World of Tanks || M41 – 2rd Place in 200k Comp!

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Today CroCristijan going to show you how to drive the T7 American light the M41 Walker finishing 2nd in the 200k competition and winning a Fury tank!

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I hope you all enjoy this video of Cristijan rocking his M41 Walker Bulldog!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  2. Nice :D

  3. Great Video I’m sure!! :3 

  4. First.

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  7. 19’th,views lol!!

  8. Restii | CoD und anderes Gedöns

    Waited for that one :3 Hi from germany! :)

  9. Too late :/

  10. Cannot wait for the 1st!
    via Kuu

  11. 1st 😛 any tips on the 10th mission on LT ? The Ghost

  12. Good dog

  13. Yello :)

  14. Przemysław Zybert

    ;] “2rd” Place

  15. 2rd stream time ;)

  16. Like if your coming from the stream!

  17. yay finally!

  18. Christos Tsevrenidis

    Twitch Sniper :O

  19. 2rd? lol never new that existed


  21. Quite interesting tactics from this player. Doesn’t he know that he’s in a
    light tank. The proper place for a light tank is right behind the
    artillery. Maybe he’s new to the game and no one has shown him the ropes
    yet. Well, I guess he’ll learn…

  22. 2rd place is pretty special!

  23. first

  24. oh btw, this vid was posted on supervidninja’s channel or else it was World
    of Tanks Best Replays, i dont remember so find out yourself

  25. Labbes TheGamingDerp


  26. 2rd ??? never heard that one before

  27. I sended a game with 1737 base but why do I not have a price

  28. Wrong title

  29. It’s always the bulldog. When u take a look at wotreplays and sort the
    replays by experience it’s bulldog after bulldog after bulldog… But what
    surprised me was that the Churchill III seems to get shitloads of xp.

  30. Very nice game but just imagine doing this with an lttp/aufkl.
    panther/wz-131. The bulldog is ridiculously OP. Good its getting nerfed.

  31. pathetic again quicky another well above average player why not lesser
    players having cracking games. 

  32. Дмитрий Талачев

    Hai amerika епта

  33. Дмитрий Талачев

    Это Россия епта

  34. 2rd place :D

  35. Qb you kinda failed the title :D

  36. Svaka čast Kiki ;)

  37. +QuickyBabyTV You misspelled 2nd 😛 You wrote 2rd in the title

  38. Quicky! “2rd”?!?! isn’t is “2nd”?

  39. 2rd! Fail

  40. What a scrub IS-4.

  41. t37 and Bulldog are op, bettern then every light tank, more dmg then
    mediums. it

  42. 2RD 2RD 2RD 2RD

  43. RedandWhiteGuerilla

    bulldog’s overpowered
    find replays that demand actual initiative from the players

  44. nabilnabilnabilnabi1

    this OP tank is getting nerfed for a good reason, no one deserves a prize
    for playing that easy mode tank !

  45. 2rd in video title :P

  46. Claus is for to haves contest for who play for this replay. Is contest for
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  47. carry, hell no that was pure luck

  48. Spoiler alert, M53 / M55 1st place, with 15 kills, 6 of them shotgunning
    and 5 of them artillery :D

  49. thet replay from 26.12.14 its old 

  50. Driving a op tank and misses 3 268 shells… one at point blank.Infact this
    video has so much rng it needs to be featured in the next RNG; No Comments

  51. Wow, I’m dissapointed.

  52. Prekleti Hrvat je na drugem mestu.

  53. I feel like T71 has no use now in WOT
    Bulldog is better than the T71 in everything…

  54. The medal is called Burda’s Medal, for killing 5 artys.

  55. 2rd?

  56. The Bulldog is being hit hard by the nerf bat in 9.7 (reload and view range
    I think). According to For The Record that is.

  57. Lol qb u wrote 2Rd

  58. Quicky take the note of jingles last video much better game in a low tier

  59. Light tank again? I would be much more impressed it it happened with tanks
    with severe handicap (i.e. t95, tog2, t-34-3, chiri…)

  60. 2rd place lol

  61. I hate american tanks but this is one of my fav 

  62. look at the title…. 2rd?? 3nd??

