World of Tanks || Luchs – Toy Tank Wildcat

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

The Luchs is an underrated T4 German light tank, while it may appear as a Toy, never underestimate the wildcat – Dreadshells shows why in this killer !

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  1. Luchs doesnt meet T8

  2. This video was slightly off information-wise.

    1.) The Luchs is a Tier IV light tank
    2.) The Luchs can see vehicles up to tier 7 (not tier 8) AND can take part
    in tier 4 battles (which makes it totally fair and well belenced)


    Nice gameplay tho!

  3. I had a Luchs back when it was a tier 3 crazy monster midget tank, and it
    was just so much fun I kept it. But when WG changed it up to tier 4 it was
    not as much fun and I sold it. But then recently bought it back , and still
    enjoy it, it is a blast to play, though I have not had a game like this

  4. “pz 38 na knows what hes doing” lmfao

  5. O_O that’s what happens when one blue player in very good tank plays
    against tomatoes ;-;

  6. The view range is the same as the borsig, a tier 8 open-top tankdestroyer

  7. Btw how do I sent replays to quickbaby? Via his website?

  8. Shame this tank with such a brutal MM can’t get pools medal cos it is just
    tier IV

  9. I would have to get seriously Luchy to be as successful as this guy :D

  10. GalaWOTs Galavits

    QB i have played 500 rounds in my Luchs and not once have i meet a tie 8
    tank while playing alone

  11. I’m pretty sure the highest tier that all tier 4 scouts face is 7, Luchs

  12. Don’t promote this tank, pls ^^

  13. One of my friends and I were having fun and screwing around one night in
    platoons. I ended up using my T110E4 and he used his Luchs (it was his
    idea…). By end game from our first match he had 2 tier 10 kills and a
    tier 9 kill, all lightly armored tanks, but still impressive for a tier
    It’s now almost a tradition of ours to do the same platoon, Luchs and E4,
    every time we platoon, until he gets a kill. Normally it only takes 1

  14. 3:55 in a tier 3 light tank

  15. o i remember the days when i played the luchs *day dreams* and i remember
    getting raped in the leopard -_-

  16. luchs cant see tier 8 bro

    • +Timothy Cowin Thats what I thought also, and checked from the wot-wiki,
      the Luchs has the same MM as the Pz 38 Na.

  17. The Muaschen or something :/

  18. QB are u going to do a review on the brand new German tier 9 heavy tank?

  19. Boring, little tank fighting noobs, and you post it? Thumbs down.

  20. D “Doom” Wilson

    I REALLY need to start recording my Luchs games

  21. Axel VonYgeshiem

    The Luchs is my favorite tank in the game! I’ve had many games like that,
    but I haven’t gotten a Kolobanovs medal yet :(. I recommend it fully!

  22. Thunder1177 Weekly

    Lol in a fail platoon on the 360 edition I almost killed a batchat tier X

  23. nuclearsharkattack

    If you go to Dreadshell’s channel, he discusses how he played this game in
    detail. Valuable info for the player who wants to improve light tank

  24. monkeystandoffsucks

    If you look at the description of the Naydin’s medal, WG misspelled column
    as “colimn”

  25. lol, he messed up at during a minute 3:57, where he said that the Luchs was
    a tier 3 light tank instead of tier 4 light tank.. but its ok.. we all make
    mistakes some time.. keep up the good work QuickyBaby..

  26. Brandon Cantrell

    Quickybaby what mod do u use and how can i download it?

  27. love this little terror of a tank, great for passive scouting also

  28. Hey guys, i wanna buy a pc. I have been playing the game on a laptop and
    needed to play on low graphics or else the game would have lags so does
    anyone have a idea of how much the pc is gonna cost me in euro’s. I wanna
    play the game on med/high graphics

  29. Couple of points. The luchs (and other tier 4 scouts) gets tier 4 – tier 7.
    They used to get 4 – 8 but WG changed it. It is fair to compare it to the
    38 NA, because they both get the same MM and are supposed to fill the same
    role, the comparison isn’t very balanced, the Luchs basically just wins (pz
    does get a 1.3 second aim time so… that something).

