World of Tanks Live | T54E1 | Best of the Worst

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  1. +CISDEVILS That E75 man.. 747 damage.. wow! Was he throwing water balloons
    all the time? Even with the stock gun I managed to do more damage than

  2. Yeah i know how it feels man getting in to a tier 9 game in the IS-6 hurts
    alot 😉

  3. +CISDEVILS Haha, normally I’d agree but I’m stuck with the stock gun with
    173 pen so I feel no shame spamming all the gold until I have the top gun 🙂

  4. +kaismueller Haha. I had the camera zoomed all the way out to check the
    positions and movements of the enemy tanks so when I drove down streets the
    camera spazed out. Oh and I’m a terrible shot 🙂

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