World of Tanks – Loser

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

There’s a loser in todays’ video. Well it’s World of Tanks, usually there are fifteen of them. Today’s a little different, however, watch and see…

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  1. Why did a little dog tag with an x on it pop out whenever he got a kill?

  2. What a fool on a lack of gun info try in Australia P&EE Port Wakefield were the gun is the flash suppressor worked well and in on display on the old 2 pdrAT gun still has the bolts locking it to barrel

  3. I’m a bit baffled as to why he threw away an almost guaranteed cap win to instead wander the map for 5 mins.

  4. Ah, my friends & I used to love playing the Matilda. A few times, we went out in a platoon of three, and did rather well when we got top tier…

  5. Actually Jingles it’s a Matilda, not a Matilda IV. Don’t ever change 🙂

  6. That’s why you cap

  7. Steffen Aggerholm Kristensen

    Had a game in the same tank, same map, same mm. a year back. 12 kills, kolobanovs against 9. Never worried 😀

  8. Err actually Jingles, the Matilda sucks. Umm Jingles, why do you have a bolter? Oh, shit…

  9. hey mate..fair suck of the saveloy ya flamin’ drongo… was you lord of the salt mines..i’ll see myself out..sorry

  10. Jingles is reminded of Australia… *immediately thinks of beer*

  11. You left the T-34 off the list of chronically broken-down tanks. But I’d take it because despite the propaganda, the T-34 was utter shyte and in the Korean war the Pacfic theater, obsolete M4A1 Shermans had a positive kill/death against the top-of-the-line T-34/85 because it many advantages and they actually mattered IRL.

  12. let up low tier health but keep OP vehicles in the game…

  13. The renaissance man

    Many times u end up following other TOMATOES advice on chat, irony is that ur following advice from players much worse than you ;DDDDD

  14. anyone think this replay looks a bit dark?

  15. Ultra seal clubber tank lol
    Sad loss but deserved for playing such a stupidly op tank in top tier, it tells the most op tier 10s to hold it’s beer.

  16. “This battle end in a draw for both sides”. Actually Jingles some time ago I had a draw just one side:)
    Never change old man , we love you the way you are.

  17. Matilda. Now there’s a name I have not heard in some time.

    Guess the arty was looking for a place to drown. Oh well. In fairness the vespa was probably a noob, and wasn’t sure how to play it out.

  18. Hmm. Matilda IV is it Jingles?

    Isn’t that the Lend-Lease version in the Russian tree with the short 76mm?

  19. Never played a game of world of tanks. More into ships. But I get the impression that this vehicle could need some balancing.

  20. ᐃᑦᑎᓂᖅᓯᐅᑐᖅ ᑕᖅᓴᖅ

    The artillery with 11 shots and no damage, the joys of playing low tier artillery in 2020

  21. In those situations, base capture points should give the win.

  22. I’d like to know when they added the Matilda 4 into the tech tree

  23. For those who wish to know, I’ll post this since I see some miss info and bad guesses in the comments. The lil John adapter is by definition what’s called a squeeze bore choke. A choke is a device attached to the end of a barrel and designed to constrict the end of the barrel. Chokes are mostly used on shotguns to narrow the spread and increase range. But they have historically been used on other things like cannons. Squeeze bore is where it tapers the bore of the choke to do the constricting. Squeeze bore has also been used in bores of barrels too. This is some times referred to as a tapered bore. This is different than a tapered barrel which is where they taper the profile (the outside of the barrel), which is generally done as a compromise between barrel rigidity and weight savings. With modern forging techniques, this practice as fallen in popularity do to being able to make various more advanced barrel profile designs. – USMC Vet and builds pew pews as a hobby.

    Edit: fixed some type-Os. On my mobile.

  24. The Tank Commander

    Does Jingles realize that it’s not a Matilda IV? It’s a Matilda II.

  25. Well fought but really bad decission making in the end.

  26. Another potato player in a potato camo bitchslapping even bigger potatoes from his OP tank. Yawn.

  27. The little John adapter is what is called a squeeze bore adapter and decreases the diameter down witch increases velocity slightly.
    The Germans had a similar design. They took their existing 28mm cannon and added a tapered barrel that went down to 20mm

  28. This wasn’t the tier V Russian “Matilda IV”. This was the tech tree tier IV British Matilda.

  29. Why are you highlighting a seal clubbing game?


    was probably looking for a puddle to drown himself in.

