World Of Tanks Live – pzkpfw .b2 740 (f)

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Source: Tanker

.b2 740 (f) …it’s a mouthful, but it’s tasty…

My computer specs:
Intel i7-2600K OC 4.4Ghz – 16gb Corsair – MSI Geforce GTX 980 – Asus P8P67 Mobo – Asus RogSwift 4K 27″ – Window Home.


  1. Plum Ive been in tier 5 with B2 when I was in a platoon can’t remember what
    other tank was but it was only a tier 4 tank . It has premium matchmaking
    so not sure how it happened

  2. You can’t see tier 5 in the b2.

    You were pretty lucky against that Matilda :)

  3. Plumb,1 tip,don’t use x25 too much,cuz ur resolution is 4k and when u zoom
    in x25,ur circle seems small,but it’s larger than it actually looks,cuz of
    the game client

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