World of Tanks || LTTB – Tank Review

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of – LTTB. Today I’m reviewing the T7 Soviet the LTTB. Fast, deadly and well armoured – not your standard vehicle!

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World of Tanks a which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. snowisthebestweather

    I liked the MT25. I even kept it after getting the lttb. Very mobile, dpm
    is slightly better than the t37. Only problems are view range, which is
    fine with binos, and poor gun dep., which you need to get used to for the
    lttb anyways.

  2. Tolakos Green Love

    bulldog’s ammo capacity is 70 not 65….what’s wrong with this site?

  3. quickybaby violet stet padder kemp bush.

  4. Maybe it’s different on the Console but I thought BIA was a Skill and not a
    Perk…isn’t anything with a Lighting Bolt a Perk that’s worthless until it
    hits 100% while Skill’s like CAMO or SNAPSHOT do give u some Bonus as
    improve them to 100%?

  5. I’ve watched plenty of QB’s Replays/Reviews and they’ve helped me improve
    my Heavy and TD Play to finally Rolling with Mediums the right way but WoW.
    Despite having WoT for the Console for over 2+ Yr’s now, from the 360 BETA
    to my XONE I’ve still got just the 1 Light Tank, my Premium AMX CHAFFEE but
    I know what he means about getting those Spotting/Assist Ribbons, they’re a
    Nice Bonus.

  6. How do you drop for a different skill? I dont understand

  7. Almost 50% of my games are in the elc amx :D

  8. The LTTB would be good but the gun depression

  9. Why do completly gloss over the fact that if you angle your front then your
    side is completely shit because of it being pre angled?

  10. Maybe a tank review of the T37 or AMX 12 T? I got them both i love them but
    i sometimes struggle a bit so that would really help me out :D

  11. can u plz do super pershing review becoz i havent seen one for a while…..

  12. Sebastian Gniadek


  13. mt 25 is great for me

  14. i did 7k spot in my LTTP

  15. I’m curious about switching perks/skills and I understand that it’s useful
    but why not just go camo and sixth sense why do u have to go full camo then
    switch out for sixth sense on the commander?

  16. Filip Priečinský

    i did 7 kills with it… if enemies werent cappin gid have 12…

  17. Hey QB, i can’t buy tanks since the Update today. Can u fix that pls?

  18. he got green on

  19. t-54 light is better for its tier
    just sell lttb

  20. When you compared the tanks the bulldog had the single shooting gun….

  21. Frédéric Godfrin

    “I don’t know how i penetrated this object 704…”. One answer : russian
    tank RNG… And its russian stalinium armor bounce move often you think!

  22. QB are you looking forward to No Mans Sky coming in June?

  23. i love lttb, its fun when ur with full speed and tier10 td bounces:-)

  24. I guess WG have only taken into consideration the official ammo supports
    inside the tank, they forgot that crewmen also stacked ammo crates between
    their legs, under the armpits, in their ears, in their private parts, and
    so on.
    When it comes to gun depression, I guess “Ivan, get out and sweep in front
    of the tank, if there’s some rubbish under the tracks we won’t be shooting
    anything but airplanes! Take your shovel along with you, perhaps you can
    dig a bit!”

  25. Cristian Gabriel Capatina

    QB you have no Tiger II gameplay on your channel maybe that you would
    conisider making a Tiger II review #TigerII

  26. I find out the MT-25 quite good. Actually, I love it! I was thinking even
    going for the gold camo paint., but I decided to keep the gold for the LTTB
    or the T54lwt.

  27. Yeah I looove this tank. It is so far my favorite light tank in the game,
    though the bulldog is also awesome.

  28. am I the only one who things that the amx 1375 needs a penetration buff…
    because 144 pen is realy bad

  29. I just got it, but it was mostly to grind through to T-54 ltwg

  30. Do SU-101 Review

  31. Please make this top comment !!!! – Quickybaby please tell Wargaming to
    bring back the Aufklärungspanzer Panther PLEASE !!!!!
    It’s my favorite tank , just imagine QB if they removed your favorite tank
    from game the Comet and how would you feel, soo please bring the scout
    panther back !

