World of Tanks || M4 Improved – is it Worth it?

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Was quite a surprise to find yesterday a brand new T5 American medium was released the lets find out if it lives up to its name and if it’s it?

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  1. World of Tanks || M4 Improved – is it Worth it?



  2. See? From replay, the enemy team didn’t have any top tier heavies on the
    hill. That’s gonna ruin your team in encounter mode.

  3. the 92mm of pen…well same as T14 and Excelsior. Same goes for accuracy.
    If RNG loves you, you can dominate a game, if not, you will be frustrated.
    Good Crew helps (hitting weakspots…). I love the tank. Strangely if FEELS
    less mobile, although it isn’t.

  4. Another shitty tank, from the money grabbers crew….

  5. Wargaming veterans day – premium tank, Obsidian veteran day – free tank.

  6. I got it had some god games definetly playable not by dmg but by flanking
    and causing mayhem.
    in a t7 game encoutered su 122-44 and a su152 and just trolled then by
    drivning round dig Pen couple but best was the 122-44 killed su152 and got

  7. im feel its great

  8. A completely useless tank. Probably the worst premium tank yet, think T14
    or Excelsior in tier 7 games. … and they are buffing KV-220….

  9. ‘Existed only in blueprints’
    Hm, surprising…. And the gun is just…*barfs*

  10. it’s really stupid how WG are doing away with the notion of preferential
    MM. Theyre shooting themselves in the foot. If youre gonna sell mediocre
    premium tanks, at least give them them something a little special. Extra
    credits & xp are not really going to sell it on its own. pref mm is the
    main reason i got the pz4hydro, e25 and super pershing.

  11. M4 improved?.. improved my ass

  12. Jack “M6G” Ripper

    Ram 2 a better tier 5

  13. The fact this doesnt get pref and has this gun makes this a waste of gold
    and resources.

  14. I love my T14… I really do. It’s a horrible addiction, but MAN do I love
    my T14.

  15. I really like these reviews QB — you’re being honest and balanced, and
    you’re not afraid to speak up when you feel like that a specific company
    has done something wrong (the disastrous emblem-patch) or when they’ve done
    something well (listening to us community and giving us the tank only with
    a tiny amount of gold). That’s something that many other channels could
    take a lesson of. :)

  16. The only bad thing about this tank is the mm and gun, gosh, yall are

  17. I bought mine, and i love it, you’re a powerhouse in tier 5 and in tier 6-7
    you have the speed to act like a light. the gun depression gives you the
    ability to be a little “cheeky” with poking on higher tier tanks. The gun
    wont always carry you guys, but if your a skilled player who likes lid tier
    tank absolutely go for it

  18. ditched this game yesterday and bought premium time for armoured warfare!
    way better than world of tanks! and even tier2-3 is soo much fun in it
    unlike world of tanks where you start enjoying after tier8 and more
    MM in armoured warfare is much better with only 1tier more as compared to
    wots 2tier more
    much better choice of ammo in aw vs gold spamming through everything in wot
    tanks are actually tanks and not rc cards in AW
    cheaper ammo,effortless grinding,credit making is very good even without
    everyone must try aw

  19. Doesn’t seems to available in SEA server yet… hmmm…

  20. M4 improved review but no Scorpion review……WTF????

  21. This thing seems like it would be most powerful when using its gun
    depression but other than that the gun is rather bad for a Tier 5 tank. The
    Lee I believe gets a similar gun and even that gun is not enough to save it
    from being shitty.

  22. Woe that new garage is cool

  23. why was there a panzerjager lol

  24. i dont need it i have a m3a2e4 jgd 8,8 is-3 t1 heavy and su-85 so i dont
    need it

  25. Quickybaby have you played the french sherman on the test version yet?

  26. Thank you for the prompt video, QB! I was glad to see a new tank that
    wasn’t piled into some bloated bundle, but I don’t think I will buy it. Why
    spend money on a tank that’s at the mercy of the matchmaker when I could
    just go play a regular tank and get the same.

  27. “Oh this tank doesn’t seem so bad…”
    *sees gun*

  28. more of blueprint crap money grab.

