World Of Tanks ll Tankfest Tales ll Tiger 131 Tier 6 German Premium Heavy Tank

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Source: House Havoc

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  1. Great vid Salty !!!

  2. Watched this live on stream, beast mode game.

  3. love the vid and the sitrep from tankfest!
    just one tip: next time give your mic volume more priority of the game sounds

  4. Enjoyed that 🙂 Hopefuly I’ll be going to Tankfest next year. Done Goodwood FoS instead this year, couldn’t afford both lol – Thanks for the tales Salty 🙂

  5. Umm… I think you can call that a carry.

  6. PanzerBrony Metallicom

    It was nice to see most of you there!!
    Just one little correction Salty: I ate the Gouda, Commando4u2 the rest! Afterwards I just had the burgers. 😀

  7. salty winning vs wg ceo is a win for all the community ^^

  8. where have you been lately

  9. can we already know where and when the 2018 annuall meeting is going to be? kif

  10. As others said Salty, mic is too low for game sounds mate, but good job on the video!

    Oh and thanks for not mentioning the snoring haha

  11. Well, Sir Havoc, there is nothing like going to TankFest to only find out after I come back from TankFest that I met you and had no clue! 🙁 I was the one who approached your group asking if one of you was Bushka, hahaha. One of you said they could be anyone I wanted them to be, hehehe. I shot videos of everyone I met who played WoT (Blitz) and had I known that you were you I would’ve done the same. Boy, am I a noob for not recognizing someone I’m subscribed to who has over 30K subscribers! I wonder who else in your group had a good following on their respective channels. Ah, well, maybe next year.

  12. Trust me to be looking the wrong way, either way. Nice meeting the lot of you

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