  30. I have a Luchs replay on quickybaby.replays, I did 2.400 damage in a Tier 6
    Match-Up, killing a KV-2, a T-34-85 and SU-100Y by myself, while been the
    most lucky Luchs driver ever, I hope QuickyBaby see this replay one day.

  31. What do binoculars do

    • +Eric Langbert Binoculars increase your view range when you remain
      stationary; I believe it’s a buffer of 25%. However, you must be motionless
      for several seconds before it takes effect, and once you move the effect

    • +Eric Langbert Binoculars increase your view range when you remain
      stationary; I believe it’s a buffer of 25%. However, you must be motionless
      for several seconds before it takes effect, and once you move the effect

  32. When you compare the Luchs to the M5 Stuart, better manoeuvrability, better
    gun, it just doesn’t seem fair does it. 😉 Great vid quickybaby, a joy to

  33. It’s too cute to die!!

  34. NoHomeLike

    +QuickyBabyTV You need to check this table out:
    It gives the actual traverse speed of tanks based on power to weight
    ratios. The Luchs has an actual 77 degree traverse speed, more than double
    than what is listed. This is because the difference between the stock and
    top engine is phenomenal

  35. i have always loved my luchs, it was the first tank where i put a camo on
    because i thought it was worth spending it on the little luchsy luchs

  36. Ah I can just imagine the chat for this game……..

  37. I am Wildcat

  38. Tier 4 Light tanks with scout mm get matched like regular tier 5 tanks.

  39. jingles should see this!

  40. I play mostly light tanks but I had a 38% winrate in luchs after 100 or so

  41. No QB, it only sees up to t7

  42. I like leopard more , it has more hp and if you get similar MM you can take
    one hit more

  43. but hard to argue with 11 kills ;)

  44. I liked the Luchs, but I honestly preferred the pz 38 na. 130 pen on prem
    rounds and 2.5 sec reload lets me do a but ton of dmg in even tier 7 games
    :D. Better Top speed, 10 less HP, 60hp better engine, 50 mm armor front of
    hull and turret. The only problem I have is the Turret traverse speed. The
    luchs has an extra 10 more degrees per second. Thats Just my 2 cents.

  45. *watching video*
    QB says Luchs can meet tier 8
    “Ah shit comments are going to be hell aren’t they?”

  46. Wtf it can’t get into T8 games 

  47. peter pellegrini

    Dear QuickyBaby, one day if it is not to much trouble could you make a
    video on WN8 explaining what it is and how to get a better WN8 rating.
    Thank you from Australia, and keep doing what you doing.

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +peter pellegrini To get good wn8, dont play like an idiot, survive more
      than 2 minutes, and do twice your HP in damage every game. No need for a
      If you want to “statpad” play tanks everyone hates and do good in them.
      (includes low tier light tanks and shitty meds., the shittier the tank the
      easier it is to get good stats usually.)

  48. I actually prefere the pz38na… i love the little thing, it is invisible
    with good crew…. But do almost nothing but passive scouting in it.

  49. If only we hade this beast in tier 10 heavy skin tank :D

  50. 0:43

  51. the luchs cant matchup with tier 8, most of the time tier 5 or 6 and rarely
    tier 7.
    nd i had 6 master ce badges in 8 battles in this tank <3

  52. i have a luchs and leopard (tier 5) that i love to play and just clip enemy
    tanks :D

  53. That tank luchs good as well

  54. This is just smurfing.. nicely done though :P

  55. I had a Pz1c and once I got the Luchs, I sold it and have never looked back
    upon that decision in with regret. Not that the Pz1c is bad or anything,
    but after playing both, for me, I just seemed to always have better games
    in the Luchs than I did in the Pz1c. Both are good tanks and are fun to