  29. they could try naming it something more… original… and the name just
    kinda screams “pay 2 win”, without any knowledge of the vehichle people
    will call it a pay 2 win tank

  30. A tank that has to face T7 tanks with 100 penetration? Worse accuracy than
    the M4 Sherman? No thanks there’s no point in playing it because the 2
    things the sherman needs is some kind of accuracy and penetration to snipe
    from afar. It also has less gun depression so I would say screw this tank
    because it is not going to do a better job.

  31. Oughta run 75% crews when reviewing a tank, as that’s how most people will
    start out.

  32. Killed a lot of them with my Matilda xD

  33. stug iii g can penetrate m4 improved

  34. m4 improved? more like m4 DEproved. one look at the stats and I decided not
    to buy this crap. maybe if it gets a half off gold sale i’ll consider it
    for collector purposes.

  35. I really wish when he does tank reviews that he wouldn’t use premium
    consumables and ammo. That way people that don’t use them can get a more
    accurate idea of what said tank will pen and where it will. Also the proper
    mobility and aim time. I know using a 100% crew effects this also but many
    people have 100% crews. Im not bitching because I do like his tank reviews
    and appreciate the time he puts into them but its just something I think
    every time I watch one and see that premium consumable and all the premium
    ammo he loads. Not vary many people that are playing tier five tanks can
    afford 20,000 credit consumables per battle. I don’t know it could only be
    me who thinks this but again thanks for the tank review QuickyBaby.

  36. FUCK YOU


  38. I compared…Ram II is better…my opinien.

  39. NOPE!! Qb it was the war 2 end all others! The Great War was ww 2! Vets day
    is about ww 1! Ha!

  40. why don’t you play War Thunder?

  41. all your last videos in 1080p are shaking…whats the problem there…its
    like hardcore lagging ingame

  42. This is same gun as the T14 and even spamming APCR it’s basically worthless
    against anything above tier 5 that has any armour.

  43. so it gets higher MM and less almost everything else than the beloved Ram
    II…. God i wish i could have bought a Ram.

  44. They sure love the Sherman. This one and the revalorise coming too

  45. I like the Sherman tanks, and this tank looked tempting, but after your
    review, I have to pass on it. I prefer the E8 and the Firefly overall.
    Thanks for the review :)

  46. Good review. Fair assessment.
    I wish that you would stop using premium consumables like Cola, it gives an
    unrealistic idea for a average player of a tank.
    I like it, a fast medium, and it is a MEDIUM where you have to flank and
    shoot weak spots. Not sure what people are expecting there at tier 5.
    In the NA we got a 20$ and a 40$ which kind of grinds my gears because I
    would drop 12$ on this, but naw, not 20.
    That reverse speed is a wonderful asset.
    The thing zooms around and should have no problems flanking.

  47. Am I the only one who finds the way QB talks about lower tier plays
    disgusting? I felt like he was just short of calling them Sh**

  48. wow no bundle option on EU, Here in NA we only have two different bundles.
    Such BS

  49. The SEA deal is much better 100% crew +1000 gold+7 days premium time. for
    18.37 usd or for 37.13 usd you get 100% crew + 3500 gold + 30 days Premium,
    +Enhanced gun laying drive, Medium caliber gun rammer , Improved vents
    class two ….

  50. so its the M4 not so improved

  51. can you please make ur vids 45 fps?

  52. Thanks QB, you have saved me £28 :)

  53. why…. just why…. wtf wargaming?!?!?!?

  54. so its decent in top tier games and really only for seal clubbing…

  55. this is misleading advertasing !!!! m4 IMPROVED, excuse me how u can call
    tank m4 improved if it has m3 lees gun :D, regular un improved m4 sherman
    has 128 mm pen and decent gun 😀 idk still worth of 10 e, its kinda fun
    tank if u spamm skill ammo and want crew trainer for american meds

  56. Yet another underwhelming premium tank from WG. Pass!

  57. WG is getting really desperate, trying to suck out as much money as
    possible before it all turns to shit. Greedy bastards, they always were.
    Stuff like this will be the nail in the coffin. Fucking idiots…

  58. That tank has been on Chinese server for month. I guess Chinese server had
    changed to super testing server.

  59. junk junk junk

  60. Like, because it did help me decide why and if I wanted to buy one. Thanks
    allot for doing so, Keep up the good work! :)

  61. the new Excelsior? Looks good, but you are forced to fire gold rounds and
    feed WG with your wallet.