  32. World of Tanks Replays

    13:35 . How to fail at killing SPG? Be QB :P

  33. AWESOME Video adding the crew skills!! Thanks!

  34. It’s quite tall so you will have to be careful not to flip with the new

  35. lttb madafaka…

  36. QB Do you think the wz 131 is better or the LTTB?

  37. Daniel Zwierzynski

    LTTB looks as very intersting light and I will go for it in time. How u
    guys thinking comparing to T-54lt ? They both are very fast with amazing
    for LT armor and now gun depression. I will say tier 7 lighs are most
    rewarding as u get more xp for tier X games. What’s your opinion? So far
    best LT games I have on Chaffee, enjoy SP1 have 13 90 and T37 to…

  38. MT-25 is probably the second best tier 6 light tank in the game…. fast,
    decent armour, excellent gun… the stock grind is horrible, yea, but when
    it’s fully upgraded, it’s amazing. Also you can ped stets like no
    tomorrow… i got like 14 k Wn8 for 1600 damage to tier 7 :D

  39. Like what the f*ck WG? Do you think the SP 1 C is competitive compared to
    LTTB? Better gun, alot faster, better armour…Yeah…

  40. “L-titty-b”

  41. One thing that have bothered me with the lttb is the reverse speed, 20 km/h
    can get you into trouble sometimes.

  42. QuickyBaby what is your favorite tier 7 tank in world of tanks?

  43. You do realise thst you equiped the single shot gun on the walker bulldog
    during the comparison, right?

  44. you really need to change that intro ;)

  45. 12:24 nice drift skills :P

  46. And I would take WZ 131 all day long

  47. QB, clutch braking is ponitless on this game apart from non-turreted tanks.
    It only boosts rotation speed of a STATIONARY vechile (aka not moving). Go
    and read wiki about crew skills and perks

  48. @QuickyBaby (or other commenters): I’d like to know if the 2nd skill should
    be retrained for BIA or if BIA should be trained as a 3rd skill, knowing
    that it won’t provide any benefit at all before the 3rd skill is trained
    fully… which may be a loooong time.

  49. Why didn’t you add to compare AMX 13 75?

  50. i lice the sp1c but it feels a little underpowered compared to others, the
    thing i find most enjoiable is its size

  51. The SPIC is probably the worst tank in the game, absolutely useless

  52. MT-25 = mosquito tank-25 mm

  53. This episode sounds like a soccer game

  54. single shot gun onSP1C is so much better for me.

  55. mt-25 is not soo bad.

  56. A RU 251 review would be nice!

  57. Magic Russian armour…

  58. AMX 13 75 driver feeling sad his tank got so incredibly powercreeped… :(

  59. +Quickybaby do you ever lose? :P

  60. Of course a russion tank has awesome armor, mobility, DPM and all in one.
    Would be bullshit that a russian tank could be balanced compared to other
    tanks on the same tier. Best example T-44 :/ But hey, its a russian dev, it
    says all…

  61. So the Spähpanzer SP IC is UP.

  62. SUMMARY OF VIDEO: Don’t use the Spahpanzer.

  63. srsly..dude.. wz131 got 181 pen.

  64. do you think guys that spall liner would be usefull on that tank, since it
    can ram other lights well ?

  65. What are you talking about, QB. The MT-25 is an awesome tank!
    Check out this replay with 1716 raw xp and 2884 damage in a T9 game:

  66. Can you do a review on the Type 64? I have one but I want to see how other
    players play it.

  67. Hmm, nice job adding crew skill suggestion’s and equipment loadout, it
    makes the tank review and the game play the most well rounded review, well
    done b^.^d

  68. looks like a dwarf IS

  69. The gun depression on the LTTB is depressing.

  70. MT-25 Grind. a T6 LT with a T4 gun to start and a T5 gun to finish. It took
    Soooooooooo long.but loving the LTTB

  71. LGBT tank

  72. You should make a snap chat QuickyBaby

  73. @QuickyBaby I think you forgot a good thing, LTTB has very good HE rounds
    which has 300 dmg! That’s a two-third of its AP rounds. it is a very
    remarkable point of that soviet 85mm guns, considering other guns has only
    one-third of its AP rounds.

