World of Tanks || Like Father Like Son!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Emil II. It’s not only the Kranvagn which has been buffed significantly in update 1.5…


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. It is so nice when the enemy play fair and let you to reload.

  2. Palindromemordnilap

    Don’t snipe at me or my son ever again.

  3. Federico Spadone

    Soviet bias and swedish bias? I suspect a Wargaming – Paradox joint venture xD

  4. or shitty churchil tanks.. in british HT line.. that suck and are iritating to play

  5. I fucking hate artillery, i got pentrated in the Emil, obj277, udes16. Im just sick of it. They need to make a max dmg for arty of 400 dmg, arty can still prevent camping and there is no absurd shit

  6. I’m just here for the “Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am”

  7. Emils will make a decent impact now

  8. As someone who grinded the kranvagn line without buffs I can say Emil 2 had 2 configurations. Useless fast reload(compared to the other gun) with no pen or alpha. OR USELESS LONG RELOAD WITH NO PEN AND BELOW AVERAGE ALPHA. So between two useless guns you could choose to have long reload and expensive shells or somewhat fast reload with cheap shells. I had to waste loads of gold to grind fast that useless piece of crap. Even worse quicky baby praised the angled turret armor yet all t10 tanks managed to penetrate it frontally with HE and HEAT. Even worse, emil, emil 2 and kranvagn are extremely weak against Arty shots. If a shot landed it meant to use your consumables and still have damaged modules and crew injured. A splash could ammo rack or set you on fire (for not counting the crew and modules damaged )

  9. Time to sell my type 4 , and re-buy emil 2. simples.

  10. Before update 1.5, I only make up to 2k damage with the Kranvagn. After the update, my goodness, I can now make 3k to 6k damage in a game! That’s how influential the buffed is for an average player like me!

  11. Adam The Turtle

    Such BIAS xD

  12. Meanwhile in WoT console, they nerfed the dpm of Emil I and Emil II for some reason several versions ago. (Oh, and they also nerfed E-50 and AMX 30 for the reason of “they are doing too good statistically” along with many other tanks. They also nerfed the DPM across the Italian line very hard before its release.)

  13. Me a 19 yrs old fam *STILL PLAYS WOT*


  14. I have no problems with some of these tank buffs, yes the E2 and Kran could be now considered OP but its still not ridiculous like Objects or 430U. These tanks are strong hull-down but outside of that, they are easy to fight against.

  15. Can’t they add this to ps4

  16. Carrying no but its easier to ditch out a nice ammount of dmg in the hand of a good Player.
    Otherwise it is a welcome upgrade.

  17. I’ve watched this one already but I am still curious as to what QB has to say.

  18. I’m conflicted on whether or not I want to go up the Kranvaghn or to the UDES 15

  19. Fix E100 !

  20. QB I’d love to see relays where people aren’t spamming premium rounds with premium consumables, a highly skilled crew, and a premium account because that’s not how most people play. You can’t get away with firing 18 premium rounds at tier 9 with a free to play account, it’s just too expensive. Solid relay but it wouldn’t have been possible without gold.

  21. Enemy team was utterly retarded, so retarded he should have 20k damage.

  22. The guy is in squad with 12kali, that dude was featured on this channel before but i cant remember what video. What a coincidence.

  23. Idk if I’m doing it wrong but I load 1/3 HE on tanks like 50TP Prototyp to pelt about 200dmg per pop at Emil and S. Conquerors who think they are untouchable. Once they aim at me, they have turned enough for allies to shoot at their turret side.

  24. When is it coming to Xbox one

  25. Sorry QB, bit WoT has gone to crap. Clown cars and stupid super heavy Russian tanks coupled with wargaming’s pay to win greed have essentially killed it on the NA server. Was fun while it lasted. Unsubbed

  26. Inawana Industries

    I wonder when American tanks will be top of the power tree.

  27. Last game I played, the Kranvagn on my team got 7,000 dmg with 7 kills. I think it is starting to become a problem

  28. where is modpack 1.5? quickybaby please:))

  29. Going by Wargaming’s balancing patterns, next patch they’ll nerf the snot out of the Swedish mediums and heavies, and continue to ignore the Object 268 V4 and the Object 430/430U being absurdly overperforming.

  30. The OverSaturated Gamer

    3:44 no they definitely still do lmao ???

  31. Why is he talking about bad luck for low rolling when the Loewe was left at 1 HP? Isn’t this how the game is supposed to be? At least for me my guns go troll every third kill shot xD

  32. i was relly enjoying emil II i had around 60% winrate on it before buff, win rate went up to 70% after 1.5 buff, has dropped a bit now as im targeted by arty alot more now, and i have been rolling bad teams, i dont really feel it was needed in the emil II but it is alot more scary to see one now on the other team if used correctly

  33. As a person who plays the Kran fairly often I’m telling you right now, no this line is not going to carry games. Arty strikes are these things worst nightmare even with the spralliner. Sure we have a lower reload which allows us to have a higher dpm but we still have the bad penetration of our shells which is also a very frustrating factor.

    In short, no Quicky these things aren’t going to carry games and become annoying, the wheeled vehicles already have that covered.

  34. couldnt call it mom for mothers day, LOL!

  35. woo boy already saw this one on wot replays, was expecting this lol.

  36. But where is artillery? Perfect map and opponents to emil II to shine

  37. Technically isn’t the Emil 2 the father to the Kranvan since the Emil in a time line comes first. Like the IS3 came before the IS7?

  38. So, now this tank is better than AMX 50 120 at…everything. Roughly the same speed, more armor, better reload time.

  39. What should i go for swedish heavy or medium…i am at leo

  40. hey QB why no more xvm modpack? 🙁

  41. The_Goblin _King

    QB asks why WGing did this buff? Because this has been WGing’s marketing strategy since 2012. Buff a line and all the wanna be unicums throw cash at WGing to get up the line and get that OP tier 10 tank. It will take about a year before WGing nerfs it back to normal levels again.

  42. It’s great to hear your healthy voice again QuickyBaby! 🙂

  43. Did you watch that VK?
    He did a wooping 186 Dmg and survived till the very end. Wow xD


    Are you streaming on Friday now to reduce other streamers viewership?

  45. Mai-Lien Olsson

    However, the Emil 1 was nerfed.

  46. Stanislav Coros

    in last year, i have been 6 monts banned. great game

  47. The gun is only really good when u can afford to spam heat, 252 pen and apcr as standart aint that good for tier ten, i tend to bounce most of my shots against equal tier heavies lover plates like the russian ones or an e100 for example. Even in the replay, dude loaded apcr against lowe at the end and bounced the lower plate once, i believe wg just made it so we would spend more creds on prem rounds. (im talking about the krangvan)

  48. Pretty much rendered the T57 and 50b pretty much pointless.

  49. Good vid quicky?

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