  62. Tha Mattsterchief15

    faster, smaller T14 with a similar pathetic gun

  63. There was Ram 2, it is removed and we got M4 İmproved !!

  64. Wow, there are 8 tanks in the game that is the m4, or directly based off of
    the m4

  65. My first thoughts was its t14 replacement too. Thanks for pointing that out
    and giving us a quick review on this odd-ball of a tank as I was quite
    curious to see what it actually was.

  66. please come the Xbox version soon

  67. Shermans and Panthers and not meant to be bred together.

  68. The NA server package would be OK if I needed the 100% crew. This tank
    would be OK if it was sold by itself for around $7 USD.

  69. loved my m4, with the derp gun its a monster . Shame this has not got that

  70. the great war was ww1 ;-)

  71. another useless premium crap…today i killed One full life frontally with
    my damaged Matilda, whitout gold ammo, And killed another One with my
    hetzer with standard ammo…do people really pay to play with this?

  72. It kinda looks like a Panther, or that Panther/M10 premium.

  73. I didn’t get my mustard -The Chaffee driver in your stream yesterday

  74. AS a M4 Sherman player with 3 marks, you use the derpgun, so the playstile
    is diffrent

  75. nice job QuickyBaby, thanks

  76. Funny how Obsidian Entertainment gave us a free Tank to honor veterans day.
    War Gaming tries to sell us one and claims some of the money goes to
    charity. We all know it goes to hookers and vodka though.

  77. Should have also compared it too the M4e2a4 beta tank. It has a higher dpm
    than the M4 improved.

  78. nope. I’ll stay with my Ram 2. i would love this tank if it had a better

  79. “Was quite a surprise to find yesterday a brand new T5 American premium
    medium was released the M4 Improved lets find out if it lives up to its
    name and if it’s worth it?”
    Uhm, QB? Commas? Punctuation? Anything? :S

  80. world of tanks = call of duty , Armored Warfare = Battlefield

  81. m4 “improved” … yea right…

  82. Only available as a bundle here in the US. Minimum price is $20. So
    definitely not worth it, and that gun. Would not buy.

  83. Give it the 17 pounder and i’ll buy it

  84. Im glad I have a Ram II, because it looks much better. 177 apcr pen with
    the same MM, and almost 200 more HP.

  85. God your such a sell out, just be honest and say it’s crap and not worth
    the money….

  86. Why are people moaning when this thing gets better armor and speed
    sacraficing the pen… It’s called balancing…

  87. Morgan “NemoKeine” Marmitt

    I am sorry to say QB that I find this review to be slightly misleading,
    while you do point out the fact that you are using your ‘best crew in the
    game’ you only show a single replay where you do happen to be on top of a
    team of tomatoes. You show the results of some of the results from T7
    battles but I think you should have included the games to be able to
    provide a more honest perspective of some of the challenges that you would
    have to endure due to the MM.

  88. Churchill III is better.

  89. So, while AW is giving away a premium T62 for the Armistice Day, WoT is
    selling this piece of shit… WG will never learn…

  90. Haven’t played for 2 months.
    Played 3 games today.
    Saw one of these.

  91. it’s a noob tank

  92. War Gaming always has their premium tanks UNDERpowered and OVERpriced.

  93. Another M4? seems to me like wargaming just slap a skin on tanks, change
    the stats a bit and call it a new premiun tank

  94. That tank is crap. That is a bunch of bull it took you hours or longer i
    bet to get 3 postbattle and 1 replay.

  95. I appreciate the honesty of not hyping this tank…..

  96. 10:05 2 shots in a row deal 110 each :O

  97. I would have liked to see some 6/7 tier play in the m4 imp.

  98. TEN EUROS? It costs $20 US dollars. Wow, thanks, Wargaming. Greedy

  99. Kind of seems poor taste that they’d take a day like remembrance day and
    think “oooo we can take advantage of that and make some more money”. If
    you’re really acknowledging a day of respect, make the tank free or don’t
    bother releasing anything imo haha

  100. Vs tier 5, OK, vs tier 6 or 7, no thx…

  101. ram 2 is MUCH better then this

  102. the m4 improved looks like a bad Ram II

  103. Funny that you brought up the T-14 considering this thing has practically
    the same armor and gun without the benefit of having premium matchmaking.
    Be honest QB, would you not play this tank JUST because you like higher
    tiers or because it’s not a very good tank? Hypothetically if you liked
    playing more low tier matches, would this be a go to vehicle for you????
    You show us one game with pretty much what will be rare MM and say “It
    depends on your play style”. Well yeah for a Super Unicum player who does
    well in every tank then sure you’ll be able to do alright with it.
    Abysmal penetration(worse than the M24 Chaffee), Mediocre at best armor, No
    premium matchmaking BUT its got better speed so it can get around heavies
    and still bounce most of its rounds unless firing premium.