  63. 2rd? :D

  64. I think the 3rd place is better than this one, too much luck involved 

  65. This replay wasn’t that good. I fee like he got 3 free arty kills, one free
    kill on a tank that got stuck and he didn’t play that well for most of the
    game. I don’t think it deserves to place 2nd

  66. 06:17 that would be an xbox achievement 

  67. In the title, you put ‘2rd’ :/

  68. 2rd place xD

  69. What the hell is 2rd? xDD

  70. How 2nd? That wz should have been 2nd!?

  71. Bulldog is op

  72. boi an gurl mak out gurl stops makiin out an is ded. boi wantetd marri gurl. lik dis if u cri eritim

    Wow, secird place?

  73. How is this replay on the 2nd place ? 

  74. Im not very surprised. It fires soooo fast and 4000 in T10… Just ok. Wz
    was much more surprising.

  75. 2rd? not 2nd? LOL

  76. Bravo Hrvat!

  77. 12:34 nope, you need 5 arty and open map in a game if no arty you can help
    mop up and have a good game but cant carry.

  78. You made a mistake in the discription, it is Kristian not Christian ;)

  79. “Tu”rd place? :D

  80. Hmm the Walker Buldog is OP for his Tier 

  81. It’s the Burda’s medal you was thinking about as the Bruno’s medal is
    earned for destroying 3-4 enemy vehicles while having 5 different modules
    damaged or crew members injured and losing 80% of your hit points.

  82. you put 2rd instead of 2nd in the title

  83. spelling mistake in video title

  84. Makes my AMX1375 (same tier LT) want to cry. Felt he was extremely lucky, 2
    huge arty hits going into his tracks when either one should have killed

  85. 2rd place lol :)

  86. He was lucky. No skills. The enemy were total tomato noobs.

  87. without the reload, this thing has a higher dpm than the is3.

  88. i personally scout aggressive for 1minute and then go back to snipe from
    some bushes, then i go to outflank the last tanks, when its a clear win.
    Thats why i hate the mission for getting 1k spot-dmg without getting

  89. 2rd?? Where are you from QB?? :D

  90. I love finishing off %50-%30 tanks with my AMX 13 75 from behind :D

  91. 2rd place? REALLY QUICKY?

  92. Quick noob give tanks ???? Um mm YouTube pay you for people washing your
    videos. .. I no this… tell why much you win from you tube???? 

  93. LOL, “what a satisfying feeling this must be”, yeah, if you seek validation
    from a fucking video game, ffs.

  94. That’s why I can’t even get a 1 with 1400 exp. 😀 

  95. 2RD??? Qb check the title lol

  96. Am I the only one who noticed it says 2rd

  97. Why is it the “Turd” Place? Shouldn’t it be 2nd?

  98. I personally play more like an assassin but with a mix of passive and/or
    active scouting in my light tanks. doing pritty well in it.

  99. I did more damage and spotting damage in my 13 90, shoulda sent it in. 

  100. Isnt a fury worse than 6500 gold?

  101. Arty is coming in 1 place!!!! XD

  102. Wow takes an arty shot and Obj 268 shot point blank with minimal damage.
    In my Bulldog, my ammo rack blows up if the wind blows on it. Even so,
    this is a great example of how to play a light tank.

  103. Ahem, why do you say he wasn’t spotted while shooting at 8:35?

    He got spotted even BEFORE shooting… and shooting while in camo net (and
    no bushes) still VASTLY reduces your camo compared to your standard value.

    On WOTINFO the M41 has 24.45 camo with NET and basic 100% crew.
    When shooting WITH NET that drops to 5.67

  104. The bulldog has : awesome gun (over 2571 DPM!!) with very good gun
    depression, great penetration, good power/weight ratio, great speed limit,
    good camo and it can fix stabilizer besides the fact it can autoload…
    The only cons are his accuracy and his signal range LOL
    It is actually the most overpowered light tank in his tier, or maybe in the
    game…(for me)