  74. qb you sound a little under the weather! hope u feel better soon

  75. I just want the tanks that I’ve never played a T-50-2 when I was in WOT
    before they “replace” it. LTTB on the other hand, granted me some joys at a
    cost with better part of the deals like those gem being found in some
    random search of used cars and found out it got a hemi in it. I’d never
    seen so many faces of when I’ve out run FCM over the hilltops and circle
    him to death while going up and down a hill slope!

  76. gummybearslayer bob

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who enjoys seeing “Assistance to allies” in
    light tanks

  77. LTTB is the best LT in the game. Last resort of active scouting. Lack of
    gun depression can be frustrating sometimes, but if it had got some more
    (even 5 degrees), it would be OP.

  78. I have the tank , is great , very versatile , awesome combination of
    mobility and firepower and , yes, the traverse speed is not very good but ,
    hey , you can’t have it all .I use for equipment reinforced tracks because
    they are not very sturdy and speeding is risky , gun rammer and ventilation

  79. Sweet game, Keep them coming

  80. eh, qb, the bulldog stat u using is not the auto loader but the single shot
    anyway, good review

  81. just got my lttb this was very helpful

  82. could you do a WZ 131 review and talk about perks and equipment please.

  83. Such a good tank. But I hate it when my gun bounces up when you run over

  84. LTTB = Learn To Tank Bro..

  85. Are you sponsored by razor, because that’s a nice razor jacket?

  86. I will be waiting for u to make this video

  87. Quickybaby there is one thing makes me crazy what is best. ( is4 or is7).
    Can u make a video to show which one is the best!!!. Thx

  88. QB i just want to let you know that the BL-10 has an alpha of 750 which
    gives it a maximum of 938. this means that the object 704 could never have
    one shot you 🙂 (unless he ammo racked you of course)

  89. t49 review plz

  90. It is one of my favorite vehicle!

  91. QB i just moved to the UK in Sheffield. Can you please recomand an internet
    provider for me ? I have now from Sky but its RUBBISH. Thx.

  92. jonathan sibrian (jo5419)

    gutten tag- WT E100

  93. Do an IS-4 you have not done a review on it

  94. I have to say I had a few run ins with the LTTB in my E-75, and I was
    furious but for the circle strafing these guys counter-rotation has become
    my best friend in heavies, I just wished I had learned that habit earlier,
    I would have had a lot less frustration with LTTBs and E-50Ms :P

  95. Does anybody actually use the 85 on the 131? This reminds me of when he
    tried to claim using the B barrel was better than the 105 on the 7/1.
    Nobody does that if they have the 105 unlocked.

  96. I’m near unlocking this but endless tier 9 city/corridor map MT-25 games
    are making it a little painful… Lovely little tank when the map suits you
    but scout matchmaking only works when you can scout.

  97. Mt 25 is one of the best light tanks ive tried so far, i even prefer it
    than t37, the problem is many people get frustrated because it has an
    excellent rate of fire, but dmg per shot is aweful, ive managed to get 4
    ace tankers, 2 top guns, and like 10 high calibers. All you gotta do is buy
    binoculars, and a camouflage net, get a good spotting position at the
    start, and once you know where most enemies are, just dance around them and
    make them suffer….

  98. QB I need some tips on completing LT missions were u need a certain amount
    of spotting damage

  99. Przemysław Kajmowicz

    Where is T71 in this compared?