    Sorry QB, but this doesn’t feel like a very honest review outside of you
    saying “I probably won’t play this tank again” and “I only bought this tank
    to review it”

  104. I only played it a few games so far, but it did OK. Decent armour, good
    mobility and the turret traverse was to my liking. I was already used to
    the gun from playing the T14 and Excelsior, both who use the same main gun,
    if I understand it correctly. All in all I don’t regret getting it.

  105. Looks like they drew up a Sherman to use Navy face-hardened armor, but then
    dropped it when they found they would not be able to get any
    supplies.Probably when they dropped this is when they tried to see if the
    Sherman could survive with its gross weight raised to 84000 pounds, which
    resulted in the Jumbo.

  106. Ah, good ol’ elitist QB.

  107. I like low tier games, but I don’t consider myself a seal-clubber, not at

  108. i wish the gun was better

  109. I’ll be honest, I got the M4 Improved just because of the Nostalgia for my
    Sherman tank collection.

  110. The gun on the M4 Imp, is roughly the same as that of the M3 Lee, as they
    are technically the same gun, or at least in name, (75mm M3), now that
    being said, it has a higher impact for HE than most tanks with a similar
    caliber. So I’d recommend running an equivalent amount of AP and HE,
    because you can do decent damage rolls with the 75mm M3, which is something
    most don’t realize when running the M3 Lee, you’ll most likely do more
    damage with HE to light tanks, because the high impact of the shell. yes it
    tends to travel quite slow, but it still keeps a higher impact. can’t quite
    explain how that would make any sense, but hey, it’s World of Tanks, and
    not a game with Uber realistic physics, like War Thunder.

  111. jason li (gunfyre212)


  112. Seems like it plays a lot like the Ram 2. The armor on the Ram is
    surprisingly effective in a top tier match, but it does see tier 7 matches.
    The gun on the Ram is just terrible, but it fires even faster than the one
    on the M4 Improved.

  113. just no, that gun alone…. I realy like the Skoda T40, but this thing, no

  114. You should have compared it with the Ram II as well

  115. Did I just watch 7min tonk spex?

  116. Detroit boys don’t forget us fools

  117. Purely for the experience, OF COURSE it’s worth it.

  118. Is it worth it? Of course not. Even if it was, don’t support WarGaming by
    giving them any of your money. They don’t deserve any more money until they
    fix their shit game.

  119. You know, what I would really like to see from Quickybaby?
    A Q&A, maybe linked with some fitting Replays from us, where we ask Quicky
    Questions and he answers, not the general stuff like spotting mechanics,
    using bushes or sidescraping, but more specialized things like
    -What do I do best with that sort of tank on that sort of map? (Rheinmetall
    on a Town Map for example)
    -How do I penetrate an O-Ni upfront most reliably..or a sidescraping Heavy?
    -and the probably most asked question: “How the hell did I get spotted in
    that certain situation?!”
    just some examples

  120. pretty much it is another trash tank

  121. It’s fantastic as top tier. Rubbish in a tier 7 game in a support role.
    Though works fine as a scout if need be. It def needs a buff in the ammo
    type of some sort. Though the AP is more then enough vs the O-I’s upper
    side armor. So it def needs to flank more so then not at times. Definitely
    a tank for the more patient player. The same gun works fine on the T14 HT.
    But then again, that don’t see tier 7 either.

  122. If you’re gonna whine about the crappy pen, you’re probably not very good
    at WoT. Sure, the gold rounds aren’t gonna go through the front of a tier 7
    heavy (or the stronger tier 6 heavies) but if you’re in a tier 5, you have
    no business putting your tank in front of a gun that big to begin with. On
    a city map, there will be always be a corridor that leads to the rear or
    side of such opponents, where you can put at least two shots into them and
    pull back into cover before they can even point their gun at you. On the
    open field, your view range will allow you to spot them from afar, where
    they won’t be able to see you and your allies with bigger guns will have
    the opportunity to shoot them. Simply put… Play smart, and you’ll get
    results. This tank has everything it needs to be a powerhouse, so long as
    it’s driven by a competent player.

