World of Tanks Live | KV-2 with Circonflexes

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Source: Maxwell

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  1. lol 3 views

  2. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    What happened between Circon and Havoc on Twitter? I didn’t hear about that
    one. :/

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +Maxwell Plays TL;DR: Sir_Havoc went full retard; your notification boxes
      got spammed.

      That’s fucking hilarious. xD

    • Haha nah it wasn’t anything we were joking about how havoc ran a
      competition and asked people to reply to his tweet with his answer. Thing
      is though he tagged myself, circon and some others in the tweet so
      everything someone entered they tweeted at us too. Meant we got a
      notification everytime someone entered. Was funny really.

  3. Glad to see you and circon going live together again. Hope this means that
    your bar is going well:) 

  4. ayy max

  5. That French artillery is a bastard in the game. Every time I see one I want
    to strangle its player. Similar to how I view E-25 drivers, only those I
    want to strangle with their own entrails.

  6. I enjoy the replay’s but I have to say when you are teamed up with Circon
    it takes it to a whole new level.

  7. More KV2 please! So hilarious!

  8. Yes!!! Fucking love it, more live stuff please

  9. Yukikaze Fuyutsuki

    glad to see is back :)

  10. Love your channel. Keep it up. Personally my most watched channels are:
    Jingles (of course), QB, PHJ and of course Max (not in that order). Kudos.

  11. Please bring back the Dream Team. My life has been incomplete without that
    bit of enjoyment you guys provide.

  12. yes bring back dream team. Those videos were the most entertaining WoT
    videos I have ever seen!

  13. ROL VK2 Strong tank 🙂


  14. AttackPenguin666

    Max <3 this returning, you talking about the Dream Team....well, I got a
    wet dream OpieOP Kappa

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