World of Tanks Live | KV-5 | Ace Tanker

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. Maxwell OP, plz nerf.

  2. Best games at start of the stream. This was really good and well done.

  3. it took me a 1700 base xp game to ace my kv5 after getting i think 4 1300
    and 1400 base xp games that were only worth 1st classes but that was like a
    year and a half ago now but still nicely played game

  4. Quantum Imperfections

    Hey Maxwell! I love the channel! I’m currently trying to go down the
    Japanese Medium line and I was wondering if you had any ace tanker / pretty
    good gameplay on the Chi-Nu (tier 5 med). It would reallllly help me out.
    Either way YOU DA BEST.

  5. Please stop showing yourself. It’s not why I watch your videos. It’s for
    your play by play. If you stop having yourself in the video I will
    watch/like more of your videos. Best Regards.

  6. 00:34 : i just wanted to mention that i AM an absolutely chilled mo*fu*.
    Haven’t yet picked up playing WoT again, though. 🙂 :)

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