  123. Sherman 3 forever!(i know its a copy of the m4,but the more shermans,the
    better!)what an underestimated tank,got so many top guns and high calibers
    and 2 radleys walters with it.Oh and 92 mm of pen really suck,in my
    opinion,you will likely be metting mostly tier 6 tanks that you cant really
    pen,and they will laugh at your armor.

  124. Wish he did a comparison between the Easy 4 Premium one

  125. I would like to see a lowtier game vs. tier 7 opponents. Ruling of t5 is
    not that significant.

  126. M4A2E4 is way better than M4 improved because of its preferred match making

  127. garbage! dont buy it!

  128. Really do love my M4 and play it a lot. When this tank release I was super
    excited. Though now not so much. Why did WG have to place the 75mm cannon
    on this tank? If this is the improved version wouldn’t the train of thought
    be to place the best cannon on it as possible???? At least give us the
    76mm!!! I had high hopes that this would be the American version of the
    Cromwell Berlin. I am pretty pumped about trying to find out more on the
    history of this tank and to see what the proposed deployment configuration
    for it was.

  129. Ram II is better

  130. too late. already got it.

  131. Toaster should have put 2 88mm sized shots into him… wouldn’t have been
    such a great replay at that point lol. Doubt it was a range/vision issue
    since it’s such a small map.

  132. The gun is not impressive. A shame. Otherwise it would be a good T5 tank. I
    wont be getting it.

  133. M4 Minecraft Edition.

  134. I like the decision to not watch the entire replays and just look at the
    post game stats of a few battles. I think it worked, got a good idea of the
    cross-tier performance.

  135. I think this is the worst tier V. 92 Pen in a tier VII match. WTF?????

  136. very dastardly indeed Xd

  137. It looks cool, at least…

    But I’ll take the regular Tier 5 M4 any day. It may not have the DPM but it
    has overall better gun choice.

  138. What’s the video in your outro? Where can I find those replays or are they
    from live streams?

  139. i dont like how you talk about low tier prems. the way you talk about them
    make it sound as if your looking down on the people who do like them. just
    because you seem to dislike playing them doesnt mean its bad that other
    people like them. there are perfectly valid reasons to play the mid tiers
    more than high tiers. as an example if you hate the raw prem spam at high
    tiers or you dont have the money for a high tier prem or you just enjoy
    lower tier prems more than the high tiers.

  140. I have a thin for M4 Sherman, but I would’ve rather play a M4 Derp than a
    M4 “Improved”

  141. It doesn’t look good and the pen is awful I wouldn’t get it

  142. Idk about this tank. I think that QB could make even the BT Art look good

  143. not another tier 5 american premium tank….

  144. OK an E4 without PM OK well at last its fast and well the crappy terrain
    resitence there redundant OK so we have a tank that struggles at tier 5 is
    crappy at tier 6 and compete shit at tier 7 well atleast it grants tiger
    drivers the dream a tier 5 Sherman with a shit gun thats going to bounce of
    its frontal armour well even more so if its the Jap Tiger well I’m getting
    it because its a challenge and if I can do well with the Matilda IV in a
    tier 6 game with 86mm of pen and only 102mm with APCR there is no reason
    why I can’t do well in this thing in tier 7 games I’m just going to stick
    binoculars and vents and rammer too and well it can at least passively
    spot. to me its a lot like the M2 medium useless when it is bottom tier
    unless you are spotting and well the Pen is OK if you can get the rears of
    enemy tanks and the APCR can butter through a lot of tier 5s and 6 and is
    OK at dealing with Tier 7 meds.

  145. i like playing low tier prems their pretty fun and theres less of the “fire
    prem at everything” bull shit that you deal with every game in high tier
    games and with the low tiers the tank classes actually mean something like
    mediums behave as meds and heavies as heavies instead of meds being better
    at litterally everything.