  105. Unforuanaly my bulldog replay witg 5006 dmg was 3 day too old :-(

  106. Well, there are too many light scouts to generalise this question IMO.
    With the 12t i usually passive scout and snipe at the begining, and clip
    everything later in the game if possible, switching to active scouting.
    With 13 75 i rather active scout and clip poor is-3 (those, that are
    separated from the team and helpless enough to kill me during the 16s
    reload between clips. Yes, i do manage to kill full health is-3s quite
    often :D)
    With elc i active scout and shoot when i see such opportunity – when i have
    time to stop and aim i can snipe pretty well, if not, you all know the
    typical engagement of an elc.
    With the t37… it’s hard to hold your fire 😀 Active fighting rather than
    scouting. Albeit sometimes i do find a nice bush (on Redshire usually) to
    get some 2k spotting at least.
    Chaffee, a labour of love to drive now with his amazing top speed, and a
    gun that still is capable of taking out an IS with carefull aiming (not on
    the move rather tho). It’s a lil’ to blind to active scout effectively, so
    it needs some binos, and once you know it’s safe to go agressive, cricling
    around is pure pleasure. Need to watch out for collisions tho, they’re
    T50 is quite fun, although a bit slow, and the gun could be better
    sometimes, but usually it’s rare enough one can handle it with apcr without
    even loosing credits.
    I imagine now the T50-2 must have been insane really, basing on this
    It scares me though, i’ll need to get thorugh the mt25 horror…

    But the light tank i had most games in (inb4 i sold it some time ago) is
    the m3 stuart, with it’s mild matchmaking a perfect machine to polish one’s
    lt skills, with an OK performing gun (tho kv1s and even T1s are REALLY
    problematic, but the ROF is fenomenal), excellent mobility and good
    viewrange. Camo+binos, and the amount of exp and credits can be doubled. It
    can bounce most autocannons if angled properly, it can run and hide and
    reengage when he decides to, it’s easy to dictate the pace of the combat.
    I found the tier 3 japaneese LT quite similar, and same i do find the tier
    IV aswell. And my stats in theese vehicles seem to confirm this.

    Undoubtly, tier III is a good place to start if one wants to master the
    light tank tactics, and has to learn all about it from the very begining,
    as it’s both effective, and rewarding later on.

  107. In next Patch Bulldog get nerf, and thats gonna be end of OP Light Tank. :)

  108. Again a super gameplay!

  109. -1 for no 60fps

  110. Mr. Trackpad Man is denied again? Obviously QB is prejudiced against the
    player with the most “Battle Buddy” medals (Carespero now has 28 of em
    while QB only has 16 hah!) Cheers.

  111. Dang I wish I got 2rd place!

  112. > Plays OP light tank without optics
    > Gets lucky atleast 5 times
    > Doesn’t have a mindblowing game
    > doesn’t do an unheard of amount of dmg/spotting
    > Gets second place

    Surely there were atleast 50 replays better than this one, because this was
    a game filled with misplays, sheer luck and retarded opponents.

  113. RainBowGamezNL ---〉 Dutch & English Content

    I hope you guys can give me some advice.
    It’s about the heavy lines from USSR.
    I now have the KV-1
    Should I go KV-1S, KV-85, IS, IS-3, IS-8, IS-7 or T-150,KV-3, KV-4, STI-4,
    And why do I have to pick that heavy line and not the other?

  114. Жуков Георгий Константинович


  115. you gave him a fury tank? why do you punish the poor guy?

  116. Now, i always lose more than half of my HP cause of arty, with my FV215b…

  117. I love being back in WoT. The missions are just awesome xD

  118. the is-4/-7 were both total retards

  119. ImaginativeDesignzJB

    ‘2rd’ place… English is hard boys :D

  120. Clickers are returning :

  121. awsome reply! just leaves me with the question what is the point of the amx

  122. I still think the elc is best

  123. I’m dont want to say that he hasnt got a wonderful battle but he doesnt
    deserve the second place. He got totally lucky in the whole game. The 3rd
    place was wonderful. This one… bah…


  124. title troll mode activated

  125. Not impressive… In a bulldog

    Would be in a T71 (;

  126. Spelling error in title: 2rd instead of 2nd, fix it please

  127. lol 2rd place

  128. Quickybaby. Fix the thing.

  129. I’m 301 viewer! (yus I’m trolling)

  130. If I got a Fury tank for free, I would sell it, lol. Good thing I’m not in
    the competition XD

  131. Anyone else notice this guy was at ~20 fps the entiire game?

  132. 2rd? Interesting….

