World Of Tanks – LOAD THE GOLD! T-54 Funny Moments

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– LOAD THE GOLD! Funny Moments


  1. The T-54 is only good in low tier matches


  3. first ?

  4. hell yea hi phly :)

  5. Phly can you do more wot please, Wot for arcade and WT for sim battles

  6. I’m from Romania and I love what you’re doing but I know you will be amazed
    that are just in Romania but I like what you’re my idolu four years and by
    the way I do not really know but I can handle situ English

  7. i love how the graphics for tanks in war thunder are like 30 times better
    than wot even tho war thunder is more of a plane game

  8. I don’t even try to win anymore. They figured out how to program a complex
    game, but they just can’t seem to figure out how to program MM.


  9. Hey phly ive just seen a video of you baron and slickbee (and two other
    guys i think) playing men of war assault squad 2 you were the americans,
    facing the japanese banzai charge, any chance we see that game on your
    chanel one day

  10. T-54 is so much fun it WOT :3

  11. I just realized how dreadful this game looks. And i never got the HP
    system, which doesn’t make sense in this type of game

  12. You forgot to mention Conway in the Description phly ;)

  13. My HP laptops been fine for like 3 or 4 years now and I’ve fucked it up
    pretty bad lol, I even dropped it from the top of my bunk bed and it fell
    on the top right corner of the screen, the screens still working even
    though a small piece got chipped off the top right corner of the bezel, its
    insane xD

  14. Load the skill rounds!

  15. What is that extra trailing crosshair thingy i keep seeing? Extra mod for
    the server reticle? Where do you get that? 

  16. I have a working dell from like 2003 it’s as fast as it always was after 12

  17. I have a working 12 year old dell

  18. God damn you Time Warner Cable…. won’t let me watch 1080p without
    buffering every 3 seconds…

  19. Skill ammo

  20. how do people like this better than WT GF?

  21. Not trying to be mean or anything, but I wish I had the money to get to a
    tier 9 so quickly as Phly does. :C It would make my life so much better.

  22. Love your vids bruh

  23. Is the spotted symbol a mod?

  24. War thunder tanks seem so much better and more realstic

  25. thought it was war thunder, damn

  26. Still better than the IS 8

  27. 90% of Phly’s WoT video comments: “buu this looks shit, wt better” “wot
    sux, wt is da shit” and so on. GROW UP kids, you like WT better then play
    that game. pathetic

  28. It looks much better on Xbox.

    suck it PC master race!

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