  56. My favorite tank in the game. It was the recipient of my first female crew.

    A few things worth pointing out:
    As has been noted, when light tanks got their MM spread buffed, tier 4
    lights were included. It was a pretty substantial buff for the Luchs, as
    the 30cm has serious issues vs tier 8 tanks, and tier 7 lights present in
    such games will eat a Luchs for lunch :< The credit/exp multiplier sure was nice, though... The listed traverse speed is based on the stock engine. The top engine has nearly triple the power; resulting in a traverse speed well above 70 degrees a second. On top of that, the tank has pivot-turn because of its slow turret. It's probably the most maneuverable tank in the game, so long as you don't take it onto boggy ground. The Pz 38na gets the same matchmaking. Why? Game balance, of course. Spare a bit of pity for the driver of each 38na you see, it's not as good of a tank overall and the matchmaking makes the grind pretty terrible. Fortunately there's no real need to drive it these days, with the introduction of the earlier PzIV's.

    • +iraklis zaxarioudakis Do any of the mentioned tanks have a full bitch
      crew? Or did you put a couple of bitches in each of them?
      -or are you trollin cause most of those tanks are crap ?

    • iraklis zaxarioudakis

      omg i put my first two female crew in my favorite tank M4 and then i my
      JACKSON and then in my T25 AT snd then in my T28 P

  57. Lucht is my favorite tank, 1000+ games played with her, and she is a
    definite keeper in my garage!

  58. I love the Luchs

  59. The Luchs is top tier of its up to tier 5! Next to That, It is too cute to
    die !

  60. Its up tomtier 7’in my experience

  61. I wana see the leopard so bad not the leopard 1 but the light tank leopard

  62. It’s like a little M41 :D

  63. Since when could you get a kolobanovs medal at tier iv? I thought it was
    tier v and above 

  64. I always play this tank with my friend, it is so much fun to just mess

  65. I love the Luchs its my mostplayed Tank in the game with over 500 battles

  66. Good machine the luchs I have one I’ve only been playing since Feb but l
    like the speed and every thing about the the tank brilliant game play by

  67. why he didnt took the pools medal ???

  68. Who knows Wildcat and Delirious? :D

  69. This thing will…
    drive up to you,
    deliver an angry bitch slap from hell,
    and move halfway across the map away from you,
    before the dung from shitting yourself even hits the floor!

    *Mean, MEAN little bastard!*

  70. yoann “ZeBra66” llareus

    Once I’ve underestimated the Luchs… My T67 didn’t appreciate

  71. such a good little tank

  72. Jingles is going to love this.

  73. Luchs underrated? No way, maybe many people just don’t like lower tiers but
    everybody knows Luchs is a beast!

  74. I only watched this video because I’m a wildcats fan. #bluenation

  75. I just relied this but this is the map that you were playing on when I
    first tuned in to watch your stream on twitch

  76. I’m impressed he didnt decide to shoot some gold at the churchill.
    big props for this no goldie!

  77. The luchs might be good but i get saddly 80% tier 7 rounds 10% tier 6 and
    rarely tier 5 or 4 ones. That is clearly the inderect nerv to this tank….

  78. Jacques van Jaarsvelt

    The luchs can meet tier 4s too! Yes it can be top tier and it only meets
    tier 7s. Not 8s. And you called this tank a tier 3 light in the video. Like
    wtf qb thinks tier 3s can meet tier 8 now? Shows u how much he knows about
    low tiers xD

  79. I have it and i love it :)

  80. I never sold the Luchs and probably never will.
    Best low tier light tank in the game.

  81. At 3:57 u said it was tire 3

  82. I remember when i played this tank, it was a lot of fun, even with more
    brutal MatchMaking, tier 4s back then could see tier 9s. A great tank, no
    matter what match up it came across, definitely a lot of fun!

  83. Worlds dangerous toy

  84. IchButterMirDenLachs

    @QB 1st: Luchs cant meet T8, its +3 for every scout in the game
    2nd: on paper the tracktravers of the Luchs might be crap, but
    did you actually watch the replay? 😀 just look how fast he is turning

  85. There are two tanks I never sell… Kv2 and luchsyluchs :p

  86. 3:45 did something happened to my eyes or to the video ._.