  133. lol 2rd

  134. 2rd place, but not good enough for 2nd :D

  135. sure it’s a good game but does it deserve more respect than a player having
    an “ok” game in a less op tank i don’t think so. It’s like showing a game
    with a t62 or E50M and says look how he bounce and flank heavy tanks he’s a
    good player, even a medium player can do very good game almost all the time
    in this tank, battlefield is full of bad player buy OP tank spamming gold,
    just to raise their stats. Not a lot of player accept a minimum of
    challenge these days using non mainstream tank.

  136. It’s nice to see a replay with somebody who doesn’t carry 50% gold

  137. it wouldn’t be a competition without one of the top 3 being a bulldog

  138. The new personal missions have increased the numbers of players in arty 

  139. It depends on what light tank I am driving, but for most I start the match
    by passive scouting. If my team is giving me great support, I will keep
    passive scouting until the match is winding down where I will rush in and
    finish off the last few tanks. If my team is not supporting me, I will
    normally get a few hits in and rush away. Then I will provide fire support
    from a distance until I see an opening to get an enemy that is out of
    positions. If I have to carry, I often spot to get an idea of where the
    enemies are, then pick one I feel I can take down and rush away and go
    after him. Taking on more than one or two at a time in a light tank almost
    never turns out well.

    Some tanks are…different though. For example, the ELC AMX is not a great
    spotter as the radio is junk. I often do some spotting close to my allies,
    but I am always looking for a chance to annoy the enemy when in my ELC AMX.
    Do a few burn-outs around a heavy tank and my team will take him out while
    I have him distracted. My M5 Stuart, before Wargaming destroyed it for some
    reason, I would start passive spotting, but it did not have a gun that was
    good for direct assault. When the time was right, I would use the derp gun
    to take out tracks and damage view ports, using the gun to debuff if you
    will the enemy. I would almost always try to get a spotting position very
    high up with the M5 as the gun depression was great.

  140. Holy arty…. Lol

  141. Those big stupid antlers on the 268 and the Foch line are the rangefinder.

  142. should i try to get the tanks from the personal missions XD when im stuck
    on LT mission 6 ?

  143. 2rd place winner, well done on the title

  144. 2rd :o

  145. Nobody else noticed the 2rd place, instead of 2nd place, in the title?

  146. This is the 2nd best replay? I mean wut.. I expected to see some massive

  147. i cant wait to see who’s in fwurd place!

  148. Let me guess… Nr 1 will be a light tank xp and wn8 pinata too? ;)

  149. That 268 bounce..only luck

  150. Bruno medal? Burdas’ Medal QB! :P

  151. 2rd Oh My Gosh Woras infected you!!!

  152. i usually hero run :p not the best player…. great replay though thanks
    will :p

  153. Sacrificed his arty for there arty. Interesting

  154. 2rd place? ….more like 2nd

  155. EDIT THE TITLE!!!!!!!!!!!! “2RD” IS ANNOYING ME SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. 3rd place replay was few times better than thisone. 

  157. The suicide scouters are frustrating when you see how important and what
    potential a light tank has at the end of the game, especially on a map like
    Sand River. It was interesting to see also which artillery were watching
    the map and which were not. The base to the west is a death trap if the
    north falls

  158. when i play scout i wait till my allys engage and the try to flank then

  159. It would he fnny if christian had a fury already

  160. Good job winning Secord place!

  161. “2rd”
    2nd* You got it right in the thumbnail! 

  162. Ridiculous that a tier 7 light tank can have a higher damage output per 20
    seconds than most tier 10 heavy tanks. Biggest problem in world of tanks
    are those retarded autoloaders. 1500 damage in 20 seconds as opposed to a
    tier 10 heavy firing 2 shots in 20 seconds doing on average 800 – 1000
    Dont get me wrong , autoloaders have a place in the game … I just think
    there damage per shell should be lowered. They already have the advantage
    of the higher firing rate , the only drawback is the re-load .. but lets
    face it , if your smart playing an autoloader and pick your fights once
    your reloading the enemy near you is going to be dead anyway.