  146. Pragerovy Příběhy [NYNÍ NA WATTPADU]

    I think Im gonna stick with my T1 Heavy.. :)

  147. lol, just another joke from the now broken wot…mean while in AW!, loving
    my new FREE T62a ;-)

  148. Compared to the RAM2 the M4 Improved pales in comparison. The speed and
    mobility are good and for £7 I would buy it if I didnt have the Ram2
    already……….as we all know the Ram2 has all the benefits of an
    autoloader with none of the draw backs ;)

  149. The gun sorta killed any chances of me buying this thing.

  150. Sort of weird to ask this here, but it occurred to me that I haven’t seen a
    Warships video from Quicky in a long time. Does he not play WoWs anymore?

  151. Does WG pay him to do this?

  152. So, it’s like the M4A3E4 premium sherman. Except without PMM.

  153. It didn’t survive a 155mm HE shell at point blank better than the normal
    sherman so i would say.
    I dont really care

  154. No it isn’t. Stop the premium tank onrush.

  155. 92 Pen? I’m out of here.

  156. Waste of money.

  157. i like the m4 improved its a nice little tank and its what a medium tanks
    should be a flanker that can just blaze through the front of higher tier
    heavies like a lot of mediums can these days so i like it.

  158. This tank is garbage.

  159. Why would you feel safer in this at tier 5 than a SP at tier 7?
    You are joking, right?
    All day, every day, you’ll be meeting O-I’s, KV-2’s, derp M4’s and M6’s,
    I feel much safer in the SP in tier 8 and 9 battles than this thing in tier

  160. yup got it regret it plays like a T-25 £7 would have been better spent on
    Armored Warfare.

  161. A curious release indeed. Good review and seems like a decent alternative
    for training up a crew over the SP play style.

  162. its not worth it’s too low pen it’s just gonna make the game more
    frustrating to enjoy, just play M4

  163. How smug “people at lower tiers aren’t aware of things”. I think it’s more
    to do with the crappy match making and poor players he went up against
    rather than the tier.

  164. Kind of seems like an American Pz V/IV (which is tier 5 on console). It’d
    make a decent American crew trainer if you don’t want or don’t want to pay
    for an American tier 8

  165. abro4all the frontier justice

    and the vk 1602 ( leopard) gets 95 mm of pen and meets tier 8’s!!! that’s
    just frikkin silly if wargaming and the rest if the enemy team can just
    butter YOU! with 50 mm of frontal armor so it’s one of the worst light
    tanks in the game till a new buff…
    wich Will never happen

  166. This looks nice, and I like the tier, but I already have some nice tank
    here, where I can make a good profit, so I think I will pass. But it’s
    looks nice and fun. I’m a little bit torn.

  167. Yes it is. *THE END.*

  168. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Doesn’t seem worth it. Just a waste of money to me.

  169. this thing performs like a turd

  170. QB have you tried out fallout 4?

  171. 10:23 everybody who fires HEAT/APCR rounds, regardless in what tank, below
    tier 6 is just a scumbag and deserves to get his account suspended, except
    hes shooting tanks 2 tiers higher!

  172. Massive pile of steaming shit…
    But as I collect premium tanks, I had to buy it…

  173. I guess you could call it improoved… The only problem is the penetration
    which is a huge problem…

  174. top tier and no arty…well thumbs down indeed

  175. I actually enjoyed this thing when I played it. Sure the gun can be really
    bad, but the speed and power tow eight are quite good. This allows you to
    get a rounds the sides of tanks fairly easily. Just don’t try fighting tier
    7 heavies with it obviously.

  176. Hey qb on Tuesday’s stream (I think), you mentioned you had a doctorate.
    Does that make you Doctor Quickybaby? :-)

  177. The Cuddly Wolf, Legion

    Spoiler alert: No.
    The armor is bad.

  178. ı want to buy 10000 gold to get fcm 50 t. İs there any better tank to make
    more credits?
    (I hate TDs) also fcm doesnt meet tier 10s right?

  179. What a surprise, another waste of time by WG. Congratulations!

  180. If this tank is going to meet tier 7 …

  181. i could pen it in the luchs took 3 of them out

  182. QB can you say happy birthday to me on the 17th please

  183. now this tank I want on Xbox one

  184. God dammit Quicky, It’s 4:30 AM and I want to go to bed

  185. i pressed the 42th like

  186. dose T-34 worth the money

  187. Second ;)

  188. What do you think of the M4 Improved? Is it worth it?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

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