World of Tanks – Lost Gamemode – Confrontation

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m showcasing one of the shortest and least balanced times of World of Tanks history, patch 8.11, where for two months in 2014 nations were pit against others in Confrontation.

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  1. OMG hellcats vs British tea tanks, I can remember some times they can’t
    even off the base area.

  2. this game mode would be fun to play! if Japanese heavies were big imagine
    how Japanese td would be!

  3. good old days kv2,kv1s vs togs,cromwell. and germans still with
    engine/transmission on front= 2 shoots on front insta fire

  4. lol ‘blows the head clean off’

    Wasn’t this from way before they made the turrets explode into the air?

  5. Who thinks this game mode should come back? I’m 50-50 with it

  6. Do a livestream

  7. The real reason this game mode isn’t viable is that fact the tiger was out
    in the field during ww2 and the t29 came out afterward. After all the
    americans only had the sherman during that time period.

  8. Hey There was another patch to WoT

  9. Lol at 10:27 “you don’t have the meat to push in”…

  10. I need an answer quick! t44-100 or mutz?

  11. I totally forgot about this.

  12. WT sim always does allies vs axis and it is GODLY, well at least I like it,
    but then I get a stonker for realism… nothing against wot but I would
    like to see some version of this game mode come back, and also as much
    realism as possible, maybe real deal tank/gun sounds and well telling us
    about what realistic elements theyve implemented

  13. also from this video I get that the best way to balance MM would be to have
    the proper amount of ‘tanks with certain roles’ on each side, but then
    again I’m one of the few people who doesn’t care about balance, I’m all for
    shermans vs panthers and tigers. REALISM baby

  14. It’s like war thunder sim battles.. That actually work

  15. they could still do it if they did it better aka allys vs axis eg
    usa,french vs germany and russia etc

  16. Emerald Oracle (Isaac Pryka)

    I unfortunately missed this when it was out. I do like the idea, but yeah,
    balancing it is going to be hard.

  17. Hey i watch and like and almost always try to follow u and the Mighty
    Jingles. Could U do a fan video bc my birthday is Dec 24th no sh*t for
    real. It would be the the crappiest tanks kicking A$$! That would be
    awesome and just say my name in the video so i can show my sis she wont
    believe it bro my name is Donald Ray White i would appreciate it.

  18. Remember going German Vs Russian and losing every single time.

  19. I think this gamemode shows just how unbalanced the nations are between
    each other which is why it had such a short life. A better way of handling
    this for WG would have been to introduce possibly an Axis vs. Allies (most
    tier 1-8 tanks) and Warsaw Pact vs. NATO (some tier 8-10 tanks). Axis
    armies would include all German, Japanese, Hungarian, and Czech tanks up to
    those respective tiers while the Allies would be composed of US, UK,
    French, Soviet, and Chinese tanks. Furthermore, the same would be reflected
    into the upper tiers with the Warsaw Pact encompassing the Chinese, Soviet,
    and Czechoslovakian tanks while NATO would be composed of the other
    factions. If certain tanks are unbalanced for either, then it would be
    better off having Confrontation mode switched off for them.

  20. Teir 3 was fun with the pz1c

  21. Luís Augusto Panadés

    You need to be much idiot to belive this vehicles are balanced. Same to T30
    and WT aufs Pz IV. T30 is by far superior. Only the idiots on balancing
    staff of wargaming can thing this 2 vehicles have the same tier. While T30
    has a ridiculous 860hp engine. Wt has 400. this guys on balancing staff are
    really retarded. The engine health is 260 vs 80;

    T30 has -10 depression; WT has -5 backways.. .

    T30 has the penetration WT has with 128mm gun but the alfa it has with
    150mm gun. And the accuracy of both 150mm gun are quite equal, T30 is a bit

    So if we compare WT with 150mm gun it is T30 with 155 we can see how
    underpowered is WT. The idiots raise the DPM of WT and say it is ok, but
    the penetration is super advantageous for T30.

    And WT with 128 gun can’t pen T30 turret.

    The idiots have not the decency to put a tier IX engine on WT. And why has
    WT so low depression? any reason backwards. And why has a so slow turret if
    it has just a gun over. Both vehicle has same turret traverse. Really
    ridiculous because T30 has a huge weight turret. Really the WT engine is
    without reason. It needs a better engine and this will make it faster and
    turn turret fast too. This will fix the vehicle problems.