  100. MINE!!! mine mine mine………….

  101. Including the skills segment really improves your approach to the review –
    these are truly comprehensive now. Keep it up! I’d love to see reviews like
    this coming out weekly or something crazy like that; you’ll hopefully stop
    having to answer so many questions during streams :)

  102. Thanks for a great review on one of my favorite tanks in the game.
    Personally, I prefer this to the M41. Whilst my personal best between the
    two is with the Bulldog, the LTTB is so much more consistently enjoyable
    for me (especially when hill climbing).For some reason, the gun depression
    doesn’t seem to bother me so much…

    Along with the Chaffee,VK 16.02 and the Bulldog, this is my favorite tank
    in the game so far, and I’ve mastered all of them except the Chaffee (but I
    have 2 MOE on that).About to get the T-54 LTW though, so that opinion may

    LTTB likes to troll Bulldogs.

  103. Qb is it true that explosives get absorbed by dead tanks in console
    edition? I killed a leopard pta in my t92 by hitting a dead t95

  104. QB, can you please do reviews of lower tier tanks please? Such as tier 4
    and 5

  105. das ist meine watermelone.


  106. Dick butt Nick butt

    can you do a review for the t34 US prem and the is6 I want a t8 heavy and I
    can’t decide if I want the is6 or t34

  107. cool i have a lttb

  108. You’re right, the mt25 is a pain. I love it as the spotter it is, but that
    doesn’t get too much xp on its own. And it penetrates fairly good on most
    tanks, but doing 50dmg is being like a midget. You can run out of ammo
    before killing a simple TOG

  109. I prefer the WZ-131. My favorite tank:)

  110. Do the mt-25 please!

  111. Where is t71 in comparrison?

  112. just comes over and says moin :DDDDD

  113. Now u upload this QuickyBaby I am at my light weight now loved my lttb
    though 60%+ win rating in it

  114. damn, i knew the bulldog was op but i had no idearit was this bad

  115. The only way to pronounce LTTB is ‘Luh-tit-a-buh”.

  116. wz-131 > lttb

  117. Just noticed how terrible the SP1C stats are. No wonder I never feel like
    playing mine. :(

  118. Do you see new intro for you from OneAndOnly?

  119. Oh many, maaaany fun, totally not rage inducing moments coming up against
    these things when in the 13 75…. You can’t run away, you can’t
    outmanoeuvre them, you can’t confidently pen them frontally; you just die

  120. Yes!! Adding a skills and equipment section finally 😀

    LTTB Little Tank Too Baws.

  121. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    gay Outfit ;-)

  122. You know you have bad gun depression when the Chinese beat you.

  123. Hey GB, I have recently unlocked the kv-4 and would love to see a review of
    it on your channel!

  124. Once, I was in my Bulldog, with top gun… couldn’t get through the frontal
    armour… Like, really? At the end of the day, it’s a light tank, and
    should be able to be penned almost every time. I shot 2-3 rounds, all

  125. I would have loved a comparison to t71 also

  126. what is wrong with the MT-25? One of the best passive scouts. Not good for
    WN8 but goof fot the team ^^

  127. I’ve dropped all of my light tanks. There is no reason to keep them because
    of WG’s agent orange campaign. So many fast mediums with real guns, why
    bother, your simply shit on by everyone.

  128. FYI, QB equipped the bulldog with the single shot, not the auto-loader

  129. just getting to grips with mine first few games in it were …well lets say
    BAD and leave it at that

  130. World of tanks: alot Gold spams no matter tier, unbalanced mm+ lot of
    losing streak..etc

  131. t-150 please

  132. LTTB = Light Tank Turbo Boat

  133. my fave tank :)

  134. “Click the info button on the right to see a plethora of LTTB replay
    videos” .. Clicks the info button on the right and only 2 replays

  135. LTTB premium tank or not?

  136. All the beginning of this video showed me was how unbelievably OP the
    Bulldog is compared to all the other T7 light tanks.

  137. Nichita Chilimnic

    The LTTB is awesome! I absolutely love it! The MT-25 is also a funny
    vehicle but it will cost you something… it gets 112 penetration with AP
    and those Shells arent really enough to contest the armor of higher tier
    tanks. The APCR Rounds got 189 mm of Penetration and this is awesome 😀 but
    they cost 2800 per shoot and including the aspects that the MT-25 is
    reloading around 2 seconds , you can really burn your money as fast as you
    can on the Pz. II J ??

