World Of Tanks Live – AMX CDC – Mini Review

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Source: Plumb Tanker

I bought the Tier VIII Premium ! I really liked this machine on the test server when it first got introduced, finally I have it! Enjoy a mini garage review and live gameplay.

My computer specs:
Intel Core i7-2600K OC to 4.4Ghz – 16gb Corsair Ram – MSI Geforce GTX 980 – Asus P8P67 Mobo – Asus RogSwift 27″ 4K – Window 10 Home.


  1. Conor Cooper (TheNightsEnd)

    Welcome to the CDC club plumb. With 200 games in that tank it’s surely one
    of my favourites. You should get some stabilisers to make that on the move
    firing more effective.

  2. Tanker Hopkins: Bush of Trees

    Plumb just remember if you want the CDC to reach its top speed you have to
    drive in reverse. It goes WAY faster in reverse than it goes forward.

  3. But it’s French………….

  4. Mikko Oja (Xillitor CT)

    Ah so you have it too now…guess i need to start taking mine out…

    You, me, platoon, when?

  5. I run Optics, Rammer, Stabs. Optics help later in the game cos you want to
    be shootin and scootin before they know what happened

  6. Na na na na nanana naaah! THUNDAH!

  7. Glad I could help Plumb :)Nice video, good game!

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