  163. lmao a camo net

  164. 2rd place? 

  165. Great game, great results. But I dont think there was much skill involved
    in this replay. The engagement againt the T34 and the IS-7 are the only 2
    things that requiered some sort of skill. He got lucky that the lorraine
    didnt oneshot him as he was hunting the artillery. Then he got lucky that
    the JgdPr E100 shot went into the ground and not into his turret. After
    that he was lucky again that the 268 didnt kill hm and only took off his

    Also this game would have been a loss if the enemy IS-4 wouldnt have been
    driven by a 5 year old (no offense but how do you get stuck there without
    enemys setting you under heavy pressure?).

    As I said in the beginning, great game great result but it was far more
    luck then skill involved.

  166. burda’s medal not bruno’s

  167. Wow, 2rd place, huh? xD I laughed my ass off at that!

  168. well played, but he was very lucky to avoid a lot of shots from the enemy
    team, a very good player would not have taken these chances

  169. secodr place? :O xD

  170. Davide Kerath Sartori

    Receiving a 268 and an arty shot at zero distance, tracks eat them? More
    luck pls.

    Very poor game imho in a (personal opinion) OP tank. I play often in my
    Type 62, same MM as this, and even if I can’t kill 4 arties I’d never get
    those chances of bouncing high-caliber shells. Sure, probably I’d have lost
    because my team would have been overwhelmed and I’d not took such chances
    but, as QB was saying, I would have lit up the tanks approaching from the
    north a bit longer. Dunno, feeling very awkward about this one.

  171. its nice to see the community all agreeing with this being in second place.
    oh wait what am I saying this is WoT. its just full of jealous, selfish
    people who think their pro and everyone else is a noob. these trolls
    posting negative comments about this vid are the type who are losing their
    team games at the moment because their mission is the only thing they care

  172. i almost got that medal, then arty decided to steal my kill at the end of
    the game.

  173. Seconrd? Very gud engrish yes?

    Anyway, unfortunately, for the first time, I must agree with all here
    saying this was more luck than skill: he left an entire flank unspotted
    (while there were td’s on the ridgeline that could’ve supported him) and
    let the enemies march into his base, then met enemies that didn’t know to
    shoot for crap..and then there’s the obj 268 just tracking him…quick
    sacrifice a goat to the RNG god!

  174. to bad for the arty medal, would it still count if he killed one of his own
    arty? xD just a thought

  175. but what if CroCristijan already has a Fury tank?? DUN DUN DUUUN

  176. This is so unrealistic…..

  177. I like to passive scout with my BC25t very often. Camo crew and binos makes
    it very good and if you manage to find a sweet spot where you can unload
    your clip without getting seen just makes me smile.

  178. i remember when i use the KV-2 to get a dimitru’s medal for destroy 4 spg

  179. CodOverlord CodOverlords

    Anyone realize in the title it’s 2rd?

  180. Did anyone else see he spelled 2nd as 2rd?

  181. haha them tracks on light tanks i swear LT’s are 90% track ,every time i
    shoot at them from more then 100 meters it’s all track dmg

  182. ralroost einsnulldrei

    I’m glad this thing is getting a nerf next patch… it’s kind of OP at the
    moment imo. Not to mention forgiving. Without an autoloader with a million
    rounds he would be 100% dead vs the Obj and arty.

  183. Once again another stat padding old spamming noob.

  184. Bulldog is such an op tank

  185. God the comments section is cancer. All of the “all luck no skill, anyone
    could do this” fags just need to leave. 

  186. i feel like your only showing this replay cause you love this tank cause
    the replay its self is well kinda bad come on dude you even have to admit
    he tracked him self twice ffs… 

  187. How is this better than the last one. The exp which is cheatable to change
    is higher, but the kills is lower than last one and the damage is lower.
    WN8 scale is basically what the competition is over, but one is nearly
    double the other??? Overall bad replay vs the other. 