  138. Review the M103 Pls!!!

  139. Well the walker bulldog has 2.1 secs aimtime with its autoloader actually.
    In your comparison it was equipped with the single shot gun qb 🙂 sorry i’m
    a nerd :D

  140. I have more fun in this tank than any other. If you are going to play as a
    active scout you should consider equipping it differently = Vents, Coated
    Optics, & Cyclone Filter . Also Repair Kit, Lend-Lease Oil, & Removed Speed
    Governor. It becomes a rocket and if you turn the governor on and off as
    needed you can last 15 minutes without engine damage. Great vid as usual

  141. I like this tank a Little Tiny Tad Bit.

  142. lttb got good terrain res err think again qb

  143. what is Phil’s yt channel if he has one, I watched your Thursday live
    stream and either the Irish guy or Phil has a yt channel.

  144. Can you do a review on the T28 Protoype?

  145. quickybaby, can you please review the A-20? having some problems with it

  146. Love your tank reviews! Keep the good work up! Always looking forward to
    watching them!

  147. Vollmeissel3achtel

    WT auf e100 is as ballanced as all the other tier X autoloaders imop… the
    AMX 50B, t57 Hvy, the chat and so on could have done all that too…

  148. Denzell Rodriguez

    Op is op confirmed. Thanks QB :)

  149. Yep, too powerful. Nerf pls

  150. Yay, one of my favourite lights. Hated it at first. I chose a camo net +
    binoculars setup on it. Became one of my favourite light tanks and got 3
    marks on it.

  151. The LTTB is what the T43 would like to be, only with worse MM.

  152. Did anybody notice the Lightning at 13:13?

  153. Zerobladetion Wot

    LTTB is another tank that need to be Nerf just like the CDC. Has to many
    good values that make the tank OP.

  154. The new mic sounds amazing QB!

  155. Terje Christiansen

    Can you please do a tank review on the ELC AMX?

  156. Begin to think that light tanks becone sorta Op in this game. I mean look
    at the T54 lightweight it totally beats the T34-2. Getr better armor faster
    better pen better accuracy still faster a lot total BS that a light tank
    get 200mm turrret armor.

  157. review M103

  158. The most important difference between a winning team and a losing team is
    the scout doing his work or not

    they should add that note to the loading menu

  159. Best tank in the game. Simple as that.

  160. so, you used in the bulldog and the sp1c with top guns (autoloadders) but
    used the 85 mm on the wz? why? the only point on the wz is the big gun with
    big alpha, without it it is useless due to powercreep

  161. LTTB is my favourite tank, its just with the new physics it`s too
    uncontrollable on the bumpy terrain

  162. I have more scout medals in my Hummel than my Chaffee.

  163. The ammo load out is the biggest problem! I know it’s rare to run out, but
    my best game in it I got 4.5k damage and ran out…goodbye epic game!

  164. How about the tier 6 German LT, VK 2801? or the Crusader Tier 5 LT?

  165. @QuickyBaby That’s not the autoloader on Bulldog that you have chosen! That
    is the single shot M32 late gun!! Autoloader T91E5 has only 1666 dpm…

  166. The bulldog has slightly higher pen and velocity cause it uses apcr

  167. Hey QB, I think the 9.14 made it that LT can be on top tier of the match
    literally. From the first day 9.14 came out in Asia until today, I’ve seen
    quite alot of T8 LTs being on top of the match. I’ve seen WZ-132, AMX 13
    90, T49, and pretty much all T8 LTs can now be on top. Dunno if it is
    intentional or a glitched MM.

  168. QB, you are too close to the mic. With that protective sponge in front one
    should not be able to hear the wind when you pronounce P’s. ;)

  169. sometimes i get top tier in my lights tanks, other day had a tier 8 game in
    my RU 251 and it was hilarious

  170. Just want to say the M41 Bulldog in your comparison was using the
    non-autoloader not the autoloader

  171. Emanuel Bänziger

    Where can i send you Replays?

