World of Tanks – M24 Chaffee Orlik`s Medal and High Caliber, WN8:37640

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Source: WoTHappened

What I do like the most is watching light tanks having great games mostly because playing in one of those is more fun, faster and you simply know that eery shoot is gonna pen your butter armor.

In this video, Kosmo2000 drives his little like a boss, no fear from bigger tanks with much bigger guns. During course of this battle on he managed to do almost 4K damage, get 5 kills and earn Orlik`s Medal, medal and medal.
I do encourage all of you to comment on replays you see, to say what you think. Also, do tell what I could change in making of those replays. All suggestions post in comment section and I will check them.

Also, add to it short description (on what to pay attention), for example: “Funny Video – E100 owned by T54” or “6k Damage in T54” and in a description add few words 🙂

I`ll do my best to check all replays that you send!

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