  188. Christopher Harper

    You know, I commented about how that I preferred the single shot in one of
    your earlier videos too.
    But then I met another bulldog face to face and he clipped me and it was
    then I decided to dump XP into that auto loader and haven’t looked back.
    Light tanks are all about burst damage as they have to enter and exit
    quick, they can’t stay around to shoot, so it is totally logical that the
    auto loader be the top option though the DPM is higher with the single.
    I often find myself in situations where it is either me or the other tank,
    and that makes the clip indispensable.
    This replay shows the benefits of it even moreso, as if you need to kill
    three arty in fast succession, this is the gun for you. lol
    Great replay and great commentary as always QB

  189. its a mini batchat :)

  190. 2rd u mean 2nd lol

  191. Great gameplay. I enjoyed it.

  192. This guy did very good job, nice replay QB :)

  193. All I could say is he was quite lucky. He unreasonably damaged his track
    twice and I remember one artillery and the object 268 both hit his track
    without any damage. The tracks saved him in this game, it doesn’t happen
    frequently in light tanks, but I do admit that luck is an important factor
    for playing this game. This replay doesn’t show the high level skill or
    strategy, but maybe QB had no more options.
    By the way, I don’ think the 2ND reward Fury is more valuable than 6000

  194. Typo in the title.. 2nd*

  195. Fix the title Quicky…. love your work!

  196. Fantastic result Kristian! The move to their arty position was well timed
    and with high risk involved, light tank drivers need some good rng to get
    these kind of games. That doesn’t subtract the fact that you carried your
    team in a tier 7 lt, in a tier 10 game. What most commentaries try to point
    out about this not being a worthy 2nd place is bs. The bulldog is not op in
    a tier 10 matchup, a hit to the front hull from most enemies takes it out
    immediately. That’s why you rarely dish out all the potential dmg/min in
    this tank. You can’t just fire your 10 shells while being spotted and
    without moving around. About luck, this is not chess, everyone needs some
    luck to get good tank games. But it is more obvious when you watch lt
    replays compared to, say ht or mt. Why? Because you generally can’t bounce
    shells, you need to make the enemy miss their shots or hit your tracks. So
    congrats on a well played game and “2rd” place!

  197. in my last match in bought sides had like seven artys

  198. Two days ago I got 3774xp. But one week too late :((. I would have got the
    type 59. :((

  199. 2rd? Don’t you mean 2nd. Don’t b h8rs below pls.

  200. Ive seen far better replays on ur site qb… im a bit dissapointed

  201. Over 2k base exp and top damage in a tier 10 battle using a light tank and
    STILL people are moaning about how it isn’t impressive.
    I’d say ‘unbelievable’ but, sadly, it isn’t.
    Abandoning the flank seemed an odd move, but there were 5 enemy arty and a
    heap of enemy vehicles flooding that flank. Meanwhile his OWN arty is
    serenely firing at the other side of the map (typical arty map awareness).
    Ask a different question, people: if he HAD stayed on the open flank, do
    you think his team would have won? I’d say ‘no’.
    This is a FAR more impressive battle in every respect than the 10k damage
    E3 one QB posted a little while back.
    p.s. QB, thanks for showing the 3rd page in results.

  202. In my Type 64, using superior viewrange (445 using optics and perks) and
    speed. Keeping the enemy lit up constantly while the punchier tanks dish
    the damage at my expense. I usually only fire if it’s truly necessary (to
    defend/reset a cap or arty hunt), the gun isn’t to be relied on that much
    in high tier matches.

  203. Uhh, so many crybabies in comments complaining about “luck, no skillz”.
    For a good game you do have to have some luck. Skill can get you only so
    far, specialy when the other team has some skill too.
    Light tanks carrying games is always fun though as they are considered only
    (sui)scouts by a lot of players.

  204. Well played!

  205. In my opinion the Walker Bulldog compared to the Other Tier 7lieght tanks
    is this one very op

  206. I generally find that the most successful light tanks I see in most games
    treat them as a more flexible, ‘light’ medium tank with high camo. It’s not
    just about spotting for your team, though that is a part of it. It’s more
    about providing the combat support to help your allies. This is done
    through spotting, flanking, tracking, and providing opportunistic damage.