  172. QB, you selected the wrong gun for the M41. That’s not the auto loader…

  173. Very very clear sound with that new mic. good choice I have to
    say….anyway as usual good video, but I kinda miss your map tactics videos
    as we have some new maps and some has been changed majorly…

  174. Only light tank I took Clutch Braking for is ELC ’cause it doesn’t have
    fully traversable turret. I think Smooth Ride or Off-Road Driving would be
    more useful since the traverse speed is more than enough already. Smooth
    Ride for driver and Snap Shot for gunner especially for LTTB ’cause it
    can’t use vert. stab. Besides Clutch Braking’s bonus is less effective when
    you already have a good original traverse speed. For LTTB the bonus is only
    0,375 seconds to a full 360 degree turn when Clutch Braking is at 100%. It
    takes 7,5 seconds to make a full 360 turn with LTTB’s 48 traverse speed and
    7,125 seconds with 100% Clutch Braking!

  175. Hey qb will u please do the Chaffee review now that it has been changed and
    now it is the fastest tank in the game immense fun and it’s quite popular
    tank now

  176. I use vents-optics-rammer on WZ-131. Would stabilizer be better than vents?
    Which gun do you prefer?

  177. I’ve seen high tier light tanks being top tier a few times. There wasn’t
    any tier7 tanks once when I played in my tier6 VK28.01

  178. I do like those spot and assisntant dmg pop ups as well

  179. 1000 Subs with no Videos

    Another one?

  180. Love LTTB. its a proper hooligan & can cause distress to any tank in the
    game, as you showed in this video..

  181. This had to be a comparison with a m41 equiped with the single shot gun.

  182. Dominykas Švilpa

    lttb drivers be like : don’t worry don’t cry drink wodka and fly

  183. One of my favourite tanks. Deadly. My crew are on their 5th skill/perk

  184. lttb is a very good tank and i managed to do 4,1 k dmg in a tier 9 matchup
    by just playing it as a t54

  185. Quickybaby, HE shells from artillery will damage you through a wrecked
    tank, but with highly reduced damage. This was added in the mid 9.X series
    of patches. It requires a large caliber gun, or a hit on the wreck close to
    your tank, but you can definitely be damaged by those types of hits now.

  186. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  187. Daniel Schwarzenberger

    I got a Pool’s Medal on LTTB in my first 50 matches on it. But I didn’t
    derserved it, I guess. xD

  188. what happened to QB wanting a new intro?

  189. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    3rd time lttb in only a few month…

  190. Are light tanks worth playing in the current meta? I like the idea of
    playing them, because I love speed and hitting fast but I am not sure if
    they are actually worth grinding for.

  191. Quickybaby, can your next review be on the WZ-131?

  192. are you sure tank wrecks absorb HE splash damage? I am pretty sure I read
    in some patch notes some time ago that it was “fixed” or whatever they
    called it

  193. mt25 review?…cause it seems like a pain to get to the lttb

  194. Why quickybaby put tank rewievs (don t know to spell it right) of tanks in
    which he get perfect game? Its better to see someone else bc they have
    other tactics and skills.

  195. When i do stream check me out QB.

  196. The hull rotation stat is when the tank is stock, and increases with both
    HP (upgrading the engine or things like Fuel and Speed Gov) and reduced
    ground resistance (OR Driving, track upgrades, etc).

    The stock engine on the Bulldog is 500HP, and the top engine is 550…the
    LTTB laughs at this, stock engine is 550HP and the top is 700HP. I bet if
    you compare the LTTB when fully upgraded it will match or even beat the
    other T7 LTs, and therefore take off the Clutch Braking and get Smooth Ride
    going…or Controlled Impact!

    Can’t believe this review didn’t touch on the Russian LT’s fantastic
    ramming abilities, that’s half the fun :-)

  197. Speaking of light tanks, Off Road Driving or Smooth Ride for a third ELC

  198. shoot blind
    you get a criticle hit and damage done
    then you just keep shooting cus y9u know he is there

  199. i use the ribbons to kinda cheet

  200. Does anyone else feel like the SP1C is a niche tank without a niche? It
    doesn’t have the speed to really out maneuver, and it doesn’t have the
    shell velocity to really be a flank sniper. I love the SP1C and have a few
    aces in it, but I always feel like it under performs when I switch from it
    to my t71.