  87. 301 views, 1,171 likes. Seems legit :P

  88. i fucking hate this tank as a light tank player

  89. The Luchs is an RC tank OF DOOM!

    Seriously the best light tank there is, great p/w, great autocannon, very
    small and agile, extremely easy to juke, flank, circle, and slaughter, and
    you can drift it pretty much on command.

  90. Thisisfuckingannoying

    This tank doesn’t see tier 8

  91. Fail QB thats the scout mm before the changes now it can only meet t4-7 :D

  92. whenever QB says “Spähpanzer” it somewhat sounds like Speerpanzer, wich
    would mean Spear tank, wich is pretty awsome if you think about it :D

  93. how can that player be that good with that kind of WN8 and suck so much at
    the luchs i mean even an average player would know not to spam the
    autoloader at those kind of ranges (400m) because they are going to miss

    • I find it doesn’t change much with the luchs if you spam or not pretty much
      always hit the same amount and spamming em is more fun

  94. Philip Oesterle Pekrun


  95. Philip Oesterle Pekrun

    wait wtf luchs cant meet t8 tanks

  96. Luchs was sweet when it was tier 3

  97. The Luchs takes some getting used too, mostly because of that gun. Because
    it is short range only and unloads a magazine so fast, it acts more like a
    shotgun. Once you get used to it though, you will learn that it has a lot
    of capability.

  98. Look at that, Thugz, a member of Evil Gaming on QB’s channel :)

  99. Totally enjoyed Luchs and Leopard. I’m currently grinding my VK 28.01
    (really wanna see that 105mm cannon in action) and I really hope I’ll reach
    SP 1 C and RU 251 soon ^.^ Btw, maybe others stated it too, but Luchs can
    meet only tier VII opponents, so no Ferdinand for him, maybe only some
    JPanthers ^.^

  100. Dimitar Dimitrov

    I am a Luchs maniac I have 5k battles and the max. tier you can get with
    the Luchs is tier 7 min. tier 4.

  101. The Luchs can’t meet their 8 tanks anymore it’s limited to tier 7.

  102. You really need to wait a moment between each 2-shot salvo to let the
    aiming circle settle down. By the way, the Luchs only is matched up to tier
    7 not 8.

  103. The luchs is way better than the tier 5 leopard in my opinion, im at
    leopard now and i dont like it at all..

    • Just don’t ram anything big and you’ll be fine :p

    • Ok i will try the ramming technique in the leopard :P. Many people suggest
      that lol.. sounds like fun but i dont think you will last very long after
      you ram a tank

    • +jesse van vliet Tier for Tier i think the Luchs is stronger. But you can’t
      really compare those tanks. Even though they have the same gun, the
      playstyle is not the same. Luchs is more of a “standard” light tank with
      very good Camo, mobility and a really good gun on medium to low range. You
      can scout very well, but also flank and do damage.
      The Leo is more of a anti-light-tank vehicle. Not that good camo compared
      to other light tanks (because it is pretty big), but heavy and fast,
      although it lacks mobility. But in a fight light tank vs light tank it is a
      nightmare. Dump the Magazine into them, ram them afterwards (or the other
      way around). It can scout, but it’s not the biggest strengh of the tank in
      my opinion.
      The VK after it is very similar, more of a anti-scout tank with the derp.

      I liked both of them in their own way, but don’t have them in my garage at
      the moment. Still have the RU251 though.

    • +I couldnt come up with a name so i used this
      Well…if u wanna pen heavies frontally with lights…then gg wp there…u
      always have to flank them…and load the magazine into their @ss…even
      more funny, when u light them up this way…:)

    • I couldnt come up with a name so i used this

      95 pen and a bigger target are the huge letdowns of the leopard. 95 pen on
      against is-3s/ferdies/tiger IIs isn’t really good.

  104. Celestia the mad

    Luchs in his natural habitat!

