World of Tanks – Like A Boss

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Two replays today because one, like the tank in it, is a bit short.

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×0 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. You’re awesome Jingles, keep up the great work – Hai from Perth, Australia

  2. Thanks sir Mighty

  3. Ha! Fir…. oh.. 38th? Shit

  4. See’s Luchs in Thumbnail, hits like.

    I’m a simple man.

  5. mattleghorn (Mattleghorn)

    Plz can I do sub to sub with someone

  6. hell yea, almost 5am and a Jingles video is waiting to be watched, lmao.
    Hope to see my leander replay up on here

  7. This Jingles guy is the greatest commenter. his laugh is so annoying in a
    really awesome way. he just seems to be a very loveable, war story telling,
    drunken grandpa.

  8. Suomi perkele! It’s Finland’s independence day! Now back to salt mine!

  9. wow, i’ve never been on one of his videos that has less than 1000 views

  10. Nice work Jingles :)

  11. im heading to bed wait jingles is calling me

  12. Hi Jingles, can i get a hello from you?

  13. once l see one man have a 36.000 battles in tier 5 german pz.IV G…

  14. 2 minutes ago… 800 views WHAT! why cant i be early?

  15. Luchs! Even a huge noob like me can do serious damage in that tank, I had a
    lot of lucky games scooting around past turrets that couldn’t even keep up
    with me. Oh to be young again, driving circles around KVs and hetzers :3

  16. I don’t know who this Dave guy is, but he plays a LOT of WoT.

  17. Now I want to see light tank only battles. Go karts with cannons, yes.

  18. Jingles video!!!!!

  19. This makes me regret not owning a Rudy…

  20. jingles or sleep…………………well screw sleeping

  21. Hi Mighty jingles, what do you think of console world of tanks (Xbox one)?

  22. I wonder if jingles replies?

  23. Can i also get a ” Hello” Jingles?

  24. I’m joke, let’s make an early.

  25. confirmed Jingles doesn’t like Americans

  26. Poor Black Prince. He was basically in the situation, if you use WoWs
    terms, trying to fight two DDs, with a BB. It is just not winnable, unless
    the two DDs do something monumentally stupid. And insult to injury, the guy
    clearly knew how to use his brains. I can only imagine how much frustration
    he felt towards the end.

  27. Jingles, when is the wedding?? And where? We might be able to send some
    gifts ya know…

  28. Shout out to the KV-2 driver who was heavily trying to carry the enemy
    team, wasn’t our hero in the Rudy, but very admirable. 3500 damage was not
    a bad result for him!

  29. This 1080p looks like 480p

  30. Earliest I’ve ever been and still can’t be one of the first 1k….my fanboy
    game isn’t strong enough…

  31. That was a good rudy game thats for sure

  32. oh crap my unauthorized 5 minute break from the salt mines is over bye

  33. feat some e50/ conq. ☺☺☺

  34. Hi Jingles! Can us minions get a 5 minute break from the salt mines, at
    least once a year? :D

  35. Love youre vids keep goin can i have reply back?

  36. mattleghorn (Mattleghorn)

    Can I get a hello from jingles

  37. Poor T-34-85E worse in literally every respect except for frontal armor
    than the Type 58, the worst tier 6 medium

  38. If Bo (Im not sure how to spell the name) was a tank what would he be?

  39. Hello from Texas, Jingles!

  40. phew that was fast on the number of viewers in a number of minutes, and on
    my birthday date too :)

  41. 5:10, /facepalm.

  42. God dam it jingles! It’s 3am you evil gnome lord!

  43. Shame that Autoaim+ is considered as a cheat nowadays… :(

  44. hey jingles, any advice for a new world of tanks player?

  45. I absolutely love Medium replays, but I absolutely suck at Mediums xD I’m a
    big dumb heavy tank driver. lol

  46. This is the price I pay for volunteering to salt mining.

  47. I’m just here to see if I still have a double shift in the salt mine.

  48. Nice work, Dave. Good to see teammates *communicating* with each other to
    secure a win :-)

  49. Maverick Raphael H. Sebastian

    Hi Jingles

  50. I wonder if jingles got the replay I sent you? .___.

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