World of Tanks – Like A Boss

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Normally I’d think of something hilariously witty to put here in the description but I need coffee so why not just go ahead and imagine I said the funniest thing ever.

I know. It’s a talent. I was born this way.

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Should have been titled “The Last Bush”….which also debuted as both a
    political article in 2016 and a porn flick in the ’70’s.

  2. Legend

  3. Wow Jingles!! That thing you said in the description was flipping
    hilarious! how do you come up with this stuff?

  4. Havent watched the video yet! Have it paused because I wanted to let
    Jingles know that his video didnt appear in my subscription feed.

    Already checked like three times, it’s definitely not there. If Im having
    this problem, I bet other people subscribed are too.

    If so, or you think he should be informed too, please upvote so we can let
    him know that his videos might not be going out to everyone he thinks it


  5. Haha, that was the funniest thing I have ever read!

  6. Whitedragonking Ocola (Whitedragon1204)

    lol I love these moments. I had it before where there was 3 artillery vs 5
    tanks when I left and expected to lose…….arty win XD.

  7. Wow! Two vids with ‘Like A Boss’ in the title in 1 month? Is that u
    Jingles? ;)

  8. Jingles I would love to platoon with ya sometime and if you read this
    comment my username in wot is scoobydoo831.

  9. Could you please do some more of these videos

  10. Luke Williams (Lucious Calebious)

    What a complete boss. Three cheers for Leo!

  11. Frankie Camilleri (Frankii3)

    Can you actually upload a replay of you actually playing the game ? I’m
    tired of youtuber’s upload replays of someone else, I rather see you suck
    out then whatching a random guy playing the game.

  12. oh hey look the tank I’ve wanted for years but I’m not a rich person who
    has 100 dollars to toss around on a virtual tank or buying a dumb mouse.

  13. “So the duck turns to the barman and says that was no lady, that was my

    Funniest Joke Ever.

  14. När Jingles var i Royal Navy, ni Brits hade Hangarfartyg fortfarande. Nu
    everytime din typ 45 Destroyers lämna hamnen, de bryter ner.

  15. That description Jingles! XD

  16. Yay! Another wot video!:) keep up the good work jingles?

  17. this player, needs a beer and a cookie

  18. I know what kind of team you are talking about. I get them 9 out of 10
    times when I click on the battle button

  19. actually jingles in the end Leo wrote SRL which means seriously

  20. Resident evil movies are a disgrace to the franchise

  21. interesting, I always thought you turned blue only when you kill a team
    mate? So why didn’t the hetzer turn blue also?

  22. Well, even a one eyed guy is king superhuman in a country of blind people.
    Premium everything, bet he has at least 100% crew with a zillion of skills,
    playing against a pretty retard team. It reminded me of those replay with a
    T-18 cleaning 10-12 tanks at least in a game. Haven’t seen anything in
    particular, beside using the bushes and camping with the binoculars.

  23. The Hetzer and the Kv-1 were in a platoon, they probably were in a Skype
    call or something

  24. That description is beauty.

  25. what does cristinelul12’s farts smell like bros?

  26. Huh… when he said “no use alive” and “crucial role in the final seconds”
    I figured it would come down to the guy’s corpse eating a last-minute shot.

  27. 75% crew is stil a thing

  28. What a great game!

  29. Enjoy the film Jingles (planning on seeing it either Sunday or next weekend

  30. Rez evil is not out till next month, did you mean Underworld…. ?

  31. Mike Pegg (Pegguins)

    I completely disagree with what you’re saying about that M42. His decision
    is fine imo. On 6hp, in a typical T5 tank (with crappy crew) he cant drive
    around to spot a light/TD, instead sitting there was protecting the hydro
    from being flanked over the back of the railway and he was close enough to
    need to go over the railway embankment to back up the allied cap if needed.
    He didnt do anything because of how the game worked out, but his decision
    to play safe and keep the gun in action was definitely right imo.

  32. thanks for the amazing gameplay commentary everyday! have been watching for
    over 2 years and I only watch your vids when i eat. idk why but its like
    that. very nice to watch while eating

  33. Wonderful show. Much more interesting seeing average or underdog tanks
    doing exceptionally well in the hands of good players, than watching
    top-dog tanks just creaming the opposition.

  34. That was awsome… Really :-)

  35. chris “VaultBoy27”

    thats normal teams i get. nothing special there (unless you mean special
    ed.) wot is getting too full of these tks and inactives

  36. Witch pz 4 was heavily aumord at the front and badly aumord on the flanks

  37. That Ikv 103 has a roughly 12 second reload. There is no way he would have
    gotten a 2nd shot Jingles!

  38. while_you_are_reading_this_i_stole_your_cookies

    Jingles I have arty replay I won’t spoil you what happened do you want to
    see it.

  39. William Hsieh (limelego)


  40. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Jingles, that opening description was the greatest ever!
    OK, my turn for coffee now.

  41. Hey jingles, where do we send repalys to, i have a nice akizuki kraken
    replay, and won with only 1 cappoint difference?

  42. No Jingles Trust me you see way more strange CRAP at tier 9 and 10 then at
    the lower tiers I’ve gotten do many games where some t110e5 legit camps
    BEHIND ARTY. Infact I also got a is7 who hid in the way back of the map the
    entire game and that’s common at tier 10 that’s why I stick to tier 5 in my

  43. Jingles do you ever record or even play world of tanks I don’t relay like
    you always doing repley

  44. hey Jingles , GuP movie been out quite long so almost everyone should have
    watched it.THerefore could yo do a commentary vid about that movie; such as
    the friendly match at the begining or chihatan totsugeki is base on the IJA
    tactics used on mainland china or about the centurion mk1 A41…..

  45. Bad day….. all of the muscles in my left side are screaming in pain. I
    can’t even play a video game. I can however watch Jingles…. thank you
    Jingles you are awesome!

  46. Arrgh, I was hoping my Hydro replay would be the first featured on the
    channel, though I figured it’d get screwed by being 9.16 material. Guess
    I’ll have to find a new way to scrape out 3k damage in this thing, eh

  47. So , your friend who send you this video is romanian , nice, and nice video

  48. Uncle Jingles, any chance you, Circon, Rita, Ike & Jedi tried out Tanki

  49. Leo needed to angle his tank better at the end. It was a Crusader for
    goodness sake. Ugg…

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