World of Tanks – Loser

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Oh boy I’m really looking forward to reading the comments section this one.

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  1. Everyone: *Sees the Excelsior not de-capping*
    Me: *Sees the PzIII J driving past the enemy cap while the enemy is in the cap and you have a slow af teammate also near the cap*
    I see no difference between these two players, they both sucked in ultimately equal measure

  2. I think boogi21 earned it, after all, he knew how to cap after just 61 games, something players with 6000 games might not know.

  3. Is it possible the long plan is to sell the account ?

  4. That guy is ate up with the stupids

  5. And I thought I got robbed, when I pushed 6000 damage in my Strv and lost anyway, because in a 2v2 the remaining leopard on my side refused to spot targets and instead died in the same bush at the map border that he was occupying the whole game.

  6. Intentionally throwing the game is “Unsportsmanlike Conduct”, Jingles. He DID break the rules.

  7. Milipede Centipede

    can we all report him for the sake of the game?

  8. Jingles, please dont show names of players your deriding…he’s going to get alot of shit for it.

  9. Well you could sign the warning signs were there from the start. With all the premiums to choose from he chose the Excelsior. A clear sign of a disordered mind…

  10. Erg…. I think his play style just have me cancer….

  11. HOLLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!! that’s an epic Kolobanov’s for sure LOL congratz =P

  12. Well not defending the Excelsior but let’s not pretend that the team is entirely blameless here, if just one other person helped cap or went back to base sooner then Excelsior wouldn’t have been the deciding factor here, instead everyone but the Chi-Nu dog piled the Churchill.

  13. I hate people like this, I always have people like this in my games.

  14. The guy in the Excelsior was a griefer. Simple.

  15. what is this clan T_GOD that he belongs to? are they all known for this?

  16. That is called GRIEFING. Report the fucking bitch so Wargaming will ban the little bastard.

  17. There is a kid with autism in a clan i used to be in, and there are some things he understandably doesn’t get. We can’t be too sure, but it is possible that this player has some mental health issues and is living in their own world. Just don’t mind them too much. They deserve the right to play the game too.

    • Is there a point where players can be so bad, for whatever reason, that they should not be allowed to play with others in a competitive game? From WG’s point of view, players like this are fine because they pay. But for other players, having someone throw your game completely ruins the experience.

      Some players need to be put in their own pool and/or just play against bots. Even 45% tomatoes deserve to play and maybe try to get better. Players like this do not.

  18. Players like this give noobs a bad name… I can deal with an inexperienced noob that tries but this guy is the worst type.

  19. This is an analogy for life

  20. Bring back team dmg so you can kill chuckle heads like that guy

  21. I do not even play the game, just watch the videos, and I found this match to be sad (did like seeing a Churchill tank).

  22. The excelsior is the most rage inducing brainless dipshit I’ve ever witnessed

  23. And that’s why I don’t play that stupid game any more

  24. Remember, in World of tanks, its never ever 15 vs 15, its nomarlly 1 vs 29, sometimes 2 vs 28 unless in a platoon.

  25. T-GOD Clan must be a special bunch.

  26. “Could have been a HERO, but chose to take the ZERO.” Gosh, how long did you take to come up with that poetic saying? It’s amazing description of that guy, I’d also love to point out that he’s in a clan. What kind of clan is he even in? What clan doesn’t check the stats of someone?

  27. Jingles: “I think it’s safe to say I have a bit of a soft spot for this tank.”
    TOG II: *storms off* “You said I was you favorite British Premium Heavy.”

    • Side note: With statistics that abysmal… HOW does he have ANY mastery badges? That’s the biggest shock here.

  28. jingles, my fondest moment of my church 3 was on this map but on the 6-9 line, i cant remember what version the game was (pre 0.9). 4 tier 3s all bouncing off its front as i charged forward, after the 30ish hit they all started to reversing to flee from me down the f-j lines. i was in my clan’s TS3 humming the ride of the Valkyries while obliterating them

  29. Jingles I think you are giving too much credit to this guy. I think he is an absolute idiot and didn’t know that he was being capped. For what ever reason. Its the only explanation

  30. TL;DR: If some player doesnt care about winning or losing the game, it is actually “throwing”. A pilot who doesnt care whether he lives or dies can just jump straight away without killing the ‘game’ for those who want to win/live. Such behaviour should be punished.

    Well, it’s players like “Direng” that provoke toxicity and actually made me stop playing this game. Wargaming should really consider reworking the report system and actually put some effort into community communication and behaviour – banning the all chat was just the minimal effort to do something against toxicity. And Warships shows that it can be done better with report and praise system, yet even that is not perfect.

  31. Donkeys are everywhere in this game.

  32. Sad very Sad

  33. God damn, it’s people like that. That make me not even want to put in the effort to getting a computer that can run wot

  34. I checked his clan, and apparently, “direng” is not his only account.

  35. Have you considered that he’s a young kid?

  36. I mean Direng is a horrible player and a horrible person. But this specific battle isn’t all his fault. If even just one other teammate stayed with Cansss in the cap, they might’ve won. If they’d all stayed, they definitely would’ve won.

    As for Direng, I hope his clan kicks him, his account gets baned, and he gets dysentery. In that order.

  37. This is the toxicity of the US server. I hate American gamers on WOT all rambos and no team players

  38. Maybe we should give the benefit of the doubt and just assume he’s a pacifist or something. 😂

  39. He definitely did something wrong – he pushed his teams Stug III down from the hill at the start of the battle.

  40. It’s nothing strange these days god knows what’s happening in WoT.

  41. times i wish i could damage team members. blacklist the guy and push of cliff if ever seen

  42. I’d love you meet ppl like that irl and punch them in the nuts!

  43. “… and do expect to lose 60% of the games that you play when you’ve got this guy and players like him on your team, irrespective of how well you do individually.”

    That’s… not how that statistic works, Jingles.

  44. Nothing new, I see guys like this all the time in Wots on NA. I play this game so infrequently anymore because only 1 or 2 games is enough to set my mood in the wrong direction. Honestly, this guy is better then most of the player-base I have seen on this game. The worst being the know-it-all players like Quickybaby at the higher tiers who purposely shit on the guys who are newer when they themselves make the errors that lose the game. Anyone who expects a temamate will do exactly what they would do without communicating (asking, not demanding) with them in chat what to do is a prick! Especially when they rage about it when things are not going their way! The game in general is just a toxic lost cause!

  45. 220 ms ping ???? wtf??

  46. Im not even sure if the poor fellow knows that they were losing, not much to indicate where the problem is during gameplay. If wargaming would make the cap-circle pulse red when there’s an enemy inside it, he might have turned around sometime xD

  47. This is exactly the biggest reason that causes toxicity in the game.

  48. This is the stupid I deal with on the NA server we could tell them to move they just say no it’s seriously annoying

  49. it was players like him that I switched to warthunder, and I played on the NA server for pete sake.

  50. Leonid Sokovikov

    maybe a bot. i’ve seen them driving around especially on lower tier matches

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