World of Tanks || M103 – 10,000+ DMG…

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Source: QuickyBaby

– M103. Today xlematoux is going to show you how to dominate in the T9 heavy the M103!

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of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free . It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. So, does anybody know where I can get the Free-Cam mod for replays that
    QuickBaby uses?

  2. if I had 50 cents for every time ive ran out of ammo in a M103 I
    would have 0.00$

  3. Lol I’ve seen a lot of m103 players spamming heat at me

  4. im so rebel the i will dislike and report this video ?

  5. One thing I seriously hope you can get around to is reviewing the console
    Motherland premium tank. I just love it so much and I want your opinion on

  6. How does he bounce so much shots?

  7. Stop telling everyone the weaknesses of every vehicle

  8. thats why you angle whatever tank u are playing it may not bounce but it
    takes longer for them to aim/find the least angled surface i dont get
    frustrated over gold ammo being fired at me because i avoid useless
    positions/flanks that im going to lose because of prem being fired at me

  9. I’d really love to play the M103, but god grinding is so boring that slowly
    kills me. Playing the same maps all the time.

  10. If you drive a Ru, Black Bulldog or english tanks, you can penetrate the
    M103´s sides of the turret with their high penetration HE rounds.

  11. hahaha …your expression when tiger 1 exploded XD

  12. lol the end of the gun not the tip the back bit looks like they just put
    duck tape

  13. It’s rather amazing how he did +10k damage while the second on his team by
    damage did 1.7k… carrying like an absolute beast there

  14. No Detailed Report page… -1

  15. Also M103 has pretty amazing accuracy while moving.

  16. T-10 Lets me SnapShot at 300m and barely ever miss Stronk russian gun

  17. how can you watch other players and you after game

  18. I love my m103, one of the easiest grinds in the game too.

  19. Amazing work once again QB!

  20. 01:35 what a wonderfull “surprise face” by QB!!! :)

  21. The Conqueror may have superior guns but the location of the Ammo Storage
    and weakness of it storage is a whole other storys. Front lower left plate
    is that locations, and I’m using Wet Storage and Safe Storage perks to keep
    it from getting nick in the ammo being racks by any caliber that can pens
    it. I don’t want to loses my FV215b 120 (or Chimera would be a better name)
    when the long long overdue Cheiftain finally arrive, maybe make it a Tank
    Destroyer with it brother in arm of all FV TD.

  22. This is the only way to play the game. Be aggressive.

  23. Yay a french player (I’m guessing by the name) he’s basicly xthecat 😛 (you
    almost got the pronunciation right)

  24. haha i like the name of the wt pz IV xD

  25. I remember this thing was useless over hills, big softish target for arty,
    large hatch and turret roof gets shot at and penned often. The only good
    thing I can remember about this tank was the gun, but even that had rng.
    worst tier 9 heavy in my opinion. They probably consider an op T110E5
    forgiveness for not buffing the tier 9.

  26. Used to PC now ha ha

  27. You know, this is my problem with the American line, every one of them:
    they trundle along from tier 1 to 8 being OK to mediocre. And then you hit
    8 with the light tanks, with the medium tanks, with the TDs, with the
    artillery, with the heavy tanks, and suddenly you skyrocket. The T-28
    prototype is one of my favorite TDs, both aesthetically and in firepower. I
    love my T-30 for its wonderful ability to be a heavy tank with a 120mm or a
    tank destroyer with a 155mm. I watch the American artillery, medium tanks,
    and light tanks just do amazing work at that level and be extremely lethal
    and regret that I just don’t have the fortitude to suffer through previous
    levels to get to the top. Given that American armor was a winner in the
    real world, the lacking in the game world is especially painful to me.

  28. He should also get a medal for only using 2 HEAT rounds.

  29. theyre my favourite heavy to see on the enemy team coz I know the weak
    spots and can reliably pen with bottom tiers

  30. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    This is easily one of the most beautiful tanks ever built.
    5:53 That curvy turret is something to die for <3

  31. Love my m103 but I’ve never done that much damage in it. I recently got a
    second mark and I’ve done over 6k in it, but this is something else! Really
    nice gameplay! Cheers for showing this QB

  32. where I can upload my replays with Foch 155? cause I can´t conect on QB
    replays webside. thx 😉
    this battle with M103 was amazing.

  33. He did very well. The American heavies are best used for harassment, they
    can’t trade shots with the low alpha. But the fast reload and good mobility
    early harassment then mop up, is how it’s done.

  34. Cheeky indeed! Luv it.

  35. I always have a hard time playing this tank when Im top tier since Im not
    going for the top gun on this tank and grinding on my 1st tier 10 tank whic
    is the T110E5. Its so hard without the top gun especially when im up
    against other top 9 heavy tanks which have better gun and armour so i can
    nvr fight them head on. I have better games when Im matched with other
    heavy tanks with better armour especially in tier 10 matches where I’ll
    always play as the support tank which is cool with this tank, its a really
    good support tank I believe if u dont have the top gun on it.

  36. Respect for Fadin’s medal. QB and Jingles often rave about a few other
    medals. But, for my money, the Fadin’s is one of those 1-in-1-million

  37. QB! Stop saying aahhhhh and stop groaning. Very annoying you bastard! Stop
    the video and cut it. Do it again if you want to be an entertaining sy.
    Until this .I.

  38. my favorite Tier 9 is the M103, i have it on Xbox, now grindig it on PC.

  39. OMG, only 2 Heat shell what’s wrong with this guy.

  40. I dont know when was this recorded QB, but the armor on the upper part of
    the mantlet is quite challenging (230-250mm effective on weakest points
    according to how many degrees of gundep is used and if there is nobody
    above you, also counts as spaced armor), the part above the the mantlet is
    still weak and the roof is terrible as u said (and the big fat shoot me
    here comm hatch too).

  41. wow,seriously ballsey at the end there!

  42. wargaming should disable the caliber rule for heavy tanks

  43. Why do you put spoilers in video title? :(( You could say “A great game
    with M103″

  44. wheres the intro

  45. best tier 9 heavy tank .atleast for me

  46. i hate the matchmaking system. was in t3 went against t5, one shot. cannot
    pen anything.. strange system

  47. If you dont have the t34 us you dont need to research the 120mm gun

  48. lol…. he was epic :D

  49. gg aux coupains de la WWAD!

  50. I’m not early, I’ll make a joke, I’m late.

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