  105. I love my Luchs. It is so much fun to get those drive by kills and scurry
    away again. Out of 4k games played, 10% are in my Luchs.

  106. Cool tank

  107. Demonkiller Death

    he is a scout and got 0 assistance damage and over 2.7k damage XD

  108. I play the Luchs a lot but you don’t actually met tier 8…

  109. I like the luchs of that game

  110. Hi QB I also upload a luhs replay on your uploadsite which ammoracked T1
    Heavy in ASIA server
    If you have time maybe you can take a look.

  111. Am I the only one who prefers using the 5cm gun?

    • +Bradley Gillett Whyyyy…

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +Bradley Gillett The only luchs players i see with the 5cm gun are
      statpadders who spam full apcr (goes from 67 pen to something around 120
      with surprisingly good dpm/handling), just because its fucking easy to get
      10k wn8 every battle in this kind of tank if you have half a brain.

      If you want fun just go with the autocannon…

    • +Bradley Gillett That’s just wrong! Like the people who use 107 mm gun on

    • +Bradley Gillett The 5cm gun is heavy and terrible on the Luchs, stop doing
      it wrong and embrace the pewpewpew :<

    • Shame on you good sir for you have sinned 😉 jk

  112. I have the luch
    Its a trol tank

  113. I never get games like this with mine but i am always falling foul to the
    RNG with me being the lowest tier

  114. as an average at best wot player, this replay reminded me of an
    unbelievable match i had on this map in the amx40. somehow a scrub like me
    managed to kill 14 of the 15 enemies. as for the luchs i only recently got
    1 and standard its not much fun, this vid at least gives me motivation to
    stick at it and get it upgraded

  115. What perks for this tank guys?

  116. Pretty sure the luchs only sees tier 7s

  117. Tier 7 Quickybaby!!!!! Grrrrr!

  118. “Oh noooooooo thats my hull” :DDD

  119. Hey qb i had a very good game in my pz 38 nA the other t4 light tank the
    replay is fro.m 0.9.3 i had 10 kills a kolobanovs medal etc. So if u want i
    send it to you

  120. Michael Stiles (Kamo)

    QB stop failing lol Luchs will never meet tier 8s not ever since light tank
    MM fix no light tank will meet tanks higher than 3 tiers.

  121. Richard Gustafsson

    3:56 Are you a lost time-traveler?

  122. Puppy power! :D

  123. nice

  124. Sam.donald Taylor

    the crusader SHOULD NEVER be a called a medium tank or become a medium tank
    it has no armour and a horrible gun even its mobility is not that good

    • Well, M7 is much faster, more agile and has tier IX-like view range. So
      yeah, still awesome.

    • NoHomeLike

      +The Podian The Crusader’s 57mm is better in every way to the M7s… also,
      -12 gun depression. Suck on that, American pig!

    • +Sam.donald Taylor The Crusader feels heavier than M7 Medium, so…

    • NoHomeLike

      3rd mark on it with camo crews. You can get away with a lot in the
      crusader. The problem is that though it has a better aim time than the
      T-34, it has much worse accuracy (0.41), meaning you can’t do too much
      sniping. However, with -12 gun depression off the sides, you can get away
      with murder anywhere

    • +epictf2gamer Amusingly though, it gets the camo of a light (only slightly
      less than the Luchs iirc), and keeps it while moving. Assuming they haven’t
      stealth-nerfed it, which is admittedly a rather large assumption.

      It’s a neat little hybrid tank.

  125. Benjamin Barber (Icemanb31)

    quickybaby i put an awesome 110 replay on your replays website did you get

  126. lucks matchmaking is Tier 4 through 7
    also, it looks like Dreadshells used his CW reward camo on his luchs

  127. this luchs like fun

  128. Damnit, now I want a Luchs again.

  129. quicky derped it cant see tier 8 only +3 mm

  130. it is the only tank that worth to go back to play WOT.