  201. I got into a tier 7 game once in the LTTB, why did he say it can only see
    from tier 8 to 10?

  202. Please can you do a WZ-131 tank review

  203. 2:28 “Vert Stabs” Holy shit Lady Vert is stabbing everyone in town!!

  204. LTTB = Light Tank Totally Balanced

  205. there it is my most loved tank in the game

  206. I wanted Light weight T8 but 59 -16 is just as cute

  207. Love your videos <3 !

  208. The gun on this thing, to me, just further demonstrates how terrible of a
    machine the T-43 is, and especially the T-44 at first since it uses the
    same gun. I know its historically accurate, but come on, historically
    accurate isn’t always good for balance. The T-43, an equal tier MEDIUM tank
    gets the same caliber gun, but a pathetic 144 mm of penetration. Meanwhile,
    here’s a light tank with comparable armor, better mobility, and a vastly
    superior gun. I really wish this and the T-54 Lightweight were on Xbox when
    I started going down that line. It took me months to progress past the 85
    on the T-44 because I couldn’t bring myself to play it.

  209. WTF auf E-100: mine. I mean mein (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    before clutch breaking. Love my mt-25 but it’s vastly outgunned by fellow
    tier 6 lights and is a HUGE target. It’s visually as large as many hvys and
    weighs as much as a Batchat tier 10. mt-25 is only going to be useful for
    tankers that can actually drive well.

  219. Arty: can one shot you. totally ok.
    WTe100, can 1 clip you. totally unbalanced.

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    there but darn is it fun.

  221. loved this little monster when i had mine but hated the t54 lw yet i like
    the wz 132 a lot right now that 1st 100m is random but enjoyable to use and
    i reckon once its fully upgraded that top 100mm should be fun. also are you
    sure this is 9.13? the sounds dont seem right. also im pretty sure this
    tanks centre of gravity (being taller than tanks like the wz 131 as an
    example) makes it a little less stable in this patch.

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    used yours, and Jingles’, tank reviews to form a resonable impression of
    how well I would do in a given tank. With the changes and new tanks in the
    game, I am glad to see that you are going back to doing that. You both have
    helped me to be a better WoT player than I would have been otherwise. Thank
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    my lttb tho, I sold my MT-25 so fast!. I use coated binoculars and a lil
    sum to quicken the reload. I’m on the Xbox one btw. I play it like a medium
    tank, I seen a jingles video where it was a medium so I play aggressive
    scout. I love the armor on it and it has gotten me out of some tough
    situations including the speed. Try this tank out! Sure the gun depression
    might be a big no for sum but if you wanna add a skill for yourself
    personally then this is the tank.

  225. MrSwiftSandRider MC

    The most depressing aspect? I see what you did there :^)

  226. QuickyBaby., I see you take a lot of shots without the red outline lighting
    up the tank you are shooting. Is there a trick to this Or a tip you can
    share on how to know when to fire even if the red outline is not showing
    and is not targeted. or is this a Replay bug? Thanks!

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    mastery badge.

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    throw my aim off because of the gun depression. nonetheless its my favorite
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    enough, the shooting on the move is worst and need to try and fix that

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  246. Lttb is great in every single aspect of the tank, except the penetration
    and gun depression.

  247. Guys ill give you all a tip if you are getting this tank, be careful of
    sharp turns, the amount of times i flipped myself in this thing was

  248. LTTB is my favorite light tank :D

  249. the most overpowered light in this game 😀 the only bad thing on it is the
    gundepression :/

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  254. Tankers underestimate the strength of spotting. I make a ton of
    experience, and money by spotting.

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    6th sense etc and then you say to take the other skills and then when you
    get the 3rd tier you mention more, but when you do take using camo again?
    You start off with it, then retrain to have camo, but you never mention
    whenyou train it back again…

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