  31. It is kind of sad that it looked like he went from defending against a no cap kill all to what may seem like a no cap kill all.

  32. Dunno what motivates people on games, but i do know that after about 100 000 rounds of wg games, winning 1 round rly means nothing. Arty played that pretty smart, he denied victory from clearly superior player who after noobing enemy team going “KILL ALL”, went himself to mode kill all no cap and lost sure win. And i rly rly dont understand why anyone would play tier 4 on other tanks than luchs, competent player in that tank can just run rings around matilda.

  33. The draw was absolutely justifiable, he made a very wrong choice and payed the price for it.
    You can’t blame the wespe for doing nothing, it might have been unsportsmanlike of him, but his task is either to win or prevent the enemy team from winning. And he did just that.

  34. Ain’t that a regular Matilda and not the Matty 4?
    I LOVE my Matilda. I play all tiers but it’s still my fav and most fun to play. My “go to” if you will.
    (Only about 140 away from getting my level 5 reaper on her. They’re killing machines!)

  35. And this is one of the reasons why a lot of players hate Artie players

  36. Someone doesnt play artillery in wot very often do they. 10% chance the waspe gets a 1 shot kill, 90% chance he shoots and stuns matilda who then shoots the wespe to death and they lose. The enemy wespe forced a draw so got a win in his book because sometimes making the enemy “not win” is the best thing you can hope for. Give “Scorched earth” a google sometime.
    The matilda made the same mistake as the enemy team of “no cap kill all”. No sympathy here.
    Meanwhile jingles moans about the artillery (who WG have nerfed out of existance) meanwhile the sav/43 did worse and the Panzer3 didnt do much different. We’re complainging about the guy who got the bronze medal instead of the guys who weren’t on the podium.

  37. 9:30 Jingles… He’s not in Matilda IV… he’s in regular (tech-tree) Matilda :V

  38. Great. Now the Dogtags are out and did come as I expected. Bringing nothing really and keep blocking important Informations… Good that you can disable does, yet of course if it works probably because I don´t have tried it myself until now.

    One other Thing said : Enemy Team ! Why do some Hunting instead of Winning ? The Matilda is such a Damn Slow Tank and you had all the the Time to win ! EXP is not worth to get it when you Loose !!

    I guess, Dumbness comes before the Fall !!!

    To Jingles : There is always a Third Option. Wait in a Bush and sit it out until 1 : The Enemy shows up or 2 : Times up. A Draw can be as good as Winning when your Team has sucked entirely. Just like in this Case the Wespe did ! In my Opinion, the Wespe was the only one who had a Brain on the Enemy Team even if he missed that many shots!

    Fools don´t deserve a reward. They deserve a Fist in their Faces !

  39. The technical term for the Little John adaptor is as you almost had it; a squeeze bore extension.

  40. Game of Potatoes, he deserved the draw, after each time he engaged the enemy tanks he ended up driving the wrong way.

  41. I cringed every time (once I got over my confusion) Jingles said “Matilda IV” and not “Matilda II”
    Especially after he correctly talked about both early on…

  42. A battle where 7 mins of the battle is matilda driving around

  43. Folks like that give arty players a bad name.

  44. I can’t recall anyone ever asking for 100% reliability — if that happened, then everyone who chose a Russian T-34 for a battle would have a thirty-three percent chance of it not appearing on the map because it broke down on the way there. What I dislike more is the paper tanks, gun upgrades that the real tanks couldn’t possibly have fitted into their turrets, and tanks being able to carry more gold ammo than they actually did. All of those things are easy fixes.

  45. I think the problem with the lack of realism in WoT and WoWS is that Wargaming *does* advertise them as realistic sim games.

  46. They would be blaming arty. Yes, enemy team had not the ability to think and breathe at the same time. A few blokes did try to cap, but I can imagine they were yelled at by the WN8 stat padders.

  47. World of warships I can play. But world of tanks? No.. Hp doesn’t belong on tanks. War Thunder is so much better.

  48. Someone’s Astro’s are on low battery

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