  207. 1. The match making is not as bad as QB says. Kristian got an open map with
    5 artys plus 2 tier X TDs in his back so he had enough gun power that could
    damage his spots. So, this mm is very good for accumulating a lot of
    spotting damage.
    2. If there are so many artys on an open map like Sand River the heavies
    rather get into an arty-safe position and wait for the enemy to come than
    to rush the enemy´s forces and get easily shot by the enemy´s artys.
    Knowing this, light and medium tanks had a more important role. Medium
    tank? Just have a look at the game play of the M48 Patton in Kristian´s
    team: At the start he wants to go to the north but then he realizes that no
    tank (except for Kristians one) goes there so he decides to go back. That´s
    really poor. Kristian maybe neglected the spotting in the north but so did
    the Patton as well. The Patton finished on 11th place in terms of
    experience and that´s really poor for a mm like this.
    3. Spotting the enemy in the north-west area (from roughly A4 to A1) is not
    effective because they can hide themselves behind the two ridge lines so
    neither the TDs at the base nor the artys can hit them. IMO the next
    efficient spotting place is to stay behind the rocks at C1 so that the
    friendly arty can shoot enemy´s tanks in the open area at B1.
    4. As in some comments already mentioned, those artys who stayed at base
    had no map awareness as there came many tanks from the north. They should
    have went to the area near G1.
    5. I think Kristian did well although this replay was really not “the best
    scout play ever”. But realizing the short time gap between the release of
    9.5 and the deadline and also regarding to the fact that only replays on
    the EU server could be sent in, I think it was a very good scout play.
    6. I really appreciate those comments that say that my replay was better
    than this one. But honestly, I think you cannot compare them because we
    both had a different role on a different map (although we both were light
    tanks). I am pleased about getting 6000 gold.
    7. No comment mentioned it, yet, so I must write it. “Second” is written
    “2nd” not “2rd”! ;))))

  208. please please do a video about the amx M4 45

  209. I HAVE A DIMETERUES MEDAL, but sadly the game I got it in was not even
    close to that impressive XD

  210. Ok …very good game, but that WZ-132 was much better, this game was full
    of luck…these arties? He stand and he wasnt killed …that stuck IS-4,
    that detrack from Obj.268 ! Many dodges RNG shells. etc….WZ-132 player
    was maybe less Xp, but more skill…:-/

  211. 2rd?

  212. idk if someone said it but the title says “2rd” huh???

  213. Uses auto aim still can’t drive.

  214. I don’t see why this replay would be better than the WZ 132..

  215. Deadly mix of skill and luck.

  216. ” m41- *2rd* ” ?!

  217. Fail competition, really. You chose RNG games, so you should have made a
    lottery which is also RNG but with one difference – ALL CAN JOIN. Thumbs

  218. William Hetherington

    The funniest thing about this replay has to be the enemy IS-4 getting stuck
    in the ditch for no good reason. I couldn’t understand for the life of me
    why that IS-4 wasn’t capping for so long when the base was wide open. Would
    likely have been a very different game had that IS-4 not played like a
    complete donkey. Oh well, credit were credit is due this guy played well
    and I like the way he re-positioned from the north when he realised his
    team were not going to help him with the guys he was spotting. Yeah he did
    some slightly bad driving and maybe got a fair bit of luck, but carrying a
    game in a light tank is never easy luck or no luck, and he took what was
    given to him and made the best of it.

    I don’t have a Bulldog myself yet but I hear it is a very overpowered
    machine, and from watching replays and streams this does seem to be the
    case. He basically got more damage and spotting in a tier VII scout than
    most good players can get in a tier VIII scout in a good game. I’m not
    trying to imply he only did well because he is playing in an insanely OP
    tank, because he clearly is a good player, but it certainly is no surprise
    to see somebody in a Bulldog among the winners of this competition which is
    based on highest exp/damage.

    Poor guy though, was probably hoping for a great prize, but gets a Fury
    instead. Congrats to him anyway.

  219. Spot at first then when there’s a gap in enemy lines…

  220. Now try to do the same in the Aufkl.panzer, the T-71 or even the Amx 13 75
    and i will be impressed. The OP:ness of these new light tanks is
    redonkioulous. I am not very impressed with the decision making or the
    driving skill, yet the player has a great result. Some crucial errors,
    pointing out one of them, the lucky moment where the RNG god smiles his
    biggest smile when the Obj 268 tracks instead of destroy him. Put into some
    fortunate circumstances, this is what happens in the OP American light

  221. I have to agree with the general sentiment. With the amount of luck that
    was displayed in this game (with quite a few missplays), you could’ve just
    made a raffle. Video title was correct tho, turd place.

