World Of Tanks ll Mission Marathon Medium ll T34-85M Tier 6 Russian Premium Medium Tank

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  1. yeah buddy

  2. Fapping jedi 😀

  3. Bahamut666 DragonLord

    Just for the sake of improvement I would suggest some sort of filter for the mic to soften those c,s,x,z, & p sounds they just made the video annoying to listen to.

  4. Your fav tank?

  5. Would it be possible to boost your audio in post processing, I had my PC turned up above 90% just to be able to hear the review. Great review and video.

  6. The intro is wow

  7. Nice video keep it up man.

  8. 12 shot per minute, idem with 10 shots per minute. Not per second.
    otherwise the t3485m had 129.6k dpm

  9. The missions are so easy, so what you need to ask yourself is: Do I have the time to play a little bit (almost) every day? I will keep this tank for x5 weekends and similar events.

    I_am_not_Dave, H4VOC.

  10. LOL!! the 85M used to be the worst, now it is the best T34/85 variant

  11. “T-34/85M (…) worth the effort?” – this question is wrong, in that it presumes there’s an effort involved. Holy crap this thing is essentially a giveaway.

  12. I think I’m on day 9 or 10 of 13 for this event and looking forward to getting the tank! I’m trying to stream on Twitch each day’s progress. Picking up a T-VI premium made accomplishing the missions much simpler as my T-IVs sometimes couldn’t do the job without a lot of work. 🙂

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