbaby video. WG release the KV-5 and SHILLYbaby
    suddenly releases a video of him owning in the KV-5. Dont fall for this
    shit guys. Most games in the KV-5 wont be like this at all. SHILLYbaby is
    paid by WG to release these replays right when a tank is made available in
    the store to boost sales.

    Dont fall for his lies.

  42. wtf FV4202 is a tier 10 tank in blitz, why not on pc?

  43. Hello QB. Please review JgTig.8.8. Tomorrow it’s her day. It’s an old
    premium, a lot of players still have her in the garage and there is no
    rewiev for last 2 years :O Is it still fine tank in 2016/17? Thank you.

  44. Fabian “Stowney” van den Bussche

    tbh i feel like the kv5 needs some love… i really feel like more and more
    tanks are getting able to just pen your turret for days…. making the tank
    really shit to play in a LOT of matchmakings… i love my kv5… and
    ofcourse it get’s a lot of funny moments when playing.. but the turret
    makes it really broken at this moment imho…

  45. I have this tank, It sucks when it finds itself up against tier 9″s…and
    that is often the case with MM 2 out of every 3 at least. You’d be better
    off getting a skorp or IS3 A. They are better equipped

  46. Nice match.

    But off the topic, I just watched your 121 line twitch. Well, you’ve been a
    little bit wrong about the T-34-2, just what kind of advantages that the
    Dash 2 has over the Dash 3? I’m elited it and I love it with 122mm gun,
    it’s like a light tank with heavy tank gun. Back in the day my clan mate
    usually whine about his Dash 3 for being inferior to my Dash 2 in term of
    mobility and he also envy the size of the Dash 2 because as I mentioned
    earlier “light tank with heavy tank gun” I meant it. Dash 2 is just
    slightly larger than the Dash 1 but much smaller than the Dash 3. Talk
    about mobility, sometime the number didn’t tell everything it’s happened
    when you wanna rush position Dash 2 is better in that area.

    It’s like when you have Centurion vs Pershing and you want the tank that
    has better mobility. Centurion may wins ratio but Pershing wins everything
    else and it’s turned out that Centurion has worse mobility. The Dash 2 vs
    Dash 3 situation is much more simple with 3 extra ratio that the Dash 2 has
    alone can declare the winner.

    So, T-34-2 is like a light tank with trollish turret that has a heavy tank
    gun strapped on it. It’s a more flexible tank, in short.

  47. Bad gamble by the Stv
    I think he actually had a chance
    4 bombs at 160 ave hit only needed to land 2 into R2D2 and could still
    take a hit
    Running in straight at KV5 so u got those front targets not as crazy as it
    seems.. but you have to be good in the tank to do it.

  48. that tomato strv XDDD

  49. What the Strv did was not sportsmanlike. To leave the cap and attack the
    KV-5 was at best ignorant, and at worst overconfidence (so essentially
    stupidity), but not sportsmanlike. He fucked over the other 14 people on
    his own team to make one person on the opposition team happy. Because of
    the Strv’s stats, I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he
    left the cap to fight the KV-5, because he didn’t know the KV-5 couldn’t
    get back to kill him in time.

  50. no cap kill all

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