    The idiots nerf WT and Borsig patch after patch, Both vehicles are just
    crap compared with american monsters.

  22. any upd for u mod pack?

  23. Nubbly “the” slime

    lol confrontation with japanese now lmao

  24. Bummer they got rid of it!

  25. pretty sure back in those days u could shoot german tanks in the front and
    they would catch fire as well

  26. This game mode only show German in low tier is weak

  27. game mode didnt work just because 1 side got more of the better tanks than
    the other. just because 1 sides tanks were just better than the others so 1
    side had to hope the team with the better tanks were garbage and then make
    up the difference for having the wurse tanks especially if the team with
    the better tanks got more heavys or td’s than they had and those heavys or
    td’s are better than theirs on top of having more of that type of vehicle.
    and what about a game mode where the game picks which nation ur heavys are
    which ur mediums are ur td’s lights and spg’s are? then it wouldent be
    which 1 has the better nation of tanks. so if 1 nation has better heavys
    the other might have better tank destroyers or mediums or wtv.

  28. and kableam? you realy are retard

  29. I wait so long for this

  30. I wish I’d noticed the CONTRONTATION button back along-that looks like fun.
    I’ve noticed, tho’, even now, when I play my Tiger II – arty seems to be in
    short supply. Any ideas why? And, between you and Jingles, I’ve learned a
    lot! Too bad my ancient, creaky body and mind aren’t up to USING what I’ve
    learned, most times. But THANKS in any case.

  31. t29 is a beast when hulldown GG and I like to see this game mode back

  32. Nice to be in a Youtube vid! Still my highest xp game. 145k Crs was right
    too btw

  33. Brett The Hunter Killer

    no tiger twos isn’t the t29 a tier seven tank not even fair if the top
    tanks are capared to tier seven tanks… tier six against tier sevens….

  34. Can you make a video about historical battles in WoT?

  35. They should stop removing the gamemodes and mini games. Leave them all in.
    So what if a map is unbalanced on one side that’s the good thing about
    random battles sometimes you play on the good side.

  36. the old gun sounds, the Shitty MM, oh how i miss the old days

  37. Best gamemode ever

  38. I miss confrontation. I don’t give a fuck that it wasn’t balanced. I don’t
    give a fuck that dragon ridge wasn’t balanced. WG sure seems to remove a
    lot of stuff due to “balance” but they have no problem adding an OP new
    tank line very few months and having people spend thousands of gold to free
    xp them.

  39. Quickybaby you should do a video on the unbalanced overpowered murder
    machine that was the KV-1S before it got nerfed down to tier 5

  40. now e5 would destroy t10 games 😀 e5`s are so deamn op

  41. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    Would like to see historical battles, here and in the game.

  42. too bad it was removed it was an epic damage farm + i actually liked it, it
    wasnt that much of an fail as historical battles as well. of course some
    nations especially at some tiers were completely useless.

  43. I want to see a “Historical battle” !!!!! i wish i got to play them

  44. My two wishes:Revive Conftontation Mode. However, instead of 1 vs 1 nation,
    make it 2 vs 2. It would reduce the balancing and MM problem, and also will
    show ridiculous results such as USA + Chinese vs Germany + Soviets. Imagine
    the chat.
    The second wish: Revive the cross team chat for living tanks, but remove
    them for dead ones.

  45. QB What do you think, should confrontation mode come back?? Looks
    Take care and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  46. you must do new mod pack

  47. How do you able to watch these old replays ?

  48. I feel wot MUST bring a new mode into the game soon or I will be going to
    other games. 15 k games and I’m bored and unimpressed with the place the
    game is going. And they need to fix match making fast. +1 /-1 up to tier 5.
    And must do something about the games with lopsided heavy tank numbers. But
    just to keep things fresh bring something NEW

  49. Hi Quickybaby, do you know if this is possible? My son no longer plays
    World of Tanks but has a Type 59 on his account. Is there anyway he can
    gift that tank to me for my account? If this is possible, could you please
    explain how to do this? Thanks in advance.

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