World of Tanks || LT-432 SNEAK PEEK

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – LT-432. Today I’m looking at a T8 premium soviet that currently being tested the LT-432!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. How Zany's Strategies


  2. HoLy ShIt ThAt MiC

  3. delayed audio

  4. Thanks for the gameplay! Hope you feel better SickyBaby!

  5. @Chimed Duvchin lol think abt E100 nd its entire line of tanks

  6. Wargaming Super Noob

    QB, please remember that this thing IS NOT supposed to be as strong as a tier 10 light tank

  7. God damn the sound lag in this video is horrible…but still amazing as always scrubby baby keep it up, good lad

  8. Discussion with my friend:
    (Me) – God damn it! They’re releasing a light tank with enough mobility to run rings around you backwards, but also 160mm of sloped turret armor.
    (My friend) – Is it Soviet?
    (Me) – Yes.
    (My friend) Why is it so underpowered then?

    So we both laughed and ordered another bottle of Vodka.

  9. MrPumpkin Pumpkins!

    a light tank with the armor of a medium tank gj wargaming…

  10. I really don’t care anymore how these new premiums perform unless they are op as I am tired of the constant premium tank spam that is only meant to drain people’s wallets. There really does need to be more self paced marathons preferably ones that have more time so those with fewer off days can still have a chance of getting it all done.

  11. NguyenMinhTri HAYATO

    nice room their

  12. So how are you enjoying ‘Merica?

  13. QB. Please please ask WG when frontline will be coming back!!! It is the only thing that brought me back to the game. I am getting bored again with random matches. need some.frontline to keep interest

  14. Its not Wargaming’s fault. They have to be bias towards the Soviet tanks, otherwise Tzar Putin will send them to the gulag.

  15. suod is good 😀

  16. is it just me or is the replay sound lagging

  17. Hi QB what earphones are you using? Take care gg

  18. so why people still play T44? or other T8 medium? this tank get fire power ,camo,speed,even good armor… wot should think change a bit game rule right now,for my suggestion, increase the max range of view and firing , make armor more useful,increase the chance of module and crew damege on light tank .

  19. Fuuuuck when will it end 🙁 Thanks for the awesome coverage QB

  20. This reminds me why I quit playing wot. Premium tank after op premium tank, Russian bias, shit economy, the list goes on and on. So glad I only play war thunder now. It may be a flawed game, but it’s miles better balance and economy wise when compared to wot, and it has planes, boats, helicopters and modern tanks to boot.

  21. Message SCOOBYTRUCK3R on Xbox One if you want to see LIVE gameplay every night on Mixer… Going to be building a viewer base, and then switching to YouTube. No bullshit cut out content, but again, LIVE content for World of Tanks Xbox One Edition

  22. Of course it will be better than the LTTB right ? Haven’t watched the video but I’m just gonna guess that’s the case. How to part us from our money right ? Sorry as much as I loved my lights I won’t be buying anything anymore. No more 50 dollar pay outs to WR Gaming for a DLC when I can buy whole games for half that price.

  23. how the hell that turret have -7gun ????????

  24. Deep voice activated**

  25. Where is the battle royale mode?
    why don’t WarGaming make Realistic battle mode?

  26. QUICKYBABY you need to go see Claus Kellermans new video XD XD

  27. Im sure you are missing your MIC as well…. 🙂

  28. This would be the best allround tier 8 light in its current state, needs a nerf

  29. Welcome to the USA! Big up from Groovhoovy a faithful follower of the Claus Army #clausbomb

  30. I just have one question. Where does the crew sit?

  31. 15 seconds in. I see USSR tank. QB, I’m sorry but I won’t watch any further.

    I left World of Tanks 2 years ago and this trend doesn’t give me any reasons to come back.

  32. American players xD

  33. This tank is pretty much a lot better LTTB

  34. Welcome to the USA: from Claus Kellerman!

  35. The extra gun depression wont mean squat with 175 pen…

    With all these premium tanks being as good or better than tech tree tanks I find my self playing 80% premium tanks on a daily basis just because I know I won’t lose any credits if mm or my team or myself have a crap. Why play an inferior tank and lose money with all that is going against it…

    I think wg hit their “skill cap” and are grasping at any debris in reach to keep them selves afloat.

  36. This tank is looks like a tier 8 t100lt

  37. Another premium tank which is better than free to play counterparts

  38. damn….not enough russian tanks or prem tanks in this game?….whats with the other nations?…only the russians build tanks?

  39. Great another light tank that I cant pen.

  40. Dude!
    You working in the Wargaming???

  41. My god Quicky baby 👶, I think you should give claus 🤶 Kellerman a shout-out , because he’s an American living in Canada 🇨🇦………

  42. Fuck with this’s full of bugs and ping and many other problems!!!!

  43. Hey QB, can you inquire if they are bringing back frontlines?

  44. Premium tank being better than the regular equal tier tanks again. Well played Wargaming.

  45. pancake tank with -7 gun depression…seems legit

  46. I stopped playing world of Russians years ago and have been living a good life ever since.
    Was thunder has a much more balanced amount of vehicles for all nations

  47. Welcome to the USA ! Klaus Kellerman says Hi!
    Have fun!

  48. How’s getting your ass handed to you on the US server?!? Claus say hi 🇺🇸😎🇺🇸☠🔥🔥🔥

  49. And here I am, hoping that the Aufklpanther will return so I can ram kill E-100s and E 50 M’s.

  50. i suppose every russian tanks needs a lightweight version of it, theres already t54 ltwt, t44 ltwt, and now we got obj430 ltwt. what’s next wg? obj268 v4 ltwt? is-7 ltwt?

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