  222. No idea why QB is so proud of his community for the most part.. all I ever
    get to read in the comments when QB does one of these videos is “He got
    lucky” or “Enemys were noobs” and thats it. Im pretty sure not a single one
    of these 408 comments could do it any better and yes sure luck is a factor,
    but it always is and always will be in games with this PVP aspect. As long
    as you dont *always* pull of flawless games, there sure is a certain amount
    of luck needed to do it and Im pretty sure none of you people out there are
    able to always play flawless, so you should maybe finally shut up and
    acknowledge CroCristijan for this great replay. Thank you!

  223. Hi QB, i have a question. WoT isn’t working anymore. IT always says:
    integrity check interrupted. Maybe you or somebody in the community can
    help me please. Thanks for help!

  224. Great game, but normally you dont get that much luck versus an Obj.268 or a
    IS-7 head on

  225. When QB announced the contest there was a massive outcry (and i still do
    agree that it wasn’t meant for all subscribers to have a chance). One of
    the most repeated things (after “ltp you scrub”) then was “don’t worry,
    even tomatoes can get LUCKY and have a game worthy to participate/win in
    the contest”. Yet when the winners are announced there’s mostly
    “it’s-all-LUCK-zero-skill-omg-omg-omg-how-is-this-X-place!”. Now i’m
    perplexed… Is getting lucky once in a while a good thing or bad?

  226. 2rd place? o.O

  227. 2rd place? Isn’t suppose to be 2nd?

  228. bad IS 7 driver is bad

  229. 2rd place 🙂 QB FAIL 🙂 nvm….

  230. Nerf incoming

  231. I thought one of the criteria was skill… All I saw was luck-luck-luck. I
    don’t approve of this replay making 2nd place. I think you shouldn’t show
    this replay to beginners and tell them: you can learn from this. Every
    second move was so careless it was hard to watch, nobody should drive their
    light tanks like this! Another fact that makes me dislike this video, why
    is it so great to drive the most OP tank in the game and get high
    experience?! I would like it much more if you showed a replay with a tank
    that’s hard to master.

  232. O-S-C noobare 😛

  233. The Bulldog is over powered, I hope they nerf it quick.

  234. So nice of you to feature this video and talk the guy down.

  235. what was the prize for 2nd place? 

  236. 2rd place, lel :D

  237. Good player again, saw this coming a mile away. No surprise really when
    you’re shitting on the rest of us with this contest rigged for good players
    and EU only. I wonder who will win first prize of a tank or gold that he
    really doesn’t need.

  238. The man got very lucky with the 268 but i must admit that the replay was
    still good and entertaining. Not sure is it worth the 2nd place in this
    contest, but then again the we in the chat are not making the choises here.

  239. First dislike I ever gave to you QB.
    This replay was sooo bad andere pure luck ( ok not always ) but he has 2.4k
    base XP was just due The very beginning he spotted all those tanks… Not
    worth 2nd place at all…. Maybe 3th place 

  240. 5 Artillery… Wooooot you so silly

  241. Not worthy of 2nd place imo. Mediocre skills, mediocre decision-making,
    some luck, and relatively poor opponents. Even if you want to rate just the
    match, not the player, the battle itself was not really entertaining or
    exceptional in any way. It was a carry, sure, but not really what you would
    call a “hard carry”, just a good result. The fact that it’s an OP tank just
    adds to this conclusion, although I generally don’t mind watching great
    replays with OP tanks – as they can often produce some of the most
    interesting achievements. The commentary was good, however, as always, and
    did make the vid more interesting to watch.

  242. Lol I’d far rather get the gold over a Fury…

  243. another lucky scrub :D

  244. I first wait in the match with my scout than I rush with it in they’re base
    and it doesant allways work,but whan it does,I get Pascucci’s medal!

  245. quick question: Should I use server side reticle? i’ve been experiencing
    jerky movements in wot, which has made aiming a bitch. thanks

  246. Svaka cast :D

  247. This CroKristijan is from Croatia <3 to brateee

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