World Of Tanks ll 1 V 9 Lemming Train (not) Fail ll Type 64 Tier 6 Chinese Light Tank

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Utilising his fast reload and 76mm punchy gun, along with his camo rating to maximum effect.

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  1. Great game!!!! love this tank!!! just to yet you guys know my tutorial is on way but has some monster editing involved 🙂

  2. Nice Job Saltyjedi.

  3. Seems like a great tank, just not when I see randoms using it.

  4. it can pen IS-6 turret from the side or the rear with AP

  5. AnomalousIntutition

    This proves that the Type 64 is not only an able scout, but it can carry against much bigger opponents. Quite a good choice for skirmishes. The gun depression and good camo rating means it’s handy with ridge lines and bush work, but there are many maps which lack the bushes to make this work. Live Oaks is one that does work though. Have to watch that ammo load though.

  6. he had only 1 shot left, could be Fadins’ as well

  7. TheSUFCharvanator

    epic game and pretty damn good commentary for your first time salty 🙂

  8. Welcome to World of Morons… Great game…

  9. Nice replay and nice to see you took our feedback and did commentary…big thumbs up! Looking forward to more vids

  10. Treamon Sessions

    Epic game….I have the tank, just getting somewhat used to it

  11. Youssef Sammouh

    Nice replay and good job on the commentary Salty, but im confused. wasnt this sirhavocs channel?

  12. Youssef Sammouh

    the intro is just ????

  13. cealera alexandru

    Best tier 6 tank on all types !? :p

  14. Remember kids, it’s not the numbers that count..

  15. Best commentary I have ever heard on WoT gameplay !

  16. Great job Salty, keep up the great work

  17. Great tank, great game, and very informative commentary. Good job.

  18. Wow – very impressive

  19. That intro was solid good…nice ???

  20. Nice look forward to more of them

  21. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Thoughts on, since this vid is a great example, new light tank meta with new match maker? Even with the view range nerf, seems when they are top tier, at least at lower tiers, they still out view everything.

  22. Wow what a crazy game! Great video, commentary definitely helps

  23. that really was an epic game… probably carries too many gold rounds to make much money on a typical game if you ask me… but I love the Type 64… one of my favourite tanks in WOT!!!

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