  131. i love the leopard had one in the garage for years, thinking i want to
    retrain the crew into a luch now? lol

  132. Old Chaffee is still bae

  133. Wilhelm Schicklegruber

    16:01 A massive thumbs up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  134. personally i feel the luchs is far to rediculous

  135. Masterful game. Absolutely no luck to be had there :D

  136. Tier IV light tanks are absolute monsters in tier V games, even the
    horrible A-20 just murders tier Vs let alone the Luchs.

  137. Jingles sleeps with a plush Luch, true story

  138. no love for the Leopard?, it’s just like the Luchs, the traverse speed
    feels a lot better then on paper

    • +Leon Haven Eh, it doesn’t get same-tier battles, is less mobile and bigger
      than Luchs, and the gun has only two more bullets…

    • +Leon Haven I have both. For effectiveness in tier range, the Luchs is
      better, in my opinion. Smaller, faster, more maneuverable, and the tanks it
      faces are more vulnerable to the gun.

      Still, I can see why some might like the Leopard. Much, much better gun
      handling, and the armor/weight occasionally comes in handy…

      Luchs is better at being a pure light tank. Leopard is slightly more
      “balanced”, granting it a little bit of flexibility; sometimes it can be a
      light medium if it needs to.

    • Love for the leopard but it’s just not as cute :3

  139. Oh come on people, stop giving so many fucks about what tiers the tank
    currently has to fight. Not so long ago almost all tier 4 light had to
    fight tier 8 tanks, even the ones that were not in light tank lines. 

  140. Θανασης «TheBigMadWolf1» Πασιοπουλος

    Little hero

  141. Put all female crew on my Pz.Kmpf.II Luchs…this thing works fantastic

  142. Excellent play. But for me, light tanks? no thanks.

    • Why not? I used to hate lights too now I love em, give it a try and stick
      with it for a while you might change your mind :3

    • Whaaat? Light tanks are awesome 🙂 for me: heavy tanks are fun when top
      tier or middle tier, but when you meet two tiers above you, you dont have
      armor, you dont have a good gun, and you dont have speed… In light tanks
      it doesnt really matter 🙂

  143. QB will you ever showcase the tier 5 German light tank, the VK16.02? I love
    that little thing but I’ve never seen that tank on your channel.

  144. I like the pz 1c more :)

  145. Stop telling people about the Luchs, keep it an underdog, god damn it 😛

    That being said… the Leopard at T5 is not worse, its a better tank, it
    only gets worse MM. That makes it seem like its worse. Gun handling is
    actually ways better, also you can ram some shit and live to tell the tale.

    • +SirDigsALot90
      “High quality”? It has a worse power to weight ratio and is less
      maneuverable :

      Put a Luchs and a Leopard side by side and try to tell me again how it’s
      “not so big”. It’s like a Luchs that ate too many twinkies and decided to
      slap on some sloped front plate to cover up its rolls :<

    • +Septfox oh common it ain’t that big. VK 28 – big LT, Aufklarungs – monster
      of a LT. But not the Leopard. Leopard is just a high quality Luchs one tier

    • +Tom Sheep Right, that’s the thing…the Leopard is technically better in
      most ways, but it’s worse *for its tier*.

      In a straight up fight, a Luchs will lose to a Leopard, but when it comes
      down to it, the Luchs can contribute better in most of the matches it gets

      The Luchs also isn’t horribly fat and easy to hit :v

  146. Bjorn IronHammer

    The Luchs is a great Tank QB. I would almost say its borderline OP but it
    is pretty darn fun for a T4 LT. I would fully recommend it to anyone who
    wants the ultimate assassin at T4

  147. luchs is amazing!! and so cute

  148. I’d rather the Leopard

  149. I like that tank.
    It’s so cute

  150. lol welcome to the wot testserver/normal server. a server full with noobs
    that dont know how to play the game/hold the line properly. like right at
    the beginning almost half of his team was gone, and the enamy still had
    only lost 1 tank.

