World of Tanks Live | KV-5 Radley Walters Ace

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. maxwell are you looking forward to the new physics and sounds i cant wait
    to see how devastating a kv5 ran will be next patch plus im loving what ive
    heard from the sounds so far :)

  2. this was a showcase for why the kv5 is awesome that rof is devastating plus
    your reactions during this were fucking hilarious

  3. So are you grinding credits or something? I see you playing the KV5 a lot

  4. “Oh, Radley-Walters! Fuck you guys…. fuck me…. uh, fuck off!” Couldn’t
    stop laughing at that.

    Awesome video, Maxwell. Keep up with the good work! :)

  5. And 3 players on your team with no damage and a team kill, so that was
    pretty good.

  6. easiest readley ever 😀 wp Max 😉 great video

  7. Wow, that has to be a dream game in the KV-5.

  8. What Xvm or mod’s did he use ? :-I

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