World of Tanks || Loza’s M4A2 – Soviet Sherman

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’s . Today we’re looking at a Sherman commanded by a hero of the union, Dmitriy , but does it beat the originals?


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Am I the only one who thinks this tank is completely useless? Who tries to find any reason, why this one is being added to the game?

  2. compare with t3485m or rudy. this tank like a joke(lol)?really,except you want to collect or the tank,you should not waste your money on this think

  3. Where was the M4 ravioli?

  4. Man what a sad tank, I would tell people to save up a little money and get the tier 8 med prototype or the lighter armored version at the same tier. This is just a waste of money.

  5. General Saufenberg

    wooohooo, look it`s a sherman, again..

  6. World of Premium tanks…

  7. at-least it doesn’t have 122mm ruski bias gun

  8. I like the M4s the most. I will play to get all of tham but I cant get the premium M4s

  9. I don’ t actually find the vertical stabilizer to be very useful… Is it just me?

  10. That hull-only paint with historical marking looks horrible

  11. Make a Wittmann Tiger, ohh never mind….

  12. Γιάννης Δεδούσης

    Νοw make China Strv 103B with stadar pen 320 ….wg wake up

  13. it comes with an 8 skill crew?

  14. I’d pick T-34-85M or Rudy all day long

  15. V-stabs don’t decrease your dispersion, only when you rotate the turret is it applied

  16. Oh god, another one of these boring Sherman clones no-one is waiting for……

  17. Soviet Shermans had diesel engines, thus the lower chance of fire

  18. Obviously WG were under pressure to release a tank to prove there is no Soviet bias….

    Cue a new tier 8 with Soviet bias coming right up next.

  19. shermandragonfly WOT & WOW

    Could someone be so kind as to lend me 3000 gold.

  20. no thank , My e8 is better.

  21. Don’t get it. Historically, it was a great tank, but in the game, not worthwhile.

  22. With all these OP tanks of last year they raised the bar for premium tanks.Now premium tanks seem to be as they have been 1 year ago.You can’t give people something special and then take it away again.No wonder everybody complains.So in the end WG did damage to the game and to their sells of new (normal) premiums.

  23. That is because it use an engine build of Stalinium an uses vodka, that’s why it is so fast

  24. M4A3E2 still has got the derp gun to play with. And the stock turret bounces quite a lot. But this has got nothing of these.

  25. EddyMcChuckleNuggets

    Just to make it a little more different than the others, they could’ve given it a higher camo rating or perhaps slightly better pen, like 130-132mm

  26. World of tanks is all about the stats

    War thunder is all about the skill

    I like war thunder a lot more than wot and wotb is nothing to talk about that game is just pure PTW game so well wotb screwed up

  27. lol the matchmaking is not broken lol. I prefer having 3 T8s in a game instead of having 7 of them and the only T6s are me and one more dude. So yeah,

  28. No such thing as “heroes of the Soviet Union”

  29. Wot console getting this tank shit tank brawl reward tank

  30. 90mm gun with poor dpm maybe? I think that really would make this tank more interesting

  31. How many M4 sherman vehicles we have now?

  32. I think that the reason the M4A2 has a lower chance of catching fire is that US/UK Shermans all used gasoline engines, but the soviets used mostly diesel engines, so Lend-Lease M4’s to the soviets all had diesel engines and diesel fuel is less flammable than gasolene.

  33. what a useless tank to add into the game what the hell wg we dont need this give us a soviet premium light tank instead.

  34. this is how premium tanks should be, a little worse then the free vechicle

  35. Little movement mastered lol ?

  36. لوزة

  37. So the tank is nothing special, and it’s yet another soviet med trainer. Only the commander gets a bonus skill. Hmmmm. Yeah, I bet this sells real good.

  38. Thank you for the good laugh at your concerns over the penetration and armor on Sherman tanks. Laughed harder at the comments at the end regarding the profit. Perhaps you are not used to playing down in tier 5 and 6 anymore QuickyBaby. Addressing concerns that this tank has no purpose or roll: When did it become the standard that premium tanks should be carry tanks. It is a crew trainer and can have the best medium USA crew one has riding in it. Saying a premium tier 6 is a credit maker is kinda sad really. Really makes me think. Or not. Who even owns a thunderbolt anyways, it is not in the gift shop with any regularity and isn’t the most common premium tank out there. Silly man.

  39. He copied Dez Gamez in the top 10 series

  40. again wg need money…….

  41. yes because soviets do not have enough premium meds…If I remember correctly this one gonna be 10th

  42. From historical perspetive. Shermans shiped to Soviet union had diesel engines unlike ones mant for US. That is why WG made it with less chance on catching fire

  43. You must be absolutely crazy to even contemplate spending real money on this tank. It’s only and only for collectors. WAIT, there is one Sherman that you ‘never’ going to get – M4A2E4 given to close beta testers in 2011. So what’s the point???

  44. Hello,
    does anyone here know who Loza was?

  45. #Warthunderdiditbetter

  46. it has a good armor ?

  47. Will Cromwell be able to destroy this?

  48. No derp, no thanks

  49. please show us these frustrating Matches, i want to see how u go mad if u not go to pen anything 🙂

  50. more useless take your money tanks, how about 50 maps so we dont play the same “5” or even a experiment with a random lower res map maker just so theres some newness in the game.

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