World of Tanks || M10 RBFM – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – M10 RBFM Sirocco. The D-Day reward a T5 turreted TD – here’s all you need to know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Sirocco -> Roccosi -> Roccosi Freddy. Sorry.

  2. I’ve done the first mission but cant move on to the second mission why?

  3. I appreciate you showing how vulnerable that tank is in your first battle. Enjoy your vids

  4. Dabombinable Mi

    The armour on the wolverine can be quite trollish. I’ve seen it bounce shots that it shouldn’t have.

  5. The Slightly Tilting Cat

    WoT, the only game that makes me angry with ‘Critical Hits’.

  6. Finally, I see QB bring up a terrible replay to show the downside of a tank. I do believe it is a better way to introduce a new tank by showing a monster result as well as the worse possible scenario.

  7. TryhardBalthezar

    This is what premium tanks should be like. Formidable but slightly worse stats compared to the existing tanks in it’s tier.

  8. If I have M10 wolverine with good crew what is the point for me to get this French tank???

  9. get gud quacky

  10. This is the first time a french vehicle have a bad reverse speed


  12. Djenty Mcdjentstermandjentson

    I stopped playing WOT ages ago. So much has changed….makes me miss it. If only I had the internet to play. Sadly I never got to play the game on its best quality. I straight up played with the worst ping ever. 600 plus. I hated and loved playing bc I had good and bad games but mostly bc my internet was horrid

  13. Thank you for showing that first game. Yeah just like the wolverine it’s made of paper. ?

  14. Played wot 4500 games in 6,5 years. Never played one match with french tanks. Am I going to play with it? Hell no. Am I going to keep that on my garage?
    Hell yes.

  15. Its ok for free which it is but again WG are giving nothing decent away.

  16. RIP StuG IV.

  17. Well the Wolverine is awesome…one of my favourites ?

  18. Mehmet öztürk

    Free garage slot 🙁

  19. Thanks for the review. Makes me want to put in the time.

  20. MasterOfDisaster1896

    Where is your Black Market and type 59 g Video?

  21. even Gods fall

  22. But, how does its camo rating compare?

  23. Wargaming math: 41,612 + 50,000 – 1,620 – 6,080 = 104,718

    Go home Wargaming, you’re drunk.

  24. Hey QB, you really need to work on you tank knowledge, it’s not a plow or ram, it’s a hedgerow cutter.

  25. Worthless commie trash and only worthless commie trash can take such great idea ad fuck it up this bad why no one has ever wanted anything chickenshit commie trash have ever made .

  26. What’s up with premium tanks and horsepower anyway?

  27. I am not doing the Challenge. I dont Like the Wolverine so why should i do the Challenge to get an Premium Wolverine?

  28. ***ATTENTION*** Can We All Just Take A Moment To Appreciate How Annoying It Must Be To Give Away All Your Cool Secrets To the Public So That Everyone Can Have = Fun In This Awesome Game!?!?!? THANK YOU SO MUCH QB!!!

  29. Hey something funny for you, the Type 59 G sold out on the NA server in 12 seconds…

  30. Good to see u playing a bad game QB

  31. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Note:Pz. Sfl. IVc has a fully turn gun in reallity. Only on the game it hans’t.
    Wargaming should implement a seage mode for this tank to get fully turn gun like it was on reallity.

    It is quite strange because Nashorn that is a tier up has not a fully turn gun. Really the Nashorn gun can be installed on Pz. Sfl IVc. So, would be nice to see a fully turn turret from tier V to tier X for the germans. This means removing that piece of shit Grille 15 that Wargaming pushed over us. That shit vehicle is not near tier X, it is a useless piece of this that has not hope staying in the game in that line like it is.

  32. And what’s the reason for less penetration with premium ammo on this tank?

  33. watercolorsdreams

    Sadly I won’t have the opportunities to earn the ‘Siroco’ camo since I’ll be actually heading to Normandy, France on 3rd of June for 75th Anniversary of D-Day with another service members friend. I wish WoT sell booster that can let me complete the last 3/4 missions since I will be missing them.

  34. “Rearline vanguard tank”? 🙂

  35. 253k gold. Bruh

  36. I’d love to buy a Tee from Teespring, but alas, they don’t ship to Australia 🙁

  37. I’m getting that French Wolverine for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  38. best tier 10s to grind in 2019?

  39. I want Sciroco just because I love M10’s

    EDIT: Just notice the Sciroco turret is slightly different.

    Base US turret is original wedge design with no counterweights. Upgraded turret is the late model with the “duckbill” counterweights. Sciroco has the much more common mid production wedge shape counterweight.

  40. Why didnt you look at the minimap before moving, lol

  41. A great quality video as always, Quicky. Thanks

  42. 6:52
    Me le thinking:
    – Whelp, QB lost a lot of HP, and it’s only half a video… I wonder how he will win this game afterwards, might be something outstanding.
    Whelp, that escalated quickly, baby.

  43. There will be xp books soon so no problem for operator.

  44. Izet Bilčević

    names of tanks are amd athlon team speak 5 and soo and this siroco is a achiles -.- booring WG

  45. Quicky 7:50 *rearline vanguard tank*
    No mate its either a rear line tank OR a vanguard tank. ?

  46. West Coast Warriors Archive

    So in other words this premium tank is built how they should be where its just slightly worse than the tank its supposed to be copying.

  47. Qb starts on a map. Oh look all the places i can go to be effective.
    Me.. wtf am i supposed to do on this map

  48. Kevin Šťastný

    How can someone still play this shitty game?


    Its cute.. and free
    So don’t judge it to hard 🙂

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