World of Tanks || Livestream Highlights /w Jingles!

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and highlights from the last livestream with Jingles!

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World of Tanks a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Jingles runs an account that uses a name and Pennant number of a former

  2. Fókusz Ph3lan! :)

  3. Anyone else notice that QB has already shown that TVP game on this channel

  4. The TVP 50/51 seems to have the same kind of play style needed as the Chi
    Ri to win.

  5. The TVP is OP and wargaming knows it I cant wait for them to nerf it to the
    ground like they did on previous vehicels. 1.5 sec between shots and even
    the accuracy for it is just insane.

  6. Love my type61! IF you can get in a good position then you’ll be great. Gun
    is fantastic!

  7. I like how at the time jingles changed his name to Newcastle aka HMS
    Newcastle his favorite ship while in the navy.

  8. Ph3lan mit csinálsz te itt 😀 😀 :D

  9. It was nice to see a little Ph3lant again :)

  10. QB saving Jingles again…

  11. Krzysztof Miszczyński

    I’ll try to be as Quick as some babies are. Pathetic “how glorious I’m”.
    Die in selfglory, without no doubt. QuckyByeBye

  12. The code worked great, thanks. Five games and about 30k exp further on the
    boring grind of the T-34/100.

  13. He said that there was nothing good in this replay :”D yeah, that wasnt
    good if u killed 10 enemies :”))

  14. i have a good replay of is4 on test server 7k dmg and funny moments can and
    how i can sand u?

  15. im kinda upset cause i didnt get to watch the live stream because i live in
    new zealand and if i wanted to watch it i would have to get up at 5 oclock
    in the morning is there anyway you can maybe make the time one hour later
    so ppl like us that have different time zones can watch too 🙂 anyway love
    the vids and keep up the good work!!

  16. what is the code?

  17. 2:42 AUTO AIM!!!…. STFUU!!

  18. HELP….got the code after watching the live Twitch…..BUT cannot redeem
    it, the format of the code is not accepted by WOT, as it wants 20 digits
    etc…I am EU server……..can anyone help please

  19. Kristoffer Johansson

    Great stream yesterday and thanks for the code!

  20. 33 секунды

    Working invite codes ( July 2016 ) on channel 33 seconds.

  21. 427th?

  22. So is Black Dog really catching on in the EU, because I never hear it in
    NA. Usually goes by 41 90.

  23. What is qb’s real name?

  24. The big question is not how good it is but if is worth sweating 9 tiers to
    get it ! I would categoricly say :no .

  25. xX_Hyperbeast_Xx XOXO

    Still waiting for the Loltraktor review…..

  26. quickybaby you just don’t call random people bastard’s because they kill
    your team mates, language man language, thanks.

  27. Jingles probably was ammo racked anyway.

  28. I was watching that Type 61 game live. Was wondering when you would be
    going to put it on YouTube.

  29. Ezaaaaz feltűnt ph3lan!

  30. QB m46 Patton review ??? Maybe soon ?

  31. Guys i was watchin the stream last night but just as QB was going to show
    the code my computer crashed can someone please tell it?

  32. the code ?

  33. will it work on the na sever :)

  34. hello mister +quickybaby… i watch last night your live stream. only the
    problem is, I couldnt watch the end so i missed te Bonus Code… can I
    still get him? I thank you so much♥

  35. I was very sad that it turned out to be EU only since I went to a computer
    cafe and bought premium time for the first time today so I could make the
    best use of the code ? but it was a fun stream nonetheless and you looked
    so bummed when you realized it’s not available for the NA players. It’s
    alright I still had fun ?

  36. i dont know why but im a cruiser guys

  37. funny when you accidentally TKed someone and you were like: lol don’t take
    screenshots xD

  38. can you do a review of the T-44-100 (R) or (P)?

  39. Oblivion Templar

    61 – 10 Kills

  40. “highlight w/ jingles” jingles dies within the first 3 minutes lmao

  41. It sucks to be Australian. We always miss out on these early-morning games.

  42. Why is your mini map so big?

  43. hey what time will it be here on pacific time united states I would like
    some information please

  44. poor jingles

  45. apersonthingy productions (apersonthingy Gaming)

    Could you please upload the stream? I had to miss it, even though I have
    been looking forward to it for days.

  46. Can you feature the T30 and T34 and tell the differences between
    them…Somehow , i feel both of’em have the similar play style and tactics
    .Nevertheless , one’s a TD and the other is a HT ! Thank you , QB .

  47. who watched cup euro

  48. Dennise Haristhio

    Quicky, when you see the battle result skoda t50/51. What is that 2 unknown

  49. Since when has Jingles a new Account-Name ?

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