World of Tanks: M22 Locust Premium Tier III Scout Tank

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Source: Capt Canada

Fantastic Tier III Scout, all around good little tank. Small size, high speed, good gun with great rate fire, aim time and gun depression.


  1. You deserve so much more fame your videos are great!

  2. Hay the locust ! 🙂
    One huge bit of advice,from a light tanker to another, for your
    consumables ( repair kit , first aid kit , fire kit , case of cola…)
    always put your small repair kit on the mid slot. so when you activate your
    repair kit its button #5, your tracks are also #5. if you need to move to
    safety ASAP you will press #5#5 instantly and get moving before they can
    shoot again!
    usually you get your tracks blown off and the next shot ,you die. That set
    up has saved me SOOOO many times.

  3. They do have plans to make American tier 8+ light tanks
    the M41 Walker Bulldog (looks like a Chaffee ) and the T92 airborne light
    tank ,smaller relative to the locust, (think AMX ELC with a 360 degree
    traverse turret )

  4. Good video.
    I have the M22 as well, but drive it quite a bit more aggressively. I never
    stop moving, so for equipment I use vents, optics, and springs, since this
    tank gets air and tracks itself easily at high speeds.

  5. I bounced off a Stuart with my T-150 and 107mm recently

  6. Great tank but I could wish for a stronger gun in those Tier 7-8 battles. 🙂
    Had a question about Elite armor and Experience points Cap. Is it better to
    add a skill singly and pump the points into that one crewmember until the
    perk or Skill is 100% then move onto the next crewmember (or skill) …ad
    nauseum…or to have all the crew with their own skill and all being
    advanced at the same time?

  7. why not use mods?

  8. пидорас удоли игру

  9. Иди на хуй янки проклятый. ussr forever!!!!!

  10. Just watched this, gonna get one as the 9.3 update has the tier 8 you
    requested 😉

  11. I might wanna buy this….when its on sale

  12. It has a problem turning, so I have ‘Clutch Breaking’ that I have on one of
    the drivers on a light American tanks. It drives much better. Also, I have
    “Dead Eye” on another gunner and that makes quit a big difference. It helps
    to destroy modules and injure/kill crew-members. Good video. BTW, thanks
    for the answer to a question I ask you in WoT chat.
    Edit/Add; Going from the bulldog, Type 64, ELC and my other scout tanks,
    playing the Locust was a bit of a surprise in that you never get those big
    numbers. Spotting damage is not longer in the thousands and neither is EXP.
    However, it is fun to drive and has a better camo rating than most of the
    other scouts. Having 6th sense I can stay behind a bush for 5 minutes or
    more and not be found. That is a thrill in it’s self. i payed half price
    and left out the crew too.

  13. Is there any non premium tanks similar to the locust cus I don’t have any
    gold right now

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