  151. the luchs has mm to tier VII QB!!! it NEVER meets tier 8. (After 400
    battles in the Luchs i know… 😛 )

  152. Goes up to tier 7 not tier 8… sorry Ferdie, no luchs for you, just

  153. “underrated”

  154. well i have played with Luchs but i never get matchmaking with tier VIII.
    The highest was for me tier VII

  155. Does the graphics matter of you send a replay!? And I dont have the post
    game stats! Do you mind?!

  156. Tier 8? I thought that scouts have +3. 4+3 is 7

    • Richard Gustafsson

      +taief miah
      It’s a fail platoon, the pz38 na doesn’t meet tier 8 anymore, no “scout”
      (Like Pz38na is a scout löl) is supposed to have +3 MM only

      EDIT: Every instead of NO*

    • Robert Pettigrew

      +Richard Gustafsson​ true but you did mention unicums (which I am not 🙂 )
      and to be honest if you are playing tier 7 scouts hopefully you should know
      what you are doing ;). On the other hand the way you see tier 10 played a
      lot I guess not 🙂 I totally agree if you are looking for the best mm the
      +1 tier is right but with high tier scouts I find it blured.

    • Richard Gustafsson

      +Robert Pettigrew
      What I ment is that it’s not always the best option for all players, but it
      seems like you can handle it

  157. พิมพ์ใจ ภู่สำลี

    IT SO CUTE! :D

  158. 0:19 Luchs will never see T8s unless failtooning. It has normal scout mm
    which is +3 max.

    • +hall0 actually, it did for some time. There was a period where it was tier
      IV and met tier VIII, but it doesn’t anymore, which means his comment is
      still irrelevant. But it did meet tier VIII.

    • +Minecraft Universe BalkanHD Your name just contains everything bad in this

    • +Minecraft Universe BalkanHD
      plz show me some games where it saw tier 8s. Luchs used to be T3 so it is
      even more unlikely it ever saw T8s. But nice to see some redtards always
      screeming “haters” once you point out mistakes.

    • Richard Gustafsson

      +Minecraft Universe BalkanHD
      But not anymore 😛

    • Minecraft Universe BalkanHD

      +hall0 HATERS luchs used to get tier 8.SO SHUT UP AND WATCH THIS AWESOME
      GAME !!!

  159. 182 views just btw… nice video 😉 :)

  160. greeny the snowman

    god damn this cute little bastard of a tank

  161. The funny thing is that the Leopard (which comes after this thing) is worse

    • +SirDigsALot90 True, it takes very little time to re-aim with the Leo, so
      you connect more shells at short range if firing full-auto and you can
      empty your clip more quickly at long range targets. The reticule bloom also
      feels lighter on the Leo than the Luchs, which is good because the Leo does
      have more shells.

    • +Kaefersubway I admit that Luchs is stronker in its tier than the leopard.
      But Leopard was the better and more fun tank for me. I loved the 1.9 s aim
      time on that 12 shell clip. With Leo I felt that I can hit the target with
      far more shells than the Luchs ever could. Aslo the view range and the
      rams…oh the Chaffee and Hellcat rams!

    • Richard Gustafsson

      Just the aim/accuracy made me not like the Luchs as much as my Leo

    • +Kaefersubway The Leo is a bit better at killing scouts than the luchs in
      my opinion, because it’s quite good at ramming other lights if it can’t
      clip them (although sometimes it can). It’s like a buildup to the ultimate
      scout-killers, the VK 2801 and the Aufk (which is sadly getting replaced.)
      Leo also has better gun handling and slightly better mobility in regards to
      traverse. It has better viewrange as well, but worse camo. Yet for whatever
      reason, I agree with you. I like my luchs a lot more.

    • just looked it up and you are right but the damage is like the same so it
      doesnt really matter.

  162. Luchs is the best light tank, in IV tier.

  163. Yyyeh boyih

  164. awesome replay

  165. 6th Veiw

  166. the cutest tank in wot :O

  167. Hey QB

  168. What do you guys think of the Luchs?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  169. First

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